Why do some people write with so much anger, so full of hatred, so hurtful, so much vengeance, so spiteful, so ready to bite, so ready to whack, so ready to belittle others, so ready to…… like they are the smartest person on earth or everyone owes them an answer.  Or the world owes them something.

Some things are said tongue-in-cheek, to be taken with a pinch of salt.  Live and let live. We are here to share and care.  Some people have to learn to be less hostile, life is short so make it sweet.

If these people persist in writing negative remarks, I will dig out my old pineapple tarts recipe and bake them, ready to hurl at these people.  Let me warn you they can crack concrete walls!!!

Life is beautiful πŸ™‚



57 thoughts on “PITA

  1. Hi Caroline,

    Please save your pineapple tarts. Give them to me, I will eat them.

    I cannot resist not responding to this topic of yours. Although I have the same wonder as you, I feel that most people who vent their thoughts and anger in writing have their reasons for doing so. I see two possible reasons for their doing so.

    1. The issue touches their ego. He/she is being challenged. The person has reached a view point of no return. He/she lashes out in writing. If the response is done in public, as it is done on this forum, the membership is seen to be the judge, and the said person has to justify or retaliate. The outcome is not always predictable.

    2. The issue needs to be heard. He/she wants to be heard, and wants to be seen as the authority. Again, I think this behaviour is understanding. There is no better way than to strength his/her viewpoints in words.

    Sometimes, members do ask me. Why is it that only the men always quarrel in public, and not the women. From my psychology lessons, I see this behaviour as an outcome because of women. But, then, I also see that many women tend to behave same, but behind the eyes and ears of men.

    One day, if I ever were to resign as the Club founder, I might behave the same too. We are all too human. So, just wait.

    Terence Seah

  2. Caroline Dear

    I like your reflection ~ so apt and yet so ‘cute’? Life is indeed short, each day is a step nearer to the grave. In fact, we begin to ‘die’ the moment we are born. Worse, now that we are SHcians? Hee2 How morbid eh?

    Some quotes for the day:

    “It is stressful and a lot of work to hold a grudge.”

    “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.”

    “Anger is a brief madness, but it can do damage that lasts forever.”

    “Learn, see, do something beautiful everyday as a prescription for happiness.”

    “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”

    SO let’s jiggle ~ ‘DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY’

    Ha2, hee2………. πŸ™‚

    Cheers and have a nice weekend,

  3. Hi Terence

    No! no! you deserve better. I will bake you pineapple tarts from my current recipe.

    I have learnt to be a bit more patient and I shall wait. I am not writing out of anger but more so because I am puzzled or maybe curious. So maybe its the ego thing and guys quarrel more on the forum because they want to prove that they are the number one!

    There are other ways to vent their anger. Like collecting all your old crockery and find an empty bin and smash them in there. But I think its better to try not be too angry to need to do that. For me, when I am upset, I bake a cake or some cookies. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

    Hi Gabriella

    Thanks for your kind words. And I love what you have posted. Its so true.

    Yes, have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Terence #1 and Carly #3

    Re: aggression/egoistic behaviour of men in public, I just wanna add a few ‘naughty’ but ‘factual’ observations.

    Blame such behaviour on the male hormones, particularly Testosterone. ‘T’ is largely responsible for human survival, as it drove men to catch food and fight off attackers ~ protection and provision for their family (women folks included) in the olden days. Good right? However, the downside of ‘T’ for modern males is that unless it is allowed to vent itself in a physical outlet, it may create aggression and can cause anti-social problems! As ‘T’ surges through their bodies, boys aged between 12 and 17 enter the highest crime bracket. Give a passive man ‘T’ and it will fire him up and he’ll become more assertive and self-reliant.

    However, there is good news for the older men. As men reach their 50s and 60s (age group of Silverhairs? hee2),’T’ decreases and they become less aggressive and more nurturing. True or False?

    πŸ™‚ No offence to anyone… only sharing views from Allan & Barbara Pease’s No. 1 International Bestseller.


  5. Carly,

    Whenever you are upset, please call me. I am not good in chitchatting, but at least I can accompany you to enjoy the cake/cookie/pineapple tart with a cup of tea (I want tah-c)

    Not now, until I return, haha.

  6. Dearest Caroline,
    Save some pineapple tarts from your current recipe for me. We have yet to have that cup of coffee. Hee2.

