Venue:        Parc Oasis Clubhouse Lounge, Jurong East Ave 1

  • MRT:           Chinese Garden MRT (opposite)
  • Date:           Sunday 17 Feb 2013
  • Time:          1.00 pm – 5.00 pm
  • Lunch:         Catered lunch (9 items) – Halal
  • Cost:           $20.00 per head (includes lounge booking fee and purchase of yee sang for lo-hei)

As suggested at earlier thread this is confirmed.  There will be mahjong, card games and if time permits some small group line dance or social dance.  

Those interested in mahjong or card games just form your own group.  Plenty of tables and chairs.  Somebody put up your hand to lend a mahjong set or cards please.

Need to have volunteer for treasurer quickly.  Members just do fund transfer to treasurer (volunteer please) as in other events done here. 

Meantime we need to order food but must know the numbers by 5 Feb.
Please start to register here.


  1.   Seok Cheng (paid)
  2.   Christina WH Chan (paid)
  3.   Rosalind Lee (paid)
  4.   Ivan Lim (paid)
  5.   Andrew Yeung (paid)
  6.   Charles Wee (paid)
  7.   Janie Leong (paid)
  8.   Wong Yoke Moon (paid)
  9.   Christina CL Chan –  (paid) Treasurer (Autosave/current Acc No. DBS 020-002-886-6)                        –  Registration
  10.   Daniel Chan (paid)
  11.   Thomas Loh (paid)
  12.   Jenny Lee (paid)
  13.   Alice Kwok (paid)
  14.   Malcolm Chen   (paid) 
  15.   Jacqueline Wong (paid)    –  Registration 
  16.   Sin Yuit Leng (paid)         –  Registration 
  17.   Richard Wong (paid)
  18.   Terence Seah (understood LOL!) (paid)
  19.   Susan Tan (no brainer la, this one) (paid)
  20.   Eyvonne Chew (paid)
  21.   Peng Peng Lee (paid)
  22.   Clancy Chia (paid)
  23.   Susan SW Tan (paid)
  24.   Jane Ong (paid)
  25.   Leon Lau (paid)
  26.   Alice Seah (paid)
  27.   Karen Thio (paid)
  28.   Sally Kang (paid)
  29.   Catherine Ho (paid)
  30.   Shirley Tan (paid)
  31.   Tan Boon Liang (paid)
  32.   Janet Chan (paid)
  33.   Gabriella Chua (paid)
  34.   Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  35.   Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  36.   Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  37.   Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  38.   Primrose Kok (paid)
  39.   Inez Lim (paid)                     –  Registration
  40.   Myra Chia (paid)
  41.   Mega Abdullah (paid)
  42.   Judy Lim (paid)
  43.   Anne Chee (paid)
  44.   Daisy Phua (paid)
  45.   Peri Liew (paid)
  46.   Ann Lim (paid)
  47.   June Chin (paid)
  48.   Esther Mok (paid)
  49.   Juliana Kok (paid)
  50.   Barbara Lim (paid)
  51.   Jennifer Wu (paid)
  52.   Vincent Lim (paid)
  53.   Robert Ong (paid)
  54.   Tan Sim Seng (paid)
  55.   Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  56.   Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  57.   Bobby Bok (paid)
  58.   Lee Ah Nee (paid)
  59.   Teresa SK Tan (paid)
  60.   Andrew Yap (paid)
  61.   Pauline Khoo (paid)
  62.   Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)
  63.   Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)


 Terence Seah/Susan Tan

136 thoughts on “CNY LO-HEI LUNCH: 17 FEB 2013

  1. Greetings Susan – I cannot make it for lunch on 17th Feb, can only come after 3 pm to join in the fun playing the CNY popular card games “Ban Luck”. If this is Not allowed no worries……. ???? everyone


  2. Need to do a clarification on the attendance rate per person. The rate of $20 is for attendance, and not just for the lunch. In other words, lunch or no lunch, mahjong or no mahjong, early or late, the rate is $20 per pax. The organisers are unable to break down the numbers.

    I hope you understand.

    Terence Seah

  3. Dear Sockie line dance Sifu, Christina Walk (oops, I mean Chan, sorry) & Ros Picnic EO,

    You 3 brave hearts, dare to be the first in the pecking order to come out and raise your hand, izzit? Thank you for starting the ball rolling. Iyo-yo Ros, thanks for your kind compliment. It’s just village food only, nothing, nothing.

