Old Age – The Last Lap

  • How does one want to spend the last lap of one’s life? with angst? with upset when one’s pride/ego is bruised? gripe? …
  • The ‘king’ in *Eccl. thought he was a superior being as he was very clever and good at acquiring power and wealth. Then he realised Death would come for him and LEVEL  him with the poor and the foolish he despised. Defeated, he lamented in agony "all is vanity and a striving after wind" 
  • I would like to have serenity in my old age. Question is – how to acquire/have this state of mind  (serenity) in old age? What personal qualities/character traits would be an advantage in this quest?

* a non-secular book

Constructive comments and feedback are welcome. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jassmine

    It’s sad for a person in old age to still harbor hatred, anger, jealousy etc. What purpose does it serve other than to make one miserable and obnoxious?

    If one is still blessed with good health both mentally and physically in the last lap, one should be in a relaxed, happy-go-lucky state of mind.

    Think of it this way; the person you hate may not even remember you, let alone be affected by your hatred.

    Death comes for everyone; a matter of time, not a matter of being an Elitist or a Homeless person. For a person who has power and wealth to feel it’s unfair is just plain stupid. We will all be ashes again, so get over it.

    Q3. Hmmmm. I would think being able to let go of all unhappiness, grievances and yes, being positive will be advantageous to achieve serenity.

    Ahh….able to laugh at oneself, having a good sense of humor and telling yourself ‘it’s no big deal’ over petty things or even over major issues.

    Good topic!

  2. Hi Geraldine #2

    Agree on letting go and the rest…but the spirit is always willing and the flesh is always weak …and invariably wins the tug-of-war with the spirit! grrr..lol!

    Having a sense of humour – good personal quality to diffuse angst/upset. Hope to cultivate this.

    Hmm…looks like finding Serenity is tougher than *finding Nemo! lol!

    *movie title

  3. Hi Agnes

    i noticed your comment is under moderation. i think my post would be under moderation too if i had not used ‘non-secular’.
    Nevertheless, i read the content and noticed the absence of feedback/comment on ‘serenity’ and came to the conclusion that you are too young to relate to the subject of serenity in old age. You are still far away from old age…. 🙂

  4. Hi Jassmine,

    The last lap? Hum, when will it start on me? who cares. After I retired some years back, I went to listen to a talk on retirement. The speaker said, you are now 62, life expectancy for men is around 80+. So you still have 18+ good years to live on this planet we called Earth.

    You can be the COO, Director, MD, GM, Commander, etc. before you retire. But once you wake up the next day after your retirement, you are nobody. Those acquaintances, one by one may start to drift away from you.

    So you must have a Plan B. How to fine-tune your Plan B. Read up, ask, or even search the Internet. There are plenty of wonderful and good ideas well tested by others.

    I list below two links which I found have good advices for seniors on managing their ageing …

    First one is from the late George Carlin’s Views on Ageing:


    and the second is from the Wise Old Man:


    Just to share.


  5. Hi AgnesL #8,

    Please observe the taboos in SilverHairsClub. Religious discussions are not permitted. Thank you for your understanding. And btw, no further reminders.

    Terence Seah

  6. Guys!!

    Old age is not the last lap: it is only a stage of our life.

    To me the really last lap is when you cannot any more help yourself and you require assistance and medical care, when your brain and memory cannot recall events, when your legs and arms are useless appendages.

    Hew Lee has posted on our 18 years left after retirement at 62/65. I like to think of it as 20 good summers (left); so we must address these issues.

    Unfortunately, the future and the next (afterlife, for those with religious beliefs) cannot be discussed without sometimes touching on the spiritual aspects. These should be viewed as instructive or even philosophical. Let there be no debate or evengelising… There’s always good to be gleaned from any scriptural source. And I hope they present no problems with club rules.


    PRIDE in any form and in anybody is a dangerous thing. In a worldly way the proverb is well attested, “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”; and surely, very very few people have anything of which they might justly be proud of.! Those who hold their heads high with the pride of a haughty spirit, as though they were especially created, have really nothing to boast of as to ancestry.

    The spiritually proud person is apt to find fault with others. They are low in grace; and being quick to discern and take notice of others deficiencies. Under the guise of prophetic righteousness, spiritually proud people attack those they deem to be less holy or less orthodox.

    Having a few private email support only serves to embolden but does not support popularity.

    Please don’t zip and unzip. Use super-glue instead. And practise what you preach.!

