Diamond Painting / Arts by EO Karen Thio

UPDATED: 26 June 2023

Enthusiastic members hand at work…


Hi All

Tom Low have posted the above craft (on SHC FB) I make for him and many has shown interest – I am going to EO this activity, my 2nd time in SHC.

This is the link for you to understand more of the craft n all the photos posted in SHC FB – www.youtube.com/shorts/G9rfOwdc7a8

Interested Members, can register to this Forum

  • DATE: Monday, 26 June 2023 @ 7:00pm
  • VENUE: Block 93B Telok Blangah Street 31 @ 12th Floor
  • FEE: $15.00 per participant (inclusive of a set of craft + Coffee|Tea only)

You will learn the basics and then bring home to complete your task.

Registered Members (Full Name): –

  1. Joanne Khoo
  2. Wendy Yam
  3. Irene Lim
  4. Teresa Kwan
  5. Henry Toh
  6. Joyce Chua
  7. Prema Lata
  8. Celina Chong


tomorrow is my event of demo diamond painting craft cum aug monthly gathering n i m v excited n nervous – it bring me so many beautiful memory since i join shc many many year ago

i have meet lot of beautiful members n friends

i m involved in many event like the prom night n the abrabian night ,, star in concert

i eo few event on my own – tote bag from recycle jean , kua sua beauty ourse n enjoyed ever minute of it

i have learnt lot of IT skill from yk n tbudget travelling with the members n best of all is the 7 day overland yogja trip n we hv form a group of cyclist group lumutian which was in a app group for many year till now

b alway the youngest in the group , i m alway sayang n pampered by the ah jie esp Dolly n carolind n Lily

i suffered a stroke in year 2014 but have be recovery v well n hope i can join more of shc travelling event soo

i want to thanks terence be the founder of this club n i hope more member can come out n eo more event in the near futre

here r some of shc past event n i learn this movie making IT SKILL FROM Shc too n i m so proud of it

Cooking demo – easy to cook chicken nasi bryani, Wed 13 Dec 2017

hi , i m karen – a old member but suffer a stroke n not active the past 3 years – seeing shc gathering yesterday make me want to go back n meet up with the old members n like b4 chit chat session.

date – 15 dec/2017/(friday)

add – blk 3a geylang serai #17-55 ( 1 bus stop from eunos mrt station


cos – ingredient about $50 n share by all , i will provide coffee n tea with the bryani we prepared for lunch

time – 1pm ( it will take only an hour for the demo – my maid will do the demo on behalf of me for this round

i m never a chef n cooking is never my passion too but i would like to share my ” nasi bryani i learned from a malay lady -i have invited many shc member to my place for this dish n now is my signature dish for all my friend gathering

you dont need to be a chef or able to cook to prepare this ” simple to cook nasi bryani

i have eo an event many year ago tote bag n i assure all that u don need to be able to sew to come t0 my class – trust me – i will lead u

as i m unable to do the demo myself , i will have my maid to demo to all members who r interested

we can have our lunch at the rooftop garden at level 7 in my block too – i will be shifrting out  of this rental flat in january n i want to eo a even n make use of the garden for the get together too

if u r interested , do registered early so i can prepared the ingredient enough for all

these r member in mt class who don even know how to sew n they bring back a very personal bag sewed by themselve

esp the guy – i have forgotten his name

i love to prepared food n share with other n i got very good feedback on this recipe too

i want to get back to my old self n recover soon to get back to join all shc event asap.

Karen Thio








Knitting Classes-Anyone keen to teach !

imagesimages (1)

Sockie & Myself wanted to learn knitting – just checking if any member know and is  keen to give us the basic knitting lesson.

Both of us know how to knit but we do not know how to read the diagram & instruction.

I will offer my place for a small group of 5 if any member can volunteer to guide us.

