MONTHLY WALKS for year Twenty Sixteen


We wish each and every member a New Year filled with lots of fun, excitement, joy, happiness and expectation of good for you & your loved ones.



Monthly walks for 2016 remains an EC event, bring your adult friends on the 1st Saturdays/month unless otherwise informed.

Post for each walk will appear approx 10days prior to scheduled date.

1st walk for 2016 is scheduled on 1st Saturday of March ie., 5th March 2016!
02 Jan — do your own
06 Feb — CNY, time for family and friends.

Scheduled dates for 2016 —
05 Mar
02 Apr
07 May
04 Jun
02 Jul
06 Aug
03 Sep
01 Oct
05 Nov
03 Dec

Stay healthy, see you in all our walks!       :D    :D

from the Walk Team:
Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan.

Monthly walk – Announcement

Dear Walkists & members,

Due to the “hazy daze” the walk team are unable to conduct recces.

Should the weather/air quality get better enabling us to recce, we will consider to resume the monthly walk scheduled on 07November2015.

Till then, for the health of all, the monthly walks will be suspended till further notice.

Meanwhile, drink more water and minimize outdoor activities     :D

with much regrets… from the Walk Team.

Monthly walk: August… Update

Note:  This is only an update …

Monthly walk: August 2015

Our walks for 2015 is on the 1st Saturdays/month unless otherwise informed.

For a few years now in the month of August, we have scheduled our annual Xtreme walk.  This year it is scheduled on 22nd August.

Due to unforseen circumstances and in view that this August there are many on-going activities, this walk on 22nd August is cancelled.

Wishing each of you a HAPPY & FUN  SG50!!     

Cheers!… the Walk Team…

A SG50 promo Today only

Please inform anyone above the age 60 years old that today if they go to any of the SMRT Offices, they can top up $50 for free, its a SG50 promotion.
Please tell your folks at home!! And share!!

ps:  thought this is the fastest way to inform those applicable…  :)   :)


Monthly Walk: 06June Island in the sun

jungle trailsThis is an EC event.. bring your friends preferably 45years & above.   {smile, smile}

Likely many like me would have been to this isalnd several tiems.  However, this is the 1st time we are organizing this walk which coincide with the current FREE entry via the Boardwalk!!    {smile}

Date:  Saturday, 06 June, 2015

Time:  4.30pm sharp

Meeting place : VivoCity Customer Service Counter/Information counter, Level 1 (near Tangs #01-187).

Duration:  approx 3hrs

ECs:  Azhari Cuttlian & ChristinA Chan

We shall have a breezy, partially sheltered walk into the island… through secondary rainforest we shall go where birds, insects, habitants and plants are found…

Have your camera / smartphones everready; your eyes peeled for things of interest — a beautiful bloom or perhaps a long-tailed macque, not forgetting the evening lights along the boardwalk!

Our Walk Team: Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Serene Low, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan


1) Azhari Cuttlian
2) ChristinA Chan
3) Winnie Tan & friends
4) Goh Ah Lam
5) Alice Tan
6) Alice Seah
7) Lee Ah Nee
8) Lina Ng
9) Charles Wee
10) Danny Lye
11) June Tan
12) Veronica Wong
13) Hew Lee
14) Jassmine Teo + 2 friends
15) Janis Han + friend
16) Ronald Lee
17) Irene Chua
18) Priscilla Wee
19) Irene Poh
20) Joy Chuang
21) Doreen Tan
22) Olivia Jiang


SHC Monthly walks

Dear All,


If you are not aware,,, for 2015 our monthly walks are on the 1st Saturday/month; unless otherwise advised.

We realized that Good Friday is on 3rd April.  Therefore, for month of April, we will re-scheduled the walk to the following Saturday ie., 11th April. 

Look out for the forthcoming post for the walk soon…………  :)

As this is an EC event, we welcome non-members as well.

Look forward to having you in our walks… ta-ta!

Have a blessed Easter holidays!        :D    :D

ChristinA /the walk team.

Mthly walk: 07Feb-Scenic waterfront, a wildlife sanctuary

Date: Saturday, 07th February 2015 (ie., 1st Saturday/month)

Start Time: 3pm sharp!! (due to constrains, must be punctual)

Duration: approx 3.5hrs

Meeting Point: Kranji MRT, entrance to “KopiTiam”.

ECs: ChristinA Chan & Charles Wee.

