Feedback on our Club software upgrade

Sometimes, you may find your dashboard too cluttered, as you just need to read the comments.

Do look at your screen options.  See arrow below.  You can choose what appears on your screen, especially if you just want to read the comments.

We have the latest version of WordPress.  This software is used by millions of users around the world.  It is also highly recommended by many hosting companies, including Network solutions, which manages global domain names.

For some reasons, some of you may have difficulties finding yourself around the software.  Others may find the new upgrade cumbersome.  Please keep trying.  Where we can find a solution, we definitely will.  No software is perfect.  Any changes we intend to make or improve do cost us time, money and effort.

I have come to be aware that some members complain behind the forum, and feel that we should not have gone ahead with the upgrade, without testing.  These members felt that we should have done complete tests before upgrade.  A lot of tests have been done. Unfortunately, these members do not offer any feedback during the test period.

These members also complain that we do not organise seminars to help members understand how to use the Club’s software.

It is interesting to hear that members complain that the upgrade is a waste of money, and that the costs should have been channelled to other uses.  At this stage, it is important that I highlight that members do not pay for the upgrade.  The upgrade was the result of feedback from members. is maintained, hosted and managed at no charge to members.  Such words are not necessary.  To these members, please do not incite other members into using this example as to how badly the Club is being run.  I do not need to highlight who these members are; but you definitely can do a part for the Club.

Terence Seah


If you find your dashboard too cluttered

25 thoughts on “Feedback on our Club software upgrade

  1. Terence,

    I do support your views and comments. Some members talk “too much” (no action – empty vessel makes most noise) and not willing to contribute but comment and condemned others of their ideas. Upgrading the software is showing the we are moving toward changes and accepting more challenge ahead and as far as cost is concern, members do not need to pay a single cent. What’s the complaints ? They should be greatful and thankful that no membership fees have been charged all this years.

    As I understand some members have difficulties in learning the new software because either they are not good at computer or does not understand the “language” well. So they will find it not getting where they wanted to. Some on hand knowledge will help if they play around with the software. As for me, I initially also have some difficulties in getting around. After playing with it and understanding it, I come to accept that it is not that difficult after all. I am not computer trained but like to explore and learn. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to learn regardless of your age and knowledge.

  2. Hi Terence I can relate to your disappointment and frustration. Similar grouses happen in Windows upgrading. Users upgraded from XP to VISTA, to Windows 7 and now 8. It is a real challenge each time they change to a “better” system. Agony, frustration and regret always make users feel like moving back to the old system. They always see the “inadequacies” as compared to the old system, instead of appreciating the benefits brought about by the new. Admittedly, after paying hundreds of dollars for the upgrade, they want to enjoy all the features that are promised. After painstaking hours of practice and experiments, they finally master many of the features, only to find that they hardly apply any of them.

    You do not owe anybody a “perfect system” because it is FREE. QUOTE, “These members also complain that we do not organise seminars to help members understand how to use the Club’s software.” The form is more important than the substance.

    If they humbly REQUEST a seminar, I am sure many members proficient in IT are glad to help.
    If they DEMAND a seminar, then tell them go fly a kite at Marina Barrage.

  3. Hi fellow members,

    Our news software upgrade has allowed us to have some new features. Thank you for your feedback.

    * The poll is one of them, and we hope this can be of great help to EOs or ECs planning big events.
    * The look is now different. Some changes will be made from time to time; but it will look very much like it is now.
    * The latest upgrade has been adjusted to look better for IPADS, tablets and other smartphones.
    * Most of the bugs have been fixed. Our software people in Chennai have done a good job, until early this morning.

    This is the new SilverHairsClub look.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence,

    wow! surprised…. for a second I thought I was in the wrong website!
    I like much the new layout … professional feel and look! Lovely!


  5. Hi Terence,

    The new Chatroll/Live Chat is user-friendly, we get to chat with members online and know whom we are chatting with, at a glance too. Both Skye & Live Chat has its own functions, but for those who does not download the Skype software, they can easily join the Live Chat for quick communication…


  6. Hi Terence

    Today when I visit the SHC site, I found the site is completely new to me.

    I found the site’s layout become much nicer than the previous one, it give a feeling of professional site. It have different catalogues to choose from.

