Anyone into Quilting?

This may sound crazy – I was wondering if any of the ladies happen to be
interested in quilting (sorry if this is too inclusive, but I dont suppose
guys have the patience to do this kind of fine needle work).  Just a wild
idea but who knows "nothing ventured nothing gained" – we will create a
beautiful blanket and auction it and sales proceeds can go to
SHC.  Teamwork, you know, but I need someone who can sew – I have the
sewing machine, few lovely quilting books – hope can discover someone who’s an
expert in quilting in SHC.  I learned this very long ago but it seems easy
to do the patching.   But someone has to be able to join the sides
with nice borders – I’m not good in this.

This project needs to be done in a small group gathered over tea – isnt it
nice to have it this way?

By the way, who has been footing the bill for SHC, I wonder?  
You think this is crazy?

Sasan Tan

19 thoughts on “Anyone into Quilting?

  1. Oooooo…. Jenny Lee you’re a sport. Maybe I need to give a bit of details …. Afternoon tea at my place at Jurong East on Saturdays 2 to 4 pm — potluck maybe. I think we need a group of 6-8. Must have a timeline too to complete the project. I can provide all the materials. But I need at least someone who knows about quilting to support me in this work.

    We can start after CNY but I wonder if we have anyone out there with the same hobby as this. Will I get a surprise?

  2. Hi Susan, I hope I’m a surprise – I’m interested in it. Can you teach? I did cross-stitch but quilting has eluded me. Maybe i can be an observer while you quilt and be a student/helper?

  3. Hi Inez,

    Thank you for coming forward. Actually I learned this eons ago. At that time I made 2 sofa pillows and that was about it.

    As you have cross stitch experience that’s a good start but I cant remember all that I’ve learned. We could put our heads together and slowly work from the basics – start with a simple pattern and join and join until it becomes bigger and bigger and make a couple of sofa pillows. It’s really beautiful when the whole piece is completed by hand.

    Then with the experience gained let’s do a more interesting design for the comforter (blanket). If we can just do the pillows and comforters that’s enough already because each piece is unique due to the different patterns that will emerge from the colours of the cloth.

    For the uninitiated, quilting is a very English kind of patchwork art, quite similar to patchwork blanket of mother’s days when they would salvage left-over cloth from dressmaking, cut into equal sizes and join, except that quilts have a batting (white kind of sponge) that becomes a soft comforter. It’s very satisfying when we see how the small pieces of cloth form into a beautiful artistic useful bedcovers, table cloths, table runners …. But ahem I think we’ll make do with the simple pillows first.

    Would you and Jenny kindly email me with your phone numbers pl. Thanks.

    Is there anyone else who would like to own a piece of quilt which will be made together please sign up here? Someone with sewing experience will find it easier to start.

    Sorry if this is a bit too long-winding.

  4. Susan

    I ever done grandmother’s patchwork blanket from my left over cloths. Still keeps a lot of uncompleted cloths at home. It is very good idea to gather a group to design a quilting blanket & raise fund for SHC. I am interested in handicraft and hope I can contribute my part.

    I stay in East side and hope that your timing can fit into my daily life.

  5. Hi Susan
    I have gone through the web site and notice that there are a lot of nice quilting work done with special fabric and designs. Those who are interested can meet together (may be in Foodcourt) to discuss in details.

    If I can get nice & reasonable material, may made for my grand-daughters.

  6. Annie Loh

    U staying at East Side – Joo Chiat Complex got the cheapest and nice fabric for quilting .. Check it out.

    Brought a fren there few week ago and she was surprise that the fabric is sooooo cheap and lot of choices as well.


  7. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the very useful tip – if Annie is sold to my idea of quilting, we can go together and shop for the fabric at Joo Chiat Complex.

    Hey, SHC got talent – you must be very good at sewing handicraft! Maybe I can consult you one day when I’m stuck!

    Glad to be getting the girls streaming in, some who wrote to me direct through emails. Yes, yes, it’s still on, but let me start on my refresher this week (4 lessons) and then I’ll contact the ladies once again. So far there are about 6 of us already.

    Annie, good idea to meet together in a food court first.

    Hmmm.. which one shall we quilt first? Baby blanket, or pillow case…. or how about a tic tac toe playmat?…or maybe a tote bag, sofa throw? Anyone got any quilt ideas?

  8. Susan/Karen

    Karen – you are our SHC handicraft master, hope to see you join us as free consultant. Thanks for the lobang you have given. Currently, my sofa cusion is 17 x 17 inches. I have 2 quilting cusion cover (hand work) bought from China few years ago, the design is very beautiful.

    Susan – looks like you gona to arrange a tea session near to Joo Chiat Complex (or City Plaza/Haig Rd Hawker Centre). I have sent you my contact No., please call me before you fit up a date.

    Thank you.

  9. Annie

    I would like to join in the group if a PRO is giving lesson ..haha

    16″x16″ cushion & your is not much of a different. I know how to do the patchwork but not the quilting and will be good if someone can give us free lesson as well.


  10. hi sisters ,

    now in johore have very good discount on lots of clothing.

    if sisters , like & timing suit us ..i can bring u all there ! but must let me know @ least a week car can take in 3 paxs.this big company is shifting out in 2 mths time.we can have makan ,massage & some shopping b4 coming back..interested email to me

    merry xmas in advance bro & sister.
    cheers brother sam

  11. Ah Sam…. you thought I was blur and I thought so too….

    Hi Susan, think Ah Sam is offering to bring you gals to Johor to buy cloths for your quilts.

    Cloths, clothes and clothing… ha ha ha …


  12. Hi Susan, though I have been a member not long after the club started, and had participated in a few events, I have not been active as most of SHC’s activites are during the weekdays office hours. Though I am 66, I am still working and find that I have not been able to join even the monthly gathering at Jack’s place as it is always held from 4-8 pm. I am interested in quilting but have not done any before. Hoping to attend quilting class after I retire. If you have a group and can still take me in, I am happy to participate. In case you need to contact me, my email is Tks and regards.

  13. Hi Susan, I just got to log in for the 2nd time and found this quilting craft interesting. I can handle the sewing machine and I also did cross stitch before. Please count me in when you are starting the club. Email

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