Anyone keen on Social Dance course?

Just returned from a short trip trip in Penang with SHC members – celebrated our great fellowship on the last night at a lounge.  Great time there, even the live band singers couldn’t resist going down to the floor with us. Had a good time refreshing the steps of the electric slide, slow rock, even the salsa.  My my, how how game our senior members were at the slow rock and even the salsa – we even had free tutorials from them!.

But it would have been more fun if we know our steps well – so why not I relearn my steps and will have more fun with the company of friends among us.   So why not form a group among us to form a class at the CC.  To learn together with familiar faces is much better and more spontaneous as we can let down our hair since we are friends.

I will be happy to do all the legwork and coordinate with the CC to start the class but need a minimum number. Anyone game on this?  Maybe we just focus on slow rock and another dance step?  All suggestions are welcome, even if you are not joining the course.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for taking this lead and initiative to organise a social dance course. I wish you all success. May I also encourage fellow members to join Susan; and enjoy the fun and company of knowing someone else better.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Susan

    I appreciate your effort to kindle the interest amongst the SHC members in social dancing.
    I will join if you can be more specific in terms of type of dances, the cost, the venue and the day and time.
    Currently I am learning Square Rumba from a professional instructor at Changi-Simei CC. The ten-lessons course is conducted on Wednesday 7.15pm to 8.30pm.

  3. Hi Robert, I don’t know yet – Getting names first, even if it’s tentative. But we’ll start off with simple dances, perhaps the 2nd one will be waltz or cha cha cha.

  4. Dear dance teacher Susan,
    I am interested in joining your stimulating dance classes. Please include me as one of the members and I hope to meet old pals or familiar smiling faces.
    Thank you & Cheerio!

  5. LOL, Primrose, I’m not a dance teacher but a student just like you. I’m hoping to gather a group of students amongst ourselves, say, 10-12 and then look for a CC and discuss with them further regarding the fees, time, etc.

    Response is coming in but we need a more balanced gender group. I hope more of our ‘Roberts’ will sign up – hey guys, don’t sleep too much leh. Make some time to help lead the ladies – who knows, after this we can organize regular practice sessions outside. Can’t promise but I’ll see how we go from there. Dancing (social and line dance) seems to be one of SHC’s main interest – I kinda think we can get good response from here.

    I have a feeling that most of us have some grounding on social dance steps so we’ll have a good headstart at the first lesson.

    Robert how about you help to round up some guys? Venue will be central so it’s fair to everybody.

  6. Hi SusanT #8,

    I like your initiative and call for a more balanced gender group in SilverHairsClub’s activities. I would like to support your efforts, and your willingness to keep trying.

    Would you like to write this month’s news update? It’s a chance to say what you want to say, and to get your message to all SHC members. If you write from your heart, don’t have to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes, I am sure your appeal will catch on with the guys and gals.

    Do drop me a note, if you wish to do so.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Susan#8

    You mentioned “I’m hoping to gather a group of students amongst ourselves, say, 10-12 and then look for a CC and discuss with them further regarding the fees, time, etc.”

    What is your plan? We share the dancing steps/variations within ourselves or we got a tutor to teach us, or ….. Can share more of your idea? Thanks.

  8. Hi Andrew #10

    Good question. Sorry if I’m not too clear about it earlier.

    The plan is to form a group, then approach the CC, give them the list and they will give us a teacher and room. I think the usual charge is about $70 for 8 lessons (to be confirmed). So the CC will still be organizing it, except that I’ll get them a group from SHC.

    Here’s a peek::

    Venue: Community Club
    Day: Weekday
    Time: Evening, 7.30 pm
    Charge: $70-$80 (approximate)
    No.of Lessons: 8
    Duration: 2 months
    Dances: Any recommendations? Slow rock? Salsa? Rhumba?

    Heard that Leng Kee CC s good. I’m open to any CC provided the instructor and location is good. Anybody got any recommendations, please email me at

    So how about it? Hope you can join in.

  9. Hi Susan

    Thanks for you information. I still have some questions, hope do not bothering you so much.

    To my understanding (from your information), you are planning a dancing class which is not initiated by the CC, but proposed by us, so:

    Is it only for our SHC members (10 to 12), or it can be joint by the other cc members

    The $70 – 80 for 8 lessons is the charge for the venue of the dance, we have to pay another charge (a lump sum)for the tutor or it is the charge per member for the class of 8 lessons.

    Besides the type of dance, what will be the level of the class – beginner, inter, advence)?

    That is my questions for the class. There is another additional question – Do you know if the cc can provide us the venue for self-practicing, like our ITIG group, which having a fixed number of participants, part from SHC, and part from outsider of the cc?

    Sorry for I have so many questions (????). I have some idea in mind, but don’t want to make it so complicate here. May be we can discuss them step by step in subsequent comments. Thanks

  10. Susan CHTan,
    Just an expression of interests. Any weekday except Thurs and Monday would be suitable for me. Need to recomfirm once you finalized details. Thanks.

  11. Hey thanks, Charles, that’s what I need – a show of hands as an expression of interest. We’ll take one step at a time. I just need a few more male leads to complete the ideal size for a class since we’ve got a good number of ladies coming forward.

