“Life Matters” 27 & 28 July 2013 (Sat & Sun)

An initiative by our founder Terence Seah…
An opportunity to share his vision!

The event is drawing near……

Where and When?
* Venue: Suntec Singapore, Hall 404
* Date: Sat & Sun, 27 & 28 July 2013
* Time: 10am – 8pm
* Cost of standard booth: S$4,500

To increase SHC membership
To add zing
To add more male, to join in club activities

Cash register is now open to receive your contributions:
POSB Savings Account: 542-107-561.  Kindly comment in this thread once transfer is done.


1)  Yew Kwong                $100  (gave)
2)   Gabriella Chua          $100  (gave)
3)   SusanCH Tan            $100  (gave)
4)   Jacqueline Wong      $100  (gave)
5)   Irene Poh                   $100  (gave)
7)   Rosalind Lee             $100  (gave)
8)   Judy Lim                    $100  (gave)
9)   Leon Lau Eng Seng   $50   (gave)
10) Mary Chan                 $100  (gave)
11) Alice Seah                  $25   (gave)
12) Mary Tan                    $50   (gave)
13) Lilian Teo                    $100 (gave)
14) Goh Ah Lam               $100 (gave)
15) Maureen Lee              $50   (gave)
16) Chan Bee Ling           $150 (gave)
17) Charles Chua             $100 (gave)
18) Jenny Lee                   $50   (gave)
19) Jassmine Teo             $50   (gave)
20) Ann Lim                      $50  (gave)
21) Anonymous                $500 (gave)
22) Anonymous                $200 (gave)

23) Anonymous                $200 (gave)

24) Anonymous                $100 (gave)

25) Kenneth Tan               $100 (gave)

26) Dorine Tan                  $20   (gave)

27) Anonymous                $150 (gave)

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67 thoughts on ““Life Matters” 27 & 28 July 2013 (Sat & Sun)

  1. Hi Chris: Just transferred $100 ref: 11041606981.

    Just want to take this opportunity to reciprocate Terence’s unwavering effort to bring us oldies together for free – without this SHC platform we wont be enlarging our network of friends at SHC functions and the spin-offs at smaller group makan makan sessions, travels, now the Taipei Night big do that’s coming, social dancing, etc. It’s time for us to show something. Thanks, Terence. Appreciate it very much.

  2. Hi Christina

    I’ve just transferred $100 to the above acct. (ref: 3452). Done at the ATM machine at Tampines Mall.

    Hi Terence/Christina

    I can help to man the booth on Sat, 27 July from 3 – 6 pm.


  3. Thank you to the members who have offered to contribute to the booth during Life Matters at Suntec.

    In the meantime, an issue has cropped up quite strongly, as to why many members do not wish to contribute to the cost of the booth. There is one view which is the cost of the booth is too expensive, and that there are other ways to increase our membership. There is another view and that is why do we need to increase our membership. The current membership is sufficient, and that if there are more members, there is less to go around.

    SPH will be conducting a briefing session for all exhibitions and booth participants on the 3 July 2013. At that time, we will have to make pre-payment. It is still not too late if we wish to withdraw.

    Please share your views. No right or wrong. Be frank about it. If there is a strong indication from the membership that we should not do this membership drive, I will definitely consider.

    OR you can take a little survey here. http://silverhairsclub.com/?p=7906
    Follow the results, after you have done your vote. Your name is not required. Only one vote per computer.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence/Christina
    I have transferred $100 to the above acct. (ref: 8526). Done at the ATM machine at T Payoh C Br1l.

    I will make myself be available to help to man the booth on 27 & 28 July. Let’s discuss further about the timing..

  5. Hi Terence

    This exhibition can be a good way to recruit more new members for SHC if you want to increase the membership. Application forms can be filled up on the spot and approved immediately?

    Another alternative, albeit cheaper, can be a write-up in the newspapers (viz: Straits Times) which has a wide readership. Perhaps, you can be interviewed by a reporter to publicise SHC in the papers. This will have a wide coverage of potential members. Contact numbers can be publicised for the public (above 45 years) who are interested to join in the activities as members. Free and cheap publicity ~

    My 1 cent worth…. haha

    Good Luck & cheerssssssssssssss

  6. Let me play the devil’s advocate again. This is one time I hope I will lose the case. The jury is out there.

    An activity is organised. The EO said participation is limited to 50 places.