  8. I smile whn i read tis article.

    ?????????????. Cool down. Lest get more wrinkles . 🙂

    There is no spiritual pride in me . I m just voicing my deep felt opinion. One member actually told me, in here u hv to write nice things if not wl b bullied.

    Anyway i intend to ????, dun post anymore. A bit tired . All not e sm channel. Or i wl only respond to very few like minded ppl here tts e same channel one.

    Dun so angry la. U want to enjoy ur Sunday or not . I want to enjoy mine. We ll never get to meet anyway. Why so serious. Just let me say what i think la. Just like u say red is nice color but i say not nice color. Like tt only what. Close e case la . I dun like to argue too much. Pl dun write anymore. I wont reply. Sian ah.

    Bye. Going to play w my darling terrapins now. One is call ovaltine.
    One call teh c . And last one is kopi.

  9. I hope nobody writes to me or about me anymore. Like i said before i m peace loving n i wrote what i wrote is becos i feel v strongly about e topic. i m genuine person. A bit too innocent sometime. ????? e shc culture ?????. Pl let e matter rest. Your energy wl be better spent at organising good activities for members. Pl save ur breath so i can save mine too. Let there b peace fr now on in here. Can ? Thanks !

  10. Hi AgnesL #15,

    Some topics like religion are sensitive; and I rather we do not discuss them here. You may discuss them with your friends in a private environment. So, the answer is CAN!

    Terence Seah

  11. I like ur answer CAN. Mean let e matter rest n i wl not tok about religion anymore. Thanks. anyway tt one is speak too fast not purposely to defy e rule one. Pl excuse me. 🙂

    Kekeke whn ppl cant keep cool n still so angry like want to pick a fight like this, i m very tickled. ??????????. ????.

  12. Hi Jassmine, Kenneth, Agnes,

    Sometimes, when I talk about retirement, old age, and eldercare, people do think I am NUTs. Recently, I was in Yangon, and I met a long time Singaporean living there. We chatted for hours about how it is like to live in Myanmar during retirement.

    And, in recent years, our entire country is talking about funding our old age, medical care and day care centres. Think about it, many of us are still young. I am 57, and in 10 years, I will be 67. in 20 years, I will; but they be 77.

    I have always told my wife and son that I want to live until 70 but they will chide me for such thoughts. So Jassmine, on your topic, I thought about how to spend my last lap.

    I met a Canadian friend of mine for lunch today, and we both agree we will work until we die. If cannot work, then this is a different story. But, yes, I shall work until I die. 50% will be in the newspaper industry which I have been in for the last 45 years and another 50% with the SilverHairsClub. My last lap must be to keep my brains operating, my hands and legs walking to meet people. Once I cannot remember anyone of you, that’s the end.

    So, as you hear from me, finding a future an direction for SHC is important to me. So, help me fulfil my wish before even reach my last lap.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terrence

    I m surprised u include my name. U r the 1st person fr e club to send me a happy new yr sms. I came in here n speak my mind n become unpopular. 😛

    Even though i openly defy ur porn nite u din openly attack me. ?????. ???????.

    ?????????????. Never did i expect things wl turn out tis way.

    Thanks. Pl dun write anymore. I really just want to b with my own kind. (Channel 8 )

    God bless.

  14. Dear Jassmine and SHCians,

    I normally wouldn’t participate in the discussions but somehow the topics are interesting and felt that I can join in the Fun.

    I am sure that most of us would have, one way or another, been preparing to Run our Last Lap to the best of our ability. Each of us probably would secretly have wishes of what we would like to achieve in Old Age, called the Last Lap and would have prepared ourselves for it.

    Just sharing with you what I learned from the American Tourists (a couple)while on a Roman Holiday last October that they have a Bucket List to fulfill. I curiously asked them where are you on your list now? They answered, 1st and 9 more to go. We laughed with them and I went on to say long way more to go huh?

    All/most of our SHCians are so active and vibrant and enjoying life to the fullest, participating in 2nd Sat’s Walks, Cycling and the varied activitives. Some like myself are really,agewise, in Old Age but we are still very much young at heart.

    To me and my friends, old age is only a Number. 3 out of 4 of us are still holding down jobs altho only part-time. Our Vital Statistics have changed over time (laugh.. ) from 36-24-36 to 120/80 B/P, > 200 cholestrol,12-13 Hb, >7mmol sugar level etc. Kekekekeke. These Vital ststs are not too easy to maintain, I can tell you.

