Free Music at Loysel’s Toy (Cafe), 66 Kampong Bugis on Sunday, 25 August 2013 11am to 3pm

If you want to eat out this Sunday or just want to hang out with friends for a cuppa, do drop by.  Music is free for customers of the cafe.  No cover charge.  Just pay for your meal and drinks.

I’ll be there.  See you!

Caroline Gee

10 thoughts on “Free Music at Loysel’s Toy (Cafe), 66 Kampong Bugis on Sunday, 25 August 2013 11am to 3pm

  1. Hi Caroline

    I googled the venue and realised I have read about it in the cyclist journals. It is popular amongst the expats and cyclists. I think it is also in the same vicinity as the pot-luck picnic that was EOed by Rosalind last year?

    Thanks for sharing. I will be there.

    See you this Sunday. 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Loysel’s Toy cafe is a good place for friends hangouts. Nice place and ambience. I like the place and often i go there for the coffee and the almond croissants.

    I will be there around 1pm.

  3. Hi Lily

    Great that you will be coming. Looking forward to your presence.

    Btw, the musicians play for free. The cafe owners give them a platform for free to share their music. Whatever you purchase is the price of the food and no entertainment charge aded on to the price thats why its called “free music”.


  4. Hi Geraldine

    This is a series of a community project and this is their first stop. There will be more to come so hopefully, the next date will be good for you.


  5. Hi Lin

    Good to hear from you and sharing your knowledge of the place. So that makes it three of us who will be having agreat time.

    As for those who have nothing on this Sunday, do drop by.


  6. Yay, Lin – long time no see. Good to catch you with you.
    Carly, I’ll be there around 1.30 pm (may be with my daughter if she can wake up for church).

    See you gals soon.

  7. Yes, Caroline, hopefully the next date does not clash with other appointments.

    This is a good way to bring people together; after all, music is THE universal language…………

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