SHC Annual Talent-Time – Sat, 24 Nov 2007

The last Talent-time was held Nov 2006 at the Oxford Hotel.  It’s time to work on this event again.  The last Talent-time was really fun.  Click here to see the pictures.

  • Date/Place: Sat, 24  Nov 2007.  Confirmed at Oxford Hotel.  Can be difficult to find car parks.
  • Time: 1500 – 1700 hrs (preparation, if you want to practise your throat, your partners or steps).
  • Getting to know one another or the judges:  1700 – 1800 hrs
  • Dinner (Buffet, coffee, tea, orang juice):  1800 hrs. 
  • Talent-Time competition:  1900 – 2030 hrs.
  • For those who are crazy and just want to sing, dance and perform, and couldn’t care about how good they are or what others think (Join the gang):  2100 – 2300 hrs.
  • Announcement of winners (very fun and serious): time, up to the judges, after 6 beers.
  • Cost of buffet, confirmed at $17.  Closing date for payment 31 Oct 2007.  Registered names, but not paid after closing date, will have their seats given to the waiting list.

And, to get things moving, please register here. If you are planning to sing, as a competitor, please give us the song title and the orginal singer’s name.

And, if you have ideas or suggestions on how the talent-time should be run, come and throw open your thoughts.  We like to hear from you.  The SilverHairsClub is intended as a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.  So, come along and join the fun.

Prizes:  Usually, we avoid buying prizes.  So, if have some some nice and cute things, sitting pretty somewhere, let us know.  We do appreciate it.  Once formed, the prize committee will manage the prizes.

Committee:  We are looking for the following key positions.  Feel free to raise your hands.

  • Comperes – Ron Lai, Joy Chuang
  • Judges – 2 (Lily Ho, ?)
  • Registration desk (name labels and payment) – 2
  • Managing the Karaoke machine, and queing the songs – Ronald Lee
  • Prizes committee – 2
  • Event organiser – Susan Chang
  • Bouncer – 1

Prize donations:

  1. Gary Loke – one brand new hair dryer
  2. Terence Seah – one handicraft sling bag, from Mae Hong Son, Thailand
  3. Kaushal – Mr Beer Home Brewery Deluxe kit
  4. Esther Wong – flirty 40s, fabulous 50s, sentimental 60s Karaoke VCDs
  5. Maria Tan – will think of something.
  6. Edwin Chen – a $25/- Hard Rock Cafe voucher
  7. Steven Chan – 1 carton of Guinness Malta (Non-alcoholic) malt Energy drinks
  8. Grace Kok – a set of baking ware
  9. Ron and Alice Lai – A new set of “5 in 1″ Power Handy Kit (consist of mini fan/vacuum cleaner/massager/ torchlight with compass with seperate holder).
  10. Sophia Lim – cook books
  11. Dan Huang – a set of tupperware
  12. Robert & Kristy Quek – Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50

Registered participants:

  1. Annie Loh – loves to be the 1st one to sing, yeah, PAID
  2. Rosalind Koh
  3. Caroline Gee – singing, PAID
  4. Joseph Yap Josephine Yap
  5. Gwyneth Lee – going to sing a song, but not sure which song.
  6. Linda Chang – coming to support, PAID
  7. Dolly Lim – offers to help, PAID
  8. Lily Ho – PAID
  9. Sam Goh
  10. Alice Goh
  11. Gingko Tay
  12. Linda Chang Clara Chay – PAID, "Just to tell me you love me".
  13. Molly Chua – Whisky pourer, PAID
  14. Susan Chang – Decoration, making the venue look soft and casual, PAID
  15. Oi Cheng – offers to help, PAID
  16. C J Ang
  17. Janet Riverine
  18. PH Liu
  19. Esther Wong – singing "My heart will go on", PAID
  20. Daniel Kang – Judge.  Sorry Daniel, we keep secret until closer the date.
  21. Andrew Yeung – Singing "Dust in the wind", by Kansas, PAID
  22. Bernie Chung – I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash.
  23. Terence Seah – Song "Daddy, Don’t you walk so fast", PAID
  24. Tim Liu – Thinking of contributing a Mandarin song “Sui Lai Ai Wo” by Luo Shi Feng. PAID
  25. Steven Chan – Edelweiss, PAID
  26. Robert Quek – PAID
  27. Kristy Quek – PAID
  28. CY Lee – offers to help
  29. Lee Ah Nee – offers to help, and cheer the participants, PAID
  30. Benson Koh
  31. Yew Kwong Mani Megalai Palanisamy
  32. Edwin Chen
  33. Norlinda
  34. Anne to – PAID
  35. Dennis Wee – PAID
  36. Wendy Goh – PAID
  37. Richard Lee
  38. Ron Lai – Lead compere, PAID
  39. Alice Lai – PAID
  40. Eyvonne Chew – PAID
  41. Cheryl Ho
  42. Elizabeth Hwang
  43. Janet Ng
  44. Veron Lee – PAID
  45. Mary Tan
  46. Joy Chuang – co-compere, PAID
  47. Aileen Ang
  48. Alice Teo – cheering the participants, PAID
  49. June Chin – confirmed, Not paid
  50. Ann Lim –  PAID
  51. Bessie Lam – PAID
  52. Julie Guan
  53. Ronald Lee – 2 shifts of Karoake manning machines, PAID
  54. Agnes Tan – PAID
  55. KT Wong – KT, you planning to come and sing?
  56. LH Jie – PAID
  57. Kaushal Srivasatava – coming to support
  58. Patrick Yeo – Japanese or Hokkien song
  59. Ronald Lee
  60. Eliza Chua
  61. Nina Gan
  62. Anthony Lee – will be singing too.
  63. NoraChia
  64. Maria Tan
  65. Lum Fook
  66. Chin Kim Seng
  67. Michelle Siew
  68. Eileen Lee – supporters, PAID
  69. Lisa Ong – supporters, PAID
  70. Shirley Wong –  Bridge Over Troubled Water
  71. Limited to 70 pax.  So, if you are planing to sing or support your friends, please raise your hands early.  This is the waiting list line.  The organisers will figure out how to manage the waiting list.
  1. Daniel Chan – likes to sing a Chinese Song
  2. Sophia Lim – one Chinese song coming up.
  3. Dee Ang – likes to support friends
  4. Christina Chan – PAID
  5. KK Yeo – Singing " Walk Away"
  6. Peggy Low – Singing Theresa Teng " Chinese song."
  7. Grace Kok
  8. Lina Tan
  9. Dan Huang – "Your cheating heart", and checking on the food and beverage.
  10. Randy Lee – "You make me feel brand new"
  11. Jennifer Lee
  12. Anne Chee – supporter
  13. Janet Chan – going to croon
  14. Sophia Lim
  15. Mary Chan – supporter
  16. Lee Peng Peng – supporter
  17. John Howe – supporter, PAID
  18. Jane Wong – supporter, PAID
  19. Lillian Lee – supporter
  20. Patricia Lim
  21. Philip Ong – may be singing
  22. Anne Ng
  23. Judy Lim – cheering
  24. Boon Liang – coming to support

Terence Seah

346 thoughts on “SHC Annual Talent-Time – Sat, 24 Nov 2007

  1. Ya lor Dolly. Dont know what kind of calendar he uses. Maybe he was looking at the month of January or May 07 or maybe he is still mabok from the Coke and gin he drank decades ago ha! ha!

  2. Haha, Dolly & Caroline, you both kena fooled by this talented Terence hor……………didnt he say it’s tentative meaning if he cant change all calendars to a saturday for 20 Nov 07 then the talentime will be on 24 Nov 07 ?

    Telented Terence for talentime. Not a doubt.

  3. The reason for the wrong date is that I use a small calendar when I travel. Yeap, the date is 24 Nov 2007, Saturday.


  4. Hi Terence,
    Ok lor ok lor.. but you still hv yet to change the date on your post leh…

  5. Hi Terence

    Since u said limited to 60, I better register to sing either mandarin or Hockkien song (to dicide later on song title).

    Annie Loh

  6. Hi Terrence,

    Before I get cold feet , I better register for this event. Not a great singer and neither had any formal training but just love to sing . Use this opportuntity to meet other members. Hope not to make a fool of myself.

  7. Hi Rosalind,

    Have a look at last year’s talent-time photos. Everybody came for the fun. Make sure your photo is there this year.

    Terence Seah

  8. We still have plenty of time, for you to register. Importantly, practise your song first. Any language or dialect.

    Hope to see all of you enjoy the company of other SilverHairs. And, meet new ones too.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Terence

    Thanks for organising the event again. We had a great time last year….hope to join in the fun!

    Josephine Yap

  10. Dear Terence

    Gwyneth Lee has problem in her passord. She wish to register as a competitor in taking part the talentime. Let her entertain us with her favourite song. I wish to register as a supportor.

    Thank you.

  11. Time to show our talents. Any songs, preferably evergreens and oldies. Any dialect or language. Male or Female. Can be a group. Any equipment. To refresh your memory, look at last year’s photos.

    Currently, we target max 60 pax. Over this number, we may have to hunt for any place.

    For a start, we have Annie Loh, Rosalind Koh, Caroline Gee, Joseph Yap, Gwyneth Lee, and Linda Chang.

    Please register on this Post only. Do not email to make it easier for the organisers. Have a fun time.

    Terence Seah

  12. Hi Terence,
    Me and Susan are coming too. If you need helping hands, please let us know. Tks Molly

  13. Molly and Susan,

    I think we can make the Talent-time one of the most fun events of the year.

    First of all, the dates are defintely confirmed. Tentatively, I have reserved the Oxford hotel, which has karaoke equipment and can provide a buffet for $15 ++. This will be acceptable for 65 people.

    However, I am expected a larger crowd, may be 80 people. This means the place is too small, and we may like some other places more refreshing.

    It would be nice if we form a crazy working group, meet next week. I shall call you separately for a meeting, and we can start from here.

    Terence Seah

  14. Yes, PH Liu and I would like to join in the fun. If my hubby is not travelling, he hopes to participate in this talentime. Thanks.


  15. Hi Terence

    Dolly and I have agreed to volunteer ….. uhmm …. uhmm ….
    to do what har Dolly?? To perform or to work har?

  16. Lily and Dolly

    To perform “and” to work, cannot mah? You both are so intelligent.

  17. Lily Ho Willocq Says: To perform or to work har?

    Simple 4 both of U. Just “perform work”. More confusing hor.