    What I normally do when I am hot at the collar is to get to the gym and look for a punching bag. The Boxercise class helps… then I say a prayer …. Lord, forgive those that are hurtful, for they know not what they do. Amen.
    Luv winnie

  7. Dear Gabriella

    Thanks for sharing. Your second last para @#4, I think its true for some but false for many hahaha!


    and pak chum gai also right?

    Dearest Winnie

    Hehehe! sure you dont want to taste the original recipe. Yes, I have not forgotten. Will buzz you when the time is right.


  8. TS

    You have given me an idea since so many people want my tarts. Maybe we should hold a tarts and pie potluck party.

    You may bring pineapple tarts, peach tarts, apple pie, blueberry tart, chicken pie, custard tarts or come dressed as a tart…..hmmmm….


  9. Dear Ah Mai

    I agree with Terence that it is their “ego” acting up and they are unable to exercise self control.

    From the holistic point of view, they should learn meditation which hopefully will help them to be calm and at ease in all situations.

    Generaly, people do not behave so negatively if their heart is filled with love, compassionate and empathy. So, you need to feed them not with pineapple tarts but love.

    FYI – I also love pineapple tarts. See you one day okay.


  10. Carly #9,
    Couldn’t resist anymore….
    Make sure no one brings DANISH Tarts….
    If not all Buaya will be gate-crashing your “Tarts” party…

  11. Caroline,

    Wat is ‘PITA’?

    Before the sunset, let go of your anger otherwise it festers. Resentment and bitterness poisons our soul and manifest itself in physical illness.


  12. Dear Carly, Whatz happening!?

    I just googled and found that PITA means “Pain in the Ass”!

    Hmm… hope I have never been one to anyone..

    Carly, don’t bake those pineapple tarts from old recipe – not worth the time and effort. It only build up the anger in us.

    Bake your famous carrot cake, cook your tender beef rendang and share with your good friends would be a better choice.

    Cheer up, my friend.

  13. Dear Helen Ah Mai

    I guess generally people who behave like this is missing something in life. But I am sure you have heard about comfort food. So it must start with food….before anything else. Yes, I have noted your last comments Yes, will do πŸ™‚

    Ivan #11

    Haha! You cant resist what anymore? Ladies come dressed as tarts or tartily dressed ladies or the comments?

    Dan Ah Ko

    I did not write this post out of anger. I was just wondering and thought maybe I should share what I think and feel and hopefully I could get some comments/feeback from others so I can understand people’s behaviour better. Anger is bad for the health.


  14. Dear Oily

    Oops! My apologies. Did I seem angry when I posted my comments. Oh dear! No worries I am fine. I have many good friends to keep me happy and sane.

    But I mean it when I say I will throw my hard tarts when people smack my friends a… although I am sure my good friends know how to fend for themselves. Love your last para. Yes, its been a long time since I last baked a carrot cake.

    You take care too and I appreciate your concern very much. Mwah! Catch up soon.


  15. Hi caroline,

    When i am feeling ‘negative’ about something, i would be
    ‘whacking’ hard on the fishcakes i am making…so that they
    would turn out ‘firm & bouncy’…

    When i am really feeling ‘irritated’ about some issue that
    do not seem to go away, i would be stabbing hard with my
    little sharp knife on the Belly Pork Skin more then 50 times
    …so that the Roast Belly pork turn out crispy & fragant…

    Kids & hubby enjoy eating them ‘very quietly’..cos they know
    when the fishcakes are bouncy and the Roast Pork is crispy,
    the Cook is a more than ” UNDER THE WEATHER.”.
    Kids would lovingly hugg me’ thanks mum, really enjoy dinner
    today..” Hubby would ‘automatic’ help out with the washing up…and not quickly run to the TV room to catch up the NEWS…

    Carly, you bake tarts, i whack the fish cakes & stab the
    Pork belly…we ladies have the unusual ways to de-stress…
    that is Why we can practise self-restraint …hahaha..

    I witnessed LOTS of bitter OLD FOLKS in my hospics V-days,
    they are the most lonely & sad people with bitter memories..
    Don’t forget, In youth the days are short and the years are long..In the old age, the years are short BUT THE DAYS ARE LONG..LONG…LONG….