    If there are 1000 members, and assuming 10% are interested in the activity, the chance of getting a place is 1:2 or 50%
    If there are 2000 members, the chance drops to 1:4.
    If 3000, the chance is 1:6
    Why do I want more members?

  7. Hi Daniel

    LIKE ~

    Then, we must ballot … similar to getting a place for your Pr 1 kid in a ‘top’ school in Singapore.


  8. Hi

    Further to my comments above, I don’t think we’ll ever reach such a stage.

    Just look at the deplorable number of men who registered for the Men’s Night on 2.7.13! Only 7 men have registered. Where are the rest?

    Perhaps, the success on the ‘sowing of the seed’ rule applies here ~ viz: the more seeds you sow, the chances of one seed growing into a plant are greater 🙂

    Just for laughs…….


  9. Hi Gab. Indeed, where have all the “flowers” gone? But the Men’s Night is not a good example. We DID ever reached such a stage for other extravaganzas, e.g. the “CNY Lo-Hei” in February and the coming “Taipei Cabaret” where you juggle frantically with the tables and seats. Of course there are ways to deal with overwhelming “subscription”. My point is, in terms of resource-availability, more means less as far as membership in any Club is concerned.

    I still wish I am proven wrong.

  10. Hi Christina
    I’ve just transferred $100.01 to the above account. Pls check.
    Thank you.

    hi Terence/Christina
    I shall able to man the booth on Sat, 27 July morning.

  11. Hi there,

    your contributions has been updated!
    Should any names be omitted, please let me know.

    TQ and ta ta!

  12. Thank you everybody who has contributed to the cost of the booth during Life matters. Although I am getting different signals from a number of members re this membership drive, I strongly feel that it is in the interest of SilverHairsClub and members that we increase our membership to a much higher level.

    Many members have expressed their non-support because they feel the cost of this membership drive is far too high, and that we should considered adopting other lower costs options.

    Many members have also expressed that this is not the way we should increase our membership. Instead, they strongly feel we should adopt a direction towards to paying Club.

    Please make your votes, as we will close end of this June. We can then decide how to read and analyse the results.

    Meantime, I feel a major membership drive is important. Being in close touch with the Club and its activties since we start in 2005, there are many reasons why we should increase our mass. I am sure you too would feel the same too. In fact, I am glad, though surprised, that quite a number of members feel the current membership strength is sufficient.

    All new memberships will close 25 July 2013 under current application procedures.

    With effect from 26 July 2013, all new membership applications will have a new procedure and will come under another database. Here, members will have clearer interest groups classifications, allowing us to profile our membership better.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the way the database is being designed, all OLD members before 25 July 2013, will have to reapply to join the new membership database. I saw the new database in action recently, and I think different interest groups can benefit and enjoy a bigger and closer group of new friends and members.

    I therefore encourage you to do your vote, and also to contribute and/or volunteer your services during Life Matters.

    For those who are unclear, please note I have decided to proceed with this membership drive via participation at Life Matters, even though I may have to absorb the difference. We have already crossed the time deadline, set by SPH organisers.

    Have fun guys and gals.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Christina/Terence
    I pledge $50 to this cause. Will make e-transfer asap. Consider using social media – good and cheap.
    May drop by booth on 27th a.m.

  14. Hi Christina! Did the transfer this morning.

    Details as follow:-
    Date of transfer – Friday 28th June 2013
    Time – 10.59
    Location – BDK RSVR/6168
    Transaction No : 3629
    Amt transferred – S$100.00


  15. Hi Christina
    I made a transfer of $50 to your account today. Ref no.5534. Pl confirm receipt. TQ 🙂

  16. Hi,
    Contributions received from 26 to 29June:
    Charles Chua
    Jenny Lee
    Jassmine Teo
    Rosalind Lee

    List has been updated!

  17. OOOPS Terence, apologies. Just logged in and realised what day it is today. I will do the transfer this evening. Pai seh, pai seh.
    I will help at the booth too.

  18. Terence, Where and what time will the briefing on the 3rd of July, take place?
    Also, how do I reapply for my membership? I have been so busy I haven’t been keeping up to date. Sorry about that.

  19. Hi Chris,
    I’ve made a transfer of $50/- this morning ref 4648.
    Just a small token of appreciation for this free platform which have benefit me in
    many ways.