  18. Hi Terence,

    This seems good fun. Since I can’t sing and can’t “show”, I shall come support the event, cheer the contestants, aid the volunteers and enjoy the food. If there’s anything I can do to help, do let me know.

  19. I’m still wondering how to load my profile when I surfed this website and noticed this talent quest. Since writing my profile is a much more challenging task, let me register myself for this talent quest instead.

    I love to kroak so am raising my hand to be a froggie. Probably with a CantoPop Jackie Cheung flavour.

    Also, having a wee bit of experience in organising karaoke activities and conducting vocal courses with the two CC/FSC I volunteer at, I hope I can be of help.

    Only challenge now is that this date is the eve of our 40th anniversary, so must compromise and pacify Spouse that we go paktor on the following Sunday instead!


  20. Hi Terence
    Not sure if I want to sing this round, but no problem to help out. Don’t worry, with Lily, Dolly and Molly, am sure, we’ll form a crazy working group. Keep us posted of the meeting.


  21. S-ter (Esther?), believe if you love to croak, your good half cant fare too badly so it’s perfect timing that SHC Talentime falls on the eve of yr 40th anniversary when you both can do a duet 2gether.

    Consider, for Mandarin numbers, “Zai Yu Zhong (In The Rain), Chai Hong Ling (Pick the Red Bunga), or The Wedding, Secret Love for English?

  22. I can sing, I can dance, how can the SHC Annual Talent-time without me.

    Terence, and organizers, please register me for the event and allocate one, two or more timeslots for me to perform (the more the better). Thanks

    Shame, shame, shame on me, on my bluffing, ha ha.

  23. Hi Terence,

    I had already participated in last year’s Talentime and I had enjoyed it very much. I would like to help out in this year’s event. Can I be a judge ??

    Dolly, the date recorded in the SHC Calender for this Talentime event is wrong. You have marked it as on Sunday, 11.11.2007. It should be on Sat., 24.11.2007, right ??

    Cheers, Bernie

  24. Hi all Talent-time participants,

    In a short while, we would announce the Event Organiser. Meantime, please continue with the flow of ideas and suggestions.

    The organising team would take over the details, once formed.

    Meantime, please keep the heart beats pulsating.

    Terence Seah

  25. Bernie, you like to me a judge, I too love to be a judge……judges get to wear that ticklish wig and under the table get to receive bundles & piles of goodies, and so progress more than when we’re handed out the progress package.

    Yes, I’ll like to sit with you as a judge but if there be only i chair, then we shall throw the dice & let fate decide who shd sit on who.


  26. Hi Tim

    Yah, can be known as Esther… or as my less kind friends would acknowledge… “ter-S” but I’m a very forgiving kind of gal, so I put up with that

    Spouse and I have the best kind of combination for kroaking. In this family, only I sing and he’s the listener as he, like his other siblings, is tone deaf. This is great as we only need one microphone and no one needs fight over it.

    And as I’m from the monolingual stream I don’t think I could take up your suggested songs but I was also thinking about performing “I’m just sitting on a vacant plot with a bird sitting on my head!” It was a great hit when I was in primary school 🙂

    S_ter aka ter-S

  27. I wont join yr unkind 1-kind friends so S-ter it shall be for me.

    Well, dunno where that promised (vacant) land is but for sure if you sit there and a birds sits on you, I wont mind tempting the bird with the most juicy of worms, to sit on it, and then yr performance will perhaps be yr best yet……..

  28. Hi Terence,

    I would like to sing in the Karaoke competition and my song title is
    ” My Way” sung by Frank Sinatra.

    Steven Chan

  29. Hi Terrence,

    Please count both of us in for the joy of listening and fellowship.

    Robert & Kristy Quek

  30. Terence,
    Suggest the payment to be paid in advance for easy control of headcount. This can be paid via cheque or bank transfer.

    If you are planning to collect on the actual day itself, it would be quite uncontrollable as I am sure this year, you are expecting more headcount than last year right.

  31. Hello …
    I will be participating in this event and join in the fun too..

    A note :
    Linda Chang’s name appeared twice on the list #6 and #12 …. Participant #4 will be Josephine Yap instead of Joseph Yap.

    Thanks for your attention.

  32. Hi Terence,

    Looking at the old photos, there is one solo participant who, I think played a recorder,(I assumed with no proper amplification or music backing) whilst most others did “karaoke”.

    In a regular talentime, instrumentalists and singers are judged separately. In this particular instance,since there are no other instrumentalists around ,I trust a bonus prize was awarded for his single effort.

    Again from the pictures, looking at the mass “follow the prompt singers”, I reckon a “Karaoke” contest would be a more appropriate title for this outing.

    Edwin Chen

  33. Hi Terence,

    I will be there to support all the talented participants. I can help too if my service is needed, especially the deco and doing up the place.

    Ah Nee.

  34. Hahaha, very nice of you Clara, for pointing out that a Joseph is as different from a Josephine as a moth is from morphine.

    Edwin, in Talentime 2006 everyone was a winner, and the prizes were mere acknowledgments of participation & effort. As it were, nobody was offered a contract to sing for mediacorp or the middle rd cobbler.

    Terence, thanks for the reminder. As interest to sing is expected to be very good this time and might stretch for many hours, I’ll only attend and support (However, if there’s a lot of time left then I’ll like to contribute a Mandarin song “Sui Lai Ai Wo” by Luo Shi Feng or Zhuang Sueh Choong, or “Ta Zhang Fy” by Yu Tien or Chi Cho Lo Kio by Seah K.S.)

  35. Bernadette Says: Can I be a judge ??

    Its more appropriate if U say “I would like to volunteer to be a judge”.

  36. wah!…Yew Kwong…u should be an exciting & cute judge!
    very humorous..but no kelong hor:)
    Terence..pls reserve 2 seats for Anne To & me..
    not sure yet whether we wanna be participants or spectators…but definately will cheer, support & mozzie-noisy lah…hehehe:)

  37. Terence,

    Please reserve 2 places for my wife, Wendy and me. I can help out in setting and decorating up the place.

    Cheers, Dennis

  38. hi terence,

    pls sign me up for the said event.

    richard sm lee@94230490

  39. Hi Terence

    Please count me and my spouse Alice in for the event. Thanks.


  40. Dear Daniel Kang,

    Since you have volunteered to be a judge,I thought maybe you should know that there’s a tiny meter gadget available in the market that measures decibels, quite similar in function to ancient VU meters and also one other that measures music keys(like guitar tuner)with music conotations to correspond with actual vocal output. It should make your job easier! Now, just gaze at the meters(GI’s do)and lock in your ear plugs!

    See you tomorrow at SGC,regards!
    Edwin Chen

  41. Hi Terence,

    It’s okay to call me GINGKO, but I like to keep my family name TAY. 😉

  42. Hi Terence,

    Pls register 3 of us and we would like to help out . Cheryl Ho, Elizabeth Hwang and Janet Ng.

    Thank you!

  43. Dear Bro Terence,

    Yew Kwong had said it correctly. I want to volunteer to be a judge or help out. How come you mark me as singing during the Talentime ? I would like to give Daniel Kang some moral support.


  44. Hi Terence

    In my opinion, Edwin Chen & Daniel Kang would make a pair of perfect judge, since both of them are musically incline. What do you think ?


  45. Susan

    I think those who wish 2 volunteer as judge will do it themselves.


    Last yr we saw 2. If there r more than 2 (not necessary) we definitely need a volunteer chief justice.

    The voting by members present that nite shd also stay. Tis will make the nite more exciting n fun.

  46. Hi Terence,

    I cant sing but will enjoy listening to other silverhairs singing. Missed last year’s event bcos I joined shc tis year. Pls let me know if u need me to help.


  47. Susan,

    The judges, hmm, good idea. I was thinking it would be more fun to keep it to a later date. We keep secret, OK?

    Terence Seah

  48. Bernie, you call me Bro? But, will not give you the post of “Judge. We will keep the post a secret, until close the day.

    Meantime, you might want to consider a good old song. And, send in your song title.

    Terence Seah

  49. Hi Terence,

    Pls include me. Wants to support all my buddies.

    Julie Guan

  50. Hi Terence,

    The voting by members present that nite shd also stay. Tis will make the nite more exciting n fun.
    Yew kwong

    It may also be interesting to have the members decide the winners just like like the Singapore Idol…:))


  51. Hi Terence,

    We are coming… to support the event, to cheer the contestants … and
    in favour of Yew Kwong’s n Daniel Kang’s suggestion, to cast our votes for the winners.

    Ann Lim / Bessie Lam

  52. Hi Terence,

    I am coming to Annual Talentime event on Sat. Nov 24. Pls register my name. Need any help pls let me know.


    June Chin

  53. Hi Terence,

    Pls include me. Want to cheer all the contestants.

    Thank you.

    Alice Teo

  54. Hi Terence/Daniel,

    I beg to disagree. Having SHC audience to vote the winners on the spot is a very bias approach to select the deserving winners. Hypothetically, if a segment of dominant SHC regulars favours a certain contestant who is an active participant at their group’s regular activities, the sway of votes is almost like a predictable popularity landslide swing. Hence, a poor SHC newbie unless unquestionally good, do not have a fighting chance.

    The case of Singapore Idol, is quite different, it is opened to public, the voters are from across national viewers. The majority, if you will, do not know the contestants at all before their TV
    appearances. Therein lies the difference.

    My tuppence worth!

    Edwin Chen

  55. Hi Edwin

    I beg disagree. Where U there last yr? Who says newbees hv no chance? Those won were not regulars at activities. Members voted the winners based on “accepted” talent n not on “bias” or favourism basis.

  56. Hi,Terence,

    Please register me, participate as audience, not singing, have the joy of listening to all
    SHC talents’ singer..

  57. Hahahaha, Edwin, you come real one huh (li lai zhen de huh)?

    C’mon, at our age if there’s anythg to win, we shd hv won it by now. So what if the audience is partisan, biased? Will the winner get a sentosa bungalow as the top prize? Even if that’s the first prize offered, then?

    With the greenhouse effect and this good earth warming up faster than our next constipation, that bungalow will soon be submerged as another sea dragon palace, and its dwellers be left to cling on to the one coconut tree.

    Seriously (and this is where Terence hates me most), folks are there to enjoy the fun they create for each other, and the winner could be the dim-witted-x-eyed croaker rewarded for courage & perseverance.

    Come cum, dont hv to be so serious abt winning…..anyone who makes the nite one to remember goes away a winner.

