SHC Zoom – “Late Birds”. When you cannot sleep early.

A song before you sleep.

Many members are feeling all couped up in their homes. Concerned about going out to meet friends, don’t have mask and feeling lethargic. No dancing and no karaoke. Bored with watching movies and TV.

A few members are excited about using Zoom to meet friends. A suggestion for ‘Late Birds”.

Use your mobile. Zoom is a connecting app with video and screen sharing. We can meet face-to-face.

To participate, go to Playstore and install “Zoom Cloud meetings” app.

1. Topic: For late birds. Self introduction. When u cannot sleep early?

2. Venue: Anywhere from your home, WIFI.

3. Date/Time: Fri 28 Feb, 2230 – 2359 hrs

4. Strictly for SHC members only.

5. Video and audio recording of SHC Zoom sessions strictly not allowed.

6. Dress appropriately at the top, as you are on video.

** Meeting ID: 417-852-5736.

No password for late birds.

Terence Seah

9 thoughts on “SHC Zoom – “Late Birds”. When you cannot sleep early.

  1. This Fri 28 Feb, join us for a late night for Late Birds on SHC Zoom. Time: starts 2230hr and ends 2315hrs. 45 mins only.

    Pls dress appropriately as you are on video.

    For members who are regular late birds and want to host this event regularly, plse contact me on whatsapp 9489-4360 or your group leader.

    Terence Seah

  2. i pass or take a rain cheque bcz sleep early at 8pm.

    the reason i sleep early bcz :

    1.let my body heal more and faster since i m aging. sleep ealry less spending money/time on clubbing, surfing, tv and others
    3.awake early to eat breakfast and morning walk (not jogging nor running)
    4.can do more planning of day task eg banking, errand and appt
    5.late nite make me aging,slow in mental, metabolism slow down and facial look dull and eye panda with droopling eye bag…double some more.

    how to sleep faster tips :
    play those sleeping music apk
    drink warm milk
    eat sleeping pills
    smell nice fragrance like yang yang
    put pillow with some nice minty smell
    take a shower to relax body muscle
    close your eye and deep breathing forget counting shits/sheep waste energy and my gas too.

    alway self mediate with gratitude and blessing that you are safe from coronovirus, heathy and still kicking around.

    all the best to those night bird – may your dream come true to become owl or nightingale.

    ps : just being funny – dun flame me hor !

    • Howard

      LOL! You only live once leh!

      After clubbing and all the dancing, we sleep well and increase metabolic rates – No need sleeping pills.
      Panda eyes – Make sure to apply eye cream, night cream etc
      Karoke-ing and chatting – we exercise the diaphragm and the lungs – No need cigarettes
      Agree about drinking milk though.
      However, we live our lives the way we want so I wish you the best of health and keep enjoying your early nights and your activities!

      • Agreed with you to the max too, my dear. At our age, definitely to live the way we want with no regret since I am also not an early sleeper too. Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Pros and Cons
    Night owls — people who prefer to stay up late and sleep late — have 10 percent higher risk of dying sooner than larks, people who go to bed early and rise early
    But have higher IQs according to the Independent. Unfortunately, night owls have slightly lower academic scores than early risers (by about 8%).
    people who stay up late had both higher levels of body fat and an increased risk of developing other health problems, such as diabetes and low muscle mass, than did early birds.
    I belong to night owl, no choice can’t sleep early.
    Let nature take it course as what caroline say ‘ we only live once ‘


  4. Wat a dull life? How to sleep early at 9! So much things to do . Sleep late but wake up by 8.30 as wake up too early need to nap again by 12 pm?

  5. From last night “Late Birds” program, we shall continue to have this activity, until the Covid-19 is over. I have scheduled every Fri night from 2130 to 2300 hrs for this SHC Zoom event.

    If you like to host a zoom event, please contact me on whatsapp 9489 4360. The topic will be up to the host, so you can be creative.

    Terence Seah

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