SUNDAY, 17 FEB 2013

Attire:  Smart Casual
Colour Theme:  Glowing Red


12.30 pm – 1.00 pm               Guests to arrive
Registration and Toto Ang Pow

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm                 Lo Hei & Lunch

2.00 pm – 4.30 pm                 Games, Songs and Dance

4.30 pm                                  Prosperity Lucky Draw
Please come on time.  Thank you.


Guest List

  1. Seok Cheng (paid)
  2. Christina WH Chan (paid)
  3. Rosalind Lee (paid)
  4. Ivan Lim (paid)
  5. Andrew Yeung (paid)
  6. Charles Wee (paid)
  7. Janie Leong (paid)
  8. Wong Yoke Moon (paid)
  9. Christina CL Chan (paid)
  10. Daniel Chan (paid)               – Sound System, Games, Lucky Draw I/C
  11. Thomas Loh (paid)
  12. Jenny Lee (paid)
  13. Alice Kwok (paid)
  14. Malcolm Chen (paid)
  15. Jacqueline Wong (paid)        – Registration I/C
  16. Sin Yuit Leng (paid)
  17. Richard Wong (paid)
  18. Terence Seah (paid)
  19. Susan Tan (paid)                  – Food & Beverage I/C
  20. Eyvonne Chew (paid)
  21. Peng Peng Lee (paid)
  22. Clancy Chia (paid)
  23. Susan SW Tan (paid)
  24. Jane Ong (paid)
  25. Leon Lau (paid)
  26. Alice Seah (paid)
  27. Karen Thio (paid)
  28. Sally Kang (paid)
  29. Catherine Ho (paid)
  30. Shirley Tan (paid)
  31. Tan Boon Liang (paid)
  32. Janet Chan (paid)
  33. Gabriella Chua (paid)
  34. Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  35. Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  36. Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  37. Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  38. Primrose Kok (paid)
  39. Inez Lim (paid)
  40. Myra Chia (paid)
  41. Mega Abdullah (paid)
  42. Judy Lim (paid)
  43. Anne Chee (paid)
  44. Daisy Phua (paid)
  45. Peri Liew (paid)
  46. Ann Lim (paid)
  47. June Chin (paid)
  48. Esther Mok (paid)
  49. Juliana Kok (paid)
  50. Barbara Lim (paid)
  51. Jennifer Wu (paid)
  52. Vincent Lim (paid)
  53. Robert Ong (paid)
  54. Tan Sim Seng (paid)
  55. Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  56. Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  57. Bobby Bok (paid)
  58. Lee Ah Nee (paid)
  59. Teresa SK Tan (paid)
  60. Andrew Yap (paid)
  61. Pauline Khoo (paid)
  62. Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)
  63. Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)



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  1. I often try to do things in an unorthodox way, sometimes earning the wrath and indignation of the more conservative.
    But I still want to try…

    I would like you to bring along your own cup or glass if you can. Why? 1)Hygienic 2)Exclusive 3)Good Taste (paper/plastic cups are no good for wine and hot drinks)

    It can be awkward to carry a cup or glass, I suggest you put it in a paper bag together with 2 oranges. Don’t fret if you find it troublesome – we provide paper cups.

    Members may like to share CNY songs in DVDs or VCDs. If you have it, we play it.

    (I must say this is my idea and have yet to discuss with EO)

    Finally, this one is for all who DRINK (I mean ma-bo drink):





    briefly translated — it means drink until you drop

    CHEERS !!!!

  2. Hi DanielC,

    I have not heard of this being done before; but I shall bring my own glass to the Lo-Hei event. It’s not only unorthodox, it’s creative.

    I remember having a few bottles of whisky bottles under my table. Shall bring one along.

    See you and Susan on Sunday.

    Terence Seah

  3. With so many participants, I am very sure this meaningful event will be a great success. As such I am sure many members present will take photos to record the happiness and the excitement.

    If you are taking some photos and want to share with other members, Please email me at I will upload them to our website.

    Please put your name in the email so that it can be reflected in the album.

    Let us have all the photos before 28 Feb 2013.

    Thank you and have fun.

  4. Hi folks, the BIG DAY has arrived, well…almost.
    Don’t know about you but I am excited. How often do we celebrate Chinese New Year with 60 odd people under one roof? Indeed, KingSeng, such memorable moments must be captured and shared. The irony is, the person doing the shooting is not in the picture. So we need several photographers. I will bring along my Olympus 8.0 megapix cam and SONY HD videocam. Terence, you can start searching under the table now. Cheers !!! To the rest of the participants – bring a couple of oranges, please. See you tomorrow.

  5. Hi Daniel & All,

    Bringing your own glass , cup … and not using disposal are also being friendly to our environment. Let’s try to promote green amongst members as well.

