Got an urge to fly a kite? May 19 (Saturday)

Those of you who are wondering wat to do on a picnic day may consider flying a kite. We are not talking of spending money to buy one. What we want to do is to make our own kite. Anyone out there good at making kites. A simple kite to make can be from paper or plastic.emoticon

We going to make it full of fun at the picnic day. Indicate here if you can make a kite and let fly it together. While we were young most may not have such an opportunity to fly a kite. So, let’s do it here.emoticon

If you are cracking your head how to make a kite, try googling.emoticon

The date is May 19, 2012.


4 thoughts on “Got an urge to fly a kite? May 19 (Saturday)

  1. Hi Dan,

    During childhood days I am not in favor of people saying “go fly kite”. Sounded very rude. Later I grew up to appreciate watching people flying kite.

    Now you can also see people flying lighted kites at night. Expensive hobby but beautiful to watch. Look like many stars up in the sky.

    Once I ask a man why he like to fly kite. He told me that he feel like got wings with feet on the ground.

    I got a kite but don’t know how to put it in flight.

    Shall I bring to the next Saturday picnic? It’s ready made. Given to me by a retail cashier at the supermarket. I can bring along but you need to teach me how to fly kite.

    Stay Healthy. Be Happy. Hope one day you will stop banging your head against the wall. Just joking! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Hi Johnny,

    It would be a pretty good idea to bring along since you have one. Dun forget the string and those of us who are present will help you put it in flight. Let’s hope the wind is strong enough.


  3. Hi Johnny and Dan #1 and #2

    Flying a kite reminds me of how to discipline a child. Sometimes, we let go a bit of the string and if the kite strays or flies too far out, we have to pull back a bit of the string. Isn’t this like disciplining a child when he/she is testing the boundaries. We let go a bit of the string for the child to explore and pull back a bit when the child strays too far and needs some restraint.
    Reminiscing the days when I was raising my two children.

    Just my 2 cents worth….

    Happy flying….

  4. Hi Gabriella,

    Nice analogy! Just as in any life endeavour it begin with an idea and some effort before we can experience the thrill of seeing the kite fly high in the kite. This is man supreme privilege to create.


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