TWO Days/ONE Nite tour of Karimun Island, 3rd Nov 2012 SAT

Hi Silverhairs,

Departure Date:  3rd November, SATURDAY

      Departure time & Venue:  8am from Harbourfront by Indo Falcon ferry

  • Arrival time:  at Tanjung Balai (main town) 9.35/40am
  • Accomodation:  Hotel Maxi, room-rates
    between 300,000 to 500,000 Rupiah (@ current exchange$13.20 per 100,000Rph)
  • Itinerary:  Visit mini-Waterfall and  Pongkar Beach

Departure from Tanjung Balai:  4th November, SUNDAY @ 12noon (Spore time)

  • Cost of two-way ferry ticket:  $56
  • MAXIMUM numbers of travellers is SIXTEEN Including TWO EOs

   Confirmation:  Please confirmed acceptance to travel by TUESDAY 23rd October


      EOs  Abel Tan & Mary Tan

10 thoughts on “TWO Days/ONE Nite tour of Karimun Island, 3rd Nov 2012 SAT

  1. Hi Eyvonne & Julie

    Glad both of you can come along. Perhaps, you may wish to invite a friend or two to make this trip too, as it seems at the moment entries are lacking.

    Eight persons including two EOs would be just nice to fill in two taxis at Tanjung Balai and plus economical sharing of food-costs when eight of us dine at seafood dinner an a exclusive lunch-table on nasi-padang.


    Abel Tan

  2. Hi Abel and Mary

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for organising this short weekend getaway. Dolly and I will be roommates.

    Calling calling…come join us!


  3. Joy,
    Yes!..Karimun Island is a real treat!..very nice,laid back & relax place 🙂
    I still remember vividly my adventure there..climb the hill where we sat & drink coconut juice so fresh from the tree!
    then not forgetting the ‘tongkat ali’ plant.
    Mr TS brot it home..think now he has bcome more macho!..keke

    Oh ya…i also love the seafood!..its so fresh,the prawns,crabs,fish and what else ah? sedap!
    just caught by the sea!

    So..girls..go for it..I guarantee..u all wont regret!
    For the boys…how come no boys?..poor Abel…haha hv to handle the beauties alone!..tsk!tsk!.. 🙂

  4. Hello
    I agree with Norlinda that Karimun Island is a very relaxing place to be as it still has its kampung charm. And the seafood is affordable and fresh. Do go for it if the timing is right.

    Btw Tiger Airways has new flight to Padang from Dec 1 onwards at $85 one-way. I missed the Padang trip few years back. If the past organizer can consider organizing a similar trip to Padang and BukitTinggi during school holidays, I would surely like to join.


  5. Hi Friends,

    Welcome aboard Joy and Dolly.

    By the way, the Closing-date is extended to Departure-day
    so that those who wishes to come along at the last minute
    do please be present by 7.15amSHARP on Saturday 3rd Nov
    at 3rd level Indo-Falcon counter, Harbourfront, to buy
    two-way ferry tickets. The boat depart 8am.

    For those who are very certain of going, you can buy
    tickets beforehand.


    Abel Tan
    Mary Tan

  6. Hi Eyvonne, Julie, Dolly and Joy,

    There are 10 of us for this trip.

    Change S$100 to rupiah will do, to cover expenses for hotel, food and taxi fare in Karimun.

    Abel Tan
    Mary Tan

  7. Hi Friends,

    See you guys this Saturday 3rd November at 7.15am Sharp on

    the 3rd-level Harbourfront, at the ticketing counter of

    Indo-Falcon ferry. Check-in time is 7.30/35 and the boat

    departs 8am. After purchase of ferry-ticket, you may wish

    to have a quick breakfast or Tahpow and eat at the waiting

    lounge(1st level) or bite leisurely during the one hour

    30/35mins boat-ride.

    Last-minute newcomers are welcomed. Boh-pai-say, if at the

    last moment. one or two of you confirmed could not make it


    Abel Tan
    Mary Tan

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