Monthly walks: Update #4

Dear SHC members,

Due to the current haze situation in SG, we have decided to freeze the scheduled monthly walks (dates as indicated below) so long the PSI is in the unhealthy zone.

fyi, schedule walk dates for the next 3 months are:  13Jul; 24Aug & 14Sep.

Even if the air gets a little better, it will be reviewed.  Should the walk take off, you will hear from us nearer to the scheduled date.

Till then,,,,,,,

Be in good health!

From: The Walk Team

4 thoughts on “Monthly walks: Update #4

  1. Dear All,

    A few days ago, I felt discomfort in my nose; followed by dry, sore throat also felt some congestion therein.
    Last night, when the durian was placed in front of me, I could not resist, maybe ???? mmm… ate only 5 seeds. Gosh, only 5, never ever ate that few seeds! Well, better than watching others … hehe

    This morning, the pain in the throat was gone! The PSI was below 50; but I felt a little breathing discomfort, eyes tearing a little….

    Ah! something to do with the PM2.5!

    What is “P M two point five”? Please click on or type below URL:

    For your reading pleasure:–082333012.html

    The improvement in the air quality was due to the change in the direction of low level winds over Singapore:

    Dr Derrick Heng, Ministry of Health (MOH) group director for public health group, also said that the N95 masks are not certified for use in children, as they do not fit well for them. He added that currently there are no masks on the market suitable for children. That’s because there is no demand for N95 masks for children as such masks are usually manufactured for industrial use. Thus, he said children should remain indoors as much as possible.

    The elderly, those who have respiratory problems, heart disease, stroke or are unwell, are advised to avoid or minimise outdoor activities.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Is our participation on the Life matters still on ?. I cant access to all the comments on this topic. I can make time on Saturday at 3.oo pm and would like to help out manning the booth or distribute the flyers.
    If possible reply me at as I hardly access SHC website and may miss any reply.

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