German Christmas Market – Wednesday, 23 December 2020 @ 8:00pm

Hi and an advance Merry Christmas everyone…

During this festive season, wish to share my 2014 German Christmas markets trip which I hope one day you may consider taking this trip too, when we can finally travel.

Compiled into 5 short videos with lively Christmas carols as background music, will show the cities visited, from Frankfurt to Rottenburg, Numerberg, Weimar, Eisenach, Erfurt, Dresden and ending in Berlin.

Do zoom in and join me on Wed, 23rd, 8pm sharp.

Sharing on Chiang Mai as retirement destination :)

Hi Everyone! Happy CNY !!

Retirement is a hot topics here, guess most of us wanna enjoy our lives after years of working hard for our $$$ :)
Several places hv been brought up here as we noticed.

I’m glad tt there’s a couple of guys who’re willing to share their knowledge & experience of Chiang Mai with us.

If u hv a thot of Chiang Mai & wanna know more of the place, … or
U hv experience there & wanna share some tips & advice …

… let’s come together for an informal sharing session to explore Chiang Mai as a retirement destination.
Am arranging a simple meetup as below:-

Date: next Sat,  11th Feb
Time: 10:30am, morning
Venue: YaKun at Orchard Central, 5th floor

Hope to touch on topics like:-
* Good & bad of Chiang Mai
* Stay options available
* Immigration laws, property options & laws, etc
* Biz opportunities & regulations (for those who still wanna biz / freelance job but less streeful one :)
* The community, weather, health facilities, security concerns, banking facilities, etc
* The various areas, zones for leisure, games, nature, … & to avoid !!!
* Charity / voluntary organizations tt’re worth supporting / helping
* Preparation needed to settle there
* Contacts there for assistance, etc

Do add if u’d like to know more or can provide info on.

Thanks all & hope to hear from u! Hv a great weekend ahead :)