  20. Contributions received on Jul 01 + 02:
    Alice Seah $25.00
    Ann Lim $50.00
    Mary Chan $100

    AliceS: sorry tt the amount seems to change 3 times (hope no one noticed that hehe). I have checked and checked and tested several times, trust it will not act funny again…. haha

    Token contribution received as at 03Jul/4.15pm = S$1,375.01… more 2 come!

    • Hi everybody,

      I attend the brief by SPH yesterday with SusanTan, After weighing all the pros and comments, I have decided to proceed with taking up a booth at Life Matters for the purpose of driving up our membership. From today, we will make other announcements as to our participation at the Suntex Expo.

      This is now confirmed.

      Terence Seah

  21. Thank you Ann, and members who have contributed to the cost of the booth at Suntec. Today, I received an anonymous member who has contributed $500 to the cost of this membership drive. This member appreciates the objective of the membership drive. Christina, the amount will be forward to your account today. And, thank you to this member.

    Daniel Chan has offered to be in charge of media requirements. He is currently preparing a flyer which we will print for distribution on the day. Daniel will also prepare the contents for the advertising which will be published in the Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao and Shin Min. Besides the advertisements, he will also prepare a coupon which will be published as part of the Expo give aways, in the Straits Times Classifieds. Thank you Daniel for your help.

    A number of members have offered to help out at the booth, to man the booth. This will be in two hour slots, on Sat and Sun. Each slot will have a team lead, and will engage members of the public as well as our own members who have come over to the booth. Should you be able to help, please write to me.

    We also have programs during some of the time slots. Yew Kwong has offered to take a slot to be at the booth to present the cycling activities. Thomas Lau will also come and present some origami and card games. Sompho from Thailand will be present for one hour to do a sing along of English and Thai songs. We are allowed some soft music, although we cannot be too noisy. So come along to the sing alongs.

    Many EOs have submitted two photographs which will be enlarged for pasting on to the boards, on the inside of the booth. This will showcase the activities of the EOs.

    We are targetting to have a busy booth, with both existing and new members interacting with one another. More details coming up. Again as usual, your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

    Terence Seah

  22. Contributions update:
    Yew Kwong $100.00

    Token contribution received as at 05Jul/ 3.15pm = S$1,475.01…and counting! 😀

  23. Terence, I understand if any existing member does not re-apply for membership he/she will have his/her membership terminated? Can you please confirm if membership fees will be charged and if so, the amount?

    Thank you

    • Hi Rosalind,

      Thank you for your query.
      It will remain a policy of SilverHairsClub not to charge membership fees.

      As the Club looks at more and bigger activities, we will look at other ways to fund our needs.

      As to the other question, membership won’t be terminated. However, we are making our database more useful, so that we can identify cyclists, walkists, badminton players, chit chatters, dancers, etc. To benefit from this exercise, members have to join the new database. This is being worked out by our guys in Chenai. I expect it to be finished this month.

      Hope this answers.

      Terence Seah

  24. ‘aye ‘aye Terence, noted.

    6July seems to be a RED date, it brought 2 anonymous contributors!

    Contributions received as at 8Jun 2.20pm:
    Anonymous 1 $500
    Anonymous 2 $200.

    Total in this cash register: S$2,175.01

  25. The Suntec Life Matters expo is coming up soon. A number of members oif volunteered to man the booth.. These Boonth-in-charge will look after the booth for 2 hours, chat with the public, give up flyers and also provde other helpers with additional membership flyers.

    Please click on the manpower list, and if you can help man the booth, do let us know. and the time that you can be available. Assistant helpers are also welcome. We need about 4-5 assistant helpers per two hour slot, to be at the booth. Helpers and Booth-in-charge will be provided with a sticky SHC logo patch, which can be attached to your T-shirt or even sewn on.

    For EO and ECs if you wish to take a one-hour slot to present your activity, you are also welcome. The slots are limited, so the quicker you let me know the better.

    The booth is not big, but we can have singalong. So, a soft singalong is acceptable is acceptable, to avoid being kicked off by the organisers.

    Please click on the manpower table now.

    Terence Seah

  26. Jassmine, our Flea lady, will be at the booth E14 on Friday, a day before the Expo starts. She will be there at 2.30 pm to help decorate the internal walls of the booth. Many EOs and some ECs have offered to send me digital pictures. These pictures will be enlarged, and placed on the walls. Jassmine is very creative, and she will help create a fun environment on the walls.