  58. Yeah!Tim Liu…now u r back on yr feet, not the
    ‘pai kia’ anymore,sori lah… hehehe:)

    I totally agree with u that all participants & supporters just wanna hv FUN, win or loose is secondary..most important, we get together as one big family:))

    Edwin Chen…no heart-feelings ok, its just like ‘masak-masak’ SHC Idol lah..nothing serious:))

  59. This thread ki siao liao but nvm, here it continues………

    Nor, yr short posting contains 3 mistakes:-

    1. “pai kia”. Why do I hv difficulty in walking when I am more of an atheletic built than Encik Mohd’s love who seems to hv skipped into mcdonalds & so skipped her gym routine?

    2. “Loose”. If it’s either “win or loose” then I can understand why Edwin prefers to win……to go loose at our age is no joke.

    3. “No heart-feelings”. Ok, so you make it very clear that he shd not hv any feelings for you fr his heart. (Does he hv that for you in the first place… presumptuous?? If he hadnt, your being imaginative might make him develop hard-feelings for you).

    My turn to hehehe………….

  60. Well!Well!….there u go again…common, its only a joke!nothing serious rite? & sorry abt my spelling mistake, dont assume anything else!

  61. Wow! The list is filling up fast. So I am signing up right now so as not to miss the sampan. Will be there to enjoy the company and the singing. I can help at the registration table, but not the collection of money.

    Maybe we can have two winners – a judges’ choice and a members’ choice. It could well turn out that it is a consensus.

  62. Well, well if I hadnt gone there again for you, will there be another to go there for you? If there isnt any, you’ll go again with yr heart feelings for many more men.

    Till you say thank you, I wont go again for you in future.

  63. Hi Yew Kong,

    The term hypothetical is as clear as it has been slotted in the preamble, nothing more nor less. A little use of common sense in interpretation should suffice.

    Whether the ultimate prize is a bungalow or a pint of beer has no bearing to the stark question of fair play here.

    On second thought,maybe,the GE should be managed in this manner!

    Edwin Chen

  64. Hi Joy,

    Para 2 in your response carries a relevant and worthy suggestion to conclude the debate. Appreciate your prudence.

    Edwin Chen

  65. Hi Terence,

    Seems not many participants, all want to be judges like Simon or Paula , so i will join Steven to have fun.


  66. Hi Ron Wie,

    Great! Can I come over with the keyboards and lets do “My Way” in disco style! or perhaps in Latino Samba?

    That should spice up the place!No contest?

    Edwin Chen

  67. Hi Norlinda,

    We have not met but from your previous other comments, I can conclude that you are a very happy cheerful person. That is really a good way to go about and crossing obstacles in our daily life.I admire you.

    However,sometimes we do have to put our foot down when things do not appear right.Thanks to the marvel of modern technology,this site has many readers both local and abroad,therefore,we must be careful with what we do or write.Afterall, we are supposed to be SHC the elder Singaporeans right? The pioneers of modern Singapore,so to speak.If whatever we do is just “masak2”, where do we go from here?

    Have a nice day! Regards, Edwin Chen

  68. Zen says

    If you are playing, play. If you are listening, listen.

    Everything else are illusions. Why not keep it simple and enjoy the fellowship?

  69. Huh, KT, you know Zen too?

    I knew him when he was in primary school, in lorong tai seng, when he already talked a lot, louder than the teachers.

    So one day they bundled him up and sent him to the peaks in Tibet, where, covered by the clouds he continued his talking.

    When he was little. his words were worthless but now, they carry so much meaning that everyone, including investment wizards, quotes him.

    I’ll share another of Zen’s quotes vs the backdrop of the dengue fever epidemic.

    “As you know the female aedes mosquito bites so why let it bite you and not you be the first to bite the mosquito?”

    Really a great mind with a so simple solution better than fogging and imposing fines on the pasir ris fishing pond operator??

  70. Hi Edwin,

    We met at SGC yesterday, yes! Norlinda is indeed a very fun loving and cheerful person. I will be the match maker ok, shall introduce her to you if we happen to meet, perhaps in the next outing / meeting…whatever….

    Ah Nee.

  71. helo Edwin Chen
    to me, u sound like a nice gentleman.tks for your kind comments..
    hhmmm..i thot SHC is a FUN club,didnt realise the kampong word ‘masak-masak’ is not appropriate…my apologies..

    hv a great weekend!
    but u r a very happy fun-loving person:)

  72. I am concerned the list is filling up too fast. The event is in Nov, and now is only July. We have not even send out the monthly updates.

    SHC members have full of ideas. Many are experienced organisers. If something crosses your mind on this event, dont be shy. Share it with us.

    Terence Seah

  73. Hi Norlinda,

    Edwin also a very cheerful and fun loving person, yesterday at SGC, we and other SHC members really have fun, danzing,joking and singing…..

    Ah Nee.

  74. Terence, it’s a happy problem but a problem no less so maybe we might hv to open the sign-up to 100 pax which means a bigger place like where i dunno………but happy problem is better than no problem and so no happy hor.

    To me “masak masak” is like the singh’s now famous “pray pray” (oui Terence, dont taboo it and then delete, hammer you, ok) which brings in a lot more smile like “relac” for “relax”.

    So everyone, relac lah………………….TGIF ok.

  75. Hi Ah Nee,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful crazy thurday afternnoon. Now I am beginning to know why SHC gentlemen travelled the globe and still return passionately to this site!

    Hope to meet up with you and your “gang” again real soon!

    Regards,Edwin Chen

  76. Hi Norlinda,

    There is nothing wrong in using the phrase “masak masak” but like everything else, there is a time and place for its usage. Alright? (pa-hum,dek?)

    By the way, I have quite a handful of Malay friends and we used to cause a commotion in jam-studios. Those “Mat Rocker” days?? Harley Davisons, Honda Gold Wings motor-cycles etc. I still keep the leather garments, for nostalgia!

    Have a great week-end!
    Regards,Edwin Chen

  77. Hi Terence
    In response to ‘prize’ I wish to donate a brand new Hair Dryer. If OK, perhaps when we next meet, I can pass it to you.

  78. Hi Edwin
    Dont know if i know you but to let you know that Norlinda is indeed a very nice girl. Lets all in shc be as nice with lots of fun and laugher all the way. In support of Ah Nee’s comments and to let u know Ah Nee is as nice too.

  79. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for getting the ball rolling. Thanks for the prize.

    Terence Seah

  80. I am not so sure, if the song “Daddy, don’t walk so fast” is available at the Karaoke station. But, i shall still give it a go.

    When I heard this song some 3 months back, I felt so sad. It was a song from a child to his father. The father was very busy, and did not have time for his son. So, he sang, “Daddy, don’t you walk so fast.”

    Anybody heard of this song before, or on the internet?

    And, to all participants, dont forget to practise hard. We want to hear from you too.

    Terence Seah

  81. Terence

    I cant confirm my attendance. Appreciate if you can allot my seat to the next person. Thanks.

  82. Terence, you not so ok huh?

    Imagine everyone loves yr song so much that they work themselves into the mood and starts to cry. That’s ok bcos in SHC we support each other but imagine on………

    The talentime will be held in a hotel and what wd tourists think when wailing & bawling greet them the moment they step out of the cabs? What kind of a hotel in a first world is that?

    So better if you dont find that song but if you still like a song with “walk” as title, can try Under The Boardwalk (superbly sung by Caroline), and to add reality, I can play daddy and walk very slowly with you……….looking up to see who walks on the board, and maybe Lily, BbCat, Dolly, Rene, ANee Nor…….. can do those walks……?

    The same tourists, instead of bewildered by mournings, will rush to join in singing & looking up. More befitting SHC which is renowned as the place where people laugh, not cry.

  83. Hi Terence
    I’m interested to attend the talentime. Please include my name. Though I may not have any talent to show but at least can clap my hands lah.


  84. Hi Ronald Wie Beng Wee,

    Comment 83…..,

    I am very happy to hear that you are singing in the Karaoke competition for fun.

    Whether we win or lose does NOT matter so I would like to encourage more fellow SHCians to participate esp.Robert and Kristy who LOVES Karaoke singing.

    Steven Chan

  85. Hi Terrance,

    I would like to offer Mr. Beer Home Mocrobrewery Kit (Deluxe) as a prize for Talent-time 2007.


  86. The song “Daddy don’t walk so fast” is at least 30yrs. old….if not more….maybe you’re all still so young………Jie

  87. ‘Faham’Cik Edwin Chen..’terima kaseh’..
    ‘Xie Xie Ni’:)
    U were ‘Mat Rocker’??Wow!, no wonder its a serious biz 4 u this event..& when u mention about
    motor reminded me of my late dad who was a Grand-Prix racer when i was small…
    Yah..nostalgia always keep us happy & young at heart

    Yew Kwong…thot u wanna be the judge? come?..we very much want u to be around leh?

    Terence…I dont mind contributing something for a prize..but what ah?..I can shop for one..
    as u said..keep the ball rolling..:))

    Gwyneth..thanks for your support..looking fwd to our meet soon:)

  88. Susan,

    For some time, I have been looking for this song without success, and you have found it. Thank you very much for the link.

    Although I have a son, this song is very meaningful to me. I intend to sing this song during the talent-time, and dedicate it to all fellow SHC fathers and mothers who have young children.

    Tim, you have a young daughter. I hope you like this song too.

    Terence Seah

  89. Hi Suzhang,

    Click on your link ” Daddy don’t u walk so fast. Got only lyrics and no singing. Why lah ?


  90. You are welcome, Terence. Looking forward to hear you sing this beautiful song for all of us.

  91. Hey Terence

    I thought you are going to sing “Something Stupid”? – haha

  92. For everybody, if you like to sing or take part in the talent-time, please send in your song title. We shall then check if the song title is available.

    Lily, I shall also check if “Something Stupid” is available. Are you sure there is such a song?

    Terence Seah

  93. Hi Norlinda,

    Not really like the “grease guys” back in the old US of A but my teen days were quite exciting too. I lived with my parents at Windsor Park. Where friends would gather and busy ourselves in our spare time tuning up motor-cycles or rebuilding Mini Coopers in our backyard garage. Removing standard SU carbs and load them up with Webber 45TwinChoke units. Slot in a 731 Camshaft also for extra oomph on saturday nights etc.

    Good cheeky fun but rather dangerous!Not for the faint heart! This group of self appointed mechanics include pros like Isnin from the former Orchard Motors and the late Lionel Chan/Team Suzuki(nephew of former grand prix racer Chan Lye Choon).Between us the group owns 3 mini-cooper’s, a Lotus Europa, a Triumph TR4is and a Austin Healey 3000MkII. Your late racer father should know this bunch of crazy quarter mile young sprinters!or maybe my late dad, he collects vintage cars.