    I have some comment on the Home page. Now the Posts is on the left and the other selections (such as recent post, recent comment, … etc, is on the right, which contradict to most of the other sites usually their selection is on the left.

    Now the selections listed out all their items, which make it not easy to choose the lower one. I think we should use the drop-down menus to make the feeling more professional and nicer and easy to choose.

    I also wish there is a selection in the home page that we can go to the comments (for all, not for individual post) page, and no need first click the “SilverHairClub”, then the “Dashboard”, then choose “Comments” from there.

    Just opinions from an not active user.

  7. Terence,
    Congratulations! The new pages are clearer and modern. It is a big improvement.
    Perhaps you can add a ‘like’ counter for each post and comment, for writers to get some feedback from readers.
    Anyway, it is already a good step forward.

  8. Hi Terence,

    I didn’t log in for couples of weeks. Now the website makes me wanted to come back more often.

    Great improvement!

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  9. I might be the only one not enamoured of this new look. I thought we had a recent makeover? I rather like the former new look.

  10. Hi Terence
    Wow what a site (sight), what a refreshing look, love it. Appreciate your effort to always looking for renewal for the future.

  11. Change of Outlook on SHC Page
    Posted on April 17, 2013 by Danny Lye
    I like the new look just created by SHC. It simple and easy to look for the topics and very professional too. This boost the image of the Club up like and believe will bring more members into it with the new look too.

  12. Hi Terence

    I’ve just logged in yesterday and what a surprise!

    This is really state of the art format and gives the SHC forum page a new facelift. It’s so user-friendly and I’m sure this will attract more members to sign in. On top of this, it’s free for members (TQ fairy god-mother) ~ a refreshing change since nothing is free in Singapore eh?

    Ooooo, the picture icons are really cute and attractive! Haha

    Kudos to you!


  13. Thank you everybody for your feedback on the new SHC look. Personally, I too like the new look, although I must say there are still many areas where we can improve on.

    One area which is missing is the comments numbering. I cannot find it. I am not sure if this can be changed, but I have asked for this to be checked.

    Another area which I have not had feed back since is the having to login over and over again. Have you faced this problem recently. Your feedback would be useful. I believe it has been solved.

    Terence Seah

  14. Wow lots of positive views.. yeap… lots of beautiful pictures now but was trying to figure where to find the latest comments shortcut like the previous 1 and was only to advise that we must login first.. ie. choose any topic and click to login instead of previously automatically channelled.. Very heng, found out this info while visiting Rose at the hospital from the MAS angels and Lina. If not, I will be still figuring how to view the latest comments… hahaha.. bo bian.. LLP liao… Cheers.. Dolly

    PS: Anyone hv the issues like mine bo har?

  15. Today visit the site, found a change. Not a big change, but a very useful change – the Dashboard items (Site Admin, log in …… etc) have been moved up to the top instead of hidden in the bottom. This makes the website become more user friendly.

    A good change!

  16. Yes Dolly, it is more user-friendly after the change,

    I found a minor flaw for going to the “Comments page”. Consider this situation – we log-in and go to the “Comments page”, after read the comments, we go back to the “Home page”. Later, we want to go to the “Comments page” again, now the choice in Dashboard is “Log-out” (because we already log-in), we cannot log-in to go to the “Dashboard page”, what can we do?

    In this situation, I figured out two ways to do:
    The first one is to log-out, then log-in again to go to the “Dashboard page” and from there, choose the “Comments”

    The second method (when we in the “Home page”) is to click the “SilverHairsClub” in the top-left corner and choose “Dashboard”, this also bring us to the “Dashboard page”.

    Both of these methods are not user-friendly. One way to improve it is the Admin add a choice “Comments” in the Dashboard, which only appear after we have log-in. Clicking this choice bring us directly to the “Comments page”.

    Of course, saying is easy, may be there is difficulty I don’t know, as I don’t know IT well, including TS’s IT and Hew Lee;s IT, haha

  17. Your post is a ?????(difficult but hard to please everyone). I appreciate what you have done. You have my full support. Thanks, Terence. As long as SHC had cater to the needs of many people it had already serve its purpose well. There will always be a minority who will be difficult to please regardless of how hard you have tried. As long as you have done your BEST it is best to forget the rest. Cheers.

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