Hope to hear from U soon !!

karen Thio

Fun with Nail Arts Design Cum High Tea get-together !! (For ladies Only) Sat 5 April 2014


Hi all ladies,

Lily Ho have offered her humble home for this Hands-on Nail Arts session & High Tea gathering  mentioned by Dolly in the earlier posting.
Join us for a fun afternoon learning/sharing how to play with Nail Arts and follow by a high-tea chit-chat session.
Date        –  5 / April / 2014 ( Saturday)

Time       –   2pm – 5pm (3 hrs)
Fee         –   S$15/pax (includes full set of material with 3 different                         nail arts  design)

Venue    –   Shunfu Lane (once payment recd and event confirmed                      – full address will be provided thru email)
Nearest MRT – Marymount – walking distance to Lily’s place.
Payment  – $15/pax to POSB 121-86818-0
By bus – 52 , 130 , 132 , 162 , 162M , 163 , 165 , 166 , 167 , 855 & 980
EO – Karen Thio 
1.   Karen Thio (EO)
2.   Lily Ho (Paid)
3.  Dolly Lim (Paid)
4.  Sally Kang (Paid)
5.  Jane Tan (Paid)
6.   Alice Yap (Paid)
7.   Dora Lim 
8.   Kristy Quek (paid)

Facial Kua-Sa (Guys & Ladies) Hands-on-workshop 9/July/2011


Upon request from some of the members and those who missed the 1st session , I am conducting another class on 9/July/2011 (Saturday) . Guys are welcome for this event.

  • Venue    : "Bra" Cafe – Terence Cafe at Robinson MPH
  • Date       : 9/July/2011 (Saturday)
  • Time       : 10.00AM – 12.00 Noon
  • Fee         : $30 / pax (Max – 20 Pax)

                  ** Include 1 Kua-Sa to bring back after the class

                  ** One Lemon Whitening Mask – to be use after the Kua-Sa

                  ** Refreshment – Coffee/Tea & 1 Pastry

Things to bring :  *  One small Mirror

                            *  Pen

                            *  Hairclips , hairs-Band

                             *  Face Cream ( Day Cream or Baby Lotion)

$$$$$$    Please make payment to my POSB Saving Acc – 121-86818-0 (I will be away from 16-30 June – payment make after this date will be updated after my return) 

** Please refer all info in the old posting as I am having problem doing this new posting **

Karen Thio 

Confirmed Supporter 

  1. Eyvonne Chew (Paid)
  2. Emeleen Ratna Soh
  3. Lily Ho (paid)
  4. Lai Fong (paid)
  5. Esther Leong (Paid)
  6. Wee Chin (paid)
  7. Lydia Chin
  8. Eunice Wong (TBC)
  9. Thomas Loh (Only Thorn among the Beautiful Roses) (paid)
  10. Audrey Wong (New Fren)  – Paid
  11. Joyce Tan (Paid)
  12. Eileen Ang
  13. ???

Facial Kua-Sa (Ladies Only) – Hands-on Workshop 14/May/2011(Sat)


I will like to share my experiment of facial Kua-sa with those ladies’ who are interested to have a younger looking skin.

I am not a professional Beautician by trade but I picked up this Facial Kua-Sa a few years back and have benefitted from it . I  have  be using this method to do monthly facial on my own at home and have save money for not visiting the SPA.   A few SHC members have see the result of this  facial Kua-sa .

I have very bad pigmentation as I am always under the hot-sun with my kids’s outdoor activities. With this facial method  –  it have lighten the pigmentation ,  lift-up the skin around the Cheeks where it will always form a "Pa-Zhi" as we age. It helps to soften wrinkles on the fore-head as well as crow-feet  around the eyes.

This  facial Kua-Sa will help blood-circumlate around  the facial area which result in a more radiant  & growing skin.

So , all the "Ai-Swee" ladies who are interested … Sign in for a morning class at Cafe. 

Venue : "Bra" Cafe

Date : 14/May/2011(Sat)     Time : 10.00Am – 12.00 Noon

Course Fee : $25 (include a Kua-Sa tool worth $15 to bring home after the class)

                      Include one "lemon Whitening Mask"  which we will be using during the class


Things to bring  : *   Day cream (yr own daily use cream)  or  Baby Lotion  

                             *   Small Mirror

                             *   Pen

                             *  hair-band or a towel to tie your hair back 

 ** Please come without your make-up but is ok to apply your day cream as we will be doing a Hands-on Demo in the class **  

Do come down  for a "Cha Bor" Morning breakfast & Chit-Chat session and  make yoursel "Mei Mei" for the day to come.