    If you like to have your activity pictures on the walls, please email me asap. preferably high resolution pictures.

    Meantime, Yew Kwong is creating a video of the cycling activity, while Hew Lee is thinking of do a presentation slides of SHC and activities. So, if you have something on your mind, this is the time.

    Terence Seah

  27. wow wow ,

    after so long bo talk 3 talk 4…now a bit eng liao…..

    so bro terence , my name not in de list liao hor…….

    pls advise lor……

    bro sam goh

  28. We have just update the manpower table with members who are Booth-in-charge, presenters, and helpers. For those who are supporting the cycling team, please be present at the entrance at about 0930 hrs on Sat and Sun.

    Sam Huat has come back to offer his attention services. he will be at Suntec on Saturday 1600 – 2000 hours and helping Mary Chan.

    I hope the walking team will take advantage of this membership drive to get more interested people in walking. Over to Christina and co_EOs.

    if you like mahjong and like to form more mahjong teams, and can bring your own table and chairs and mahjong set, we may allow a two hour slot for mahjong, with no money involved, or the police will come after us.

    Line Dancefs are allow invited to participate, if we can keep our noise down.

    Social dancers too. So far, no takers.

    Calling other hobbyists and Interest groups, please take up this opportunity as we are closing fast.

    To see the manpower and schedule, click on the table in the Post.

    Terence Seah

  29. Daniel Chan is SHC media spokesman. He definitely can speak on behalf of all of us. This is also an important responsibility, as I am not in Singapore most of the Time.

    Well, he has prepared two advertisements for us which will be published in the Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao and Shin Min. One in English and one in Chinese. Thank you Daniel and also Susan Tan. Have a look, click on it to enlarge. If you spot any mistake, please share it. We had a bit of internal discussion over the pictures, as to whether they are too young or too old to represent us, silverHairsClub members. What do you think?

    Thank you to all contributors who have made this membership drive possible.

    Terence Seah

  30. Regarding the English advertisement, my opinion is the line ‘Or doing nothing’ is not necessary. It affects the positive tone of the ad. negatively. In its place we can have ‘ join the silver hair club’ (I think the objective of the ad is missing)

    For the line ‘Or all the above’ I think add ‘do’ after ‘Or ‘ is grammatical because the 4 phrases above it all start with a verb.

    2- ct’s worth

  31. “Doing nothing” is an enjoyment to many people.
    Some people feel good doing nothing (obviously) and we want to attract such people. At our age, we don’t have to pretend to be busy and/or active.

    “Or all the above” does not need another verb, because each line already comprises 2 verbs. Adding the word “do” means “do sing and dance” etc, which is grammatically wrong.

    Thanks for the inputs.

  32. The way I interpreted the advertisement, I saw encouragement/ persuasion/invitation… to do this or that. The sixth “Doing nothing” I didn’t realize is to be understood as an encouragement? to do nothing. Do we want some ppl to join SHC and “doing nothing”?

    The 5th phrase “Or all the above” does not have a verb. Without a verb, it’s no longer clear what’s to be done with “all the above”

    And the objective of the advertisement? Is it to be left as implicit?

    2-ct’s worth

  33. TREAT this as a multiple choice question in an application form. After options A, B and C; option D is “All the above”. Strictly speaking, any English teacher will dutifully say NEVER start a sentence with the word OR. But using a piece of advertisement to demonstrate one’s grammar proficiency is far from ideal. We can discuss the intricacies and controversies of English grammar at another time with a better grade article. Meanwhile, we can challenge each other by spotting “grammar mistakes” in advertisements.

    In any club, organisations or associations, 90% of members are “not doing anything”. SHC is no exception. Of course this is not possible in absolute term, because when you breathe, you are already doing something. In our context it means not joining any of our activities. While we encourage people to join, we certainly do not dismiss those who do not. We are not here to make a religiously or politically correct statement. When you compete with 50 other advertisers for attention, you have to be different. Simply praising your products or services will get you nowhere. Being different in an advertisement serves to attract, to arouse, to instigate and to provoke.

    If anything, I think I have succeeded, even if for the “wrong” reason.