  16. Hi Carly! WHO bullied you? WHO? Let me know and I’ll give that PITA a piece of my acerbic tongue…hehehe.

    It’s easy to say ‘Live and Let Live’ and forgive and forget. Unfortunately not everyone grows mellow as they age. Some become cranky, unreasonable and yes, even obnoxious! I cannot tahan those who think they can get away with lame jokes and turn around with ‘ I didn’t know you didn’t have a sense of humour’….wahhh such person needs a piak on the left and right cheeks.

    In SHC I hear a lot of gossips and bad-mouthings. My belief is this – If that person can talk bad about another then he/she is capable of talking bad about me. Honestly, I don’t care a butt who is saying nasty stuff about me as my livelihood is not dependent on that big mouth.

    Yeah, we each have our own set of problems and it is downright evil for anyone to add more complications to another’s life.

    In SHC I hope to regard everyone as my ‘extended’ family of brothers and sisters.


  17. Hi Carly

    Cake/cookie/pineapple tart with a cup of tea, I like.
    Pak chum gai, I also like.
    If can have both, it’s perfect.
    If can only choose one, yes, I prefer pak chum gai.

    Thanks in advance, haha

  18. Hi, Rosalind,

    really like what you said ‘ regard everyone as my ‘extended’ family of brothers & sisters “..WELL SAID!

    Some great men once quoted :



  19. Hi Andrew Yeung (18),

    After gobbling down the delicacies, you’ll most probably be presented with a scary bill which might send shivers down your spine, causing your both knees to knock against each other. Please remember that in Singapore, nothing is for free except the air that we all breathe in. Kindly take this as a harmless joke.

    There’s a saying that the best way to hammer the quarrelsome is to spike their drinks with laxatives. They’ll be fighting with diarrhea in toilets that there is little, if any, energy left to pick up quarrels with others. Please don’t take it as a prompting from me to proceed. The better option is to remain peaceable and walk away from those looking for “verbal sparring” without comment.


    Terry Tang

  20. hmmmm…. Pita bread is served at just about every meal in the Middle East. It can be used for dipping, or to make delicious sandwiches in the pocket. In the Middle East, pita is made in brick ovens, where very high heat can be achieved. It is very hard to duplicate in a home kitchen, but this recipe, combined with high heat, comes very close.

    Pineapple Tarts, the old Carly version is great for stress relief… esp for throwing at the other type of PITAs..
    But I always prefer the New Version…the Carly Recipe….. cos its nice, juicy and comes with a lot of Tender Loving Care.

    Couple it with Feliz Navidad’s bouncy fishcake and Crispy Roast Pork, we have the recipe for the next Chalet outing at Pasir Ris…over Banlak & Mahjong…

    Alas, the written word, even with the best of intentions,
    like Carly’s lamentations…can be interpreted that she is angry… So before we men react, ponder what is the essence of the Writer’s beliefs, thoughts & actions..

    It is more than meets the eye… and read it again when you are in a better mood..and than we realise…the Gem of the statements..

    I believe any negatives..leave it to a select few to ponder over it and learn from it, but share the positives in a public forum like this…We have much negatives in the newspapers…I want to absorb the positives here.

    Lastly, I believe, we don’t need to make ourselves look good by belittling others… cos its just cheap thrill..
    that leaves a bad after-taste.

    Congrats to Carly on eliciting much response to her PITA Talk …the wonder of a new 4-letter word.

  21. Poor Baby Goat

    It’s good that you brought this up and getting feedback from members.

    I am impressed by members’ positive comments and great quotes which I read over a few times, learning from them and will use some as mantras as I go about my daily life.

    How do I vent my anger? Well, I dance till I drop but then again, dancing is also my passion. Dancing never fails to lift my mood, makes me grin non-stop and feeling relaxed.

  22. Just sharing a quote which someone sent to me:

    “Laughing faces do not mean that there is absence of sorrow. But it means that they have the ability to deal with it!”

    Agreed with Helen Wong #10. Indeed, a heart filled with love, compassion and empathy will not ‘spew’ like a volcano. What comes out of the mouth is a reflection of the heart. Such a person is ‘crying out’ for LOVE. Hence, conquer evil with goodness. Wanna give it a try?


