Monthly Gathering – Wednesday 25 Sep 2013 (4.30-8.30pm)

Dear Members,

The next monthly gathering organised by the SHC Committee is scheduled as follows:

  • Date : Wednesday, 25 September, 2013
  • Time : 1630 to 2030 hrs
  • Venue : Hans Cafe – Great Eastern Bldg, Upp. Pickering St.
  • Charges : Free.  You are free to buy your own F&B at the counter
  • Please bring along your name tag.  If you don’t have one, we will give you a stick-on label
  • Registration required.  Strictly for SHC registered members only
  • Strictly no politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling or MLM

The aim of the monthly gathering is to enable social networking among SHCians for new and old Silverhairs to meet one another for chits, suggestions for any activities and/or what kind of activities that you hope to have – We can discuss there.  We need many ideas and or contributions from everyone to make this club more vibrant…..

Geraldine and Lily will be there at 4.30pm to welcome those early birds while Caroline and Dolly will be there after 6.30pm onwards.

So, come support and start register your participation here now:

  1. Geraldine Ting
  2. Lily Ho
  3. Caroline Gee
  4. Dolly Lim
  5. Catherine Ho
  6. Boon Liang
  7. Peri
  8. Thomas Loh
  9. Sockie
  10. Malcolm
  11. Veronique
  12. Jway
  13. Eileen Thean
  14. Ann Lim
  15. June Chin
  16. Theresa Seow
  17. Grace Wong
  18. Tony Ang
  19. Lina Ng
  20. Hou Chong
  21. Hew Lee
  22. Dorine Tan
  23. Irene Chua
  24. Yew Kwong
  25. Jane Tan
  26. Oi Cheng
  27. Cheng Pun
  28. May Woo
  29. Dave
  30. Fida
  31. Mega
  32. Norlinda
  33. Gingko
  34. Lilian Teo
  35. Shawn Soh
  36. Richard Wong
  37. Karen Thio
  38. Irene Seet
  39. (may drop by)

From the SHC Committee and hope to see you ya…. 🙂
Dolly, Caroline, Geraldine & Lily

67 thoughts on “Monthly Gathering – Wednesday 25 Sep 2013 (4.30-8.30pm)

  1. Yay, I look forward to meeting old and new members at this gathering!

    Don’t be shy, darlings; this is for you (me, too) to gather and have laughter and to relax…………..

    I recall Annie and Johnny Pow attended a monthly gathering when they were a few days old (membership wise) and I believe they have made lots of frens since. Hope to see this lovely couple again!

    The oldies, come along and reconnect. As for new members, indicate in your registration and we’ll look out for you.

  2. Dear EOs,
    Please include me.
    Just returned from Perth late last nite. So, today is a v busy day doing unpacking, washing, cleaning and of course catching up with the happenings in SHC.
    Thanks and see u all soon!


  3. Hi Sockie
    Thank you for your support despite your busy schedules.

    As a line dance instructor, members who have interest in line dancing can get to meet Sockie personally and perhaps, be interested in one of her classes. All her classes are located near MRT stations.

    Elementary, Intermediate or Advance level….. Not sure which level you are comfortable in? Sockie will be able to offer some advise on this.

  4. Hi Malcolm
    Thanks for your support.

    Anyone interested in adventure trips to neighbouring countries such as Sarawak, Kuching, Sabah, Malaysia, etc.? If you have a group of friends with similar interest. Malcolm is the guy you want to meet. He can customise and tailor the trip to your requirements.

    We are grateful Malcolm takes time off his busy schedule to accommodate our request to be present at this gathering. Members may ask him any questions in regards to such adventurous trips.

    Thank you Malcolm.

  5. Hi Veronique
    Great to see you again. Always jet-setting huh? Welcome home. Will Joe be accompanying you to this gathering? Would be great to see him too.