    I am enjoying Life and picking up from where I had left off when I was too busy raising our children and hope that I have not arrived at my Last Lap yet. Hahahaha.

    It is good to know from this discussion how younger adults think of Old Age and refer to it as our Last Lap and preparing for it too at a much younger Age. Best wishes.

    Geok Suan.

  15. Hi Hew Lee,

    Thank you for sharing the two links.
    I’m inspired especially the following simple guidelines to happiness:
    1) Free your heart from hatred.
    2) Free your mind from worry.
    3) Live Simply.
    4) Give more.
    5) Expect less.

    Yes, at our age, we should re-program our mindsets to enjoy our retirement years based on above pointers.


  16. Hi Jassimine. Remember you want to buy me a cup of tea, and I suggested to wait until the April SHC monthly gathering at the 2.30 session where we can meet?

    Now read your post about your wish to have serenity at old age. Serenity may come in two forms. (1) You are in a physical environment where there is calm, tranquillity, quietness, clear air and etc. (2) You have peace (inner peace) regardless of your physical environment. To obtain (1) you have to have the necessary finance. To obtain (2) it depends on yourselve. We will talk it over tea.

    Regarding the “last lap”. Untill one knows exactly where is the finishing line, he/she would not be able to tell where is his/her last lap. When I was 65, I thought my last lap will be 70. Upon reaching 70, I thought of 75 as my last lap. Now at 79, I have learned not to have planned laps. Just believe I will be living from year to year. Hoping to meet you for tea. Just in case I do not turn up at the April 2.30pm session, I truly believe it is not my funeral, but may be a funeral wake of one of my peers. LOL

  17. Hi Hew Lee #9
    To be a figure of authority and respect for 1,2..decades and then be reduced to a nobody overnight by Retirement – really traumatic! No wonder to some people, Retirement is fearsome!

    Having said that, what is more important – can this newbie retiree accept the reality that he is a nobody now? or is he going to spend his retirement years seeking attention, living in frustration, etc..

    So the state of mind of a newbie retiree is important and having a plan B is a must -to keep the head screws intact! 🙂

    Hi Kenneth #12
    i would like to elaborate on the phrase ‘the last lap’. I use it to refer to the last stage (the old age phase)of a mortal’s life and not the END stage of life. The sporting imagery ‘the last lap’ was chosen (over the more neutral ‘phase’) for its emotive value.

  18. Hi Jasmine

    Yes, I know what you’re referring to as “the last lap”. Perhaps what Wai Jin states in #26 is closer to what I meant: The last lap for her keeps moving further out with each passing year. Many more happy years for you Wai Jin!

    Hew Lee: Retirement need not reduce you to a nobody… you’re only as valuable as you think and you shouldn’t lose your dignity and respect just because you’re retired. Yes, I know of an income tax officer who had many friends and patrons who pandered to him. Once he retired he lost the whole lot of them! But again, who needs friends like them?

    Preparation for retirement must go beyond just the financial aspects: We must address the social, living, relationship issues and ways to use our new found “time”.

    And only when we’re really prepared for retirement can we find the serenity and fulfilment in our lives.

  19. Neither constructive or conventional but here is an interesting idea.

    “My next Life” by Woody Allen

    In my next life I want to live backwards
    You start out dead and get that out of the way
    Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day.
    You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension,
    and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day.
    You work for 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement.
    You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school.
    You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play.
    You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born.
    And then you spend the last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like condition with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then, Voila!
    You finished off as an orgasm.

  20. Hi All,

    It is all in the mind. When we decide to feel young at heart, we are young at heart, never mind at what age we are at this point in time.

    Please take note that very elderly Americans in their late seventies, some in their eighties can still vividly remember their line dance steps and shake their butts a fair bit. When we do something again and again it becomes second nature to us and securely locked up in respective our sub-conscious minds.

    The elderly and the young – banish such weird and erroneous descriptions as the “elderlies” and the “youngs” – must have something to occupy themselves to keep themselves mentally sharp, connected with their peers. More importantly, they need to know what is happening in their society and the outside world. An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop!

    Keep talking or writing to your close friends and relatives
    as our ultimate weapon to defend ourselves from being consumed by dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

    A retiree need not have a “retired mind” in order to engage himself on new things, new happenings coming on stream!