Karen Thio 

"Ai-Swee" Cha Bor Supporters

  1. Janie Leong   (make myself Swee Swee – sure I come)
  2. Caroline Gee ( to attract prospective Aussie beau after the Kua-Sa ) 
  3. Maria Tan
  4. Pauline Khoo ( refresher Course) 
  5. Irene Seet ( eager to be a fair Lady) 
  6. Janet Chan (chop a place here)
  7. Sockie ( specially keep this time slot for the class) 
  8. Helen Kuek ( don know what is "Kua-Sa" – so eager to learn)
  9. Sally Kang (cfmd coming)
  10. Dora Lim ( something new – she want to learn)
  11. Lina Ng (sms registration) 
  12. Ann Toh (sms rgistration)
  13. Cynthia Neo ( want to be a fair lady) 
  14. Clarice Ng  (never meet her B4)
  15. Oi Cheng ( long time no see)
  16. Margaret Lee (From Cafe ??)
  17. Yatsing (The Beer Queen)
  18. Rebacca (From Cafe ??)
  19. Jessie Lim (Lawrence’s Wife)
  20. Pauline Ho 
                                                   * R E G I S T R A T I O N    C L O S E D *
Photos by Boon Liang

Small Tote Bag from Jeans


I will be giving one lesson teaching demo/sewng a lovely sweet tote Bag (view video attached) from old Jeans.

This will be a Hand-on Project , I will demonstrating the very basic step to sew a bag. Once u know the basic step  , u will be able to create any bag of your own design with your old Jeans.

No sewing machine  is require for this simple tote bag , as far as u can thread/hold a needle and sew a simple button , u will be able to handle this small project.

Come down and have some fun together  and at the same time we can have "Hi-Tea" after the session.

I have only prepared 10 sets of the materials for this class , so interested party , please register here.

Video link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd9ycKZbv-0

Venue : "Bra" Cafe (Shenton Way MPH)

Date/Time : 2/April/2011  /  1030am – 1pm

Course Fee : $15 ( Materials for a complete small tote bag)

                      (All prepared & cutted material are from New Jeans)

Materials to bring : small scissors , Needles (various sizes)

I only prepared 10sets of the materials for this event.  Interested members , please register here.

Karen Thio

Cfmd Coming :-

  1. Carly
  2. June Lim
  3. Irene Seet
  4. Lilian Teo
  5. Janie Leong
  6. Stephen Low
  7. Daisy Yeo
  8. Geraldine (From Hongkong)
  9. Eleanor Chan 
  10. Wee Chin
  11. Winnie K

Re-Cycle & Designing your Old Jeans (DIY)

Hi All

Many members have seem me in my Jeans that I either recycle or added some design to make it more interesting . I converted some of my old Jeans into bags and skirt as well.

Now that The Cafe is available for us to hold such classes . I will be conducting a class to show u how to design a old pair of Jeans with some interesting design and accessories.

U do not need to own a sewing machines at home or know how to sew to attend these classes. As far as u can thread a needle and sew a simple button , then u can come down and join us in the fun.

Date : 11 / Dec / 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 10AM – 1PM 
Venue : "Bra" Cafe – Shenton Way MPH

Project – Design your own Jeans ( first item show on the video)  

Material / COurse Fee – S$15/pax  (Members will finish their Jeans Designing on the same day                                                                                 with all the materials provide by me on that day)  

 Material to Bring – A pair of old Jeans (Prefer straight-Cut Design)

                             A pair of small scissor / needle & Thread

 Min of pax : 8 ( Eight ) 

Click the following link to view some of my craft project.

 Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd9ycKZbv-0

If members who are intested in making the "Crystal Angel" before the Christmas Season …. Please do drop a line in this posting … If we can get 10 pax in a class – I can set a date before Christmas.

Dolly Jie – Since u will be busy serving , do bring a pair of your old Jean , I will use it to "demo" to the members if we can gather the min 8 pax for the class.

  1. Karen Thio (EO)
  2. Irene Seet

Macrame Plant Hanger & Table Top

Hi All

I will be conducting a class for Macrame in June for the above mentioned Craft.

The Plant Hanger show in this picture is about 4-5ft long and u can display it with a pot of plant in the basket or used it as a table top when u replace it with a round glass.



(The pic with the money plant is the project I am teaching)

As for the Table-top ( photo with the orange background) , I fixed a Yellow bulb to act as a dimmer for the Hall).  With simple knots that u learn in this course, u will be able to make beautiful belt , pouch , wall hanger deco ..etc..


