Exploring JB as a place to spend for retirement and healthcare

Hi guys and gals,

Once in a while, some members have expressed interest in looking at JB properties.  Their idea is to rent the properties for retirement or to buy, if the economics make sense.  Unfortunately, some of the organisers with good intentions, withdraw the trip plans, due to lack of support for their suggestions.

There is true the media has reported crimes in JB, theft in non-gated communities in JB, etc etc.

I like to take a different approach.  I think that the situation of many retirees and soon-to-be retirees warrant a relook at JB as a destination for retirement living.  Many Singaporean retirees have nice big or medium big HDB flats, which are probably fully paid.  However, many retirees, not all, see that they are not enjoying the lifestyle that they want.  Got asset, but little cash.  Why not rent the place out, and move to another cheaper place with more space and maybe conditions worth reviewing.

There, then is the possibility of looking for a nursing home, not for now, but maybe the future for ourselves.  Or may be for our old parents, relatives and friends.

I hope we can support those members who want to give JB a look at retirement and nursing opportunities.  Find out what it costs, how safe they would feel confortable with at different places, the good food, the ugly side, the bigger houses, etc etc.  The media has reported the negatives; and some of us have experienced negatives.  But, let’s not let these negatives prevent us from going to have a look.  There are other Singaporeans who have successfully stayed in JB, and come back once a month, to see their friends or for medical.  So, again, Let’s gives others a chance.

As such, I have requested Daniel Kang, who lives in JB most of the time, to coordinate this activity, from JB.  It is likely we will adopt the following approaches.

  • Daniel will assist to organise a van, likely a 9 seater from morning to late afternoon.
  • He will make arrangements to view some properties, maybe the Iskandar project and a nursing home.
  • He will arrange to meet some condo and house representatives, so that those who attend can get an idea of the possibility in JB.
  • The nursing home for Singaporean is also of interest, and I have asked him to work on this.
  • Towards the end of the day, we can land at some makan places, have a good meal before going back to Singapore.
  • All transport to JB and return will be organised by the individual.  Daniel’s task will be to pick up in JB and return you to JB.

I think that this activity would not suit everybody; but it is for those who wants to explore the possibility of another option.  Everybody has different situations, so, give every body a chance.  Dont let our experiences with negatives discourage other members from seeing the other side of the river.

Daniel will get back to us soon.  I thought it would be nice to inform you of this plan.  More later.  And, of course, if you live in JB and like to help us with seeing JB from the same angle, send me an email.  If you have interest to participate, please put your name down to register, and once the details are available, you can decide if you can make the date.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “Exploring JB as a place to spend for retirement and healthcare

  1. Hi Terence,

    Kindly keep me posted once you have finalised the arrangement. I am keen to look to JB as it is an attractive option due to its close proximity to home, very favourable exchange rates, similiar culture and no language problem.

  2. I went to JB recently
    It is not true that living std there is low
    One cup of coffee cost RM2.50 (at coffee shop similar to toastbox std); curry fishhead for single person RM17 (singapore about $7.50)

    For foreigners I think you can only buy RM350k and above property in JB

    Why not follow the china chinese here..heard couple divorce so as to own 2 flats and rent out one
    A 2 room HDB flat cost about $250k can fetch $1.5k easily
    Moreover capital appreciation is not much in JB
    To put down $150k cash there is lost of earning opportunity
    I rather put in stockmarket Over the next 5 yrs you can see your captial double easily together with streams of dividends flow every years

    As to even suggest placing old folks there and their children living here…I think we should not even think of it. I can guarantee you the children will simply forget them as times pass

    I think the old folks deserve to continue to live here no matter how congested or expensive the nursing home is The gov has an obligation to play a part After all where singapore is today a large part are due to this generation

    For me life there is too slow for me Even Singapore is considered too slow for me I am thinking of HK or China

    (I write fast so plse pardon all my grammar mistakes)

  3. Hi all

    I agree with Christina about the costs and standard of living in JB. I usually go for my “kampong eggs”, toast and coffee at a local coffeeshop, which are reasonably priced.

    But just go to the “white coffee” shop at City Square and you’ll be shocked at the price of a cup… plus they tack on a service charge.

    So JB as a retirement destination, other than the proximity, is not attractive enough for me:

    I do not wish to stay in a gated community for my safety.

    I do not wish to be at the mercy of a government which changes the rules of ownership whether of property or shares.

    Maybe in the future, when the situation improves, more Singaporeans can take the step of venturing to stay in JB.

    JB is too much like Singapore, I mean in proximity, shops, people, food… so the only attraction to me is the price and the little bit of “old-style Singapore” in the streets of the old town.

    The above is only my personal opinion and observation.

    P.S. Christina: Can you guarantee that the stock market will double in five years’ time?? Haha, this can be the subject of another posting.

  4. Hi-Dear all
    Personally I think JB is a place to go for some shopping and food to take advantage of the currency exchange.
    Even though the price is not cheap our strong sgd$ can still cope.
    i have the best of both worlds by staying near the Woodlands causeway so I walk to sin immigration and take a bus to JB and shop at city square.
    So every month my wife and I will take a trip to JB at least to fill my passport pages
    eg Soul garden buffet for seniors is S$12 plus 7%VAT half price compare to Singapore
    a cookbook at Popular cost S$8 compared with $12 in singapore
    Milo is same price.
    So still Ok
    As far as buying jB properties consider
    a) rules for Mal. properties can change anytime
    b) there are hidden costs
    c) singaporeans check latest HDB rules on buying pte prop
    that is if you are HDB resident
    d) need a car -public transport not so efficient
    e) is it easy to sell property.

    Peter Lim

  5. Hi Hi my advice is only my own view and experience many will still look to buy JB for their own reasons. For all those who are keen I am looking for a buyer for a property in Cinta Ayu situated in a golf resort pls contact me direct Lpcjanet@hotmail.com

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