    Ahem Ivan, sorry to make you come here to “teng-ki” (register) again. It’s better to re-organize at this new post and do a clean start.

    Andrew Yeung, tor jie, tor jie! Kong Hei Fatt Choy.

    Well, first 3 are ladies – perhaps the gentlemen say ‘ladies first’. Will the 3rd gentleman please sign on.

    Freda, sorry sorry.

  4. Adoi Sotong Susan ah the one who ki chiu hor erm si wa lah si Seok Cheng…wa is Sock Cheng better known as Sockie lah. I got a dinner on the same day so cannot ki chiu yet unless the other side got cancelled lei….hold yours horses and don’t teng ki for me first hor


  5. Maybe I tell you more about the preparation behind the scenes…. Menu is very selectively chosen, and I’ve wrangled a ngor-hiang (chicken meat roll) from the caterer instead of the plain boring Fried Tuna Ball. And sorry, got no satay, lor.

    Haiyo, chin-chye la, this is once-in-a-year happy get-together – you won’t get to see Terence so often nowadays, you know. Who knows, when is the next time he will show up – maybe next Xmas? This is CNY time – catering is not cheap – but cant be helped since we are doing it specially for CNY. It’s the lowest charge already – must also add in transport charge and GST which is the usual practice. Must also add in the booking fee for the condo lounge, plus a couple of trays of the lo-hei. Let’s see if you can see it better if I itemize:

    $20 per head will pay for:
    1 9 food items (including drinks and dessert)
    2 Transport charge + GST
    3 Booking fee for use of condo lounge
    4 Couple of trays of lohei yee-sang (what is Chinese
    New Year be without yee-sang).

    Calling for Treasurer once again, please can anyone help to do this job? It’s better to have another party handling the money.

    Can we have more hands? Terence is very sure we will get our target 50 people – we will, BCT!


  6. Oops, pardon this blur sotong novice AEO – still learning.

    So far the following have registered:

    1 Seok Cheng
    2 Christine Chan
    3 Rosalind Lee
    4 Ivan Lim
    5 Andrew Yeung
    6 Charles Wee
    7 Janie Leong

    To the latest addition, Charles and Janie, thanks tai-lo and xiao mei. You help us to keep the ball rolling, that’s the way to go.

    Sorry got to ask those who showed interest at the earlier posting please come here to re-register. Didnt want to be too presumptuous cos last time we didnt confirm the cost.

    Thank you.

  7. This year, unlike previous CNY dimsum lunches, the venue is ideal for mahjong and card games.

    If you are planning to come, please highlight if you will be playing mahjong or card games, so the organisers know who you are.

    Please do dress up for the CNY event, as nicely as you can for the festive. Please also do bring oranges to exchange too.

    terence seah

  8. Hello,

    Moon #16 – yes, thank you. Looking forward to seeing you in your cheong sam, maybe?

    Thanks so much ChrisCL Chan (Walking Group) – you saved my life. Glad that you’re taking on the Treasurer’s job! Cheers, applaud, applaud.

    Still waiting for the 80% to sign up leh – please don’t take too long? This is your once-in-a-year only get-together on this auspicious occasion. Maybe some are too busy – just email me at to say you’re coming and I’ll register for you, but of course Terence need to verify your membership after that.

    And not forgetting our Adek-Adek kakak-kakak, boleh datang tak? Eh Eh, don’t malu malu ok, hope you can make it. Terima kasih.

    For the “Top 10” listed above, please go ahead to make payment to ChrisWL’s account. TQ!

  9. Hi Susan,

    I appreciate your initiative to organise this CNY lunch event. Unlike previous years’ events, this one comes with Mahjong and Card games.

    I am coming too. Nice to have another event in Singapore’s West.

    Terence Seah

  10. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for organising and doing so much.

    Please register Yuit Leng and I. Do you need anyone to do registration and if so, I can do it.


  11. I finished work early today so I went to Parc Oasis to kaypoh a bit. My report : Unlike many space-starved condos, this one is spacious – quite similar to the Bayshore Park in the east – with a luscious landscape, many footpaths and a swimming pool just outside the clubhouse. The clubhouse has a reception area that resembles Raffles Town Club’s. The air-cond was cold, probably because there was no one around.