    A page in history for you,dek. Selamat berjumpa lagi! Edwin Chen

  94. Please register me and I’ll submit my song tittle later – either Japaneese or Hokkien.


  95. Hi Terence (et all)

    Looking forward to listen to your “parental” song. I’d just heard another at my usual karaoke joint that’s just as traumatic… “Cat in the Cradle” Sometimes I really wonder why so many of us make the same mistakes repeatedly.

    But back to the soon-going-to-be-overwhelming talentime. Reading all the posts confirms this is going to be a great no-stress activity for us: so many interesting songs and judges ~ no Simon Cowell, just a couple of “mysterious” I know I will enjoy myself even though I might be petrified and just freeze…

    And I love the recycled prizes so far. Proves that SHC are green! And just for the fun of it, I will contribute 6 karaoke VCDs going at my neighbourhood joint at a special price of 3 for 5 bucks! What more can we ask!!! I’ll make sure that the songs are popular and from our era ~ flirty 40s, fabulous 50s, sentimental 60s, sensational 70s, exciting 80s … whatever 🙂

    A question, though. Do I understand that the song we’re choosing must be from the karaoke machine and we need not bring our own disc?

    Meanwhile I’m still working on my profile. I had not written an essay on “Myself” since I was in the Primary School… and now discovered I’m creatively-challenged.

  96. Hi Terence,

    I am late after six weeks in MIA. Please put me on the listing, list for supports to fellow SHCian. If you need helping hands, please let us know.

    Ronald Lee

  97. Dear Terence

    Do register myself and Nina Gan. We will be supporting our friends.


  98. Hi Terence

    Please include my name as supporters. Will bring something along for prize to give away. Regards…

  99. Hi Terence

    This is fun,please register me as an audience and supporter.


  100. Hi Terence,

    I would like to donate a $25/- Hard Rock Cafe voucher(validity till 01/03/2008)as a prize.Let me have an address to post to please.

    Regards, Edwin Chen

  101. Hi Terence

    Your attendance list for this activity should hv hit 68 paxs after including comment #127 leaving only 2 places available.

  102. Hi Terence,

    Pls register myself (Lisa Ong & Eileen Lee) for this event. Thanks & regards

  103. Sorry Terence,

    sorry to mention that we’re just the supporters only, not participants. Thanks, Lisa

  104. Looking at the name list, perhaps I am too late for registration. I would like to sing something but have yet to decide which song. Do let me know if I am still in time. Tks Shirley Wong

  105. My hand is raised. ????….can sing Chinese songs ??? otherwise just watch lor.

  106. Scrolled too fast…. TimLiu will you be singing? Not like last year hor, came in late and sang 1 song only. This year minimum 3 songs, okey, I’m all ears! Thanks. (smile)
    My son said I am ‘tone deaf’ ok lor, will have fun during the “talent after” singalong.

  107. Hi Christina,

    Like Esther has surmised, I too think it’s a “soon-going-to-be-overwhelming” talentime; thus, will only put myself on the reserve list as I hv already had the chance to enjoy it last year.

    Heee, if Patrick were to sing his Japanese song in Hokien, then, if I get to sing, will do an Indian song with Canton accent (Muneru Valliba or Nalla Nadur)

    But of cos the best show of talent has to come from Ronald (Lee).

    In #119, he has already put us on notice when he said “…………If you need helping hands, please let US know.” (emphasis mine).

    What greater talent than a pair of Hands that you can talk to for help……..?

    Last, if there’s a soccer match that nite, will donate a soccer bet-ticket that will pay the holder at least $100……..but only if the tick wins.

  108. Hi Terence

    I just saw this website. If I am not too late do register me for this even. Maybe I would like to sing a song.


  109. Terence Terence,
    Comment#133 I’m in le, I wanna have fun, this year more talents…. thx

    ps: seemed to have prob log in… high traffic even in the!

  110. Christina,

    Looks like you would be enjoying the evening. We hope to announce the comperes soon. Your request for more talents noted.

    Apology for the morning traffic. Have raised this with the hosting company. I believe it should be back to normal now.

    Cheers, Terence

  111. This year, the Talent-time will be compered by two persons. Ronald Lai has consented to be the English-speaking compere. Many of you know him as very entertaining and sociable. Ronald, thank you very much, on behalf of the singers and performers.

    Can we have a Mandarin-speaking lady compere? If you are at least 1 metre tall, has hairs on the head, wears clothes, can synchronise with Ronald on front stage and likes mingling with the audience, that’s it. Please raise your hand.

    Terence Seah

  112. Terence, I hv in mind a candidate for the lady compere.

    Alice, lai lai lai, ka kin, ban liao jiu chow gai liao…….oui, mai jou leh…….

  113. Hi Terence/Tim

    Thanks for your compliment, I will not be in a position to accept as I’m a half-blue Peranakan
    who don’t understand a word of Mandarin. I’m sure there are many lady members who can speak fluent Mandarin and can be very good comperes, will give anyone of them my strong support.


    Alice Lai

  114. Hi Terence

    Thanks for nominating me as a compere, is a pleasure to serve in the Annual Talent Time event, which comes only once a year. Hopefully this will serve as a platform for our forth-
    coming Concert.



  115. Hi Terence,

    I would like to donate 1 carton of
    Guinness Malta (Non-alcoholic) malt Energy drinks as a prize for the Annual Talentime Event.

    Steven Chan

  116. Hi Terence,

    I enjoyed reading this post. Lots of excitment and happenings to come. Wish to join in your wait list as a supporter.

    In additional,I would like to add a set of baking ware to the prize list.


  117. Hi Joy,

    Good to hear of Lin Tan’s participation. However, we dont have her name on the SHC members list.

    Please ask Lin to register. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  118. Hi Terence, Lin Tan is Lina Tan. She is a registered member and was with us at Batam. She has forgotten her username and password. Thanks.

  119. Hi Joy,

    Great, Lina Tan is registered, in the members list. I think she should continue to use Lina Tan, unless she wants to change to Lin Tan.

    The SHC members list matches all participants’ names against the date of joining, mobile telephone number and name. Good you clarify.

    Terence Seah

  120. Hi everybody,

    Remember to think of that good old song, for the Talent-Time. Sing together or sing solo. Send in your song name or performance. We are going to check with Oxford Hotel soon.

    Terence Seah

  121. Hi Terence

    My spouse Alice and I would like to contribute a brand new set of “5 in 1” Power Handy Kit (consist of mini fan/vacuum cleaner/massager/
    torchlight with compass with seperate holder) –
    a good “friend” for home, car and outdoor activities.


    Ron n Alice Lai

  122. Hi Terence,

    I will be singing Edelweiss
    instead of My Way.

    Please amend the change .

    Thanks and good night,
    Steven Chan

  123. Hi Terence

    Apologies for being so tardy in deciding the song I would sing but it was a difficult decision so I thought I would wait for Royston’s 881 to give me some pointers. It didn’t other than to confirm that my whole wardrobe is definitely not appropriate for any getais!!!

    So after this long rigmarole, it’s a tough fight between

    – being a guy like Jackie Cheung singing “Li Xiang Lan”

    – or singing Sally Yeh’s “My Heart Will Go On”

    Sally won and now I would be singing “My Heart Will Go On”.

    Thanks. Looking forward to increased lifespan…


  124. Hi again Terence

    Thanks for your swift confirmation. But I’d just noticed that #70 Shirley Wong is singing the same song.

    I’m the Wong at #19 and I’m game to do another switch of song So what say you?

    Thanks again.


  125. Esther,
    you may sing that song cos I am not. I have not even decided which song yet. It must have been placed against my name by mistake.
    Shirley Wong

  126. Thanks, Shirley. I thought a mistake had been made since my initial check was no one has chosen this song.

    So now back to learning the words of the song. Unfortunately the otak that my silver hairs are protecting had not been used lately for memory work…. Haiz……


  127. Hi Terence,

    Please put me on the waiting list. Hopefully I can attend and sing ‘My Way’ or ‘Your cheating heart’

    Otherwise, I volunteer to be an usher or love to be a waiter serving foods and drink just to be able to join in the fun.

  128. Dear SHC friends,

    Please tell me the web page link to enable me to download the music for the following songs :- 1. “Do you know where you’re going to” by Diana Ross 2. “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash 3. “Both sides now” by Judy Collins.

    Much obliged and the reward will be ‘coffee treat’ on me. I will sing the songs on Taletime day if they are available on the karaoke discs.



  129. Well, here is one great announcement on our Talent-Time. All of you must be very pleased to know that Ron Lai and Joy Chuang have accepted to be co-comperes for the SHC annual Talent-time.

    This is the beginning of the committee being formed. As many of you would know, Ron and Joy are vibrant and active members of the SilverHairsClub. They will take us through an evening of fun, friendship and cheer.

    Although the event is in November 2007, let’s give our support and thanks to both Ron and Joy.

    Terence Seah

  130. Dan Huang has offered to serve the food and drinks, but we are going to have buffet style. We shall let him come up with some ideas. Dan, I shall call you up for a meeting at the place sometime end of Oct.

    We do need someone to handle the Karaoke machine. One difficult task is to manage the number of eager singers, who have brought along their own CDs. The other is last minute changing of songs. We need two helpers. Anybody like to take this difficult task.

    For positions of bouncers, money collection and judges, we wait a little bit longer.

    Terence Seah

  131. Last comment for today, I am eagerly looking for a lady singer to sing with me “Daddy, dont you walk so fast”. Any volunteers? I need some confidence, and therefore we need to practise.

    Terence Seah

  132. Hi Terence,

    I am at your service. Otherwise I can be your photograher.

    I have a SLR with 18x optical zoom and with face detection. Do i qualify to take photos.

  133. Hi Dan,

    I would ask you to be the photographer. HOpe this is ok. I think face detection is a useful feature.
    What does it do?

    I am at the New Delhi airport, and
    I am laughing at this feature. What does it do?

    Terence Seah

  134. Dan, if you get elevated from the waiting list to full particpation, you hv it Yr Way so “My Way” it’ll be. If another waitee overtakes you, you hv no qualms belting out “Yr Cheating Heart”… make a lot of senses and that’s why it’s so much fun bedding you with tons of mint on sundays.

    Great to hv Joy & Lai to walk us thru the evening, and what an auspicious combination it is….joy lai, everything will also lai so no wonder Dan die die also must lai and so we shd all wrap up the nite with Chao Yuen Zi Ye (Nite Over the Pasture) which has many many stretches of lais, lies, lyes, lice which is also a song of joy………..