    Hi Andrew, it’s ok don’t worry about the questions. Good to clarify. (1) Priority is get all SHC members in one class and if teacher says can add more it’s ok too. (2) The $70-$80 (from what I heard) is per member for all the lessons, including teacher’s fee and classroom. (3) It will be beginner-intermediate level but not advance. (4). As for the venue for self practice, sorry I don’t know at the moment. We can approach the teacher about it after we are more familiar. Maybe we are such excellent students who knows he/she will find a way.

    C’mon guys how about more of you? I know that social dancing is not new to the majority in SHC but it cannot be just the ladies? Now is your chance to learn together with us – people you know. We’ll learn better and faster, think so? This is your chance – learning with familiar faces and when you “graduate” and with a ill’ more practice, you’ll be like those nice gentlemen at the floor whom I had the privilege to do the slow rock with.

    If you prefer, why not email me at even if it’s just an expression of interest. I know without confirmed information, some cannot decide but no harm letting me know, even if it’s tentative. After getting the right mix of students we’ll discuss as a group where to go from there.

    So how about it. Just need few more helpful guys to come forward and we can move to the next step to find a CC!

  12. Hi Susan

    The $70-80 is conditional upon the number of students in the class. The class size of 10-12 students may not be enough to cover the teacher’s fees and the rent of the dance studio.
    Very often the CC will open the class to the public.
    As for the practice sessions, the rent of a room in a private condo can be more affordable.

  13. Helloooo Robert, thanks for sharing.

    Actually I was starting on the conservative side in terms of the numbers and if not enough the rest will come from CC’s recruitment. But I already got 8 ladies! So I’m looking for 8 men – is it too far-fetched? Still trying, who knows – remember, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

    And if we are so lucky as to have men outnumber ladies, it’s a good outcome – the CC should have no problem matching from the ladies’ pool which is a most likely response, rather than men. As we all know, this is a perennial problem when recruiting students in social dance course.

    Was also thinking of that idea – the condo function room. But don’t know whether anybody can offer but wait la…… one thing at a time… ban ban lai (slowly, slowly……)


  14. Hi Susan,

    As i am working and if it is in the evening or weekend, I will be interested to join all of you. However, I must say I am zero base and can be very slow in catching up…. Looking forward. Thanks


  15. Hi Jacqueline & Lai Fong #2

    On! Sorry I took a bit long to reply to Lai Fong – you’re most welcome. Other ladies too, yes, we’re still carrying on.



  16. There will be a class on Disco Rock and Cha cha cha on Friday evening from 7:30-8:30pm at Clementi CC, five minutes walk from Clementi MRT.

    Cost: $45 for 8 lesson.
    Teacher: Maggie Ho

    Class will starts when we have about 10 pax. Those interested please indicate here.


  17. Well done Susan for your efforts in initiating the Disco Rock Dance class. I see you have enough men to balance the number of ladies in the group. 5 cheers to that.

    Although I support your efforts, I am not able to participate; mainly because whoever dance with me will get so frustrated getting me to sync with the music.

    guys and gals, have fun.

    Terence Seah

  18. Hi Terence,

    Thanks for your encouragement. That’s what keeps us going -nothing like a lil’ pat on the shoulder.

    For the “fence-sitters” – still not too late to sign up. It’s just for the fun of it. Here are the details:

    No. Of lessons: 10 lessons
    Course Fee: $65 (yes, correct, all 10 Lessons)
    Starting: Friday 23 Nov
    Time: 8-9 pm
    Venue: Kg Ubi CC (very near MRT Eunos)
    Dance: Disco Rock

    Take it as an exercise for the joints and burnout of the calories while enjoying the dance. Good to pass your time too if you’re going to a dance/karaoke event. Many dance steps are flexible for the ladies to partner each other for the shy ones, eg. chachacha, disco rock, rhumba, twist, rock n roll, salsa. I had a good time just last Monday doing all these with Jane – no need to be perfect, so long as you know what is the dance and sync with the music, and you’ll know you had a great time when you reach home with tired feet.

    Thanks to the gentlemen from SHC who have confirmed going. Waiting for more to confirm – door still open for SHC membets – boy or girl welcome! More enquiries coming to my email Cheers!

  19. Additional Dance: Social Chacha

    On reflection, one dance only for the whole course duration may be too boring, since half of us may have some grounding in social dance. So I re-negotiated with the teacher and she has agreed to teaching us 2 dances, ie. Disco Rock and Social Chacha – 5 lessons each. Sounds better, isn’t it.

  20. Hi Susan,

    A SHC member, Yuit Leng is interested to join the class. Yuit Leng is not able to lock on and I am registering on her behalf. Please count her in. Thank you.


  21. Hi Jacqueline (and Yuit Leng)

    On! Thanks (and those signed up) for your support!

    I’m from the West, making the trip all the way to the East, for the fun of it. Probably drop by to Bedok Interchange food centre to enjoy the famous chendol – hope it’s still there. My former kampung – until I made a bold move to the West!

  22. We’ve got the group formed – thanks to all those who signed up. Remember to put this in your calender.

    Late-comers can still email me – I’ll see whether we can work this out with the teacher. Cheers!

  23. Last week’s class got off to a fabulous start – dance teacher kept her promise. Hey thanks to the group for being such sport – you came for the exercise right – someone was sweating, er,, I mean perspiring all over.

    I think we can do with a couple more ladies – a few came in too late but you can still join in if you dont mind missing just one chacha lesson last week. We’ve got 4 more lessons of chacha and the next 5 lessons will be disco rock.

    Just email me!


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