How to add a picture to your Post.?

A short video is available on the top left of website.

Click on it; and it will show how to upload a picture from your computer to the Post.  The video may not be exactly what you will see when you write a post; but it is quite close.

Give it a go.

Terence Seah

11 thoughts on “How to add a picture to your Post.?

  1. Hi Terence/Hew Lee

    I have watched the video, the method seems easy, although it is not as easy as “Cut and Paste”

    I go to the DashBoard and want to try the method out. When I click the “Posts”, I only got two choices: “All Posts” and “Add New”, without the “Paste” feature as shown in the video.

    Do I did something wrong? or the “Paste” feature just release for you (Terence) and the other Role Players, but not for all the members?

    Please enlighten me, thanks

  2. Hi Andrew,

    To my knowledge, there is no Paste feature.

    Maybe, when I can find some time in my diary, we will organise a day to show how we can put a picture into the Post. This will likely be in June or July, when I have a bit more time.

    Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence

    Thanks for your reply. When I saw the video mentioned above, there is a “paste” feature used to put a picture onto the post, that why I ask.

    As a non IT-savvy, longing to learn how to put a picture in the posts/comments. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Terence,

    It will be helpful if those with tablets can bring it down to the monthly Han’s gathering and each one will just demonstrate to a few each time how to do it. We could take a group photo on the spot and use it for the demo. There you have a big mass to show it all at one time.

  5. Hi Terence
    I think it’s not possible to insert an image in our text directly from SHC “new post” page because there is no “add media/image” tab at this ‘write’ page.

  6. Terence,
    Jassmine is correct. There is no tab for adding or inserting photo on our screen. Perhaps this feature is only available to you.

    • Hi Charles, Jassmine,

      Hmm, I did not notice that system does not provide a picture upload.
      I had a relook. The picture upload feature is available only to EOs.

      I shall ask the software guys to have a look. If you are an EO or have been an
      EO before, simply indicate here, and the feature will be put into your profile.
      I believe the system was programmed to allow upload of pictures for EOs.

      Look forward to more feedback. This is a good one, Charles, Jassmine.

      Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence,

    I just managed to upload a pic through the Add Media Icon which has just been added to ‘Edit Post’ a while ago, and it works well!

    It is user-friendly and in my view, it does help the EOs to include a picture relevant to their event, if any.


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