  6. Dear Members

    This Monthly Gathering EO by the newly formed Committee will provide a Q&A session to members (old and new) to answer any question you might have concerning :

    1) website – problems logging in or navigating, membership, etc.
    2) the committee – purpose and objective
    3) any matters concerning EO or EC activities
    4) forum moderation – what are the taboo subjects, etc.

    It is a very good opportunity for us Committee to meet as many members (new and old) in one place and within the same time frame, and we certainly look forward to this.

  7. Thank you very much for the registration, Jway, EileenT, AnnL, JuneC, TheresaS and GraceW and we definitely look forward to catch up with all of you…..

    Lily, much appreciated your help for the editing the post to keep everyone posted of the current status.

    I am currently being tied down with family matters but rest assured that I will be there for this gathering as I also hope that we are able to receive any feedback and proposals as to how to make this club more vibrant.

    I do hope that many will come forward to register for this meet up, be it for chit chat, discussion, getting to know new friends and last, but not the least catch up for old friends/buddies…

    So c u all on Wednesday….

    Cheers… Dolly

  8. Dear CDGL (Courageous Desirable Gorgeous Ladies= Carly Dolly Geraldine Lily)

    Would like to be there shaking your hands, giving you a pat at the back plus a BIG hug for taking up the challenge and giving Terence time to
    do other things but…Wednesday have to work late…

    Hope there will be more people signing up by Wednesday esp the new recruits (PS: is the welcoming party still in the pipeline? Need to strike while iron still hot ?)

  9. My, my, Fabulous Frisna, thank you much much for your encouragement and support even though you are unable to meet up on Wed.

    Shall wait for the next time for that HUG!

    Perhaps you can be the EO for one of the monthly gatherings; I know you are good at organizing.

    Take care, Taipei Mamasan!

  10. Yeeks, we seem to have left out BL!

    Thank you for your support. Yes, the monthly gathering is a good way to know more members besides catching up with the ones we know.

  11. Hi EOs

    Whooh-oo! I’m coming and probably with an event proposal and a little something sweet……

    Hi Caroline, I like your ‘chicken’ story the first time I met you at the Monthly Meeting (Dec 2011). I have a chicken story to share with you too (similar customs experience) but not as ‘dramatic’ as yours.

    See you all tomorrow!

    Regards, may woo

  12. Dear Dave, Fida & Mega
    Thank you for your support. I think I have not met Dave and Fida yet. Good to see you all soon, new and not new (cannot say old).


  13. C also stands for Cute but Carly later today you no need to wear padding to look gorgeous hor just come au naturel.

    GGeraldine how about I EO December monthly gathering cum Xmas party? (will give details in nov)

  14. Applause, applause, Fabulicious Frisna!!

    The club can count on you to organize for members. Reeli cool.

    Yes, a Dec monthly gathering to meet new and old frens to chat with the festive season thrown in to make it merrier. What’s more, to round up 2013 – a time for reflection and let’s see who’s been naughty and nice…………

  15. Frisna – LIKE! Yes, I am au natural today. No padding, no push ups……
    I remembered attending Frisna’s monthly gathering cum xmas party. I enjoyed very much the crazy but fun games but I couldn’t attend the subsequent events she organised cos I had prior engagements. I remembered I brought a loaf of bread as gifts cos I am a practical person. Btw, its not an ordinary loaf of bread but wholesome goodness bread made with wholemeal flour and sunflower seeds from some big name sandwich place. No lah I did not bake it. Not so skilled lah.
    Looking forward to this evening.


  16. The SHC monthy gathering is an important activity. It iis the best place to meet new and more friends.

    Good momentum as more members join this gathering. I am in Mumbai and wont be ablr to join you.

    Come along then.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi All,
    Sorry to miss this gathering as need to attend some family matters. Hope that all of you have a great time for chit chat and meeting with new/old friends.

    Till we meet again… Cheers.. Dolly

  18. A good gathering after a brief hiatus.

    The men turned up first and it felt like it was a Men’s Afternoon. Very refreshing to see more male members joining a monthly meet up!

