50Plus Expo (this weekend) – Active Ageing

In case you are not aware, this expo will be held from Friday to Sunday (22 – 24 March) at Singapore Expo. I have attended twice so far – like especially the short talks here and there which are quite popular and the croonings from participants on stage.

I remember particularly the demo on Botox – very curious to see how the Botox needle poked into the model’s face in a few places – iyoh they were so cool but it was the audience who cringed though they didnt get the needles.

Also kaypoh-ing to find out what this Laughter Therapy session was all about but sorry, in the wrong group – no, no I love good jokes but just can’t laugh it off in the midst of strangers, but hey no problem if we have funny SHC friends around!

Now that my hair is turning silver, it’s time to move to more relaxed and topics closer to our hearts – such as Ageing Gracefully with TCM and Community in Bloom, both held on Sunday at 3 pm and 5 pm. At 4.30 pm there’s Disco Rock and Square Rhumba dance by a couple, probably from our age group, my guess. Hey, dance is a strong part of our SHC culture, right? Oooooo so happening, just in the middle of our SHC dance group lessons, learning these 2 dances.

Goodie, goodie, this time-table from 3 to 6 pm couldn’t have been more perfect. Got 2-3 members joining already. Anymore game to join us?

Better to sign in online, get your confirmation slip and get faster check-in. Website url: http://www.50plussingapore.com/

Don’t forget to sign in for the talks too!

11 thoughts on “50Plus Expo (this weekend) – Active Ageing

  1. Hi Susan ,

    May I know how much de entrance ticket cost har ?
    I am asking for a friend ..who tot of going lor….

    Brother Sam…

  2. Good morninng Susan

    I may b able to swing over to listen to d Friday talks on ‘Lasting Power of Attorney n What can you do to Prevent Osteoporosis’…….see u there perhaps?


  3. Hi Freda,

    Cant go on Friday – working day, but will be there on Sunday.

    Hey some of the talks are fully booked – hope you still can get a place.


  4. Oh hee oh eye oh ,Tarzan bo cheng kuo …no wear pant…hahahahaha

    Like Tarzan hor..me also gg on weekday lor….

    Ah Susan ,may I know where to locate de laughter therapy har ?
    Also would like to see de Zumba performance too!

    I , google but c no these 2 event lei ?
    Need yr tolong x3 over here !
    Kam sia kam sia jway x3 …..

    Brother sam

  5. Hi Sam,

    Where got Zumba, har. No leh. Iya, you think organisers will show Zumba meh for silverhairs? Maybe they show tai-chi – slow, slow. See lor, if lucky you got Zumba at the next Expo “Life Matters” 28 & 29 July – this one brother Terence bery interested, that’s why he booked the booth liao.

    The Laughter Therapy is not under Forum but Stage Programme. So everybody can join one big group from the floor and watch how Ms Zaibun Siraj on stage make you all laugh and laugh – no need to hear jokes first. Just laugh, laugh – it’s supposed to be very infectious, like SARS – spread, spread to e’body around you. But hor, it’s on Saturday at 5.30 pm, not Friday.

    Eh, you click here: http://www.50plussingapore.com/. Den you can see one box (the first box) at the top “Stage Programme”. Den click inside the box and you can see the Stage Programme for the 3 days.

  6. Hahahahahaba ah Susan ,

    U ,beri cute & cartoon hor….. U , bo c your post mei ?

    U ,post hor …got lei….Zumba on Sunday at 1630 hrs …

    U , still koon hor..hahahahahahaha

    Brother Sam

  7. Sounds fun.. i will definitely make it a point to go.. planning on going Sunday afternoon .. what’s the best time to go, and what time are you gals meeting on Sunday?

    Cheers, Lydia.

  8. Hi Sam,

    Alamak, supposed to be Disco Rock and Square Rhumba dance (not Zumba LOL!) on Sunday at 4.30 pm but now no more – replaced with something else.

    Hi Lydia,

    Most of us will be there at 2.45 pm but we disappear at 3.00 pm to attend the talk. We’ll be loitering around before the next talk at 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm. We’ll play hide-and-seek there – until we catch somebody LOL!

  9. Ah Susan CH Tan ,

    Ai kah ker kong….heng ah wen there 2day….( want to tell u…lucky wen there ..)

    Happen to watch de Zumba dance….not on de big stage but on smaller 1 lor..Wah lua. De crowd super jia lark…Lang Sua..Lang hai…..

    Also happen to see 1 beauty jie jie Lin Chua….inside de talk..while I

    So kan cheong to go wee wee lor……de
    Laughter by de zaibun…bring back my good old day in botanic garden lor…..those where de days lor”w…
    Brother Sam goh…

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