    The clubhouse is big, with many tables and chairs inside. Ideal for card games and mahjong. Together with the green areas outside (fresh air), the place can comfortably accommodate 50 or more people.

    One thing I found interesting is – there was hardly anybody around. Except for 2 foreign ladies that I met and spoke with, the place was virtually deserted. Obviously, on a weekday afternoon, not many people “eat full so free” like me.

    This should be a good place for us to get away from the overflowing crowd on the streets, meet up with old friends, listen to songs, play games or simply chit chat.
    Hope to see u there on 17th Feb.

  12. Hello Jac & Yuit Leng xiaomei,

    Lost no time putting your 2 names down, of course. Gracias, gracias, for coming to my rescue – you and Yuit Leng are on for manning the registration desk!

    To Jenny, Richard, Eyvonne, Jenny Koh & Peng Peng,

    Thanks v much for your kind support to join the Top Ten and keep the engine running.

    It’s the start that keeps the organizers going. Terence knows his flock well, of course – he directed me to order 50 pax but this newbie said, howwww can? Numbers trickling in only. He said he will guarantee it! Er yessir okok, I will order 50. Adoi, so Friends, do try and come for this Lunch Party to renew ties with old friends and enjoy the SHC camaraderie.

    A few surprises in store – just waiting for the right time, if you can be patient. And who knows these may come from the members themselves, as we warm up to the festivities nearer and nearer to the day.

    (to be continued tonight…..)

  13. Hi BCT #18

    You have MIA for too long oreidi – must come back to see your baby SHC how it has grown and mature.

    Yo Daniel #22,

    Yes, Parc Oasis’ special features are the large open spaces with a pleasing soft landscape and romantic ambience. Terence will luv it – he’s got lots of romantic stories to tell. Pity that I did not hear of SHC back then or I would have gladly offered this beautiful clubhouse to SHC for 10 years since I moved in for the lunch, dinner, or barbecue.

    Hardly using the nice facilities or owning a car, it’s not worth paying maintenance fees so I sold it a year ago.

    After exploring all the options by Terence, it was still hanging in the air. I quickly offered the clubhouse to Terence as time was drawing near. Quickly I asked a friend to book and speedily he went over to book – fortunately we got the lunch slot.

    Well I hope all our efforts are not in vain so I wsh to remind our dear SHC members to come in into the website to register ASAP.

    Please note closing date for registration is on 5 Feb, one week away. Kindly help to gather people from your own group – Walking group, cycling group, badminton group, travel group, makan group, Limkopi group, etc.
    Thank you, Dance and Quilt group – warms my heart with your support.

    Hear from you all?

  14. 26. Gabriella Chua
    27. Anne & Aaron Lee
    28. Anne & Aaron Lee

    Hi Gabriella #27′

    Thank you for your participation. Can get some tips from you how you cope with such a big event you organized at Han’s? Well done!

    Hi Anne & Aaron,

    I got bonus participation from both of you 1+ 1! Thank you. Don’t pay me, but make fund transfer to Treasurer Christina CL Chan – Acc. No. DBS 020-002-886-6 Autosave/Current by 5 Feb or earlier, if possible please. TQ.

  15. To the guests, just want to highlight 3 things pl:

    1. Though official deadline for payment is 5 Feb, Treasurer and I would appreciate if you could kindly do the fund transfer now cos it makes our work easier if we start to track and acknowledge the individual payments now bit by bit rather wait for an avalanche of Internet transfers on 5 Feb. Hope you understand.

    2. Can you kindly let me have your email address – send to – cos I need to give you a map with direction as to which walking route to take from Chinese Garden MRT.

    3. There will be just one table each for mahjong and card games in view of the competition for space with a big group at the lunch. Richard, we’ve noted your interest in mahjong, thank you, so there are 3 players left.

    Thank you all for your kind understanding.

  16. Oops I just saw Terence’s post concerning the uninvited email intrusion. The request for your email is to brief guests on the ‘password’ for entry purposes, therefore the need for privacy. Please rest assure that
    I will be careful to hide the email group addresses – so no one can get hold of the data.