    I shall bring my own cup.




  6. Jac, I’m going to enjoy my Chinese tea, provided on the house by Daniel for everybody – thoughtful of him. Some of us may not take to cold drinks or sugary fruit punch so they’ll enjoy a nice cupful of the special tea that he’s bringing from home. So that’s why it’ll be nice to drink from one’s own porcelain cup which will bring out the fragrance of the tea.

    For the coffee connoisseurs, expresso or latte there ain’t, but a simple cuppa will also be provided on the house by the caterer.

    The washrooms are near the hall for us to wash our own cups so it’s very convenient for everybody.

    Therefore, bring your own cups if you like!

  7. Hi Terence and Susan

    Many thanks to both of you and yr team of helpers for organising such a wonderful lunch party this afternoon.

    Wow-weee, it was an afternoon well-spent. I really enjoyed and had so much laughter therapy!!! 🙂

    Looking forward to our next gathering ~ THE SENSATIONAL CABARET NITE!


  8. Hi Susan

    Thank you to you and your Committee Members for the hard work in organising today’s Lo Hei which turned out to be a
    huge success.

    Well done!

  9. 5 or 6 big plates of lo hei on both sides of long tables. All toss at the same time. No need fire crackers. Thanks to Terrence for initiating and Christina and committee making this afternoon lunar year so happening.

    A Big Thank You from Annie Tan & me.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  10. EOs,
    Thank you very much for a great CNY Lo-Hei Lunch….
    It was nice….meeting and catching up with SHCians….
    And the games….Bingo was really fun too….

  11. Sori Sori Sori and a thousand apologies. My thanks is to “Susan CH Tan and committee”. Why i type as Christina? I have become very blurr already. Is the snake chasing me? Oh Susan CH Tan and one and only i will always remember you for organizing this event in this year of the snake.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  12. Dear Everybody,

    Before this blog closes tomorrow, I think I should say something – to those who appreciate it, thank you for your kindness to show your appreciation and encouragement to me as a new EO. I also enjoyed myself very much especially those hilarious moments that only the SHC people can create!

    I enjoyed the camaraderie I shared with my team members, and to see that everybody, well 99.9%,has the right humble spirit to do things together happily, kampung-style, and not shun away when politely asked – that’s what makes my day as an EO.

    Wow, Karen won 4 toto prizes, some won 2 – I didnt win any, that’s ok! But my biggest prize is to see everyone leave the hall with smiles on their faces as we said Goodbye.

    Happy Lunar New Year once again …… huat ah!! Hope somebody here wins the $10m or $13m toto prize tonight…. or when ar?

  13. Hi Susan #13

    I must say that you speak and write very well indeed!

    Btw, I tried googling for the toto results but cannot find leh. Can someone help? I’m really a Virgin gambler… haha

    Cheerio 🙂

  14. I have played a part in conception to delivery. It has been challenging but a great relief to see a beautiful fruit.

    Indeed, it was heart-throbbing, from fearing there would be few participants to overwhelming. Then there was the logistics, the food, the restriction (by the condo management) and the well being of all who kindly consented to join. As with any event, the hardware is relatively easy compared with the much needed human resources.

    Hence, on behalf of Susan, and myself; I would like to thank Jacqueline Wong and Yuit Leng at the registration table; Mega, Malcolm, Andrew Yeung, Terence and Ann at Bingo Draw, Thomas Lau for helping at the lucky draw and other “bits and pieces”.

    I am sure I have missed out some names. My apology as there were many working in the background – we had people who carried the tables at noon and cleared the rubbish at 5. It is heartening to see people coming forward to help without asking.

    Last but not least, we thank each and every one of the participants who was present. Without you there wouldn’t be so much fun, noise and entertainment. The only regret is that the BUN LUCK session ended too soon, otherwise I could have collected more for my “overtime” pay.

    Till we meet again, ALL THE BEST. HUAT AH……..

  15. Hi Susan .. thanks for the good food and noise. It was really nice that we’ve finally met – in person – and not just through phone or email. Since you’ve now got plentiful experience organising functions, we would look forward to more in future ?? I thought I should write before the SHC site closed for major renovations tomorrow..
    Goodnight and sweet dreams..

  16. Statement of Account:

    Income: $20 x 64 guests $1280
    Bingo tickets $5 x 40 200
    TOTAL = $1480

    Expenditure: Buffet Lunch $ 766
    Yu Sheng $ 214
    Door gifts, prizes $ 254
    Hall booking fee, $ 95
    decorations, etc.
    Appreciation Lunch $ 151
    TOTAL = $1480

    Thank you, Mr Lee King Seng – the man working behind the scene, for uploading the photos, fittingly wrapping up the happy festive mood of the Party.


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