Taiwan TV drama “Night market life” – Why I like watching this series?

Whenever I am in Singapore on a Sat or Sun, I would rush home to keep a date with the TV drama LOVE. Now that the series has ended, I found another one "Night Market Life".  Never been so dedicated about such Peyton Place"  type shows until this late age of my life. When I travel and I have the time, I would try to watch the drama online 1-2 hours via XinMSN, but nowadays, it is not possible to view them due to territory restrictions.  But, this part of my life is not what I want to share with you.

I find these dramas very down to earth.  They are always about people, and always about love and jealously. In Night Market Life, the show starts with the actors and actresses as young kids, and finally now the kids have grown to adults.  The boys and girls get to know one another, got married and continue their adult life journey. Along the way, they find someone exciting, and make effort to spend time with the new found friend.  And, soon the relationship gets stronger, and good or bad, right or wrong, a new bond exists between people.

I am one of those in this group.  That’s how I got into my second relationship.  I still dare not say if I was right or wrong.  During the change, I had such a strain on my life, that some or especially my female friends called me all kinds of names, with nasty attachments.  But what can I do?  It’s done and life must go on.  I treasure what I have today and have not regretted it since.

As I get older, my outlook of life changes.  I tend to see human beings as chickens in the farm or fishes in the aquarium.  We run around or swim around, and we meet many other people.  In Night Market Life, the starting of all the different relationships are always sweet and pleasant.  Then, very quickly, life changes for all the actors and actresses.  Soon, one or both parties suffer.  Who is right and who is wrong?  As TV viewers, do we have the right to condemn him or her?

Allow me to share with you how I feel.  Neither do I condemn, nor do I bother myself.  I feel I have no right to say whether she is wrong or he is wrong.  I do not feel it is right to intervene, interfere or dissuade either parties. In a TV drama, there will always be an ending.  The actors and actress are far away from me.

So, why do I crazily watch these dramas?  Because they are a reality in human lives, that’s why.  This is my personal view, hope you respect it’s my view.  Agree or disagree, I only hope we all respect the actions and decisions of fellow members.

Feel free to express your views and give your comments.  I just read that Obama administration is in favour of gay marraiges.  I just cannot believe it.  By the way, I am still a no Saint.

Terence Seah 



21 thoughts on “Taiwan TV drama “Night market life” – Why I like watching this series?

  1. I am now watching a Taiwanese soap opera ‘ A place called home’on Starhub TV channel 855 and 856. It now into episodes 800, dun know when it will end. The plot and sub plot is never ending.

    I enjoyed so much the characters played out as it relates to life and reality. Some scenes were so touching and tears can be shed. But I feels so good after that. It’s like a refreshing stream and a renewing of the mind.

    The Korean drama were just as good. Channel 855 and 856 will constantly show one drama after another like those from TVB. I am now also enjoying a new serial entitled ‘ Curse of the Royal Harem’.


  2. Hi Terence,

    I fully agree with your second last para that we all respect the actions and decisions of fellow members.
    Dramas are very real .. they talk about people and always about love and jealousy. According to an article which I read in the ST today, Gary Hayden said:

    “The root causes of human suffering are ‘three poisons’: greed, hatred and delusion.”. These are also traits depicted in most Dramas which make such shows come alive as the audience can ‘relate’ to them.

    Life is a theatre and we are all the actors and actresses.

    We cannot stop others from sowing the seeds of grief and pain. My motto is: “To each his own”


    “GREAT people talk about IDEAS
    AVERAGE people talk about THINGS
    SMALL people talk about OTHER PEOPLE”

    Best regards,
    Gabriella Chua

  3. Hi Terence, I do agree with you the Taiwanese drama series are very addictive. I did not watch ‘Love’ from the start but somewhere halfway I happened to caught a couple of episodes and I got hooked! With the latest, I somehow found the market scenarios a tad tacky and hence did not follow the series. Now I will watch it whenever I can but with the silly Star Awards interrupting the drama it sort of cool my interest for a while. My hubby likes this drama and also the 11 pm one. That one has been long running and the politicking amongst rival businesses and family members are beyond comprehension. I don’t watch the late drama because of the negativeness of most characters.


  4. #2 gab ah jie ,

    i 100% agree abt small ppl talk abt other ppl…

    tis kind of fxxx tot he or she is damn perfect.GO & fly de biggest KITE lah…bo ai hua he hua he tio ho damn come out & trash face to face…lim ban lim is now a histroy liao..

    for those who dun know who is lim ban lim hor…he is once a nos 1 wanted man in spore who was invloved in many robberies lah…was shot by cid @ kim toh ( margaret drive ).so ai happy tio ho hor….

    sam huat huat

  5. Good morning Ah Huat Huat Huat ah (Xiao Ti)#4

    LIKE. Thank you for your comments. Brings back laughter to me… hahaha…. after being PISSED OFF the last couple of days.