    • Hi Daniel, Jassmine, and others,

      For years, I participate in the editorial and advertising media in countries like China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Singapore. China advertising is boring, many years ago, you wont want to see the advertisements even if you are 20 tables away. Hong Kong and Taiwan advertisements are just bang on, ding ding tong tong, stars and drums all to get your attention. India advertisements, they all just try sing and dance, eye to eye, again drawing all the juices out of you. Myanmar advertising, no difference in all the advertisements. I just love Thailand advertisements, they are creative and you cant believe how funny they are. Singapore advertisements are the most practical, sensible and meaningful, full of logic.

      I read Daniel’s text for our advertisements. At first, I did not agree with it, in my heart. Then, I realise it draws the readers. It’s simple and yet it’s funny. We do not know what ST,
      SM or LHZB readers are really. We will know the response in two weeks.

      Terence Seah

  34. Hi ChristinaCL,

    Two members are making an anonymous contribution of $100 each to the cost of the booth share as part of our membership drive. I am aware who they are, but will respect their anonymous requests.

    Thank you to the contributors.

    Terence Seah

  35. Hi Terence

    I’ll be able to help man the booth on Sat from 4 – 6 pm. Will help to distribute flyers, share and mingle with members of the public – in attendance only.

    Pl advise if this is OK? Tks.


  36. Contributions received:
    15 Jul 2013  Anonymous S$100.00 
    15 Jul 2013  Anonymous S$200.00 
    12 Jul 2013  Leon Lau S$50.00 
    09 Jul 2013  Mary Tan   S$50.00 

    Total in this cash register: S$2,575.01 as at 16Jul 11.45am.

  37. As per our schedule, Sompho will be coming to the Suntec Life matters show from 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs on Saturday. He will be bringing along a guitar.

    The songs he will strum for us are:
    Handy man
    Love will keep us alive
    Have you ever seen the rain
    More than I can say
    Leaving on a jet plane

    2-3 more songs on the way.
    He will prepare the lyrics if someone can sing them. Anyone?
    He said he will do his best. If you are coming to this session, please let us have your name here.

    Those who are planning to join Terence and Sompho fore next trip to cold Thailand can meet him at the show.

    Terence Seah

  38. I just received an anonymous contribution of $150 to the cost of our membership drive at Life Matters next Sat and Sun, which is drawing very close. Christina, please take note.

    We will be very busy over the two days, engaging the public and other seniors over 45. We may also have corporate members we would like to seek an association or cooperation with the SilverHairsClub.

    This Sunday, Susan and Daniel will be organising a briefing for the Booth-in-charge and other helpers at the booth at 4pm at Hans Cafe, Upper Pickering.

    A schedule of assistance and helpers by members is up on this post. Should you be able to help in any way to be at the booth, meet the public, please put your name here. All help to raise our membership will be very important in the coming months .
    I shall be asking Susan to take over the schedule of help. So, please do drop your name here.

    Terence Seah

  39. A peek into what’s coming up on Day 1, 27 July – the Cycling Group, led by Loh Yew Kwong, is going to give a big bang to our activities at SHC booth – first thing in the morning. What a golden chance for SHC to show its presence even before the show begins. 6 riders in SHC polos will stand-by at the entrance of the Exhibition Hall 405-406 at 9.30 am and flag-off to our booth, just before the opening of the whole Exhibition.

    Thank you, Yew Kwong and your cycling buddies for taking the lead and do this very important role – what better way than this to give SHC mileage in promoting the Club to other visitors who will be gathering at the entrance for the Exhibition to start.

    To the other members of SHC, especially the rest of the Cycling Group, but I heard they are already planning to go – kindly give your support by coming down to cheer them on and enjoy the company and camaraderie. Helpers are still much pathetically needed – see so many “lobangs” in the Duty Roster. I know SHC members always do last-minute registration to walks, meeting at Han’s, everything, but Terence’s black hair will surely turn Silver-grey waiting and waiting for better news than this. By the way, Terence, did you dye your hair? Really or not you didnt dye?

  40. I will be there throughout the 2 days to contribute not in kind but in time and energy. This should be a great opportunities for each and every member to play a part.
    Terence, how do you intend to sign up new member. Log in on the spot and register? That’s would require us to lug our notebooks, laptops, ipad, Sumsung Note or wat not.
    Wonder if it a good idea i go around offering free hugs, not so much for the general public but also for myself.