    Hope for this instance Terence will understand.

  17. Hi Susan,

    First timers! Have been wanting to get together with other members for some time. This year we are making a point to do this. Thanks for your initiative. Both myself and my wife (Doris) are members and will be attending onb the 17th. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting up then. Rgds Graham Smith

  18. Payment acknowledgmt 31Jan@6pm:

    1) Jenny Lee $20
    2) Janie Leong $20
    3) Daniel Chan $20

    Above named, TQ! 😀

    Who else has paid up? Kindly identify yourself.

  19. Hi Susan/Christina,

    I notice that the account is autosave/current. Is there such an account type. I was trying to make payment; but havent been practising paying enough.

    Terence Seah

  20. Thank you, Christina (#36). Maybe I will get it back at the table, hopefully with a handsome dividend.

    The most common card game is BLACK JACK. Stakes can range from peanuts to abalone – your call. If we can get enough kakis for POKER (show hand), why not? Mahjong fanatics please find your gang-of-four and own MJ set.

    Don’t know about this P.O. condo, but some condo managements strictly forbid cash on the gaming tables. I shall provide plastic chips (like the casino). Players buy chips from me and later sell them back (if any left). Of course players are welcome to keep the chips as souvenirs.

    Susan, correct me if I am wrong. I think the nearest ATM is at Chinese Garden MRT station – to and fro 500m – so please be adequately “armed” for the battle.

    It is not often that we are so crazy. So let your hair down (black, white, silver or whatever remains) and have fun.

  21. Hi Christina,

    Already transferred $40.00 to your account this morning for Sin Yuit Leng and myself. Transaction ref:6901

    Thank you for being our Treasurer and see you in our Lo Hei party.


  22. #40 SusanTSW,

    aha! so you are the one… hehe

    #39 yea! thought of doing something fun!like counting #s hahaha

    #37 TS, Cheque account is commonly known as ‘current’. I guess DBS just wanted to be different therefo, it is known as ‘Autosave’

  23. Funds received in the kitty : 01Feb 09:11

    4) + 5) Susan SW Tan + Jane Ong $40
    6) + 7) Jacqueline Wong +Sin Yuit Leng $40
    8) our honorable Terence Seah hehe $20

    Thanks, folks!

  24. #43)

    I do not understand, I had typed the number 8!
    It was changed to a cool, smiley face, after submit.
    I try again

  25. Good morning, Terence # 37

    If you need more practise in transferring $$, just let me know and I’ll send you my bank account # and you can keep sending till you’re familiar with the procedure… (^_~)

    Just kidding hor.. like Carly, morning eng-eng as bosses all kena start in the big traffic jam at PIE, KJE… due to bad accident… (>_<) and couldn’t resist the mood to tease since it’s tGiF today…. ^0^

    Cheers – Pauline

  26. Now back to doing “SHC Service” at my lunch hour, ahem..
    #32 Alice Seah – Thanks v much for your good sport to come down. Yes, your Rummikub will come handy especially to throw off the onlookers’ “wondering” as we’re having a poker table heh heh…joke joke.

    Just as I’m typing this, I just saw new names – Karen Thio/Sally Kang/Catherine Ho/Shirley Tan/Boon Liang/Janet Chan. Thanks, Karen for your post. Any more new quilt designs to kill my curiousity?

  27. Just want to say that you may be in church or you’d prefer to cuddle your cute lil grandchildren – we fully understand. Or worse still, you have to work on a Sunday, and a CNY day on top of that!

    Then some coming all the way from Pasir, Siglap and those who couldnt come at first but still come anyway. Take my hat off.

    Looking at the “counter” we have clocked 35 and Terence has cheekily enumerated one by one down to 45, hmm… maybe 50, Terence?

    Daniel #38, your idea of chips sounds brilliant. No mahjong set yet – cant imagine sitting down with everything but the tiles, like dinner table with full spread but someone forgot to cook rice!

    Cheers, all, have a good day.

  28. This is only for the record….
    Richard Wong has sms-ed me to help him indicate that he has transfer 20dls today to DBS acct, as he unable to login.

  29. Dear All,

    Please try best to indicate in this post on the same day you have transfer the $$.

    Note: unlike online trf, ATM trfs have no info to identify.