    So Terence, you’re looking for a daughter ?

    According to SHC Rules, she has to be at least 45……heee, happy hunting

    (Pheng reading, chance to own a younger daddy liao, ai mai?)

    And with Dan’s sophisticated camera, imagine T’s face gets deflected to Pheng’s, and vice versa, and we get the best face defect(ion).

  135. Hi Terence,

    Usually when we take a photo shot, the focus is on a certain features or prominent object.

    With ‘face detection’ the focus are on the number of faces displayed. It can detect up to ten faces. Hope that make sense. Okay lah, will take the offer.

    Tim, you are ready to capitalise on any occasion!

  136. Thanks Dan, on behalf.

    If teletubbies follow you & wave their wares & so hamper you from doing a good cause, pls let me know & I’ll telepathy their daddies & mommies to put them away for life.

  137. Dan has shown a perfect example of how we can get really creative if we want something really badly.

    First, he wants to entertain us with “My Way” or “Your Cheating Heart”.

    Next he offers to usher us to our seats and he re-defines the meaning of buffet.

    Then he tempts us with his ability to help us detect the best features of our faces with his camera.

    Following that, he donates not one, but two, prizes.

    So far, he has not offered to dress the part to sing “Daddy, don’t you walk so fast” with Terence or dress the part to be Joy in disguise and enJoy the privilege of being Ron’s co-compere.

    I am amazed at his persistence and perseverance, and with this attitude, he can ask for the moon and get it.


  138. Heeee, so come to think of it, his determination and single-mindedness can be very scary……if he wont beat me in bedminton he must beat me in bed with whoever we both choose to bed……….

    Seriously, Dan, it’ll be fun to have you wirh us at the talentime, and if it’s really full-house then we can take turns exchanging places …..

  139. Hi Terence

    Thanks for your compliments, I hope that this year’s Talent-Time will be very much better than the one last year, as I do believe that many of our Silverhairs had through their Karaoke sessions improved tremendously in their singing.

    I am pleased that Joy will be co-hosting the Talent-Time, we will do our very best to lift up the evening for members’ enjoyment thru’ songs and music.

    The thanks goes to Tim as well, for having the confidence in us, looking forward to the day when the Silverhairs will really let their hairs down.



  140. Dear Ron,

    You may not hv realised it when you wanted this year’s talentime to be better that the last. Remember, you take charge of the show and if it helps you to rise to the occasion, do pls climb on my back & shoulders if that will bring up the tempo.

    Conversely, if it’s not gonna be a better show, heee, forget abt tempo, expect tampons thrown at you.

    Jokes aside, I hv the utmost confidence in you, and Joy, yr co-host(ess).

    Btw, I lost my crab last nite and my butty abt a week ago……….where on heaven or hell is Edwin? Eaten by crabs or eating crab shells for glucosamine? Or what?

  141. Hi Joy,

    Good to know that you are co-compering with Ron.

    Wah, you can sure twist and turn with your eloquence. Even wrapping up my life to the tee.

    Don’t made me malu, just doing my part. No need asking for the moon, just be happy to join in the fun and meeting so many friendly and hilarious Popeyes and Olives in SHC. Btw, need to make sure there are enough spinachs to go around on that night!

    Maybe I should take your advice and dress up for an audition to see whether Terence will blink a wink at me. How dat! Anyone can lend me a toupee!

  142. Hi Terence,

    Wonder you can have a place for me in this funfilled event as a crooner…spectator… supporter…whatever oso can…being a newcomer wanna have some feel of it…thanks!

  143. Hi Terence,
    Kindly count us in, n also I like 2 participate this event singing “You make me feel brand new”
    by Stylistics.
    Many thanks
    Randy n Jennifer

  144. In October, we shall start the collection for the Talent-Time. It’s $17 as charged by the hotel. Closing date for payment 31 Oct 2007.

    This is a dinner buffet, with chairs, but no tables. Do let us know asap if you are unable to attend.

    Please send in your song title if you are singing. If you have a disc, please send in your song title too.

    Ron Lai and Joy Chuan would be looking forward to having a great time with all attendees.

    Terence Seah

  145. Hi Terence,

    Tks for squeezing me into the waiting lists…for the fun don’t mind doing a duet song with any interested guys…mandarin song: wu yian de jieju or zai yu zhong or xin yu (sori abt my lousy hanyu pinyin)…english song: Don’t cry Joni…cantonese song: fun fei yin or ??? No takers…then I shall go solo with a mandarin or cantonese number.

    May I know how to make payment if my place in this event is secured…Many thanks!

  146. Janet, I can be on stdby for yr C&C duet, and let’s see what happens on that day itself.

    Hai kumsin……………..

  147. For silverHairs singing, please prepare and send in your song title by 6 October. We shall check if the song is available by 7 October.

    If your song is available, it will be placed on a queue on that day.

    If your song is NOT avaiable, you will have to bring in your CD before the 15 October, and it too will be placed on a queue. But, send in your song title first.

    All participants will be informed of your queue number, by 30 October 2007.

  148. Hi everybody,

    As seen from previous year talent-time, one difficult task is to manage the song Q list. To make it more organised this year, all participants will be queued. Hopefully, this will mean “No Jump Queue”. As this is not an easy task, I am looking for two persons to manage the Karaoke machine and remote control.

    The official hours of work on that day are:
    1500 to end of Talent-Time (around 20.30pm) or
    2030 hrs to 1100 hrs (free singing and dancing).

    Terence Seah

  149. Molly and Susan, can I have your help to manage the 2nd session of the evening, for the crazy ones. The hotel is officially acceptable to us having two bottles of whiskies, without corkage. Can I have your ok to be crazy and creative, during this second session?

    Terence Seah

  150. Re:#184

    Hi Terence

    This is in response to your call to work the karaoke machine.

    Do you have “Working the K Machine for Dummies” or “The Idiot Guide to the K Machine”? Or the training is simply easy hands-on coaching? If so, this Dummy/Idiot here

    So if it’s Idiot/Dummyproof, you have a volunteer here with the 3pm – 8.30pm shift.

    Do you need karaoke queue slips for the kroakers to be more organised or are they available at Oxford?

    Looking forward to 24th November


  151. Hi S_ter,

    I guess you dont need the guide to “Working the Karaoke machine”. Thank you for raising your hand to man the Karaoke machine from 3pm – 8.30 pm. The idea of queue slips sounds good. This hotel is not pro enough; so it does nothave all the gear.

    Know of someone who can sync with you?

    Terence Seah

  152. Hi Terence

    Apologies… my circle of “someone” in Silver Hair Club is zero but looking forward to place faces with names here.

    CALLING FOR ANY OTHER VOLUNTEERS!!! I feel there should be 2 per shift in case we need to go to the restroom/ladies/gents/toilet/loo/lavatory/WC…

    I will get hold of some queue slips to help with orderly organisation. My bones are pretty brittle due to getting younger day by day so I hope this system will work. I don’t get whacked in case of “miscommunications”…

    Do you know how Oxford list the names of the songs they have… in print or via interactive hard disk on the screen?



  153. Hi S_ter,

    We actually used this system for last year’s talent-time. As for the song queue, I am only aware all songs can be placed on a queue in the system. We will try it out, once all the songs are in. We shall meet there. cheers for now.


  154. Please delete PH Liu and me (listed as riverina) from the Annual Talent Time 2007.We cannot attend.Thanks very much.

  155. Hi folks,

    I was registered as the 52th participant in the talentime but cos” something “was intended to crop up on 24th Nov, so I cancelled my name. But now that “something” had been cancelled, so can I pls reinstate myself as the 52th participant again.Sorrry sorry for the inconvenience.

  156. Deposit $1,050 to Oxford Hotel has been made.

    Please start the payment $17, rolling wef 1 Oct 2007. Kindly make ATM or online payment to Posb savings plus 023-2-036239.

    Once payment is made, please drop a comment here to say paid, with your reference number. The word “Paid” will then come up against your name. This means participation confirmed. Please do not call or SMS me.

    Payment should be made by 30 Oct 2007. After this date, the participation will be extended to the waiting list.

    Terence Seah

  157. Hi Terence

    I just saw your comment at # 185. Will discuss with Molly on this.

    Help!! Allys pls come forward. We need your creative juice during that time. 🙂


  158. Surly, Surly, I hear you…………

    Here I am. What mess have you created?

    Need help to serve the two Whiskies or to kick the damn Karaoke machine? Let me know. Haha…..

    Ronald Lee

  159. Hi Ronald,

    I think you may finish the whiskies before you serve anybody else. That’s a concern.

    But, I think you are definitely better with the Karaoke machine. It’s looks simple, but I am defintely blur with it. Need you to help to program the queue lists, be familiar with it, and entertain the “I want to sing” participants.

    Some SilverHairs felt this is not the best of Karaoke machine, but I think it is good enough. We dont need a perfect system; it’s the fun that we need. I support some degree of disorganisation and chaos. That’s fun.

    Can you handle this?

    If ok, then I shall ask you and Esther Wong, to manage the 1st shift. The second shift is less organised, and can get rowdy.

    Terence Seah

  160. hi terence,just read the talentime post! too late to register or not? slow la but also had problem with log in earlier!Frustrating.But can i offer my help? registration r bundling prizes…donating 1 prize.a set of men’s toiletries ..Calvin Klein..Let me know..very excited to support 1st timer.please thank you

  161. HI Grace, thank you for your offer to help and the prize. MEantime, I shall put your name down on the queue list. Will get back to you later.


  162. Hi Terence

    Since theres such a long wait list, I would like to give up my place so someone else can go.

    Have fun everyone and I look forward to reading about it after the event. 🙂

  163. Hi Terence,

    I m on the waiting list..can I oso pay now..or gotta wait for your green light to say I m in?

    Hi Tim,

    Tks 4 comm#180 r u stil interested in doing a duet with me..need to submit song n get ourselves prepared case I m accepted into the event..

    Awaiting for both your good news…Thanks!


  164. Hi Terence,

    As per your request to submit the song title that participant would be singing @ the Talentime. My song will be ” I can see clearly now ” by Johnny Nash.


  165. Janet, Please go ahead and make payment. The chance is high. If not, we shall reimburse you.


  166. Hi Lily, I am sure the numbers are ok. I have made some arrangements with the Hotel to accommodate a larger group. You should join us, unless you have anther appointment.

    I am sure your presence will make a difference.