We are back for an exciting adventure… Get up close to wildlife!

I have waited for several years for a better access to our largest
mangrove forest, 130 hectares (about 130 football fields) in
addition another 31-hectares of rich mangrove and coastal forests.

Hopefully, you will chance upon a baby frog hopping along the paths
(I missed to capture a shot) or a monitor lizard basking in the sun!
Do have your camera ready to take the unexpected encounters. hehe

Please bring along a snack or fruit for the extra “energy boost”!

This walk might end past norm dinner hour… we shall play by ear.

Wear comfortable walking/covered shoes, if possible bring
a small torchlight, drinking water, insect repellent, hat/cap.

If you encounter wildlife, back away slowly/quietly!
Never turn&run!

Walk Team ECs: Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Charles Wee,
Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Veronica Wong
and I, ChristinA Chan, signing off….

Please register soonest, cut-off date: 5th February

1. ChristinA Chan
2. Charles Wee
3. Gabriella Chua
4. Alice Tan
5. Ron Teo
6. Margaret Chua
7. Eddy Lee
8. Azhari Cuttilan
9. Susan Tan
10. James Tan
11. Pauline Chew
12. Jane Chua
13. Alice Seah
14. Serene Low


Monthly walk: 8Nov14 Sengkang to Punggol Waterway

Posted on behalf of Ms Mary Tan…..

Date : Saturday, 8 November 2014
Time : 4.30 pm
Meeting Place: Sengkang MRT, Exit D
Duration: 2 hrs
ECs : Mary Tan and Christina Chan

Pleasant walk along the water-themed park connector, enjoy the greenery. Along the route, look out for
biodiversity life – the majestic Grey Heron, migratory Little Egret and our resident Collared Kingfisher.
perching on trees. Butterflies may be spotted around plants found along the area.
Do come join us!

Note: Bring water, caps, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan, June Koh, Judy Lim.


1) Mary Tan
2) Christina Chan
3) Serene Low
4) Alice Seah
5) Azhari C
6) Alice Tan
7) Lily Lim
8) Gabriella Chua
9) Lee Ah Nee
10) Bernice Chung
11) Dorothy Low
12) Andrew Koh
13) Judy Lim
14) Janis Han
15) Jennifer Soh
16) Suzhang
17) Anna Seet
18) Margaret Soo

Monthly walk: 11October – Fort Canning Park

Posted on behalf of Alice.

Date : Saturday, 11 October 2014
Time : 4.00 pm
Nearest MRT : Dhoby Ghaut station
Meeting Place: Park Mall, main entrance
Duration: 2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Judy Lim

This month we will be walking in Fort Canning Park. Before November 1981
it was named Fort Canning Hill or “Forbidden Hill” in Malay. Since the
14th century many Singapore rulers and colonial masters have lived here,
including Sir Stamford Raffles. It was an important military base during
World War II.

Fort Canning Park is undulating and about 60 metres high. Remnants and
relics of bygone eras are around. There’s a Spice Garden, previously
Singapore’s first experimental and botanic garden. The tranquil ambience
together with diverse flora and fauna makes the walk interesting. You will
appreciate the beautiful sculptures completed by various artists.
Many cultural and recreational activities are held here.

Note: Bring water, caps, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan, June Koh, Judy Lim.

1.    Alice Seah
2.    Judy Lim
3.    Alice Tan
4.    Andrew Koh
5.    Anna Seet
6.    Caroline Loh
7.    Eddy Lee
8.    Gabriella Chua
9.    Grace Kang
10.   Henry
11.   Ho Hew Lee
12.  Janis Han
13.  Lawrence Khan
14.  Lilian Teo
15.  Margaret Chua
16.  Maureen Lee
17.  Robert Tan
18.  Ronald Lee
19.  Serene Leow
20.  Shawn Soh
21.  Winnie Lim
22.  Anna Seet’s friend (Lynn)
23-25.  Janis Han’s friends (Gladys, Jennifer, Annie)

Monthly walk: Sat,12Jul… loop around..!

Date:  Saturday, 12th July 2014  (ie., 2nd Saturday)
Start Time:   9am sharp. (please be on time as you will not be able to meet up with us!)
Duration:     approx 3.5hrs, excludes ‘take 5s’

Meeting Point: Marymount MRT, Exit A to ground level.
ECs:  Christina Chan, Charles Wee & Alice Seah.

Into the woods we,,,,, Tread softly, Talk quietly!

