Karaoke in JB – 13 Sep (Fri) 8.30am – 3.00pm

Dear Friends (and new members of SHC),

Karaoke is one of our popular pastimes, if you notice the postings on activities being organized.

This Friday, 13 Sep, we have a small group going in. Payment not needed at this point – just pay during registration at the Karaoke club. And wait, we welcome new members to join us too – please don’t be shy. Even one or two is most welcome.

Karaoke venue: Neway Karaoke Box @ City Square, JB (within walking distance from JB Customs)
Fri 13 Sep: 8.30 am – 3.00 pm
Happy Hour Rates: S$10.00± per person (includes 1 good meal + 1 drink)
Meeting Point: Kranji Mrt. Take bus to JB.
Meeting Time: 8.30 am
Karaoke booking time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Number: Any size from 2 – 20 persons
If 20 persons, can book 2 VIP rooms (10 to a room)
If 2 only – one tiny room lor.
Whether it’s 2 or 20, VIP room or pigeon-hole cubicle, it’s still S$10± per person.

Simple Breakfast at own expense at JB City Square.

Hope that you are interested to join us.
Please register by this Thursday, 2.00 pm. Thanks.

Susan CH + Ann Lim

ps Oh, am I supposed to put in our names first? Here goes.

1. Susan CH
2. Ann Lim
3. Richard Lean
4. Bobby Bok
5. Daisy Yeo
6. Myra Chia
7. May Woo
8. Theresa Seow
9. Bessie Lam
10. Judy Lim
11. Cat Ho
12. Cross fingers hope for more – the more the merrier!

23 thoughts on “Karaoke in JB – 13 Sep (Fri) 8.30am – 3.00pm

  1. Alamak, this Ann is so shy one. She wants me to come out and face everybody but she is very busy behind doing all the running around hahaaaaaa. And now telling me to update the list so I must listen to her else I cannot go for the karaoke. So I must beat the drum and do the roll call.

    Richard “Lane” thanks for being the first one in the pecking order. You are great to start the ball rolling and give us good business. Thank you, thank you!

    Bobby, thanks also for registering. You’ll love the fish and chips but I hope they wont shrink them, cos things are getting smaller and smaller these days.

    Bibi Daisy Yeo, alamak what took you so long. If you dont want to sing but shop please dont shop till you drop – be sure to come back and plonk yourself on the nice big sofa at the karaoke room and do share your goodies that you will buy along the way.

    I hope more will come trooping in and we will have more fun. Dont be shy leh, come out can?

  2. Hello Susan + Ann

    Pls include me. As with Daisy, will not be singing but both of us will go round shop shop, look see, look see, eat eat, drink drink, and relaxing with a massage.
    Ha ha ha!


  3. Welcome on board, Myra! Thanks for signing in. This will be fun. Dont just look-see, must buy and bring over for the crooners ok? Ahem, no lah, just talking crap.

    Just a lil reminder – Ann needs to book the room by Thursday why the timeline (good replacement word for deadline, see).

    Procrastinators, please wait no more. Come lah.

  4. Hi Susan and Ann

    Thank you for arranging this event.

    Hey Susan, I can hear you calling loud and clear la. Let me be the lucky ‘7’. I will join you all about 1030. I will make my own way there. Please let me know which floor is the karaoke (near which shop, eatery, etc)

    Thank you 🙂
    Regards, maywoo

  5. Hi May & Theresa,

    Thank you for your support. I’ll ask Ann and get back to you, May.

    Since you are so “eng”, we’ll find some work for you – no Treasurer’s work for you but how about DJ? Just talking wu-liao only, you know. Just show up, goyang kaki also can, and enjoy, TGIF!

  6. Susan,

    Great initiative to have a Karaoke in JB. When you are there, please take a few pictures of that place. I too would like to go there. I have still not found the place for our intended orgy.

    Karaokes are fun. Good training ground for Talentimes.

    Terence Seah

  7. Dear Susan/Ann,

    Oh yeah, my works had smoothly done and glad that Management just approved my leave.

    Would like to get out the stresses in works and enjoyed the fun gathering on Friday the 13.

    However I will meet all of you at the City Square instead of Kanji Mrt as I found that inconvenient for me to travel all the ways to west, I will take the public transport from Queen Street in

  8. Hi Judy, wah you are the perfect No. 10, timing so zhun some more. Now we all can book VIP room liao, haiyo xie xie ni.

    And Chief, you can just sit back, drink your martini on the rocks – enjoy your dream. Cheers Toast toast (clink clink glasses).

  9. Dear Susan & Ann,

    I would like to join though I can’t sing. I’m wondering if it is the same one that my friend used to bring me in last year. They have free breakfast & karaoke. We have to pay for our lunch which is set menu of M$12-M20 plus! Maybe there’s a change in managment.
    Please wait for me. I suppose we have to wait just outside the MRT station?
    Judy & Ann know me. Thus if I’m the odd one out, I can always do my own shopping!
    Tku for organising.
    Cat Ho

  10. Hello Cat,

    Meet us Kranji MRT control station and we can start together after that. Don’t forget to bring your Malaysian currency or go change now, there’s still time. Sometimes I myself forget to change money.

    Nice place there, isn’t it? I think we’re really going to have fun!

    See ya & Cheers!

  11. Hi Cat,
    Welcome, welcome, great to have your company !
    Please meet us at Kranji MRT tomorrow 8.30am sharp.
    We shall take a bus across the causeway for a yummy breakfast
    before proceeding for karaoke/shopping/massage. Btw, lunch
    is included in the karaoke package (RM15++pax).

    We shall end the event with a sumptuous dinner before heading
    home !. Cheers…

  12. Dear Susan & Ann,

    Thank you for organising the JB trip & Kók. Indeed, I’d enjoyed myself so much.
    I would never forget all the bus trips & fun we’d had.
    I met a few new friends like Theresa, Bessy, Myra, Bessy, May,Adeline & Richard.
    Thank goodness for the angels that He sent to me to keep me company.
    Of course, I’d my old friends with me like Judy, Bobby & Daisy!
    Thank goodness for friends lest life would be boring!
    Till we meet again in the next activity or trip together!
    Happy Lantern Festival to all in SHC!
    Cat Ho

  13. Hi Susan + Ann

    Thanks so much for organising this Karaoke session.

    Both of you are really fantastic – having to count heads, money for bus fares etc and making sure that no one is missing from the group. Perhaps you might carry a flag next time. Ke ke ke.

    I enjoyed myself tremendously, especially with the yummy lotus soup and fish & chips. I think it is really good value for money. And Ann, we both really enjoyed the cheap and delicious Nasi-Lemak breakfast with free coffee/tea added in at Old Town Coffee House.

    Please count me in the next time you are planning to go in again.

    Cheers & have a pleasant weekend !

    • Thanks ladies. Happy Day for everybody – especially someone who’s pleased as punch with her before-and-after hairlook, a few who went mooncake shopping and the shopaholic who went for her second round at the money changer’s to buy more stuff. After the disappearing act the ladies came trooping in for lunch and started the karaoke programme until dinnertime. Traffic was smooth all the way and by 9.00 pm we were on our way home.

      Ann and I think that we will do another one sometime later and not to miss the famous fishead curry which is a meal to die for.

      And thanks to our bodyguard Bobby always taking last position in the queue for the bus, making sure no chick in the brood has gone astray.

      And Cat, thank goodness for SHC!

  14. Ya…… I’m still nursing a hangover from an intoxicating day……

    The next time round, we should be prepared to be “lemak!”.
    We’re going to have fish head curry aren’t we?

    Stand Up for Ann & Susan…….. they do the best they can…….


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