  167. Re:#198

    Hi Terence,

    No..No…No, the music man needs the whiskies to keep him in high rowdy spirit, and this time he is the greedy one. When given the deal, he takes all, the two shifts with the three ladies plus the whiskies. He also knows….. that our lady, Molly, knows what to do with the whiskies. Hahaha. It’s a deal, yes.

    The karaoke machine sounds rather antique and of the primitive type. Shall we call for a test drive to see whether “queue list” is a feature in this machine and to explore other goodies implanted in this machine. Please call for a date.

    Ronald Lee

  168. Thanks Terence

    Uhm… since I haven’t got any other plan for that day, why not? I’ll be there.

    BTW, can I be of any assistance? I did offer to help hor.

  169. Hi Ronald,

    thank you; you get the whiskies and the 2 shifts. Hard job, mind you.

    Terence Seah

  170. Lily,

    Can I ask you to be one of the two judges? Good or no good, we would like to hear your comments on every participating individual. Work along the lines of the SHC Idol.


    Terence Seah

  171. Hi Terence,
    Fyi, ITR ($17) was done yesterday and paid through POSB with transaction ref. no: 1374834691. Rgds…Have an enjoyable time with your travelling mates !!

  172. Hi, Terence. If it is still possible, please register me and Anne Ng on the waiting list of
    the SHC Talentime Nite. I am also considering
    singing if there is a chance for those on the waiting list to be accomodated.

    Thanks …. Philip Ong

  173. Terence

    Believe U hd pick a gd choice.


    Believe U wont turn down the invite. Nice 2 c SHC’s own Paula Abdul on the judges’ bench.

  174. Hi Clara,

    Glad to see you are the first to use ATM transfers. Good encouragement to others who are concern with doing so.


  175. Hi Terence,

    Agree with Yew Kwong. Knowing her no-nonsense style with class and an ear for music, I am sure Lily will do a good job.

    Please say you will do it 🙂

  176. Hi Clara

    Kudo 2 U 4 taking the lead.

    Hi Terence

    If U do nid help in managing money collection 4 tis event, I can assist but wont be involved in main event.

  177. Hi Terence,

    Thank you. What is hard job when it is to make people happy? It is more of in the spirit.

    Hello…. Miss Esther Wong, Susan and Molly!! I am not alone, right? I like to hear from the three of you. We need to interact first and get things organized.


    Ronald Lee

  178. Well, well, Ronald, you set yrself a tall order when you said “…….to make people happy…..”

    Heee, so will you come garbed like the sumo wrestler to make at least 1 more – me – happy as the talentime is expected to be a funky occasion and folks like you in the spotlight should bring lead in the fun making………..

    I’ll come in socks & shoes only.


  179. Re: #218

    Hi Ron

    I’m going to the Botak Jones thingy this Friday as I was one of the original pioneers at Toa Payoh

    Will you be going too?


  180. RE:#220

    Hello Esther,

    Yes, I am going this Friday to BJ Toa Payoh.
    We can have a preliminary discussion on the Talent-time issue. Susan and Molly shall be there also. I look forwards in meeting you there.

    Ronald Lee

  181. Yes Ronald, you are not alone…..most of the Allys will be there for you not only me & Molly. Lily, glad you will be coming at last….you won’t want to miss this fun, right ?
    Rene, you must come too… Don’t forget it’s our 1st anniversary there.


  182. Thanks Surly and the Allys.

    I am delighted for the get together again…. party time!!!

    Ronald Lee

  183. Tim,

    You are always very sharp, why today so blur blur., har? In your work, I can understand that you are used to reading fine prints and in between lines. Here is just a piece of free expression comment…. No need to be so serious and so doesn’t have to use that magnify glass lah….. hee hee.

    Alamak!! When I say “What is hard job when it is to make people happy”, the “to make people happy” points only to those who find programming the “Queue Lists” a difficult task. I took up this task is to ease the situation and get the program to move on. In the process, I wished that I can make more people happy, and including you as well.

    Ronald Lee

  184. Ronald dear,

    I also thot I blur blur so scrolled up and read, re-read yr #218 which is reproduced for 1 last re-read. And it says “Thank you. What is hard job when it is to make people happy? It is more of in the spirit”.

    So, stretching imagination like the affecionado humsuplo peeking into the bathroom, it has to mean what it means i.e. you wanna make people happy including the spirits (which I left out in my last mention tho).

    So I’ll miss seeing you as my adored sumo wrestler but you too wont see my bigger aacrifice of coming in socks & shoes only.

    (Better be serious now otherwise you say knn, limbeh mai jo liao then Terence will cowbeh cowbu & kick my butt…..)

    Many may hv given theirs already and here I am with my kudos to you for coming forward to assist in a very technical & important area which ensures all systems go & a funky nite for all to enjoy.

    Thanks butty……….(and I am still hopeful to see my adored sumo Lee)

  185. Hi Clara
    I tried to do a transfer this morning but was unsuccessful.

    I keyed 023-2-036239 and when I press confirm, the first digit 0 becomes 2.

    Is this correct. Plse advise me.

    Many thanks Clara.

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  186. Many thanks Clara for calling me give me help. Yes! I did it.


    I have transfered the $17 into your account on 3 Oct 2007 at 1.30pm ref 3504.

    My song title for the karaoke is


  187. Many thanks Clara for calling me give me help. Yes! I did it.
    Alamak, press wrong button lah. Submitted before ready. Anyway ignore the earlier comment. This is the complete one.

    Many thanks Clara for calling me give me help. Yes! I did it

    I have transfered the $17 into your account on 3 Oct 2007 at 1.30pm ref 3504.

    My song title for the karaoke is

    “YOU DON’T KNOW” By Helen Shapiro. If Oxford Hotel doesnt have this, I will bring my minus one disc.

    Happy Holidays Terence & Co 🙂

    Thanks and Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  188. U go girl Caroline…we will all rally behind to give u our support!…yeah!
    alamak…i suppose to contribute a prize..any suggestion from participants?…hhhmmm 🙂

  189. Hi Terence

    Didnt know you had asked me 2b one of the judges until my friends told me about it at the badminton session 2nite. I’ll be glad to oblige for I see it as an honour. Thanks Terence.

    Thanks to my friends who support the decision. Hope I wont let you folks down.

    BTW Terence, I have the same problem as Caroline in trying to do a transfer at the ATM last Monday. Have sent you a cheque for $51 (being payment for Dolly, Molly and Lily) to your Hougang address.

  190. Anly. Thanks for the encouragement. Its a pity you can’t come. Wanted to sing Wu Yian Di Jue Zhi with you (of course let you sing the male part lah!)

    Maybe next year then.

  191. Eh sory huh Nor. Scroll down some more then see your comment.

    Thanks for the support 🙂

    Also, thanks Lily for accepting the Judges’ role.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  192. No, Carly, actually I can sing the lady’s part, only have to lower half key (in this case, can you still sing the male part?). Your male part is better than me, and my lady’s part may be better than you, hehe. OK, let’s wait for the other chance. It’s an enjoyment to sing with a good singer like you.

  193. Hi Lily,

    Tks for making payment on my behalf. Much appreciated. Lily, you will make a good judge knowing you well enough with your firm decision.

    Terence – dont worry I know what to do with the 2 bot. whisky. Will bring additional in case 2 bots insufficient.

  194. Molly, thanks for pouring the whisky. I shall bring 2 litres.

    And Lily, glad to have you as judge.

    Yeah, we move on.


  195. Wei Molly, better let me control and pour the whisky for you guys. I don’t drink so should be sober. Your hand are pretty heavy, I am sure you know right ?..ha..ha…
    Terence, you want to try again ?

  196. Hi Terence,

    Payment $34.00 made via iternet banking to your A/C 023-2-036239 DBS Saving Plus.

    Transaction Ref: 1383555607

    Payment is for Ann Lim and me.

    Warmest Regards, Bessie

  197. Hello…..,
    The song “Make It With You” by Bread will be my song for the talent-time nite….Thks.

  198. Hi Terence

    Payment of $17.00 has been transferred to your DBS Saver Plus A/C No. 023-2-036239 on 6/10/07 via ATM. Transaction Ref: 5489.

    My Karaoke Mandarin song title is : Deng Yi Ge Ren (wait for one person), Singer : Du Xiao Feng. I will bring my own VCD as I don’t think you can find this song in the Hotel Cafe.

    Annie Loh

  199. Hi Terence,

    We would like to donate a Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50 (with no expiry date).

    Robert & Kristy Quek

  200. Hi Terence

    I’d just got my son to internet banking transfer $17 to your DBS Saver Plus A/C No. 023-2-036239 on 06 Oct 2007 at 5:36pm.

    Transaction Code: 1384716751



  201. Clara

    You change your song from “the Guitar man” to “Make it with you”. Good choice, I like this song very much when I’m not silverhair. Really, want to make it with you if I can join the Talent time. Sigh

    Hey…, have you ever tried
    Really reaching out for the other side?
    I maybe climbing on rainbows
    But, baby here goes…………………

  202. Hi Terence,

    I wld hv to make the payment of $17.00 in cash to you on Games Day…for some reason my POSB Savings A/C is restricted no transfer allowed..sori for dat..thanks!


  203. Hi Janet

    POSB doesnt restrict trf unless ur quota of payees in ur list hd been rch. Go 2 ur list n delete whoevr r inactive n soon it shall be done.

  204. Tk u Yew Kwong 4 ur advice…but I hv got a deeper reason to it which I wld not wanna review in this comment…alternatively I can oso issue a chq under my son’s name and bank it into Terence’s acc as stated…

    May I know Terence’s exact name on his acc?

    My sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.


  205. Hi JAnet,
    Plse consider depositing into the account, at a dbs/posb ATM. It’s easy.

    You will get a record of the transaction. I prefer not to handle cheques.

    Terence seah

  206. Hi Terence,

    My son (Jason Lim) did the fund transfer of S$51 to your DBS Saving Plus A/C No: 023-2-036239 today, 7/10/07. The payments was made through iBanking and the Transaction Code is 1385486942. Please note that payments are for myself (Ah Nee), Susan Chang & Ronald Lee. Thank you.

    Ah Nee

  207. For those who have paid online or via the ATM, welldone for the experience.

    I shall arrange to to put the “PAID” against your name once I have access to the browser internet.


  208. Hi Terence,

    You have now mixed the names and not dates. Refer to namelist #53 for 2 Shifts Karaoke manning machine. Shud be ‘Ronald Lee #59’ and not Ronald Wi.