Cost of Course including material : S$100

  • Material : Imported from USA – SUitable for such big project like the table top
  •                 Very suitable for Plant Hanger/Table top , easy to wash & it dry very fast
  • Colour of Code : Dark & Light Brown only
  • Wooden Beads : Red is best for the above two colour of cord

Date :  14/June/09 & 28/June/09

Time : 11am – 5Pm

U will need a full day in my place to finish this simple project but if u cant complete the project on the same day , I can arrange another day at my place again.

I can only take 3 members at a time cos I only got 3 sorong hook on the ceiling (that the old ceiling hooks for my 3 sons when they were young)

Any interested party, please register here…

Karen Thio
(email : Karenthio@hotmail.com)

Registration List

1. Sockie ( 14/June/09)
2. Pauline Tan (14/June/09)

Craft Class – Mini Bookmarks & Karaoke on 25/Oct/2008

Hi all Craft & K’OK lover

I will be conducting a craft class of "mini bookmarks" & k’ok on the 25/oct/2008.

Craft – Mini Bookmarks

Place    :   Heritage Condo at Dover Road Time     :   1.00pm – 2.30 pm

Materials & course Fee : S$15 ( 2 pcs of bookmarks – choices of glass beads & accessories)

Photo of Mini Bookmark : http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/lohyks/Karen%20Thio/MiniBookmark.jpg


Karaoke Session : 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Function Room : S$20 (will be share among all member in this event)

Please bring along all your favourite Hokkien CD  –   "Train Station" disc

Those who are interested, please register here.

Karen Thio

Registration for Craft 

  1. Patrick Lee
  2. Andrew Yeung

Registration for K’ok

  1. Andrew Yeung (still considering)
  2. Boon Liang
  3. Marg Tian

My Western Side K’OK group

These are all the Western Side K’OK group from SHC.

Just want to share the photo with all . They sing very well and those who are interested to get them sing in the "Mid Autumn" or the Music Jam…  Please do contact the manager karen Thio @ email karenthio@hotmail.com.

Hi all Kaki – just a joke. Happy viewing.  http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/lohyks/Karen%20Thio/Karaoke%20by%20Karen%20T/

karen Thio

Fabric Painting cum Pinic at Botanic Garden (Craft Class) – 9 August 2008

Hi SHCian,

  • Date :9/Aug/08    UPDATED
  • Place : Singapore Botanic Garden
  • Time : 4pm to 7Pm
  • Cost/material for shoes or T-shirt: $12.00
  • Those who come for pinic (food only) – $5.00/person

(members are to bring their own T-shirt)

I am going to have a craft class of "Fabric Painting" and am thinking very hard of where can I hold this event.

Added 3 more photos of 1) Black Top, 2) Jean n Black Top n 3) Shoes which can be viewed here – http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/lohyks/Karen%20Thio/?albumview=slideshow

Han Cafe is not going to take our nonsense anymore after making so much noise and effecting the other customers dinning in the Cafe ( even with 20 members on the last craft day , we are rather noisy-haha).
I would like to hold this fabric painting class at "Singapore Botanic Garden". While waiting for the "project" to dry , we can chat and have a pinic at the green green grass of land with plenty of fresh air .
Members can have the choice of painting on a pair of shoes , T-shirt or both. I will provide the paints and some accessories for the design on the T-shirt (will advice material cost later).
Those who are interested , please sign into this post  . Members who are not joining in the craft , can come down and join us for the pinic and  we can have our evening chatting away freely.
Cost of the food will be share among the members or I will collect $5 for food and need some of the members to help buy some Yummy food/snacks  for the pinic.
Thanks for your support and please do give me any suggestion if u have for the craft or the pinic.

Karen Thio

Those who are still interested to make the ANgels/Butterfly can come down and join us as well, I still have some stock of the crystal. If members need to re-do their angels from the last class , please bring it along with u.        

Who’s Coming –

  1. Sally Kang           
  2. Judy Lim (maybe)
  3. Pauline Khoo
  4. Tricia Har 
  5. Hyacinth D’silva
  6. Helen Kuek
  7. Kristen Leong & sister
  8. Lin Chuah

Please click to view photos

Crystal Angel Craft Class (updated) – 27 Jun 2008

  • Date : June 27 2008
  • Time : 7pm – 8pm
  • Venue: Han’s Cafe at Upper Pickering Street
  • Material Cost: $10/pax for Crystal Angel

I am with SHC for a few month and had joined them in the cycling and walk events .