    Cheers & sunshine πŸ™‚

  23. Nonetheless, we need to have certain ground rules…and abide by it with some flexibility…

    It is good to have some walk-ins if the place permits..
    but lets join in the fun by signing in (thats the basic thing right)….and soak in the fun and the camaraderie.

    Im sure the tarts that Carly (hope u bring) for our next gathering…and maybe Felice’s Fishcake and Roast Pork (hoping too) will taste even better…..and something the members will rave for a long time..

    Carly in the meantime…can reserve her V1 tarts for the
    “Recalcitrants”, haha…. just joking…

  24. Hoi Pat Oei #25,

    That word “Recalcitrants” reminds me of a blogger called Singapore Recalcitrants…. :))

    Carly #14,

    If I say the comments, it will start another round of quarrels…

    If I say the ladies, I will kenna hantam….not only from the ladies in SHC…..my spouse will also hantam me!!

    So, better keep my mouth shut and my thots to myself…


  25. We look at it from our own comfort zone and viewpoint we will think that it is negative
    but technically, lashing is no different from demonstration, civil unrest..so it is about shortchange, previleges, rights etc
    Only those who can “see” feel vexated..and the degree of lashing …the degree of “hidden things” he can “see”
    Statistics show only 1 in 100,000 can “see”… also the knowledgeable and intelligent ones
    It can be good if it pave ways for change and for the good of others who cannot “see”
    It is not always about self, about you have to be above to lash

    ECC 1:18 – For in much wisdom is much vexation and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow

  26. SHC should promote the virtue of GRACIOUSness among our members.
    The Thesaurus describes it as the excellence of social conduct, which is characterized by
    1. kindness and warm courtesy,
    2. tact and proprietry,responding to insults with gracious humor.
    3. Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
    4. Condescendingly courteous
    5. Characterized by charm or beauty, elegance and good taste
    7. acceptable and pleasing.

  27. Dear Felice #16

    You are one funny gal. I think if we both are upset at the same time, we can have a party πŸ™‚ Will wait patiently for your fish balls and roast pork belly πŸ™‚ Agree with your last para.

    Dear Ros #17

    Thanks very much. I think no one would ever want to “bully” me with your protection πŸ™‚ And you are right to say we are here to be friends, to give each other the support when and where its needed. So long as we live our life with a clear conscience. Sometimes we feign ignorance so as not to malu the other person. And sometimes people mistaken kindness for weakness.

    Yes Andrew #18, I hear you.

    Terry # 20

    I think you are mistaken. There are still free things in life. My best buddies comes to Caroline’s kitchen every now and then, she never charges. I suppose free treats are for the deserving. I always believe in kindness begets kindness. And not to worry. We say what we believe in and let others decide for themselves. Unless its too provocative then you asked for it.
    We should not sweat over small things otherwise we will get railway tracks on our foreheads way before its due πŸ™ Thanks for your input.

    Dear Pat

    Besides Tian Soo’s posting, I enjoy yours very much too. Witty and humorous and very well worded.

    Tarts, Fish Cakes and Roast Crispy Belly Pork makes awesome party food. This is more like chit chat party food lah! How to play banluck with all the sticky and oily fingers neh? And thanks for your last two paras.

    Actually I have stopped making those wall cracking type of tarts already cos I have progressed and improved my baking skills. But the V1 may come in handy.

    Tian Soo #23

    Haha! Yes, I know and you dont say ……

    Dear Gebby

    I used to feel depressed blah blah blah but I learnt a great lesson from someone who told me how to live life positively. Now I leave all the bad thoughts and feelings behind and learn to be happy with life. I love all your quotes! Keep them coming.

    Dear Ivan

    If your comments are going to kick up a fight, then its very clever of you to just keep them to yourselves. You are lucky mine is just a hard cookie, you may get the cookie’s rolling pin hahaha!

    Dear Christina

    What you wrote is quite cheem but I think I got the point (better say I do otherwise kena hantam). Thanks for sharing.


  28. TGIF…but what a wet Friday afternoon!! Nothing better to do – so whack the keyboard and β€œcho-cho” a bit.

    Wondering (aloud), saying, sharing, expressing, exchanging, bickering, debating, arguing, quarelling, lambasting, shaming, slandering……and so on. Sounds familiar? These are stuffs we hear and read every day — from the very young children (at home) to the honourable decision makers (in Parliament). The SHC site is no exception.