    Co-op much appreciated!


  30. Hi Christina

    I have transferred $20 to your account given above this evening from the ATM at Tampines Mall (refr: 8074).

    Kindly ack receipt.


  31. Susan

    Can u indicate the POSB acc for the money transfer at the heading of your post.

    Was at the ATM and wanted to find the acc no and have to run thru all the comments !!!


  32. Susan

    I didnt notice that it was indicated on Christina Name and was going thru the comment ..What I mean indicate on yr posting detail… Is ok .. will do transfer soon,


  33. #55 IvanL,

    wey, m not petite neither muscular leh. On the other hand, young man like you sure looks muscular, yet to see your 6packs hehehe
    U seems experience with O$P$.. please advise what shall we do to those who have not pay up by 5Feb eh? 😀

    #56 CharlesW

    Bro, when I the .05, I thought someone must have forgotten the “lau hua yen jin” hahaha sorry, no translation here hehe

  34. Susan,

    Be Treasurer,,, so fun! 😀
    What shall we do with the $$ collected without identification, huh? We discuss this offline okie! 😀

    Please indicate ‘payment made” here in this post… else, deemed NO payment received! When you show up on 17Feb, we shall collect $$ from you hor 😀

    Payment will be acknowledged later today.


  35. Dear Susan,
    As my birthday is around the corner,I would like to enjoy the funpacked ‘Lo Hei’lunch and hopefully this Lunar Snake New Year will be paved with prosperity and auspicious aspirations.Please count me in!Thanks and see you!

  36. Hi Graham & Dolly #32,

    Welcome to the Club. Thanks for registering and looking forward to meeting you both and other new faces.

    Hi Primrose #66,

    Congratulations, your registration happens to be No. 66 (luck-luck) – a sign of good things to come this coming CNY!

  37. Dear SHC Members, new and current,

    Reminder that tomorrow is the last day for registration – members who havent paid, kindly pay through ATM or do internet transfer. We seek your kind cooperation to note Treasurer’s request under #53 – please let her know as soon as payment has been transferred for easy tracking purposes.

    Thank you.

  38. Hi Susan/Christina,

    Amount of S$20.00 transferred to Treasurer’s Acct.

    Ref No: 8057
    Location : Bedok BR 1
    Date of transfer : 04/02/2013
    Time : 14:19

    Thank you

  39. Dear Christina/Susan,

    Amount of $20.00 transferred to Treasurer’s Account.

    Location:Bukit Batok Branch
    Date of transfer:04/2/2013

    Thank you
    Primrose Kok.

  40. Our kitty is filling up… payment received & identified as at 5Feb 11.28am —

    9) Richard Wong $20
    10)Gabriella Chua $20
    11)Ivan Lim $20
    12)Charles Wee $20.05
    13)Shirley Tan $20
    14)Wong Yoke Moon $20
    15)Andrew Yeung $20
    16)Susan CH Tan $20
    17)Alice Seah $20
    18)ChristinaCL +
    19)Lee Peng Peng $40

    Some payment has been made 😀
    but unable to to match! as it is not mentioned here in this blog.
    Please indicate HERE, this blog or email to me/Susan with Date&Time of Payment if transfer via ATM.
    Online trfs allows input of payee.

    ATM payment — when review online identification is not reflected. The payment slip is only a personal record.

    My email:


  41. cont’d…

    20) Rosalind Lee $20
    21) Primrose Kok $20

    Thanks to those who have paid.
    Those who have not, please speed up as CNY celebration draws near, caterer wants to be paid! 😀


  42. Hi Christina,

    Amount of S$20.00 transferred to your account.

    Ref No: 4027
    Location : Commonwealth MRT
    Date of transfer : 05/02/2013
    Time : 15:54

    Thank you

  43. Hi Susan, Christina!

    Thanks for registering us for the event! And for correcting my wife’s name – saved my life – she thought I was bringing someone else!!! (Just joking lah!).

    Have attempted to transfer the funds via Velocity and managed to opush a few wrong buttons – got locked out for a while – which means the funds transfer is coming through a bit later than we’d both hoped. Sorry for that. If we come early on the 17th will that make up for it?

    Anyway funds transfer for $40.00 is underway.

