SHC Retirees dreams in Myanmar

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William Chew, one of the founders of SHC, is opening opportunities for retirees to discuss possible options in Myanmar. 

We are looking for retirees who wish to spend time relaxing and working in Myanmar.
Possible options, can be:
1) Creative designer in Digital format.
2) Who wish to write (can be team work), turning cooking experience into cook book and we will publish into BOOK (share sale profits income), this can be Singapore Cook BOOK, Asian Cook BOOK, Indonesia cook BOOK.
Can enjoy live cooking and sell to good restaurants in Myanmar as well. Like running a restaurant.
3) Advertising related roles…sales, marketing, copy writer…
4) Printing related work

Send all your interest to email: with details specific to the needs above. Please note only emails with sufficient details will be forwarded to William Chew. 

Hope to hear from you all soon.  Closing date end Aug 2012
William CHEW

4 thoughts on “SHC Retirees dreams in Myanmar

  1. Hi Terence and William Chew,

    It would be good to cater Singaporean dishes like, Lontong, Mee Rebus, Meesiam, Nasi Lemak, Fishball soup/mee/beehoon/kuayteow, Roti Prata/John(chicken meat) and desert like Chintng.

    Just like the Thai Chinese, the Chinese Myanmarese would be incline to venture in tasting our Sporean dishes, because the natives akin to the Thais still prefer their own fare vis-a-vis Golden Mile Building and Peninsular Plaza

    Unfortunately, in my take, probably more than half of Myanmar Chinese since the late 80s with the economic opening up of China, have had steadily escaped to China by bribing the border-guards. Additionally, in my opinion too, the native Myanmar like the Yellow-shirted Thais being non-Chinese descended, are comparatively less economically intuitive than those with Chinese parentage.

    Thus, it may need double the passage-of-time for Yanggon to become busy-as-a-bee as Ho Chin Minh City or Bangkok. How long will it take Myanmmar to create a “Pattaya” or “Phuket” south of Pegu halfway towards the latter and challenge it.

    Just like Indonesia, the Riardys and the Kurniawans(Both Indon Chinese)are required to boost-up Manado(North “finger” Sulawesi) and Ambon(Maluku Islands, one of three Dutch colonial centres with Jakarta & Palembang) as tourist attractions, instead of just depending on Bali. As an aside, Pangkalpinang, unadvertised internationally, a coastal resort in the Banka-Belitung island group, and a 45mins flight from Jakarta, has become popular with Indonesian R & R seekers.

    Northwest of Yanggon along the Arakkan Yomas, can a “Cameron” or “Genting” highlands be created and likewise north of Mandalay towards the border with India. Unlike Malaysia, dealing with the less assertive Semiangs and Negritos, Myanmmar hill-tribes are not accomodating.

    Problems, yes. But the potential is huge.


    Abel Tan

    PS. Deletion of other comment understood

  2. I just wonder why there is little response on this… besides the comments by Abel.

    Maybe there are more respondents who emailed directly… but it does remind me of the many aborted efforts to discuss retirement and other overseas ventures by SHC members. And Myanmar remains quite remote on our list for retirement dreams…

    Just wondering…

  3. Hi Kenneth #2,

    I have one observation on retirement topics. I too noticed that responses are usually few. My guess is that many SHCians, who are active in the club, do not need to think or be concerned about what they will need to do during retirement. From earlier discussions, I am now beginning to get the feeling that many seniors are contented where they are right now and in the future. There is minimal concerns about retirement, income or feeling lonely. At last, this is what I see with the current feedback on this forum.

    But, this said, I also noticed that the response on part-time jobs sent to me outside the forum is rather high, approx 200+. Almost all the members who responded outside the forum are not visible or active in SHC.

    Maybe, if we review at most of the activities, there are probably different interests and needs. One group wants to have activities all the time, eating, dancing, travelling, chit chatting and socialising. The other group is rather quiet, spends less time socialising and maybe more realistic with their future.

    I wonder if members have any thoughts on this matter.

    Terence Seah

  4. There is an opportunity for a SilverHair to work and live in Yangon, Myanmar. The person has to have graphic design skills eg in programs Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Knowledge in Flash media would also be useful. Interested, please contact

    Terence Seah

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