  41. Hi Dan,

    Am I glad to hear this from you. I was about to put up the time slots desperately needing beefing up for the Helpers:

    Sat 27 July: 12 noon – 2.00 pm
    2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
    4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
    6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

    Sun 28 July: 12 noon – 2.00 pm
    2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
    4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
    6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

    Also calling out Origami hobbyists, can you help to contribute your folded models (unopened) – we are giving out Free origami models to new sign-ups, to as many visitors as possible,while stocks last. Please bring them down or let me know how you may send to me. Any simple model will do – Thomas Lau our origami
    master who is taking charge who showcase his models so you will see a myraid of colours on the wall of the booth. Can you picture the SHC booth in the eyes of the visitors?

    Jassmine is the person in charge with all the decorations and some of us are coming down on Friday to lend support.

    Now is all systems go! Let’s put our negatives away and move on, since we are on the way.


    1 Helpers wanted – at least 10
    2 Origami models to be given FOC to visitors to SHC booth

    Thanks and Cheers, Everyone!

  42. Alamak, Eng Seng, I just your comment on a different Post. Glad to see your support. Of course I will quickly ink it down – your roster slot. Great!

    Hope to have more members falling in, please.


  43. PS: “Odd-jobbers” also needed to fold the flyers cos we’re having 10,000 in print. If you are coming down, please “gotong royong” boleh – many hands make light work, as they say. My hands will be stiffened by the origamis that I’ll be doing so I dont know whether they’ll be cramped by then!

  44. Hey Susan CH Tan,
    Can I help fold flyers (even thru the night) on Wed to Fri if I can do that at home while looking after my 1yr old granddaughter cos I cant physically be at Suntec to help ley.

  45. The membership drive is our biggest since we started the Club in 2005. If this is the Club that you want to be with for many years to come, simple register your here that you are coming. Your presence will add noise and vibrance to the Club. We will have a small booth, and your coming will just made us stand up.

    Bring your friends and families along, and meet other SHC members. Look out for Yew Kwong and the cycling team, at the stroke of 9.55 am. Thomas Lau, our origamist. Sompho from Thailand to serinade oldies in the event. Come look out for the walking leader.

    Time to ask questions, I look forward to seeing your name here. Show our presence as SHC members.

    Terence Seah

  46. As usual, I want to be the “bad” guy. These may or may not be FAQs….
    But good to be prepared. When you answer, please pretend that you are answering a total stranger and not me.

    1. Why no need to pay for membership?
    2. Who is in charge? Is there a committee?
    3. Is your Club registered?
    4. What are you doing this for?
    5. How many members do you have now?
    6. How do you verify the age if members sign up via online?
    7. I want to sign up right now. May I?
    8. I don’t have a computer/email address – how?
    9. I am a businessman. Can I offer discounts to your members?
    10. ?????, ??????????
    (I dunno English…can you explain in Chinese?)

  47. Pearl, any kind of help is most welcome – great motivator to others around, as you have always been. But Terence is in charge of the flyers – he said he will bring them down to Suntec on Friday and we will be there from 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm to beautify Booth E14. If you can have someone to collect and return them on your behalf, I’ll see what the Chief says.

    Anybody free on Friday, just come and help. We need some fun there too! Please try not to come too late, otherwise got nothing to do.

    Thanks, please keep the queries coming.

  48. Contributions received:
    22 Jul 2013  ITR  Anonymous S$150.00 
    20 Jul 2013  Cash Dorine Tan S$20.00 
    20 Jul 2013  ATR  Kenneth Tan S$100.00 

    Total in this cash register: S$2,845.01 as at 22Jul 4.18 pm.

    • Hi Christina and fellow SHC members,

      While this membership may be against the poll results that we have done recently, I have made the decision to go ahead. This is because I believe that added members will add most huff to our puff. Our EO and EC events will have mass. It is then up to organising members to be more creative. And, hopefully, we balance the sex ratio.

      I like to thank the members, including the anonymous ones, for the recent contributions. This said, if you feel the club benefits you, do contribute in the share of the Suntec booth at Life Matters. Thank you. Thank you Ken and Dorine and to oour anonymous members.

      Terence Seah

  49. Received sms from Kenneth Tan…
    I have transferd $100 to your POSB account in support of Terence and SHC Membership Drive.
    Sat and Sun are the busiest times for me {me, too hehe} will try to drop in.
    Do have a great show!
    Kenneth Tan

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