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2012 is round the corner! Many of us will be thinking of plans to do. I wish to bring up a travel plan for ladies who would like to visit Perth or its surroundings but lack friends to travel with. I know that sometimes we put off trips for lack of finding someone to travel with and may not feel comfortable travelling alone. As I spend about 2-3 months in Perth when I am there, I can provide B & B homestay accomodation in my home of 1 furnished room for single or 2 ladies sharing. You can have a free and easy stay, moving on your own or join me sometimes for activities eg golf, walks, eateries or short trips to nearby towns eg Mandurah, Margaret River. You will need to arrange your own flights to and from Perth but airport transfers can be arranged. For details and costs, contact can be by email. Cheers Joan

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  1. Hi Joan, when in 2012 you do plan to visit Perth. My wife and I are planning to spend 2 weeks; 1 week at Mandurah area. We have our own accomodation with RCI. Cheers.

  2. Hello Vincewong

    I usually spend about 1-3 months each time in Perth. I will be there in Feb, summertime. The temperatures may be in high 20s- 30s and if I do travel, I will go south, to Albany which is cooler. I usually prefer the cooler months but this trip is to check on my fruit trees in the garden and also to plant some native plants.Hope to meet you and your wife perhaps during your trip to Perth. Cheeers

  3. Hi Joan! How generous of you to offer your home to us!

    I have two good friends who are residing in Perth, having migrated there for decades. Each of them have been harping at me to visit them and like you, they have offered their home to me.

    If and when I do visit Perth, I will certainly pay a visit to you or arrange with you to have a cuppa tea/coffee or a meal.

    God bless your kind heart!


  4. Hi Rosalind

    Hope you are able to accept your friend’s invitation to stay with them in Perth. Yes, join you for a cuppa if you are there.


  5. Hi Joan
    2 ladies traveling to Perth would like to know more about costs for temporary living arrangments for min. of 2-weeks. Where should I send my enquiries to?

    Rgs, May

  6. Hi Joan,
    my wife & I travel to Perth occasionally. We stayed in hotels and they re not cheap! :(
    We re planning a trip there and thinking of booking a one-bedroom apartment, for 2 weeks or longer (up to 8 weeks). Any suggestion how i can get one.?
    You re offering your home for visitors from Spore, very generous gesture! Do you charge rent? If you don’t we feel ‘pai sey’ la.. And where about is your residence, Joan?
    kind rgds,
    Flo & David Shung

  7. Hello David
    I have replied to you directly by email but maybe need to comment on the website also.
    I have forgotten about the postas it was sometime ago. I never intended to open my house for stay foc. I think it was a mistaken view. Also with travel easily booked online, I think it is good to try making own bookings. I will help with advice or recommendations re: Perth stay, if needed.

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