    Thanks again organisers!


    Graham & Doris

  44. To Myra Chia, Mega Abdullah, Judy Lim, Anne Chee, Daisy Phua, Peri, Ann Lim, June Chin, Esther Mok,

    Thanks very much for your support to this CNY party – some are regulars coming from as far as Pasir Ris and the North. Very amazed by your camaraderie for SHC.

    We’re soon reaching our target number of 50 and will extend a day or two before closing registration. Hope to see more new faces joining this big SHC Family – this is your chance to meet a friendly group and enjoying each other’s company.

    You’ll be hearing from me by next Tuesday by email to brief you on some planning details.

    Thanks once again.

  45. Hi Barb,

    Your wish granted – you’re No. 50. Thanks for lending support, Ms Optimist!

    And Jennifer Wu met on-line),

    Have not met you but looking forward.

    Please make payment to Christina’s account DBS 020-002-886-6 Autosave/Current by internet or ATM by today. Thanks, ladies.

  46. Hi everybody,

    For those who are available on Sun 17 Feb, I would like to encourage you to join the CNY Lo-Hei afternoon gathering. CNY is a spring festival, and coming together is just like having a big family reunion. DanielC has set the mood and tempo by having mahjong and card games. And SusanT has organised catered food for all of us.

    Take this gathering as a time to gather, and to know one another better. I believe it will be fun; and noisy. Look forward to meeting all of you. So, come in Red, pack your oranges and some money for the tables. Dont forget to bring your nametag too.

    Terence Seah

  47. Payment identified/received as at 2.40pm:

    22) Christina WH Chan +
    23) Seok Cheng $40
    24) Sally Kang +
    25) Catherine Ho +
    26) Karen Thio $60
    27 Daisy Phua $20
    28) Myra Chia $20
    29) Inez $20
    30) Leon Lau $20
    31) Mega Abdullah $20
    32) Peri $20
    33) Jennifer Wu $20

    Thanks guys… this job now feels “like breeze” 😀


  48. Hi Susan,

    Alamak! Friends ask me am i joining this cny gathering. I say yes but this morning read this post again it says dateline is 5 feb. Is there space for two slim people? I mean Annie and me. Hope is not too late.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  49. Payment received/matched as at 07Feb/9.50am:

    34 – 37) EstherM, JuneC, AnnL, JulianaK $80
    38) BarbaraL $20
    39) VincentL $20
    40) JudyL +
    41) AnneC $40

    Thanks for making payment.

    Treasurer wish to wrap up payment by 08Feb 12nn!
    Please make the effort to do so.

    Till then….


  50. Hi Johnny, Annie & Bobby,

    Yes, sure not too late. Glad that more and more SHC old guard troopers are falling in.

    But kindly help Chris and me to “siew kang” before CNY – and also sleep well hor. Please troop to ATM or do i-banking. Just need to close accounts – everything by tomorrow!

    Cheers All,

  51. Wow Susan……

    So many members attending, I wish to take this opportunity to meet NEW members and oldies. Please include me for this “Lo Hei” CNY gathering. “Gong Xi Fatt Chye” to all!

    Ah Nee

  52. With the deadline approaching pretty soon, just in case there is a sudden last minute influx of interested participants, it’s fair to let you know in advance that we will cap it at 60 paxes. This is a manageable number for administrative and logistic arrangements.

    Confirmed ones will be those registered and paid.

    Some members have registered but still yet to pay, in spite of constant reminders by email and in this thread. As we cannot wait any longer and to be fair, any member who pays will have priority. We will start to allocate places to any member down the line who has signed up, paid, until we reach our target of 60 paxes.

    Should there be more to come in after No. 60, they will be put on RESERVE and will be informed if there are still vacancies after a final headcount of the paid guests is done.

    (continued ….)

  53. Hi Christina Chan

    On 07/02/2013 14:12pm at EAST POINT BR2 ( DBS Savings } transferred $40.00 Ref:7868 to
    DBS Current A/C:020-002886-6 being payment for
    Robert Ong
    Tan Sim Seng

  54. To All Guests:

    Need your kind cooperation to note your serial number listed at the main Post. First, quote your number and give your name at the Registration Desk. This will of great help to speed up the flow along the queue as people will be streaming in at the critical time.

