The forum accepts liner advertising from members and non-members from 1 Jan 2013. Liner ads are made simple to publish.  For display advertising, please contact

1. Liner ads use the category “Advertisement”. Only plain text are available.
2. Each line is charged $5 for non-members. SilverHairsClub members pay $2.50 per line. Liner advertisers should optimise their space.
3. Max number of lines per liner advertisement: 10.
4. All Liner ads are life for 30 days.
5. Contents should not related to religion, politics, race or MLM.
6. All liner advertising will go into the moderation queue, and advertisers need to give at least 24 hours for payment processing before publication.
7. Advertisers should enter their email address for response. Tel numbers are permitted.
8. Comments are switched OFF; ie no discussion of products or services. Strictly advertising only.
9. Payment is pre-paid, via paypal/credit card at to: No cash payments. All payment will be handled by SilverHairs Enterprise. A receipt wll be emailed to the advertiser.  In the event of cancellation of advertisement, an admin fee of 2.50 will b charged.
10.  Display advertising are $250 per 30 days for members and their company.

11.  Advertising by members in the Online Fleamart will continue to remain free. T&C apply.

I hope that liner and display advertising will meet the requirements of members who need to advertise their services or products to other members, for either personal or corporate.

Terence Seah


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