    This is no place for a lecture. Neither is it a platform to impart certain beliefs or values. Just like a chit chat anywhere, it is simply fun to hear(read) all kinds of remarks. Variety is the spice of life – the old adage never fades. A few will speak their minds and the majority can savour or skip. The occasional β€œfunny” connotations may put a smile or a sulk on us. Never mind lah. Sub sub shui lah.

    In any chat however, pulling the brake at some point of time is important. Self restraint is expected (I am no good at that), failing which a moderator must step in.

    Whether it is among the little ones (especially boys) or in the highest office, the degeneration undoubtedly is ugly.

    By the way PITA can also mean pleasure in the…………ahem. Save a pineapple tart for me. Make it a hard one.

  29. Pat Oei,

    Are you aware that food from my kitchen are ONLY for the
    OLD & lonely ? are you over 70+ ? are you alone ? If NOT,
    you have to wait for another 20 summers…hahaha

  30. Carly #29

    Wld b honoured to visit yr kitchen..& taste the good food.

    Yes Felice #31 – Im actually 70++ but you need to discount a bit..lah. just like those in yr Hospice…

  31. Pat Oei,

    People in the hospice do not bargain cos’ they know
    their place..You are NOT over 70s..definitely not living
    alone and NOT in distress…so NOT qualified at all..haha

    Please don’t make fun of them lah. It is no fun that i see
    you there soon..hahaha

  32. Hi Caroline,

    I was brought up to understand that,
    when you see a smile, then it means happy
    when you see tears, then it means sad
    when you see a frown, then it means anger.
    However over time, I learn that a smile can be a smirk or a sneer and that is not something to be happy about.
    Then I see tears and I run over to console.But I was told that those are tears of happiness.Can someone tell when and who change these fundamental rules?
    Whatever, we all express the way we choose to.So when some people write with so much anger, it is their way of expressing it while the way you express anger is to hurl pineapple tarts.Incidentally,the contention here is it about can show anger vs cannot show anger Or is it about writing vs hurling pineapple tarts when angry.From my perspective,
    everyone should express and not bottle up one’s emotions otherwise one will become lethal to society. Why do you think Poker Face is sung by Lady Gaga and not by other singers? Because if you don’t show your emotion ie what poker face means, then you will become GA GA. Again, from my perspective,writing vs hurling pineapple tarts, either way the end result is the same ie someone gets hurt.

  33. Dear Carly, pardon me for being loh soh…

    At our age when the clock is ticking away faster for us we should value those people we believe can be our true friends. They are the ones who cheer us up when we are down, be happy for us when we receive blessings of any kind, show concern when we are troubled and be willing to listen 24/7 when we need someone to talk to.

    We’ll meet people during the course of work or play and NOT everyone can fall into the category of being ‘true friends’. True friendship needs time to develop and we have to open our eyes big big to weed out those who are insincere and have an agenda for befriending us. There are ways and means to test friendship, Carly.

    There are all kinds of ‘friends’…some we say ‘hi & bye’, some are good for makan sessions, some whose company are tolerable and some we share common interests. These friends we meet a lot during social get-togethers but because we don’t feel comfortable sharing personal matters with them, they remain SOCIAL friends, full stop.

    They are the ones who we shouldn’t feel bothered about when they spew nonsense and they are the ones if we still cannot tahan should receive a verbal lashing from us. If they don’t give us ‘face’ why should we give them ‘face’ right? No loss really if it means an end to a wuliao ‘friendship’.

    I might sound like a dragon breathing fire but I believe and hopefully Carly, you too will agree that life is too short for our happiness to be disrupted by some idiot who may be of a mature age but speaks immaturely.

    Chill and have a great weekend!


  34. Hi Daniel #30

    I think its fair play if there is freedom of speech. Everyone has their right to say how they feel or what they think of something being said. Agree with you that when it gets overboard, the whip has to come out. I will remember to reserve one for you when I have overbaked some tarts πŸ™‚ cos my current recipe melts in the mouth unless its overcooked hahaha!

    Have fun Felice & Pat….

    Hi Wendy

    Thanks for your contribution. But I do agree that we be allowed to express our feelings, whether in writing or in actions. However, if someone chooses to hit below the belt for no valid reasons, then that person needs to be put down. If people have any personal problem or there is something bothering them, then they must find a solution whether by doing it themselves or seek help. And they should not use other people as their punching bag.