    Please also note that lunch will be from 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm, so please do come on time, else do understand if the food tray is emptying up.

    One more thing, before I end, please remember Terence’s constant urging to wear RED for good luck and prosperity, good health, every good thing! Haiya, just remember this Teochew Nang and you wont go wrong with the colour la LOL!

    Thanks, Everybody.

  55. ONE of the best CNY songs ever written.
    This is a timeless masterpiece.
    Very meaningful if you know Chinese

    Briefly translated – it bids farewell to winter and heralds the arrival of spring. The snow has melted and the flowers bloom. People from all walks of life have had gone through hardship and now the only word is, “ALL THE BEST”. Time to come together to celebrate and rejoice. Forget the unhappiness, the misunderstandings, the silly bickering and lets wish each other, “GONG XI GONG XI”

    ?????? ??????
    ?????? ??????
    ???????? ???????

    ?????? ??????
    ????? ??????
    ???????? ???????

    ?????? ??????
    ?????? ??????
    ???????? ???????

    ?????? ??????
    ?????? ??????
    ???????? ???????


    ???//ENJOY >>

  56. Payment received confirmed as at 4.40pm:

    42) Anne +
    43) Aaron Lee $40
    44) Doris +
    45) Graham Smith $40
    46) Robert Ong +
    47) Tan Sim Seng $40
    48) Malcolm Chen $20

    Thanks for your kind settlement 😀

    Next payment update will be tomorrow… ta-ta!
    Have a great evening!


  57. #104 DC,

    I like this song, too but only remember certain lines & the chorus. I remember you enjoy K-o-k. On that day how about u lead us in some CNY song eh? There are some singers who are attending, too. So, you will not be alone…. hehe

    If you have the lyrics, email to me, I can help to print some copies 😀

    sie sie ni la hahaha

  58. Susan & Christina….

    Quick quick… 16:34, I transfer fund to your account already. Reference number is 7140. Thank you for organising this CNY gathering and C U soon. 🙂

    Ah Nee

  59. Hi Christina…for this particular song, you can copy and paste on WORDS. Do some editing (change fonts, add colours or pictures etc) and then print it.

    For other songs, I will try to get them and email to you.

    My favourite song is ???

  60. Hi Susan/Christina,
    I have transfer $20 to your DBS c account this morning 8:37am ref no: 1325 . Look forward to meeting you all then. It will be nice if we got time for karaoke n some dance practice. Gong Xi Fa Cai..
    Bobby Bok

  61. Dainel C

    Thanks for the song lyrics. One of my fave CNY songs and yes, Cai Shen Dao is another. Aslo Chun Feng Wen shang Wo Di Lian – is the title correct? May I have the lyrics to these two songs? Many thanks.

    I still liike the “old” CNY songs.

    Xin Nian Kuai Le
    Wan Shi Ru Yi to one and all.

    p.s. I have family gathering so unable to make it on the date chosen.


  62. Payment confirmed+matched as at 2pm:

    49) Lee Ah Nee $20
    50) Bobby Bok $20
    51) Johnny +
    52) Annie Pow $40

    Treasurer “siew kang” liao. Further updates will be next week, probably 13Feb.

    Wishing you & your loved ones a

    ????? (shé nián xíng dà yùn)

  63. Payment received/matched at at 12Feb 9:30am:

    54) Tan Boon Liang +
    55) Janet Chan
    56) Alice Kwok (regn#13)
    57) Eyonne Chew
    58) TeresaSK Tan
    59) Andrew Yap
    60) Clancy Chia


    Continue with your CNY feasting….

  64. Dear Guests,

    I have sent out my email to everybody in the list from 1-60 to give directions on how to get to Parc Oasis. If I have missed out anyone advertently, please highlight to me asap. Thank you.

    Keep a look out again here for the final confirmation and guidelines concerning registration on arrival.

    Thank you.

  65. To others who may be the last-minute-feel-the-mood-now, I have to say that we will accept 3 more, ie. up to No. 66 (lucky lucky) – hey it’s CNY, must say auspicious things.

    Seriously we’ll accept up to 66 by 9.00 pm tonight – No more after this, as we need to adjust our orders by tonight latest!

    So if you’re No. 67, please be prepared to be declined. Hope you understand.