MacRitchie Loop……. round the entire reservoir! including the TreeTop
Walk…. hooray!

MacRitchie Reservoir needs no introduction.

It was opened in 1967 and through the years, trails were launched,
boardwalks were built.  Several trails are named after tree species
commonly found along the trails eg., Prunus, Petai, Chemperai,
Jering and Petaling.

It is still a popular recreational area, esp in the mornings
during weekends or public holidays, many different groups of walkers,
hikers, families young and old are found along the various trails.

TreeTop Walk** – a 250m long freestanding suspension bridge between
the 2 highest points in this Central Catchment Nature Reserve
(MacRitchie), still the 1st of its kind in Singapore.

Be delighted with panoramic views, green green grass, giant trees,
close encounters with thousand species of flowering plants,
keep your eyes opened in case you chance upon native creatures,
insects, birds…..white-bellied Fish Eagles soaring above.

**TreeTop Walk:  those who decides not to go across this, our
Ms AliceS will lead you through another route.

Please bring along a snack or fruit for the extra “energy boost”!

This walk will end past norm lunch hour ie., we will have a late lunch.
Therefore, will help to reserve lunch for you at the Cafeteria.
There are varieties but servings are limited.

If you want lunch:
please place order(indicate Item No.), make payment upon registration.
It seems silly to collect such a small amount, however, Cafeteria requires a
deposit due to bad experiences, if it is a no show of 1 or 2 pax/orders, I can
pay for it but if more, will not be possible as I will not be needing additional
ordered lunch at all.

To simplify, only 3 choices:
1)  Laksa  (yummy good!)    … 4.50
2)  Mushroom Chicken Noodle … 4.50
3)  Chicken Chop Rice         … 5.50

Remit payment to POSB Savings Account No.  542-107-561.

Last order for lunch: Monday 07.07.2014!

Additional lunch orders: extended to Friday 11Jul, 12noon!

Walk Team ECs: Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim,
Judy Lim, June Koh, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Veronica Wong,
and I, Christina CL Chan, signing off….

Join us for an intimate encounter with Flora!

Please ink your name here incl your lunch choice with payment….

  LAKSA   MUSHROOM Chicken Noodle   Chicken CHOP RICE
1 Christina Chan – pd 4 Daisy Yeo – pd 10 Bessie Lam – pd
2 Charles Wee – pd 11 June Koh – pd 13 Esther Mok – pd
3 Alice Seah – pd 15 Andrew Koh – pd
5 Judy Lim – pd 16 Gingko Tay – pd
6 Lily Ho – pd
7 Bobby Bok – pd
8 Susan Tan
9 Irene Poh – pd
12 Goh Ah Lam – pd
14 Maureen Lee – pd
17 BernieC – pd
18 Helen Wong 24 Michael ? 30 John How
19 TK Pow 25 Eddy Lee 31
20 Henry See 26 Margaret Chua 32
21 Winnie Tan 27 Ronald Lee 33
22 Charles Chua 28 Vincent Lim 34
23 Lee Ah Nee 29 Shirley Tan 35

Monthly walk: Saturday, 14th June 2014

Date: June 14. 2014, Saturday. 4.00pm
Meeting Place:  Ang Mo Kio MRT Station – Exit to ground level.
Duration:  2 ½ hrs
ECs for event :  Alice Seah and June Koh

This monthly walk will cover a garden and a park.

In the Ang Mo Kio garden much of the original vegetation and terrain of a secondary
forest has been retained. Various types of flora and fauna exist. Butterflies and
dragon flies can be spotted. There are also fruit trees and food plants, a reminder
of the past agricultural activities.

The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is filled with colourful shrubs, lush greenery, ponds,
and bridges. The Kallang river that runs through the park is of great benefit.
Picnics, fishing, cycling, roller blading, jogging and other sports can be found here.

(Posted on behalf of EC: Alice Seah)

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim, June Koh

Joining the walk….

1.  Alice Seah
2.  June Koh
3.  Maureen Lee
4.  Christina Chan
5.  Tony Ang
6.  Jimmy Tsin
7.  Ho Hew Lee
8.  Jassmine Teo
9.  Jassmine’s friend (non member)
10. Janis Han
11. Phyllis Tan
12. Judy Lim
13. Yew Tiong
14. Seok Cheng
15. Charles Wee
16. Steven Chan
17. Shawn Soh
18. Eddy Lee
19. Margaret Chua
20. Barabara Lim
21. Andrew Koh








MonthlyWalk: 10th May, Off the Beaten Walk venture

(This trip also in response to the request of “Let’s venture out of Singapore, perhaps to Johor?!”)