    Dear Ros

    Certainly not cos I totally agree with what you said.

    When we have true friends, its for life. We know that there will always be a ready shoulder to cry on and we will provide ours when needed. And yes, I have found several true friends here which I am very thankful for it.

    Fair weather friends come quickly and leave just as quickly. And they wont be missed.

    Yes, Ros. You have spoken my mind. I will only lash out when I cannot tahan already. I guess I am like you. We have our principles and what you see is what you get. No pretence.

    Yes, life is too short and I want to live it beautifully and I hope others will do the same. And Ros, I am sure you live yours happily cos I know you would not allow anything or anyone to come in your way to spoil it.

    Dear Lily

    Thanks very much. I like your “Like” πŸ™‚


  35. Dear Tender Cow

    Oops! I missed your comments #22. Smack! Smack!

    Thanks for viewing it in the positive light. I agree that dancing chases the blues away. And a glass of good red wine???

    Baby Goat

  36. Baby Goat

    Don’t smack yourself.

    How can I forget a glass of good red wine?! Actually, many glasses while twisting away…..

    Hugs back
    Old Cow

  37. Hi Caroline,
    In fact nobody has the right to agonise anybody with their grievances.However, most of us tend to forget this especially when familiarity sets in. I am quite sure those people who write with such strong emotions must be around in SHC for quite sometime and they think that they can be heard and understood by those they befriended in SHC.
    My plan is that if this person is a friend,then the least we can do is read what the anger is about and offer some good advice.On the other hand, if this person is unknown to you, then you don’t have to read what is written and whether it is below or above the belt, noone gets punched.

  38. My Dear Tender Cow

    Thank you for your understanding. Wonderful. At least you know how to “let go” the fun and enjoyable way πŸ™‚ Mwah! Mwah!

    Hi Wendy

    I think you have misunderstood me. I have always believed in freedom of expression, freedom of speech. Its not about antagonising anyone. If anyone has any grievance, its good to let it out or if possible, to share with others (could be done discreetly or be open about it)and then see how best others could help. What I dislike (I speak my mind even though it may not bode well with some)concerns people who reply to comments by others by making caustic remarks with the intention to belittle or hurt others. This type of behaviour takes the goat.

    However, I know there will be some who condone such acts. Then I rest my case.

    p.s. I usually skip frivolous talks or “nonsense” written if they dont concern or interest me but when it concerns my good friends, I won’t pretend I did not see anything.


  39. Hi Caroline,
    Doing nothing when my friend is hurting is not my style too.However,I usually mediate to get to the root of the problem.
    By the way, is there so much bickering in SHC? If so, it may be timely to set up a mediation group where the parties concerned can go to tell their stuff in private sessions.
    This way maybe SHC can increase the number of actively participating members.It would be a shame to see SHC segmented not by activities but by resentment.

  40. #42 Wendy Koh,

    I have heard first-hand not so complimentary remarks from a SHC member about other members. I was shocked as I thought this person was nice. My conclusion is if this person can speak ill of a fellow friend in SHC, he/she can do likewise and speak ill of me. Everyone will try to show their better side in social gatherings and that’s normal. By talking we reveal our thoughts and beliefs. By listening, we gain information about others’ thoughts and beliefs.

    Bickering in SHC? Who is bickering? Perhaps you misunderstood an exchange of viewpoints, albeit some pretty strong ones, as ‘bickering’…. :p

    Carly is one of the nicest ladies I’ve met in SHC btw.


  41. Ros Dear #43

    Thank you so much. This really makes my day πŸ™‚

    Also, thank you for making the clarifications with Wendy. I tried but maybe my explanation was not clear enough so the misunderstanding.

    The Dragon Lady may breath fire #35 once in a while, but its only done when it is called for. However, I know she has a very kind heart πŸ™‚


  42. Hi Caroline,
    What is written by Rosalind #43 paragraph 3 in defence of you is what I meant, that is providing a favourable testimonial of you.That is why when your friend is belittled or hurt by some bad remarks, please hold your pineapple tarts ie do not use the attack tactic, instead do the same as Rosalind #43, use the defence tactic ie providing a favourable testimonial in defence.
    For #43:”Like”

  43. Hi Wendy ,

    Chill! Chill Out !
    It is just a ‘thinking aloud’ kind of expressing thoughts
    of some issue…I think it is alright..we are all have the
    age of ‘Century Egg’…and we do not know when would we be
    ‘salted egg’…What If Tomorrow Never comes ?

