ETHNIC EXPERIENCE – GAWAI (harvest festival)

Date: June 13 to 16 2013

Venue: Singai, Bau

 The 4 days 3 nights trip to Sarawak includes rafting (subject to river conditions); visit caves; handicrafts; ethic cooking, music and dance; mingling with the locals and of course, working together to achieve a common goal. Part of the itinerary is to be part of the Gawai Festival, an occasion that celebrates the season of rice harvest or padi harvesting season. It is also an opportunity for new friendships, family reunions and paying respects to the elders. It’s a whole new cultural experience when you get to join in the preparation of the festival prior to the GAWAI celebration! Be part of the local community and enjoy the ethnic cuisine including the Tuak (Rice Wine), the traditional delicacies and lots of merry-making!

It is a trip you don’t get to enjoy that often, blending into another culture, learning and respecting the adventures that it brings. Cultural diversity not only enriches everyone lives in countless ways we imagine, it fosters an unspoken relationship with our experiential, environmental and learning experience.


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