    The ladies, needless to say, showed up with their mega watts smiles and happily settled in to catch up.

    May Woo shared with us her salted baked chicken story which made me hungry.

    Hew Lee was so there when Lily invited him to say a few words…… was Malcolm who explained the joy of living off the jungle. Now I know we can eat the durian flowers………….

    Lily so sweetly prepared gifts for those who ‘spoke’ and Q&A. Tops, girlfren!

    Our new members, Dave and Fida introduced themselves. Dave is all about success and happiness, yay, and Fida made me wanna check her ID card to see if she reeli, reeli is at least 45!!

    Not forgetting another new member Irene, who is friendly and pleasant.

    We want to see more of them. Hopefully they’ll EO something. Kekekekee. You, too, not so new members! Counting on you.

    A huge thank you, darlings, for making this gathering lively and fun!. Mwahssss.

  19. Dear Geraldine and Lily,

    Thank you for setting aside time to guide and advise me on the EO and EC events. I hope I could put up an event when I have more details soon.

    Yes, it was indeed a good meeting catching up with some new and old friends. I hope my ‘chicken’ story didn’t drive anyone to boredom or agony. If I did, I like to apologise here “I am sorry for the bad story.”

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay longer to interact with more SHC friends. Anyway, I look forward to the next monthly meeting and lock-in my time for the event!

    Till we meet again! Cheers!

  20. Dear EOs,
    Thank you for organising this month’s gathering. I had a great time catching up with SHC friends and exchanging helpful tips and more.
    Introductory speech from new members Dave and Fida helped us know them better.
    Everyone had a better insight of some happenings and latest updates of some SHC activities from Malcolm Chen and Hew Lee.
    May, sorry I missed your “chicken” story as I was busy at the food counter. Maybe a repeat on another occasion?
    Looking forward to the next event – did I hear Halloween or Christmas party on the pipeline?????????

  21. Thank you EOs and everyone. It was a memorable evening for me, seeing so many HAPPY, SMILING FACES, that helped created my smiles. All of you are so inspiring. My “THANK YOU” to all of you, especially June, Ann, Grace, Theresa, May, Hew Lee, Malcolm, Fida, the EOs….. Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I had a great time meeting all of you.

    My special thanks to the EOs; Geraldine and Lily, for organizing the gathering and for the gift too.

    Also, thank you to Grace for the beautiful gift you gave some of us, from your recent trip to Prague.

    Look forward to seeing you all again.


  23. The Committee

    It makes me jealous reading about the good times you all had at the monthly meeting. Wish I could be there but I was in China dodging Typhoon and looking for lost balls. Nonetheless, it could have been a good holiday if not for my young and pretty caddy keep reminding me in Mandarin ” Yeh, Yeh, you have no more balls already”.

    Keep it up ladies !!!

  24. Hi Pat,

    Wished both you and Linda were there. There’s always another time.

    Wanna be the EO for Oct or Nov? With your great emcee skills, ahhh…..

  25. So……that’s where you were, Tian Soo, loosing your balls……in a foreign country.

    You could have lost them to us?? Shakes head…….

    Anyways, good to know you are jealous; (now we are talking) and will not miss out future gatherings.

    By the way, it’s been a longggg time since you last EOed. Care to rekindle the fire, darling?

  26. Thank you all for your support and encouraging words.

    To those who came (more than 40 showed up) and to those who could not make it but gave us moral support here on this forum.

    A note of thanks to May Woo, Hew Lee, Malcolm, Norlinda, new members Fida and Dave – who were spontaneous in their willingness to speak up and provided informative as well as candid responses to questions and jokes. Your contributions had helped created a casual and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

    Yes, Peri. The Committee is thinking very hard for programmes and activities for all members to enjoy. However, EOs are hard to come by. We do hope more members are willing to come forward. Rest assured, the Committee will be there to help with anyone willing to come forward. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to write to us at :

    Till we meet again, mmmwwah to you all and wishing you all a good weekend.

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