    I like PITA bread esp it is just freshly baked..
    We can fill PITA with different things, hot or cold …
    just as we can look at carly’ PITA with some sense of humour
    Isn’t it great to have a great sense of humour EVEN IF We
    are irritated ? It is better than Medicine any time !
    when my 97 yrs old neighbour had his CNY meal 2 mths ago
    and he hugged me and said ” Oh, Dearie, Hope this is NOT
    my LAST SUPPER with you all Cos’ i really enjoy the Roast
    pork and Glutinous Rice& chicken in Lotus leaf “……..
    Even the Church pastor had come to prepare his funeral &
    chose his favourite music & hymns ..almost 2ft into
    his grave…and he still NEVER forget to enjoy some great
    humor …

    Wish you have a GOOD day. Hope to meet you one day.

  44. #45 Wendy Koh,

    If I am not wrong you are a non-confrontational kind of person. That is not a weakness, but a strength. Generally, all of us desire peace in our lives but you must admit it, there are also people who just LOVE

  45. Dear Wendy #45

    Maybe you dont appreciate my sense of humour. If people know me well, will know that I dont mean literally throwing pineapple tarts at others. However, as you are new, I can easily understand your sentiments.

    Felice Dear #46

    As usual, you are one funny gal. Thanks for explaining and thats how I feel about the whole thing.

    Ros Dear #47

    I totally agree with you.

    *Life is short, so make it sweet πŸ™‚


  46. Hi ladies-Caroline, Rosalind and Felice,
    You see when Caroline launch PITA on March 1 2012, I start seeing flying pineapple tarts in my dream. So I decided to write to Caroline on this blog not to use this tactic. Now that this whole thing is just written in jest, I can allay my anxiety.
    As in #34,I take things at face value and to understand things metaphorically, maybe I have to partake in more of SHC activities and know the lingo.
    I really look forward to meeting all three of you and maybe after a while I can be in sync with you. The rest of the peepers:nothing happen, go back, do your own thing.We are dignified ladies.

  47. Hi wendy,

    It IS such a relief that you finally undersoodd this
    PITA bread thingy.
    I was afraid that you would ‘hantam’ the fishcake lady for
    explaining what the ‘pineapple tarts lady’ meant..
    Last night, in dreamland i saw myself preparing ‘chilled
    mango pudding ‘and a big pot of’icy Chrysanthemum Tea’ for you…..for being a kay-poh !!

    Anyway, let’s toast with a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea to close
    this HOT-PITA thingy..

    Who else still cares for another PITA, PINEAPPLE TART/FISH
    CAKES ??

  48. Dear Wendy #49 and Felice #50

    Phew! Boy am I glad that we all agree that whatever is said here has come to a happy ending. No more nightmares.

    Thanks “fishcake lady” and “Dragon Lady” for your explanations. I am not very good with writing so please pardon me.

    Yes, do join in more of the SHC activities and soon you will be very at home with the “languages” used here.

    Bread, pineapple tarts and fish cakes make good party food. Yes, someday when the four of us get together….


  49. Good job, Ladies!

    Happy ending is the way to go. Mwah.

    Dignified, indeed and wanna add ‘matured’.

  50. Dear Tender Cow

    Thanks my dear. Mwah to you too πŸ™‚

    Ah! For Kenneth, I wont throw but instead I will serve “kong bak” bao on a plate, with a cup of bu er tea πŸ™‚

    btw, my kong bak is quite good πŸ™‚


  51. Hi Kenneth,

    No food from my Kitchen Today..
    But we had lots of durain though.. just finished them on Pan-cake/durian puddings…
    We still have the durian-husks not thrown out yet..want any ?

  52. Hahaha!!

    Carly: I’d love to have your kong baks! When can we meet?

    Wendy: Didn’t you learn? Our expressions are only a deep desire to actually “eat” the objects being thrown (at us)!

    Felice: Naughty, maughty! By the way, durian husks can be used to get rid of their odour: just run water off the husk onto your hands, you’ll find that it works.

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