    People who bitch, groan and gossip like those in the dramas mentioned by Terence above, ought to be “Fxxx”. Fully agreed with yr comments, Xiao Ti. To reiterate, my motto is “Live and Let Live” and “MYOB”!

    Your support has unleashed a ‘FEISTY SPIRIT’ in me. I would never allow anyone to provoke or intimidate me or worse – PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!!! To know the truth when one hears a gossip is to hear from the horse’s mouth. Check and find out the truth, not half-lies! Most times, the tale-carrier is trying to stir up a hornet’s nest and there is no truth in the ‘malicious’ gossip!! To be civilised and be nice/kind should not be mistaken for weakness!

    Kam Siah !

    Best regards,
    Gabriella Chua

  6. Hi Terence

    Yr thread above is brilliant. It gives an opportunity for one to unleash one’s ‘hard’ feelings without trepidation. as any similarity to any real life situation is merely a co-incidence ~

    As a suggestion, your brainchild, SHC is fertile ground for a script for Media Corp’s Channel 8 or Channel 5 (no less!). I can contribute excerpts for the script if required. Food for thought? ha3

    If I am not mistaken, SHC is the platform for fun, adventure, activities,friendship, laughter, hand-holding and camaderie among members. However, sad to say, sometimes the stage scene changes to what you have described as per para 4 of yr thread. Most of the time, it’s the ‘green-eyed evil spirit’ possessing some of the characters as in the TV drama. Hee2

    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi Terence,

    I watch TV only during family diiner. Currently is Korean show. I read more than watching. Just thought of sharing my limited knowledge on relationship (friends and love)

    In the beginning of friendship doubts and troubles arise when two people from different background, with different personalties or thinking try to make their friendship last in the wrong way. Don’t let friendship become too overwhelming.

    Enthusiasm must be tamed and distance must be maintained. Revealing too much to each other too soon can result in envy of each other’s possessions or intelligence. Maintain distance and silence show that both people respect each other’s ego and opinions.

    Also don’t take people judgement too seriously. One judge may say this singer is good and another think otherwise. However we need friends. A person who has no friends will never be successful. The irony is that friends can lift a
    person to great height and can also destroy him. Therefore, one should cultivate only true friends. True friendships are based on sharing of knowledge, talent, ethics, etc.

    What about love?

    Love has great limitations and is limited by different environments, families, habits, society, religion and politics. However, true love can overcome these odds slowly. When this limitations are overcome too quickly or forcefully, the relationship will not last. Similarities can make a relationship last longer.

    Obam supporting gay marraiges?

    Many knows about money politics of America. Currently six states in America allow same-sex couples to marry legally. Polls conducted in 2011 and 2012 indicate that a slight majority of Americans support same-sex marriage.
    The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Iceland, Portugal and also parts of Brazil and Mexico legalised many years ago.

    When Obam become popular, I pick “Obama The Postmodern Coup ” to read instead of “Dreams from My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”. Please don’t ask me why. I need to stop now. Write too much.

    Be Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  8. I always find LOVE very close to my heart. And I am glad to read feedback on human relations, after all we are all human. Although I don’t have a farm like Tian Soo, I dont get a chance to see chickens running around every day. Whenever I get to visit my father-in-law in North East Thailand, my mind will wonder away and I would always try to figure out how one chicken recognises another chicken; and how they find a partner in their lives. All chickens look alike, and my assumption is these chickens really got a good life.

    But, then we are human beings. I am a firm believer that human beings have a lot of faults; not that I look at others, but I look at myself. Sometimes, I laugh at myself too. I was so sad when I saw my favourite soon-to-be married actress in bed with another man. This was on TV. But, then I think it’s their choice. Again, I was jealous, gosh out of a TV scene.

    Yesterday, I had lunch with an old friend of mine, and during the lunch, he was preaching to me how he got to where he is, up there; and how those down there were wasting their life and time doing this and this. After almost one hour, I angrily ask who does he think he is? Right or wrong, is a perception. Should we impose our ideals on others. Well, the Taiwanese TV stations sure know how to capture human life on screen.

    BTW, i dont support gay marriages or same sex marriages. This is my viewpoint. Obama believes otherwise. Everybody has their own viewpoints; but we cannot always be fighting over Right or Wrong.

    Terence Seah

  9. flight delayed.. so Here I am to add to Angel Gabriella’s post.

    In real life or in reel life,
    we need to be balanced.

    Just as in the tv seriels, there are always others who will add salt and pepper to make themselves look good or pitiful but not so of others..