SHC members have been posting alot of interesting events like Travelling, Durian Fest , Dancing and even Soccer.   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce "Craft Classes" into the SHC event.

I make crystal accessories , bags from old pairs of Jeans , brighten up my white shoes with fabric paint….  I met some members at the Bukit Batok walk who find my craft very interesting. 

These are some of the craft we can start with:

  1. Swarovski Crystal Angel ( very ideal gift for Christmas)
  2. Swarovski Crystal Butterfly
  3. Fabric painting on white shoe
  4. Mini bag from old pair of Jeans

My creations (including Crystal Angel pieces) can be viewed here –


Hope members can give me support , comments and any suggestion.

Karen Thio

Confirmed coming

  1. AnnTo
  2. Annie Loh
  3. Melissa Khng
  4. Catherine Chong
  5. Eileen
  6. Jie
  7. Mary Chan
  8. Marg Tian
  9. Yew Kwong
  10. Susan Chang
  11. Susan Tan
  12. Judy Lim
  13. Alicia Soh
  14. Helen Kuek
  15. Chew SH
  16. Rose White
  17. Douglas Chan
  18. Dennis Wee

Registration is now closed. The date for the next workshop will be announced soon.

Click here to view photo

Bean Bag for bodyache , anyone???

I will like to share this little "bean Bag" I use whenever I have my shoulder ache, neck pain and back pain.  I was using it to ease my neck pain last night and I think of sharing it  with the SHCian.

Sew a little pillow case of about 10" x 5" and fill 3/4 full  with wheat (Xiao Mia – look like the bailey – u can get it at any provision shop or NTUC. 

Heat the "Bean Bag" in the mirco-wave oven for 1min-1 1/2min. Place it on the "Body ache" . Please place a small towel over it if u have sensitive skin.  It help alot especially on the Knee-Cap pain. It don cure but it release the pain. Some old folk told me that their knee cap is not that painful after long term using it.

I used to sewed this bag for old folk and they are very happy as some are too poor to keep going to the doctor whenever they have this knee-cap problem.

If u have friends and relative who stay in cold country , they can use this as a warmer in the winter.  Please try it out or pass this "Bean Bag Remedy" to friends. It is cheap and reliable as well.

If u keep this bean bag dry ,u can use it for many years. Good Luck

Housewife’s Hint

Karen Thio

Chicken Bryani The Easy Way

I was reading one of Steven Chan Posting on "The Joy of Eating & Cooking" and wanted to share this Simple & Easy way of cooking Nasi Bryani/Chicken Bryani .

I am a very lousy cook by nature and do not enjoy cooking at all but this "dish" is very easy to cook and is very "Yummy"

Pauline Khoo & Sally Kang had been my guests for this dish and enjoyed it very much. I used to cook for my church gathering as well.

I will type the receipt in the comments column.


Craft Classes

Update 1:

Date : June 27 2008
Time : 7pm – 8pm
Venue: Han’s Cafe at Upper Pickering Street
Material Cost: $10/pax for Crystal Angel

I am with SHC for a few month and had joined them in the cycling and walk events .

SHC members have been posting alot of interesting events like Travelling, Durian Fest , Dancing and even Soccer.   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce "Craft Classes" into the SHC event.

I make crystal accessories , bags from old pairs of Jeans , brighten up my white shoes with fabric paint….  I met some members at the Bukit Batok walk who find my craft very interesting. 

These are some of the craft we can start with:

  1. Swarovski Crystal Angel ( very ideal gift for Christmas)
  2. Swarovski Crystal Butterfly
  3. Fabric painting on white shoe
  4. Mini bag from old pair of Jeans

My creations can be viewed here –


Hope members can give me support , comments and any suggestion.

Karen Thio

Karen Thio – Profile

I am a new member of SHC. My name is karen Thio. I enjoy all kind of craft works, outing like cycling & walking.

I am a fulltime housewife. I teach craft-work in private club or church during my free time. I had join u people at the Bukit

Batok walk and enjoy it very much. I want to thanks Jim Hong for guiding me all the way to this website. Hope to join u people in more other outdoor activities in the near future.