Reflections of My Life

This morning I woke up feeling very contented.  Glad that we need not bring out our guns and parangs.  United we stand.

I was doing my household chores and I suddenly felt melancholic but I overcame it and was inspired to write something. I have logged off from my broom and dustpan.

When I first joined SHC, I was full of anticipation, sceptic, eager, doubtful – a mixed kind of feelings.

When I shared what I went through in life in the general forum, people said I was seeking sympathy when all I wanted was for people who had gone through the same knocks as me could come and share and talk about it so they know they are not alone.

When I stood up for my friends, I am called kaypoh and when I became a committee member, I was called a bitch.  But its alright.

I have gone through worst.  I can take all these name callings.  Thats why in the latest episode, I told myself what can be worst? Thats why I was not upset and try to do my best to cross the obstacles.

Three weeks time will be the 10th death anniversary of my hubby. He was everything a woman would ask for in a man.  But alas! he was taken away from me too soon.  But life goes on when you have your family and friends. I have heard of women who just waste away after they were widowed.  But I chose to live for the people around me, although I was suicidal at one point immediately after his death.

What made me strong?  My family and my friends.  My family comprising my three lovely daughters, (now including my grandson and son-in-law) my sisters and their families. They took care of me when I needed them.  And my good friends who were there for me too.

Why I kee chiu to be an SHC Committee member?  Not because I want to be a bitch or a kaypoh. Its because I always remembered how the club has helped me in the 7 years I am here. After my mum passed on, three years after my hubby, I was so lost until I chanced upon the SHC website and registered to be a member. I made many friends, now some of whom are my buddies. They gave me the shoulder to cry on and the hugs I needed.  These were just a phone call away.  The opportunity to meet new people, to participate in varied actitivities.  The exercise I get with the Walk and Cycling groups, the camaradarie at picnics, makan sessions, dancing, singing, chit chats, training etc.  The opportunity to show off my baking and cooking skills to my buddies and friends.  The chance to do charity work at these events.  It made my going easier and happier.

So when Terence called out for volunteers, I jumped at it.  I am glad he did not reject my application.  He told me that the going will be time consuming,  tedious and tough for the next two years.  Yes, I know and I am prepared.

Have to go and log on to my broom  and dustpan before they go sleep and I will need to restart.  heeee!

p.s.  I clean my own home to get some exercise and what do I do with the $50 saved? I go for a foot relfexology. Talking about killing two birds with one stone……the good things in life!  A beautiful and lovely saturday everyone!


12 thoughts on “Reflections of My Life

  1. Caroline,

    I like the hands up approach. And, I am glad you and a few many others got into the cockroach home. And, for members, it is in my opinion that someone with the hands up usually does a very good job. The person is usually someone who is responsible and completes the job from start to end.

    My experience with approaching someone, who has not hands-up , usually lands me in a position where the person sets terms for me. In most cases, i set the scenario and the person decides if he/she can accept the job or the role. SHC is a social organisation, with one single objective. After 8 years of operation, SHC has seen the strengths of being free, although in reality, nothing costs nothing in Singapore.

    On this note, I like to take advantage of Caroline’s reflection, and ask all members to do one EO activity during the lifetime of your membership which is free. EO activities are for everybody in the Club. As i have handed over the Club operations and many management tasks to the Committee, I am glad that we have the opportunity to see creative and new imagination to SHC.

    So, if any members wants to organise a big EO event, and no sure what to do, consult Dolly at She is not responsible for organising EO events, although as an individual member, she can. She is responsible for ensure that SHC has more EO events and that these EO events are generally within Club acceptance. What that means I leave it to the new committee.

    Caroline, I am very glad you find yourself a new life in SHC. I hope everybody will do too.

    Enjoy your SilverHairs ahead.

    Terence Seah

  2. Caroline, …reading your life reflection s …reminds me of a quote ‘ I am grateful to the people whose LOVE and KINDNESS provided warmth to my heart’.

  3. Dear Carly,

    Glad to know you and better thru your reflections. Thanks for being you and appreciate the newly formed committee. Cheers!

    Best regards,

  4. 10 likes for you, Caroline! . After reading your post, I felt you are a much stronger person.. No more “hum pow” you used to cry easily… Hehe…A very positive way at looking at life…. Yes, life is short! Be happy & stay healthy!

  5. Thank you buddy, Terence, Charles, Janie, Lydia and Sue for your kind words. I will try to do my job well and not disappoint.

    I am always grateful for my family, friends and the little things that mean a lot to me in my life.

    Haha! Sue, you remember the hum baotello of many years ago.

    Cheers my friends


  6. What can I say, Caroline, except to say it makes me teary reading your reflection.

    We are in the same boat; being called a bitch. Does it matter? No. The person doing this is a bigger bitch – full of jealousy, feels threatened and is insecured.

    Yes, just focus on your loved ones and dear frens and live life to the fullest.

  7. Thanks for your very warm and honest sharing Carly. Though I may not know you yet I am glad you have made it through those hard times and have emerged with a new appreciation for life. I am still not quite familiar with the club yet, but sure am glad it did you so much good. – Shawn

  8. Sorry to make you teary Geraldine. Yes, people can call me what they like.

    Thank you Shawn. Yes, I appreciate life and I wake up every morning, thankful I have another day to live my life to the fullest. Participate in more SHC activities so you will get to make more friends. Better still, be an EO (Event Organiser).


  9. Yes Carly, actually I feel exactly the same way about life too! No problem, sure can try my hand at that when I am more familiar with the workings of the club and at least get to know a few of the member.

    Warm cheers!

  10. Great Shawn! Looking forward to you organising an activity for members. If you are unsure about how to go about doing it, you can always approach any of the committee members for guidelines and tips. And yes, this is one of the best ways to get to know more members.


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