    Sorry for being way too impolite say it out aloud: there is no last lap except inside the confines of the dark, cold unforgiving “wooden box”! My sincere apology to anyone feeling annoyed.

    Best of luck.

    Terry Tang

  21. Hahaha HC

    A very interesting idea, indeed.

    Although I very much don’t want a next life, yikes, I absolutely adore the idea of finishing off as an orgasm!!

    Talk about going out with a bam. Rock on.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. GT,
    Agree absolutely, important to finish off well. Last evening in the plane, a chinese lady maybe +20yo moved to sit beside me. On the other side of her was a 75yo Ang Moh, the kind of guy who talks rubbish non- stop. So he quickly strikes up a conversation. 4 hours later , he was leaning into her seat, stroking her upper arm while trying to hold her hands, kissed her cheek and inviting her to come visit him.. “we have a romantic meal together later somewhere”. She said “it must be your beer”. He said “no no I can feel something inside”. Not sure if he was referring to his lungs or his pants. Finally, I saw this lady ran towards baggage claim for a quick get away. Sorry pal, no honey today. Moral of the story, if you have to loose your filters, at least be graceful about it.

  23. Everyday is a good day at whatever age when we wake up for a breath of early morning fresh air only if we are not under privation for the lack of food or shelter.

    If people have a good saving habit during their productive, working years and not being let down by impoverishing bad habits like compulsive gambling, spending heavily in the company of bar girls and dance hostesses, fornicating (with good time girls with easy virtues, visiting brothels and attracting venereal diseases or even HIV to themselves), heavy drinking and drug taking, they certainly can weather through the storms of life. Life is how we make it in Singapore or for that matter anywhere else.

    Careful spenders eating right at the same time shouldn’t worry about being penniless in their twilight years or even about bad health as they all along have been eating sparingly and wisely. The danger of gluttony while young manifests itself in later life as persistent heart problem, diabetes and obesity.

    Several times in the past in Chinatown I was actually accosted by China women in their twenties, thirties and early forties who wanted to befriend me. Deep down inside me, I couldn’t help feeling these were most probably gold diggers, study mamas whose husbands did not remit them enough money or even not at all. Perhaps their husbands were hooked up with younger lady companions back home in their cities or villages in China: a classic case of “when the cat is away, the mouse” will play. Some ladies might even be illegal overstayers or “butterflies of the night” in local jargon, “chickens”. As reported in our newspapers years ago, some study mamas moonlighted as chickens to feed themselves and their children when husbands did not respond to their pleas for money.

    For my own self-preservation, I politely declined and excused myself from them as I was rushing to somewhere to attend to something important. It is also true that many “apek” widowers were rendered penniless by China women. There is a heavy price to pay for indiscretion.


  24. Hi Wai Jin #26

    Am i glad to see your comment! After i transferred our chat from the “Lowering the minimum…” thread to the ” retirement..” thread and tried to fix a date with you, there was silence from you and i started to get anxious…lol!

    The label “the last lap” does not have an ominous connotation (by my usage). To me, your last lap is a long one and it appears, also a ‘serene’ one (because of a deep seated wisdom?)

    Regarding a meeting for tea …let me check my commitments tonight. Is it possible for you to come to Bishan MRT stn?

  25. Hi Jassmine, I would very much like to have tea or coffee with you at any SHC monhtly gathering where there is the normal 2.30 pm session and 6.00pm session. I would like to choose the 2.30pm session.

    I apologised and hope you don’t consider me “weir” when I am going to tell you that I do not wish to be seen having tea with a lady alone (not that I am afraid of my wife). Also there is nothing intrinsically wrong with having tea with you alone.

    You see, I am an Elder in my church, and must be prudent not only to do things right but must be seen as to be right.

    Just hope that there will be a 2.30pm sesseion at the April SHC general gathering.

    Wai Jin

  26. Hi Wai Jin #36
    I happen to believe in decorum too. 🙂 If a meeting had been fixed, i would have got three friends to join us.

    As far as i know, the tradition of the monthly meeting is to start around 4p.m. Hmm, i think the best course of action now is to kiv tea and chat on the forum instead.

    Advance congrats on your forthcoming Golden wedding anniversary! 🙂

  27. Thank you. Great minds think alike erh?

    Will wait untill we know when and where the SHC’s April general gathering will be.

    See you are very patient, and patience is the manisfestation of immanent peace/serenity inborn within a person.