    Cheers Molly

  209. Wei Sue, my hands are not only pretty heavy but pretty fast too. Without enough medication Terence wont be able to sing his song so really need to give him extra dosage. We can join hands in the pouring. There is another person who needs the dosage too. he..he..he Molly

  210. That nite at BJ, was talking abt talentime, I think it would be beta for those participants 2 record ur choice of songs (inclusive of – or + cntrl) just in case htl might not hv d song dat some of you wanted 2 sing. Just 2cts tots.

  211. Hello Terence,

    I would like to attend the Talentime on 24 Nov 07 as a supporter. Pls put me in the queue list.

    Thanks & regards, Peng Peng

  212. Hi everybody,

    Please be informed that the waiting list will be shifted up to the participants list, on 30 Oct 2007. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  213. hi Terence,

    if there’s still room, I’d like to come in and mingle around. thanks.


  214. Hi Terence,

    Kindly acknowledge our donation of a Cash Voucher as a prize item which we made on 6.10.07 (See Message 242 below.)


    Robert Quek Says:
    October 6th, 2007 at 4:34 pm
    Hi Terence,

    We would like to donate a Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50 (with no expiry date).


    Robert & Kristy Quek

  215. Hi Terence,

    Alice Teo wld like to attend as a supporter too. Hope it’s not too late for her to join in the Q list.


  216. Hi Terence,

    Sam and I will not be attending the talent-time, please withdraw our names.

    Alice Goh

  217. Hi Terence,

    Pl ignore my earlier note #258. Alice Teo had already reg at #48.

    Payment of $34.00 via ATM trsf made to your DBS Savings+ A/C today. (Transaction Ref: 1191)

    The pymt is for Alice Teo and myself.

  218. Hi Roland Lee,

    As the song that I had chosen to sing for the Talentime is not available in the Karaoke song-lists supplied by the Hotel, kindly check for me whether the following songs are available in the Karaoke Discs –
    In order of preference :
    1. Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison
    2. Memory – Barbra Streisand
    3. Theme from Mahagony – Do you know where you are going to – Diana Ross
    4. Can’t buy me love – Beatles
    5. Day after Day – Badfinger
    6. Never Ending Song of Love – Delaney & Bonnie & friends

    Tks and revert to me in regards to the availability of the songs

    Much obliged


  219. Hi Bernadette,

    Thank you for submitting your songs for the coming “SHC Annual Talent-Time”. I shall get back to your in due course upon checking with the hotel.

    Thanks again and have a nice day.


  220. Hi Terence,

    Cud you please reinstate Andrew Yeung at #21 ?
    (Andrew has been secretly training for this event so it’s a waste if he is not going.) He wants to sing afterall.

    Hey Andrew, pls submit your favourite song.
    Caroline, you hv a “tui sou” le to compete with you. Isn’t it more fun ?


  221. Susan

    Thank you to take my word so seriously. Ok, I’ll re-arrange my time to attend the event (actually, I like it very much especially the second crazy session). Now I’ve to busy to choose the song, and submit it within this week.

    Terence, sorry for the trouble I make and hope you can allow me to join again.

    How can I be a “tui sou” of Caroline. With the song I heart she sing, I think she is already the champion of the event (Sorry, the other competitors, just take this as a trigger to make you practise more harder). As our Chinese say: “If she say she is the second, who dare to admit to be the first”.

    Can I sing two songs, one for myself and other with Caroline (may be I can get a second for this)?, Caroline, can I have the pleasure?

    Last, Susan, please tell me how to pay the fee.

  222. Thanks Sue & Andrew for the compliments. I am not that good lah. Make me so paiseh. Just so happen that I enjoy singing so I put everything into the song I sing.

    I am sure there are may good singers in SHC so I am very excited to get the chance to sing with our fellow members. If the nerves get the better of me on that day, it doesnt matter if I go out of tune or miss a beat. So long as I can enjoy myself. Its not so much about winning but more about having an excuse to let our hair down and have fun.

    Certainly Andrew. We shall sing a song together. I am still practising and I cannot decide if I should change my song. Wait till nearer the date lah.

    See you on Saturday for cycling.

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  223. To all prize sponsors, thank you. I have written your prizes. Let me know if there are changes.

    As of today, 15 paid. Closing date for payment, before waiting list is added – 31 Oct 2007.

    Terence Seah

  224. Dear organiser,
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused, i would like to change my talent-time song to “Just tell me you love me” by England Dan and John Ford Coley instead. Your attention is appreciated. Thank you….(clara)

  225. Hi Terence

    Alice and I had transferred a sum of $34/= to your DBS Savings Plus A/c # 023-2-036239 on 16.10.2007 under Ref: 9412.

    Please check and verify the account is in order.


    Ron n Alice Lai

  226. Hi Terence,

    Have just transferred $17/– to your account Seah Kim Seng DBS Saving plus Acct. # 023-2-036239 this afternoon. Please verify.

    Thank you…….Jie

  227. Hi Terence

    Have just transfered $17/- to your DBS saving plus a/c this afternoon at 14:31pm under ref:01400. Please check, thank you.


  228. Hi, Terence

    Welcome back. Hope everything is fine.

    Bank in $17.00 at POSB (Holland Road Branch)to your DBS saving plus ac on 15 Oct 2007 at 1.30 pm. please check. Thank you.

  229. Hi Terence,

    This must be fun and entertaiment, nights filled with lots of Songs, music, food, drinks and most importantly, beautiful ppl of SHC, if I’m nottoo late, please allow me to join in as audience and supporter. I’ll pay you cash on Sat, 20 Oct 2007 during the games day.

  230. Hi Terence,
    As you are aware, I am in Switzerland during the month of Oct and will miss payment deadline of Oct 31 for the buffet. I shall make payment immediately upon my return early Nov. Let me know if there is a problem.

    Thanks and regards,

    June Chin

  231. Molly, Tim, Susan and other drinkers,

    Here’s what we shall have during the Talent-Time. 1 x 2 litres of Chivas Whisky, and 1 x 1 litre of Korean SoJu (Need to go slow with this one).

    Molly is drink pourer, Assistant is Susan.


  232. Terence, pls be serious if you want to be serious…………………………………………

    You know I have yet to wean so if you really want to bring me drinks, please bring me milk………..the fresher the better and the clever you surely wont make the mistake of bringing me a cow and her mother.

    Me wrong again?

  233. Hi Terence,

    Managed to find your a/c no. will transfer the money soon and keep you informed.



  234. Hi Terence,

    Please include Jenny Lim & myself on the waiting list as supporters.



  235. Hi Patricia,

    We have a few Jenny Lim’s. Please, can you ask Jenny to register here.

    Terence Seah

  236. Ummmmmm……… to tell whether a million thanks is in fact delivered as promised?

    Maybe, can do somethg simpler and measurable.

    Now that we hv again made world history for being the first to receive the A380, perhaps, the thanks can be manifested by filling the “beyond first class’ cabin with tanks of all sizes……..and once that’s done, the beneficiary of the thanks can then see the tanks………

    Me………………..wrong again?

  237. Hi Andrew,

    Glad to have you coming for the Talent-Time. Your name has been put back to the list, and for singing too. Dont forget to practise hard, I think there is someone waiting to sing with you.

    Terence Seah

  238. Hi,Terence. My name and my wife’s (Anne Ng)are
    still not on the waiting list. I made my request to be placed on the waiting list since Oct 1st 2007, that’s more than two weeks ago – please refer to my comment #211. Any problem to get us listed, even we though there might not be a chance for us to participate at the function ?
    Appreciate you look into this.

    Thanks ……. Philip

  239. Hi! Terence,

    Too bad, since is only limited to 70pax,may be just include my name in the waiting list as supporter,actually I love to sing, may be I will join in next Talent-Time Competition.


  240. Dear Terence,
    effected payment to your account SGD34.00 at 11:28 18Oct07 for John Howe and myself.

    Btw, noticed participants list #53 & #59 reflects ‘Ronald Lee’ same person?

    Dear RonaldL, I have yet met another or the other Ronald Lee, so assume it is U, no offence hor. 😉

    John, wanna gate crash! I used to do that in those fun days hehehee

  241. Hahaha, Philip, so you get the jitters as more names poured in stretching the wait-list but you still dont find yr name in there?

    Frankly, I think the top draw is in the promise of serving “orang juice” which means Terence’s neighbour ah Keow and her mother & aunties will all be there afterall.

    I cant wait for my drinks…………

  242. Hi everybody,

    Some changes have been made to the list. Next time, we will try to figure out a bigger place. Last year, we had about 75 people.

    Terence Seah

  243. Hi,Tim. I normally don’t get jitters over such minor issue. I mean this is just talking about a waiting list, no certainty that we can get in.Serves me right for registering late.
    But definitely no gate-crashing because I heard
    there is going to be a fierce bouncer around that night.But I just wanted to remind Terence about my request,made sometime ago. He is, most probably very busy going through all his mails after his holidays and might have overlooked my request. No big deal, we can always attend the next Talentime function, if we cannot get in this time, legally.

    Regards ……. Philip

  244. Hi,Terence. Waiting list hopefuls – could you please amend the name Agnes Ng to Anne Ng.

    Thanks …… Philip

  245. Hi Philip,

    Am making arrangements to accommodate. Please bear with us for a while. We look forward to meeting you and Anne.

    You have a good day.


  246. Yes, Philip, I can see the predicament…….. “am I in or am I not in?”

    While the issue may be small, the feel of suspense/expectancy isnt.

    The globetrotter has just returned and if I may drop you the grapevine, he’s penning his 1st letter to the Copen mermaid and has to decide whether or not to be explicit. Pls give him a bit of time and he shd be back with more bounce after this distraction……….

  247. Hi Terence,

    Just transferred S$34.00 to your Account No. 023-2-036239 for Lisa Ong and myself.

    Please check, for it was done at the POSB ATM machine and no receipt to verify that transfer was successful. Thanks!

    Eileen Lee

  248. Terence

    Thanks to let me join again.

    I’ll do the payment and submit my song within this week.

    How about you song “Daddy, don’t walk so fast”? Have you found a partner to sing with you. Really long to hear you singing.

  249. Hi Christina Chan

    There are two shifts in manning the Karoake machines. Is there a surprise to have two Ronald Lee? Sometime one may need to travel to PJ. Hahaha…


  250. Hi folks
    this is my first login and can’t help but be amused by all the going ons. Would like to join you fun folks at the Talented show. I understand payment is necessary or may I gate crash with my hubby, William. Please advise!!!

  251. Hi Margaret,

    Plse note we do not have your husband William registered as a SilverHairsClub member. Plse ask him to submit the application form.

