April 2013 – Food and Makan place review

Each month, we can have a Food and Makan place review.


Many of us love good and good price food.

If you have been to a restaurant, cafe or food court recently, feel free to write about it here.  As this is a review category, feel to express how yummy the food is, how crispy the nuts are, and how well set up the place is.  Of course, if the place is terribble, you can express so.  But make sure you have experience the food or the place personally.

This is a new category focusing on “Food and Makan area review” has just been created.  If you are a food critic, feel free to write regularly, and share your review.  You may get a Food writer of the year award.

This is a column we can look out for venues for some of our Club gatherings.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on “April 2013 – Food and Makan place review

  1. Some of you are using a food and drinks apps on your smartphone. I am always looking for places, but when it comes to finding a place, I go blank. If you have a food and drinks guide, please let me know. There are hundreds of places in Singapore, in the city and in the heartlands.

    Please share what you are using.

    Terence Seah

  2. Heeheehee, Terence

    There are hundreds of makan places… unfortunately I have only one stomach!

    We can start by going to Jalan Berseh food centre where there have been several comments and even a couple of makan meets by SHC kakis some time back.

    Yes, you can try the exotic meats like crocodile and turtle, great che char food, Chinese mutton soup, fish soup and coffee by a guy who paid $3,000 to learn how make a good cuppa!

    Just a stone’s throw away is the famous Sungei Road laksa… and also my favourite Hakka beef ball and yong tau fu!

    So when are you free for lunch?

  3. Yes Kenneth, I know this JB (Jalan Berseh) food cent(are. Old building along Jalan Besar, and just renovated, if I am not wrong. There is one fella selling fish soup. Long queue. Usually sold out by 2 pm. $5 a bowl (that was last year) but value for money. Besides (and beside) this fish soup stall, there are many other yummy providers. And talking about Sungei Road – very sad to say, the ” thief market” wll be gone soon. One more visit for old time sake. Shall we ?

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