“Life Matters Expo” 27-28 July: Update

Terence has asked me to help him enquire with the organiser SPH whether they can give us a time slot for a song segment by our very own SHC crooners to sing on stage live at the Expo. SPH is considering but they want to take a look at a video of our past SHC stage singing events.

I dont remember ever having seen a video clip before but I may be wrong. Or is there any one of you who happen to have the video taken at, say Shanghai Night, Chinatown Night, in your personal files and can loan us? I think there were several “official” SHC singing events and I hope someone has captured them on video. Anyone pl?

Will appreciate if you can give your response by 29 May as there is a deadline to reply to them.

Thank you.

One thought on ““Life Matters Expo” 27-28 July: Update

  1. It’s about time to get moving with the planning for the Suntec “Life Matters” expo on Sat – Sun 28-28 July 2013. As this is our membership drive, we are targetting to invite all participants to the expo, who are 45 and over to be our new members. The new members will add zing to our Club which has been running with the same membes for the last 8 years.

    Besides an increased membership, we also aim to add more men to our activity participation. More members to join our walks, dancing, cycling, mahjong, singing, potlucks, drama, and crafts. The Club is inviting EOs to come forward and do a one-hour presentation of their activities so that the activity can attract more new members; We are also asking EOs and ECs to provide us one or two pictures which can be enlarged and placed at the booths.

    Please indicate your interests here. We intend to occupy up the whole day with activities, and engagement of the public at our booths and at the expo.

    And equally important, I hope that more members will come up to contribute to the cost of the booth which will add up to $5000. If you support this membership drive and believe that SilverHairsClub is the way to go for Singaporeans over 45, a small contribution would be appreciated. If not, I will have to fork out the balance.; So far, we have contributions of about $1000.

    More quick updates on the Expo and our membership drive will come up soon. I like to thank Susan Tan for her liaison with SPH organisers and Daniel Chan For being our media contact. Also, to those who have volunteered to host a one-hour program at the booth. Also, to ChristinaCL Chan who has also kindly volunteered to keep track of our sponsors and fund. Thank you everybody.

    Terence Seah

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