    Currently, this event is full-house, and there is a waiting list.


  252. Ronald, why travel to PJ when Oxford has good JP? Anyhow for doing SHC a good deed, I’ll place a potty strategically btwn yr legs and so you can do yr job without interruptions.

    Terence, I’ll pay you 2morow at the G’Day… you want it in $ or in Sporepool bet tickets which stands to win you more than $17?

  253. Hi Terence,

    Is the account listed below POSB? Account No. 023-2-036239 your CORRECT ? account no?

    ..Please check, for it was done at the POSB ATM machine and no receipt to verify that transfer was successful. Thanks!

    Eileen Lee

    Posted Oct 18, 8:17 PM | View Post

  254. Dear Steven

    G’morn….It seems quite a good number are not able to transfer de amount thru POSB a/c 023-2-036239 of Terence. Please be advised to Fund transfer to: DBS SAVINGS PLUS A/C 023-2-036239 and NOT POSB A/c. You’ll will default if you key in under “POSB” a/c heading.

    Kindly take note, THANKS.


  255. Ronald Lee Tai Gor,

    I want to sing the song “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. If this song is not available, then I’ll like to sing a cantonese song of Jacky Chan – “????”


  256. Terence

    For your information, I’ve transfer $17 to your DBS Saving Plus a/c 023-2-036239. The Ref of the transfer is 2593.

  257. Hi Terence..
    Sori for the late transfer…i thot my buddy wud hv made it for me too…alas!…she forgot about me sob!sob!

    Have been busy & didnt logon for quite sometime…didnt know i missed so much news!
    so paiseh…after reading, quickly go down to ATM….
    Payment $17 done, Ref number 3073 , location
    MAS Building

    Thanks…luckily tak kena kick out! 🙂

  258. Terence

    For your information, I’ve transfer $17 to your DBS Saving Plus a/c 023-2-036239 for Grace Kok.
    The Ref of the transfer is 6305.

  259. Oh gosh! So many people have paid up. I better do so tomorrow, otherwise co-compere will be booted out the door.

  260. Terence,

    Had just made payment $34.00 to your DBS Saving Plus a/c 023-2-036239 for Lisa Ong & myself thru i-Banking ref 1402864451.

    BTW, our names (Nos.68 & 69)was being deleted from the list of Registered participants.

    Kindly re-instate our names in the list.

    Thanks, Eileen

  261. Hi Ron,

    Tks for highlighting on Fund Transfer to POSB a/c. Yes, indeed I overlooked on that ‘cos I was in a hurry and not realizing that fund transfer cannot be made thru POSB ATM when the a/c was DBS Saving Plus a/c.

    Steven was trying to tell me … DBS a/c and NOT POSB a/c …

    Anyway, thanks guys. C u next month

  262. Joy..
    ya lah better cepat tranfer, if not we got no co-compere hor? apa macam? LOL…
    so many transaction numbers…if anyone short of 4-D number…just pick your luck from this thread!

  263. Hi Terence,

    Edwin Chen inform me that he wishes to withdraw his name from Talentime. Please delete him from the list.


  264. Hi EO-in-charge

    I must say some words 4 those on e waiting list althou I m not a participant in tis event. With so many requests 4 reinstatement, I think those on e waiting list felt as if they hd long been booted out w/o further notice.

  265. Hi Eileen,

    I saw yr commens that say u did not received
    a receipt for fund transfer n I was doubtful whether you got Terence’s no correct or was it POSB or some other Accnts ? until Ron Lai step in to clarify.

  266. Hi Terence,

    I have just transferred $34 into your account for myself and my wife, Kristy. The Transaction Reference no. is 1403633824

    Robert Quek

  267. Andrew,

    Today, I manage to find chorus singers for my song “Daddy, dont you walk so fast”.

    I hope this is the latest list update for the day.


  268. Hi everybody,

    If your name is on the waiting list, please wait until next tuesday, for an update on the number of people we can accommodate.

    The committee is meeting on this coming Monday 22 Oct 2007. Sorry to keep you waiting.

    Terence Seah

  269. Wow, today we are pleased to inform that Susan Chang has agreed to be the Event Organiser for the coming Talent-time in November.

    We have just set a date for coming Monday for the first Talent-Time committee meeting.

    Like in all monthly events, the Talent-Time will be an excellent opportunity for SilverHairs to meet new friends. I shall hand over the details of the Talent-Time to Susan on Monday.


  270. Hi
    Yew Kwong/Terence/others

    It was a good idea that Yew Kwong/Terence set a precedent for payment by Internet Banking/POSB ATM especially if it incur costs to a function.

    And spare them the inconvenience of accepting cash from members.

  271. Hi Terence,

    I have just transferred $17 into your account.

    The Transaction Reference no. is 6089 from Changi General Hospital POSB ATM.

    Pls. up date. Thanks

    Steven Chan

  272. Hi Terence,

    Have transferred $34.00 to your DBS Saving Plus a/c #023-2-036239. Ref #6195 for Wendy Goh and myself today.

    Cheers, Dennis

  273. Hi Terence

    Transferred $17mil at 8.35am on Sunday 21 Oct 07 from my DBS Savings Plus account to your DBS Savings Plus account using POSB ATM, first machine nearest the door of POSB service lobby at Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 Block 272A. Evidence on transaction receipt reference number 4493. Ha ha, just enjoyed being longwinded. So fun…

  274. Hi Terence,

    I’ve transferred $17.00 on 21Oct07 at 12.25pm thru iBanking from my DBS Autosave to your DBS Savings Plus 023-2-036239 Terence Seah.
    Transaction Ref: 1404237707

    Could I have the address of Oxford Hotel? Thanks.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  275. Hi Terence,

    I had transferred S$17.00 into your DBS Savings Plus account on 21/10/2007. Transaction Ref No. 4631 . Please acknowledge “PAID”.

    Tks, Bernie

  276. Hi Terence & Susan

    Please register me for the evening.

    Susan, let me know if you need my help to KLKK.


  277. Ok thanks for advise Terence!!
    Have registered my husband William as a memeber!!! How do I change his password??
    Have forgotten what was given by YOUR website!!! sori ah!!!!
    Pls put both of us on waiting list!!!

  278. Hi Veronique

    Let me answer for Terence, the exact location of OXFORD HOTEL, is situated at 218, QUEEN ST.
    It is near de junction of Bras Basah Rd, C U there this evening at 6.15pm.

    As what Terence says, U may also treat this evening as de MONTHLY GET-TOGETHER cum ANNUAL TALENT TIME committee meeting.


  279. Personally, I am saddened by the withdrawal of Edwin Chen, a versatile performing artiste taking life easy, who wd hv added the maestro’s touch to an evening of fun & exhilaration.

    Edwion reading, hope I wd hv to wait long to see you again.

    Thank you Ron for giving Oxford Hotel’s location.

    It’s nearer if folks turn into Queen Street from Middle Rd than from Bras Basah Rd. If you’re at Victoria Street, you could cut thru Allson Hotel into Queens Street…..but dont do that if you’re driving.

  280. #Sorie, 2nd para in my #328 shd read “Edwin reading, hope I wont hv to wait long to see you again”.

  281. Aiyo Ron. You oo long already.

    Tonite is for committee members only. The actual day which is on 24 Nov 07 is the one Terence said treat it as the monthly gathering 🙂

  282. Wow, put up a bank account number and $$$$ keep pouring in.

    Maybe, I shd start another thread, list my account number, add a zero to the $17. Me got no waiting list one hor, heee……..for the $170 you pay, you get to lie & relac with me under the coconut tree.

  283. Hi terrence
    at long last am able to log in . Long story as to why I couldn’t. to cut a long story short just want to tell you my song is a cantonese older Shanghai beach. One concern is whether i am allowed to glance at a tv screen for the lyrics . this is an amatuer singer. will also contribute a prize. Just found out the account no . so will make payment asap.
    Thank you

  284. Hi Tim,

    I met JoyC today, and she reminded me that she had deposited $17m into my bank account. I just checked my bank statement, Wow.

    A great learning experience, for some.


  285. Going by the nature of the emails, u folks must be old time frens. BTW what do I do?? on waiting list with William? Pay up the $17 mil or wait long long??

  286. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for enlighten me on the exact location of Oxford Hotel and i din expect it to be so near to my office. Is just about 100m or less than 10mins walk from my office bldg.

    Looking forward to attending this BIG event and who will be our this year’s SHC Super Star ??

  287. Dennis Wee,
    I need your help. Can you please, please help me pay for the talentime dinner and I will pay you cash when we meet for MJ today at Janet’s? I don’t have the transfer facility and have to go to the ATM to do that, which I can’t do at the moment.
    Thanks very much.

  288. Wow wow $17 mio richer and it’s only the beginning !! I hv got very good contacts like Than BoSwe, George Bust, Goddamn Brown who will not only launder for you but return yr money ironed & crisp.

    Mary, heard of “my word is my bond?”. That’s the lingo btwn Terence & me which averts any need to pass him money and that’s also why I hv offered to broker his $17mio till he’s broke. You need to establish credibility with creditworthiness to back it.,,,,,then it’s credit all the way.

  289. hi Mary..
    I can pay for you…if u dont mind, we got ATM machine just downstairs my office,very convenient 🙂

  290. Hey Norlinda, thanks for the offer, but Dennis is obliging me.
    Sweet of you to offer. 🙂

  291. Hi Terence,

    Have transferred $17.oo to your DBS Saving Plus a/c #023-2-036239 on 23/10/07 for Mary Chan. Ref #6365. Please take note

    Thanks, Dennis

  292. No problem Mary…hw cud we missed an ardent supporter like u..hhhhmmm..

    Terence…my buddies are all involve in the making of this most talked about event, how cud i just sit & watch,tak fun lah!..i help to decor also ok..then maybe doll up the female contestants their hair, makeup & groom…boleh pls?

  293. Mary, at 2 a.m. he cant sleep, tugged his bolster btwn his legs & worked on it but still cant sleep so thot of me and sent a single-worded sms – not “chicken” but “ace-whole”.

    Like that, is he more like owl than ow ?

  294. Hi,Terence. I have just transferred $34.00 to your DBS Saver Plus A/C # 023-2-036239 via Internet banking today 23/10/2007. The Reference 729687387208. Plse check. This is for myself and Anne Ng.

    Hi,Susan.Thanks to you and your commitee for a neater way to handle the list of intended participants.Thanks also for the opportunity to to get upgraded – for those on the waiting list.

    Regards ……….. Philip

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