  66. Cheers, Cheers, Happy New Year! Yam Seng! Yam Seng! 63 guests to be feted and entertained (by themselves lor).

    All set – room checked, food checked, guest list checked, programme checked, ang pows checked. Helpers all rounded up, except, hmmmmm, people with strong arms to move tables and the iron chairs. Hello, hunks – you are being watched and picked. Just sit and wait hor – I’m coming after you – don’t be shocked, guys.

    Finally I’d like to take a pause to thank Daniel Chan and ChristinaCL Chan (Treasurer) – 2 experienced key pillars of support behind the scene, helping me with the planning and executing – doing the work with me and for me too! Daniel will also take charge of the big stuff while I just do the lil’ ones – pretty decorations, ang-pows , etc. heh heh, thanks Daniel!

    Then the mysterious Lo Hei girl, bless her, she’s also doing all the work for me – everything from ferrying the yu-sheng from the East to the West and looking after the whole works – plates, chopsticks, etc. setting up table for the Lo Hei! I just need to shake legs – cheers!

    And there’s the girl who’s taking of everything for the game – buying the game set, “DIY” the accessories to support the game, buying prizes – everything by herself. I’m just a blur sotong – dunno how to organize this game, pai-seh pai-seh. I also just shake legs here, hohoho! And she will also be the Asst Game Master!

    Not forgetting the team of helpers who did not give second thoughts about coming to the rescue for whatever tasks in store. I still need a couple more helpers – will be glad to know if there are “offerors” – please just email to me?

    3 more days to go – hope everybody will have a good time at the Party.

    Give cheers to Terence! He’s the one lor – trapped me into his spider’s web and I’m stuck to do his bidding lor.

  67. Thank you SusanT for making the Chinese New Year Lo Hei afternoon event possible. I appreciate her volunteering to be the co-EO, although she EO’d the entire event. Initially, the concern was whether we will get enough participants; but within a short period starting Jan 24, more than 60 members will be coming for the Lo-Hei cum Mahjong/cards afternoon event. Helping Susan is DanielC who helps up with the venue planning, sound and recce of the venue. Thank you Daniel. And finally, as I read the background activities, there are so many ladies and guys who have volunteered to help out on that day, in food serving, laying out the tables and clearing the left behinds. Thanks Christina for collecting the payment; she’s good at that.

    Susan is right, I didn’t do anything, not even seen the venue, altho I also have the title of co-EO. Look forward to seeing everybody. Please wear RED, bring some money; and don’t forget your nametag.

    Terence Seah

  68. It is Sunday and the 8th DAY of the Lunar New Year. How could I miss this auspicious occasion to celebrate the new year with my friends?

    We couldn’t have gotten a better number. 63 in Cantonese is ??, meaning “Plently” and “Lively”. Another word, it is going to be a year of huge fortune and good health. Tidings of great joy shall be shared with each and every SHC member.

    Thank you, Terence and SusanT, for the kind words. It is my pleasure to do something that I enjoy doing. As Susan has opened a new post, I shall continue my writing there.

  69. #132 Dear Susan,

    thanks for being generous! Honestly, I did LIGHT work! You are the pillar, director, Captain, true-blue 😀

    #133 Terence,,, being the treasurer was g8! It would be better if am counting printed cash rather than rounding up digital figures… hehe 😀

    #134 DC,,, interesting how #63 is being interpreted as “??”…. really must polish up my Cantonese from you haha

    Message to & for the “HUNKS” … if you are available… er… I mean free, do come early tomorrow ie., 11am to help with the heavy stuff that hunks can better help to execute. Else, after enjoying…. stay back to help with clear up, clean up as am sure you are aware that the venue has to be returned “spick and span” to the condo management. Thank you!

    ps: if you feel negative about above, refrain from input.
    Much appreciated!

    Hip hip hooray! 3 cheers to Susan and all who come forward to help! 😀 😀 😀

    Let’s celebrate!

    ChristinaCL Chan

  70. Hi Susan

    Want to thanks u for a successful event and wonderful time this afternoon.
    I got 4 AngPao Prize – maybe the one that got the most number of angpao and a good good win of BlackJack.

    Happy new Year to All & HUAT AH !!!!


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