  28. The end is near. I do not have much money left, so I cannot be proud financially. But at 60, I am proud physically, mentally, morally – and oh yes, spiritually. The Last Lap is but the beginning for me. No doubt we are all heading towards the destination we have chosen. Don’t know about others but I am glad I did it MY WAY. I am happy – and proud.

  29. Hi Winston #39.

    Take heart. For you (at 60) the end is far from near. In 20 year’s time you will be only 80. I say ONLY, because medical and health science will be much more advance in 2032 than it is today. Who knows you may live up to 90, 95, or 100, that is to say Y2042, Y2047, or Y2052. By then social structures and networks may change so much from today. As you believe that today at 60 you are physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually fit, I believe you are able to take things in your stride. Be BOLD, be BRAVE, and be FREE”

    Wai Jin

  30. Hi Geok Suan #24

    M glad you shared. 🙂 You are happy in retirement and find it liberating. So do i. The last lap is our last chance to do the things we find meaningful because if we delay some more, the Grim Reaper may suddenly appear!

    There is a newspaper article on Mon (19th. pg A18) about a Mr ex- Universe who is now 100 years old and is still fit and ‘working’. He credits his longevity and good health to his ability to take his troubles lightly and remain happy during difficult times. Now this ability – is it inborn? I think it needs cultivating.

    Take care.

  31. I remember the subject of Nature and Nurture has been discussed in our newspapers widely many years ago. One can only nurture(cultivate) something nature has already given.
    Some people call it fate. For example, if a person is born with genes prone to diabeties, the chances of reaching 100 years old is almost nil (at today’s medical skill).

  32. Seniors, oops…. I beg your pardon for assuming I’m a junior here but maybe I am in terms of maturity of the mind. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    There’s so much wisdom in all your sharing, humour, humility and graciousness.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


  33. Hi HC #29

    In writing ” My next life”, Woody A shows he believes in either reincarnation or resurrection. His vision of his next life is interesting except that he has left out babies while sowing his wild oats. When procreation comes into the picture, then his desired next life is ‘unsustainable’ —lol!

  34. Hi Winston #43.

    I went into the link you supplied. The Mayans have a Round calender and a Long Calender. According to their Long calender the world will end on 21 December 2012.

    In the past many of these “end-days” prophesies had come to naught. But some may argue that there is always a “first time”. Oooops! We are skirting around religion. Terence may send his hit men down from Bangkok. So better stop.


  35. The 100 years old ex- Mr Universe is an Indian. He has the ABILITY to be happy regardless of his circumstances. Methinks his last lap is more serene that the ‘king”s in eccl. who is in agony thinking of having to leave his vast wealth behind to undeserving ppl.

    The ‘model’ centenarian does not smoke or take alcohol. His diet consists of milk, fruits, veg, rice, lentils and fish. (No mention of poultry, livestock meat and eggs.) It looks like a vegetarian & fish diet, and looking at the physical health of the centenarian, it looks like a good diet for longevity.

    The last lap can be a busy/productive time but activities/work may not equate happiness/joy if one is still struggling with frustrations. (personal opinion)

  36. Many of us are still very fit, and mobile. So am I. But, looking around my friends and ex-colleaques, today I see them,tomorrow they are in hospital. Within a short span of time, they cannot walk and have to be fixed to the bed.

    Jassmine, you started this topic of the last lap, and many have responded. How do you see yourself, when you finally cannot walk, talk or eat? What about you Kenneth and Wai Jin? For me, I really dont know. Personally, I think the best thing for my folks to do is to shift me to a home, pay for it (hopefully can afford the service), and still have friends around everyday.

    Yes, I like to know what you think will be the scenario when you cannot walk, eat and/or talk?

    Terence Seah

  37. Hi Terrence,

    I am your new member and hope to have an opportunity to meet you in one of the meeting or event.

    Just finish my analysis on the hourly eurusd chart (hope to be a good fx trader).

    Before shutting down my laptop I just click on this topic reading the last post which you mention about the very sad scenario.

    I hope this wouldn’t happen to me, not to you and not any of our members.

    However if it really happen to me but my brain still funtioning and can still use my laptop, I will want to carry on to grow my capital in my fx account so that those who take care of me will have them when I leave this world.

    I pray this will not happen to anyone of us.

    Time to go for my dinner.

  38. Hi Johnny

    It’s interesting to read comments on your forex trading. I hope you made some money on your eurusd trade.