    Recently, I was asked about something that someone insinuated.. and I felt it is not fair on the other party..and I dont think the other party will do such a thing and replied it cant be so.

    I called the other party up as I dont think it came from her..Im glad I did it…

    and now both parties…will live in peace that it is not true..

    Just remember, usually a man with Problems,,, will see a Doctor or a Counsellor and say, “hey my friend has this problem…can u tell me….blah blah blah”… U know the problem is with him/her..

    so if someone comes and say…”Hey someone says this…beware…it came from that same someone”

    Have a great day..Angel Gabriella…
    Not to worry about the “xiao ren” as there are plenty around…

  10. Hi Pat#9

    I’m so ‘tickled’ by your salutation of ‘Angel’… ha3. Laughter is the best medicine … not having this therapy for the past two days! Fully agree with your comments. Thank you 🙂

    True, there are some who choose to sow seeds of grief, pain and misunderstanding.. they seem to relish in seeing people being DIVIDED. Is this the Capital Sin of GREED wherein they like to possess everything and everyone for themselves.

    U have a good day too!

    Bon Voyage,

  11. Hi Terence#8

    I like your para 2. Looks like Jealousy (another Capital Sin) can exist between a real person and a reel character too. You sound v romantic and emotional. I respect your feelings. Ha3

    Cheers & have a nice day.

  12. Terence

    Not all chickens look alike. They are the same like us human. We have tall ones short ones. Fat and thin. Young ones and old ones. Some happily chirps away whole day, some grumpy ones looking for fights. Like SHC members, some old hen still think she is a young chick and old cock cannot figure out why the hens did not notice his good looks. Like you, the chickens also find LOVE very close to their hearts. The roosters spend lots of time chasing after hens and the hens keep running away until they catch the stupid cock. I think your Taiwan drama should have these characters, otherwise ask the script writers to learn from the chicken.

    I think Homosexuals are the same as people with physical disabilities like missing limbs, blind etc. They are not normal but mostly it is not their fault. We should sympathize and allow them to lead their lives the way they want but we should not hail them as normal or in anyway superior. I think Americans can carry their principle of individual freedom so far that they become domineering.

  13. #6 Gabriella Chua,

    Gabriella, I always believe that if a ‘friend’ says not-so-nice things about a mutual friend, this person is also capable of talking ill about me to others. Although I will not pass the ‘rumours’ around, I feel that filling one’s thoughts with judgement on other people is like playing God. No one on this earth is perfect and in fact, in each of us there is a good side and a bad side.

    We are all uniquely different in many ways – physically, intellectually, morally, etc, etc. Within a family eating the same food, each member will have his/her own ambitions, lifestyle and thought processes on general issues. Siblings can disagree and quarrel so with the social friends we have, it is also possible that conflicts will happen.

    Personally, I will ignore friends’ ‘advice’ on who to watch out for as I feel that given human beings’ imperfections, it might turn out I am the one my friends should watch out for…ahahaha

    If we can accept fellow SHCians as they are, I believe they too can accept us as who we are. Of course there is a line. I cannot tolerate people who spew nonsense and when chided, accuse me of having no bluddy sense of humour. Grrrr…

    In conclusion to my long-winded post…NOT everyone can be our good friends. Some can be social friends we can have fun together with. Some can be business friends we talk serious business together. Some, unfortunately are meant to be ‘Hello and Goodbye’ acquaintances.

    Cheers and have a great weekend everyone!


  14. Hi Rosalind #13,

    Your paragraph 3 incident seemed familiar ….
    a SHC fren told me this when another member warned her about me.
    She retorted ” Your frens .. doesnt mean they have to be my frens. Your enemies .. doesnt mean they have to be my enemies”. I was so touched by her simple response, am sure this insinuating member must be shocked & shamed!!

  15. #15 Pearl Wong,

    My definition of a good friend : One who will spontaneously defend you when someone speaks ill of you.


  16. Hi

    May I also add:

    “The only way to have a FRIEND is to be one?”


    Cheers and have a great day….

  17. “What is a friend? A single soul, dwelling in two bodies” – Aristotle

    Friends are a pretty important part of most people’s lives. Having quality relationships increases your likelihood of being happy – so it’s good for your happiness to be a great friend and to have a group of close friends surrounding you too.

    A good friend might be someone who’s there to provide support when times are tough or someone you can rely on to celebrate a special moment with you.

  18. Hi P K Ng

    Agree with your #18. Well-said.

    If one can count the number of such friends with one hand, one is truly blessed!

    Have a great week ahead…………

  19. Further to my #19, sorry, typo error:

    Shd read: “If one can count the number of such friends ON ONR HAND, one is truly blessed!”


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