How to start your own Club or blog, using the example of

The SilverHairsClub was not started as an intended organisation by the original founders.  However, it has progressed itself to be a stable social group, using the internet to gather friends.

There are many ways to start a blog, and making it into a Club.  We use the WordPress application software, host the Club at a major home in Singapore and manage SHC to what it is today.

I intend to show you how this SilverHairsClub is started and taking you through the steps in detail.  This includes buying a name, a space, determining the size, protecting it and making sure it runs every year.

Due to my limited time in Singapore, the course will be for serious members.  Conducted over 3 days during weekends, 4 hours per session.  The workshop will cost no less than $150 per member and $300 per non-member.  This excludes cost of domain names, hosting fees.  Experts will be invited to ensure you get a fully running blog or Club.  Those who wish to learn, without getting a name and hosting, pay only the min $150.  At the end of the couse, you will know what makes SHC ticks and what does it costs to run SHC as a Club.

The course starts in Nov for 3 consecutive weeks.  Those who registers and pays before 31 Aug 2013 gets a 15% discount.  Those who cancel by 31 Oct gets a 80% refund.  No computers provided.

Covers venue, trainers, lunch, tea and training materials.

Interested, please register here.

Terence Seah

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