    Would you consider giving a talk on forex trading, just a little something to jog the interest of SHCs. I did try to get a SHC forex trader to share his thoughts but he’s so far keeping quiet. So how about it?

    Terence@49: I was trying to keep this post less depressing… but what do I think of being unable to talk or walk or eat? Shudder the thought!

    Let’s be positive and think of how we can create this retirement paradise for SHC, so at least we’ll have a few good years of our lives living our dreams!

  39. Hi Terence #49

    The end stage of life – *”..sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything..” all of us hope to be spared. We all hope to have a quick exit. an eg of a ‘blessed’ one is my friend’s mother’s demise. She was about 81years old and had several chronic ailments (normal for elderly) but she enjoyed mahjong. One day she was playing mahjong with her family and was laughing (she was winning) when she suddenly fell backwards…sent to hospital and died shortly, without regaining consciousness!. This i think is one of the best ways to go – while doing something one enjoys…& fast, no lingering.

    However if it’s not our good fortune to be spared the ‘sans everything’ stage, then hope that our family (at least one member)will look after us with help from a maid instead of packing us off to a nursing home. My elderly cousin just refuses to send her mother to a nursing home even tho her mother suffers from severe dementia, is bedridden and tube fed for more than three years.

    But if children give excuse of no time to care for you (because of their work), then choose a hospice instead of a private nursing home where most of the caregivers are lowly paid foreigners who show no sympathy to the defenceless inmates there.

    *Shakespeare -As You Like It

  40. Hi Jassmine

    Yes, all of us hope for a quick exit; no pain, no suffering. Your friend’s mum’s demise was indeed ‘blessed’ with her final moments being happy – laughing away.

    A male friend once said he hopes to go while doing IT.

    Men! What else is new?

  41. Hi Terence #49

    If one cannot walk, talk, and eat, we hope to find a miracle cure. It may be found in Henry Foo’s miracle water.
    Those of us in SHC at the Round Table on Friday Mar 23 saw his demonstration of the miracle water — it can cure a host of sickness and ailments.
    Hi Henry — The world will beat a path to your door. Cheers.

    Hi Jassmine # 52. If one cannot walk, talk or eat, you quote “Shakespear — As you like it”

    I remember he said somewhere else something to this effect
    “The world is a stage, and we are all on it as actors”

    Death is no resptor of persons. Yet Shakespear said “When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth (at) the death of princes”

    We must accept death naturally without undue fear.

    Shakespear said “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard; It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death a necessary end; Will come when it will come”.

  42. Hi Kenneth ,

    Many thanks for your invitation and pardon me for giving the wrong impression.

    I should type as “still learning to be” instead of “hope to be”.

    I have been inactive in business for about 3 years since I gave up managing my small size commercial cleaning biz.

    At the moment I am a newbie and still on the pratice trade mode.

    If I learn well and become a good fx trader will then share and talk about my experience.

    To consider myself a good fx trader I have to trade confidently at US$100k per lot size with no leverage,.

    I need at least 6 months to practice trading with leverage at $10k , and after which actual money for one year to gain confidence. Second year to $30k. If all goes well, then I will go for $50k before trading in $100k without leverage on the 3rd and 4th year respectively.

    Is this an affirmation on my part?

    Now I should work hard on it to make it a reality. 🙂

    Am I preparing for my last lap? 🙂

    At the meantime going with my wife for lunch before joining Jeffrey Gan’s end month Karaoke to watch and hear our SHC regular singers and relax myself.

    Hope to meet up with you in one of the SHC activities you attend.

  43. Hi Johnny

    No, don’t be modest… but I will definitely give you time to make a success of your forex trading before honking you to let us in on your trading secrets, haha!

    I can see that you’re a disciplined trader with good risk management practice. Trader pyschology and emotional detachment are important qualities to have for successful trading besides strategies and technical knowledge.

    I am not a trader and consider myself a conservative investor. I just like reading books (sort of an armchair adventurer) on investment and trading, but not having the guts to really take the plunge.

    I am at present interested in forex and reading a couple of books: Secrets of Forex Millionaires by Yeo Keong Hee and Forex on Five Hours a Week by Raghee Horner.

    So, there! You have my confession… Oh, yes, I do some option trades (the risk-taking side of me) and, also like you, consider myself still “wet behind the ears”.

    Maybe when we meet up we can exchange some trading ideas.

