Esplanade Outdoor Theatre – Free Concert, 25 Dec 2012

Dear Members 

The Summertime Big Band will be performing at the Esplanade on 25 December 2012.  The three sets are from 7.30pm to 8.15pm, 8.45pm to 9.30pm and 10pm to 10.45pm. 

They play mostly jazz and some pop.  They usually charge more than S$10k per gig.  Since this is free, we should take advantage of it.

So for those of you who have the time and enjoy "live" band performances, do go down to listen the music.

Btw, my daughter will also be performing so I will there.  Hope to see you there. 



12 thoughts on “Esplanade Outdoor Theatre – Free Concert, 25 Dec 2012

  1. Hi Carly,

    Thanks for the information, what time you will be there? Are the 3 sets of time do the same performance, or different for each set (to spend 45 min there or the whole night?)

    Sorry to be a questionable old man (Oh, think I used the wrong word, should be an old man with many questions, haha). Will try to meet you there. Happy X’mas

  2. Hi Andrew

    Thank you for your queries. Its always good to be sure. Not cheong hei at all.

    There will be several singers and the time slots are not confirmed yet. Will only know on that day. Maybe a couple of songs may be repeated for the benefit of late comers but definitely not the same act for the three sets. Its at the outdoor theatre facing the waterfront, ground level where all the pubs and restaurants are.

    I will be there from the 1st set and hope to see you there too. Merry X’mas to you too.


  3. Hi Carly

    Thanks for the information and told me I am not Cheong hei, haha

    Will meet you there for first and second session then go home to have a good sleep after enjoying a nice show.

    Hope can meet more SHC friends over there. Merry X’mas to all

  4. Hi Andrew


    OK see you there. Its good cos usually, they will do a lot of repeats for the 3rd set for late comers.

    Yes, I hope to see more SHC members there to enjoy the free music.


  5. Thank you Andrew, Cath, Dolly, Eunice, Karen, Lily, Lina, May, Sally and Yat Sin (and her good looking son) for turning up to join me at the Esplanade.

    Hope you all had a good time like I did.


  6. A night with Jass music and sweet cake, that make me come home with an exciting mind and a full stomach.

    Both of these are not good for sleeping. Will I dream of eating the sweet cake and whirling around the dancing floor like the band leader did the whole night? I wonder!

    Must say that the beautiful singer has a nice voice and sound technique of singing, that make her singing a little bit super than her mother. Sorry to say that, Grandma.

    When I called you Grandma, I feel I am Andrew “YOUNG”, haha. Thanks for the night, Carly.

  7. Glad you enjoyed too Andrew. Oh dear! I hope you had a good night’s sleep after that.

    Thank you for the compliments. Dont you worry. I always knew she sings better than I do.

    Haha! very cheeky. No matter what, if we enjoy good music, we are forever young right Mr Young 🙂


  8. Sorry Caroline, for borrowing your thread. I tried putting up one, but twice it disappeared.

    Anyway, I wanted to let SHC members know that I miss our old gentleman friend Robert, who arranged for several musical outings for us. After he left us some years back, there was really nobody taking up this task.

    I can however, highlight to all the available and interesting programs, so that members interested in concert can just attend.

    There’s one coming up on 26/1/13 (Sat at 5pm) at Esplanade Concert Hall… “All American” presented by Orchestra of the Music Makers. Tickets at $15, but for some seniors like us, the concession price is $8 (limited numbers, I think).

    Will probably go. Anyone care to join?

    Another one, Morning coffee & afternoon tea. Coming up in February and March.

    4/2/13 (Monday), 2 performances, 1030am/3pm. Price $12. Songs from Qiong Yao’s Melodramas, by Cai Yi Ren and Huang Gui Xia. Tea or coffee will be served before performance.

    4/3/13 (Monday), 2 performances, 1030am/3pm. Price $12, early bird $10.
    Take It Easy: A tribute to the Eagles with Terry & Robyn. I will probably be going for this one.

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