Laundry helper needed in Nursing Home

A Nursing Home in Geylang East is looking for a laundry helper.  
Daily morning collection of soiled linen from wards.  
Sorting and hand rinsing of soiled linen before putting them in washing  
Soaking infected linen prior to laundering in the washing machine.  
Sorting and folding of washed linen before personally sending them back to the  
Daily ironing of linen.  
Maintaining the cleanliness of washing machines and laundry area at all times.
Daily vacuuming and cleaning of the Admin Office.  
Minor repair works when called upon by the Maintenance Supervisor.  
Physically fit and healthy.  
Able to work on public holidays and weekends.  

Tibet, Nepal anybody?

Hi folks at SHC.

I wrote a new post yesterday with the above headline but dunno how come it didn’t appear. I had to borrow Charles’ Laos thread to pose the question. Mr Terence Seah has advised me to try again. So here goes:

Wow! Rene Leong has gone to Nepal and planning to go to Tibet next. Lum Fook is planning to go to Nepal next year. Wee Jee is interested to go to these two places as well. It’s so exciting. Charles, Rene, why not plan to go to these places. I bet there’ll be more SHC members who are willing to come along. Right folks?

But a leisurely package lah. I’ve never done any trekking before. The only trekking I’ve done is up to Bukit Timah Hill and through MacRitchie Reservoir. emoticon

With warmest regards


Norhayati A Aziz – Profile

Hi folks. My name is Nur, short for Norhayati. I came across SHC website by chance on 7th April 2008 and decided to join the following day, after reading the many activities organised by the club. I take this opportunity too, to thank Terence for his warm welcome.

I’m working in a senior citizens’ home (so, anybody who wants to chope a bed can call me, just kidding emoticon). I’m not a nurse, just working in the HR office.

I used to enjoy reading (thrillers, legal, criminal and of course romantic love stories) but after being ‘diagnosed’ as being long-sighted several years ago, I began to cut down on my leisure reading, as I tend to get headache if I put on my reading glasses for too long. Now, I’ve switched to watching Korean series, travelogue and documentaries on television during my free time.
I used to travel with friends too but after one by one they got married, I didn’t want to be a lamppost and stopped traveling with them.

I’m hoping that by joining SHC, I would be able to make and meet new friends and to join in some of the activities. I may not be able to attend all the activities though, as I’m almost the main caregiver to my 70plus mum (being the only unmarried sibling emoticon).
Another thing I must confess to. I’m one of those hopeless persons with VERY poor sense of direction. If the activity is being held in Tampines, don’t be surprised if I end up in Clementi!! Don’t be surprised too if you find a foreigner in Singapore probably knows Singapore better than I do. emoticon

So, please bear with me OK if I need detailed directions of how to reach a certain destination for the activities.

My other interests include morning walks on Sundays (I work alternate half day on Saturdays). Want to learn to play badminton like a pro. Right now, I can anyhow hit the shuttle. My 10-year-old niece can play better.
So, at the next activity, if you see a tudong-wearing lady, that would be me. I’m looking forward to meet the other members and  join in the activities organized by SHC.

Nur emoticon