    Yes, just relax and enjoy our last lap… now where did I put my spectacles???

  44. Hi Geraldine #53

    Some men will get their wish! A few years ago it was reported in the paper that in a brothel in Geylang, an elderly man died from heart attack. The lady companion with him alerted the main office staff and quickly left the scene. She must have had a terrible scare, poor woman! ……..lol!

    Hi Wai Jin # 54
    It’s not the Grim Reaper oldsters are afraid of. Rather, it’s the extreme, debilitating state, before his sickle strikes that we are so fearful of and hope to be spared.

  45. Hi Jassimine #58.

    We are talking about our last lap. Each one of us can roughly “guesstimate” where will be our finishing line. When we die, show our police dept the death certificate, it will be recorded as “natural’ death.

    In the Grim Reaper’s episode, our police dept sometimes classified it as “murder”, and sometimes as “un-natural” death. Pray that we do not fall under these two categories.

  46. Jessmine #58

    Do you know the address of the brothel in Geylang? I think it is a good alternative for old men who could neither ‘walk, talk or eat’. Euthanasia is illegal in Singapore but prostitution is perfectly legal and there is no law or social order that says dying happy is sinful. I think there is a business somewhere in this.

    To me, when we cannot ‘walk,talk and eat’ the race is over. Only our body is still alive. Some may add these years to our life and consider it ‘long life’. I call it ‘slow death’.

    I see life as a 3 lap race. From the time we are born till we become adults we are running our 1st lap. Our body is developing, we are discovery about the environment we live in. Our mind is maturing and we learn quickly. Then we reach adulthood, we are in our 2nd lap. Our body can no longer grow but we can maintain it’s strength, we have learnt some knowledge to work and accummulate wealth. To some of us this is the lap when we earn and save enough to enjoy a good last lap. The 3rd lap comes when our body starts to decay, our mind slows down but we can still live for another 30 or more years.

    Each of us runs a different race. Some of us at 60 still thinks we are running the 1st lap. Most Asians run the 2nd lap till they die. They don’t know about this 3rd lap and do not miss it either. There is no right or wrong.

    I consider that I am in my 3rd and last lap at 50 years old when I decide, I will not work for money anymore and I will do what I WANT to do, rather then do what I HAVE to do.

    Almost 15 years later, I am still running, mostly away from my doctors but nonetheless running and laughing on the way.

  47. Hi TS #60
    A man who cannot “walk, talk or eat ..” suffers from multiple ‘impotence’! He doesn’t need a brothel! Lol! He needs a firm hand holding his and a gentle voice reassuring him he’s not alone…

    The last lap is the 3rd lap in a 3-lap race of life. And if one is able to work NOT for the money ….this i believe is a personal quality that could lead to joy/happiness in the last lap.

    So your last lap is spent running away from your doctors and laughing all the way ….. to where? Geylang? LOL!

  48. Hi Winston #43, Wai Jin #46

    I visited the website provided (@43) to check “the end is near” context. The Dec 21st 2012 ‘auspicious day’ predicts the end of a World Age Cycle and the beginning of a new World Age Cycle in 2013. Hence the Mayan prophecy (Dec 2012) does not refer to Doomsday but to the completion of a “World Age Cycle” and the transition to a new “World Age Cycle” in 2013.

    In the new World Age Cycle (in 2013), time is non-linear but synchronizes with nature (Time is Art)….. very interesting concept.

    Thanks, Winston, for the web link. 🙂

  49. Re: S.T. Wed 15/8 B4 Home

    The big picture stood out with its colour and clarity. But it’s a pic of ugliness and the story behind it is v. sad.

    (Anyone can be afflicted with a mental disorder at old age – the last lap)

    If only someone had cared enough to check on the deceased…

    Could such a tragic ending of an individual’s life be avoided/prevented? Hmm…

  50. I happened to pass by the eldercare centre at Serangoon Central and went in to look-see and to enquire about their volunteer programme. The centre provides full day elder care five days a week. The supervisor told me the oldest client is 100+ years old (wow!)
    The staff to client ratio is 1:8 and 1:6 (with dementia)
    Looking at the helpless, elderly there I felt sad about the last lap of life. Not too long ago weren’t they “the lover, sighing like furnace … a soldier jealous in honour…” *

    “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity”**?
    Just reflecting…

    * From “As You Like It”
    ** From a non-secular book

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