There have been much interest going to Pengerang especially since In late 2011 news about the Malaysian government’s plans to build petrochemical projects there and,
in Feb 2014, a Feng  Shui expert has selected Pengerang for its “good Feng Shui” and to which graves from the new Chinese gravesite in Bukit Gelugor, Johor will be relocated here!

Before this wonderful place is no more…. become less idyllic, with an increase in traffic both human and vehicles – lorries …
COME, join us  in this “raw” venture ie., sans prior recce, so somewhat disorganized…  bear with us ….   :D   :D

On the way one will enjoy lovely scenery of uncut grasses waving on either sides (sign of ‘welcome’  hehe)  coconuts trees swaying  with the wind;  the lovely kampong charm; the peaceful surrounding devoid of tall buildings! The lack of urban noises, if one craved  for open spaces

Sungai Rengit the  town in Pengerang located south-eastern tip of Johor is dotted with a dozen seafood  restaurants, all with local Spiny Lobsters as their main draw!

The favourable currency exchange rates for Singapore dollar meant we will eat  like ‘royalty’ there.

Pengerang was also the site of a major WW2-era British coastal battery — Malayan WWII history, where the British troops  readied their defences in preparation for a Japanese attack via Singapore!

Unlike other groups, I prefer to go with the bumboat instead of coach!      :D    :D

NOTE:  Time & cost – are estimates only and to be paid by each participant.

This trip is subject to availabilities & weather condition.

The day’s adventure shall start from our Changi  Village.         :D

ECs:  Christina Chan & Azhari Cuttilan
Date:  Saturday, 10th May 2014  (ie., 2nd Saturday)
Start Time:  8.15am sharp.
Meeting Point:
Changi Point Ferry terminal, gather at the back to ‘Mark’ attendance (do not go down to the ferry departure lobby).

LOGISTICs purpose –
GUARANTEE OF SEAT/RESERVATION ***** –  Deposit S$20 with registration to POSB Acct No.: 542-107-561
by Tuesday 29th April 2014.
Please provide name & time of deposit for verification purposes.

Deposit will be refunded either on board bumboat or during lunch.
“No show” = No refund of deposit, which will be taken to defray cost for missing seats in bumboat and taxi or registered participant get a replacement.

Reservations will be considered in sets of 12, SHC members shall be given priority.
Initial target:  24pax.
Additional will be placed on wait list, if insufficient no. of pax to fill another bumboat, you may choose to pay/share for the missing seats to make up the bumboat operators’ requirement.

The prerogatives of the Walk Team shall take precedence.

HIGHLIGHTS of the trip –

1)    Visit Ostrich Farm, admission charge RM$15 – ostrich satay, omelettes… yum, yum
2)    Walk around town and/or to the lovely beach.
3)    a sumptuous seafood lunch (must have lobsters!, need to place orders.)
4)    hopefully, we can find the trail to Pengarang Battery – last heard trail was covered  by nature.
5)    3pm – head back to the jetty by taxi.
6)    4pm – back in Singapore soil!

IMPORTANT! Participant to note:

2)    Bring mosquitoes repellent, umbrella, sun block, cap, water bottles, wear comfortable  shoes.
3)    Bumboat : one way trip S$12.00.  bumboat operator will only leave if the capacity of 12 passengers is filled OR pay for the missing passengers/seats.
4)    At Singapore Passengers Departure Lobby – required to submit individual passports for custom registration.
5)    Travel time:  Approx 45 minutes/1 hour to reach Tanjung Pengelih  jetty./Pengerang Ferry Terminal.
6)    CLEAR CUSTOMS.  Then gather together in your groups as per in the bumboat of 12pax.  Will nominate 1 lead/per bumboat to assist.
7)    Take Taxi (can seat 4passengers) to the small town.  Travel time: about 15 minutes at $20 Malaysian Ringgit OR we might book taxi for round trip (approx. cost M$90 – 100 for full day).  At this point still Unable to get in contact with taxi operator.

General Information —
Ostrich farm is opened by Mr Colin Teh who is a former Singapore SAF pilot.  Both the showroom and restaurant are located outside the farm so no admission charges to visit them.
Do you know the toughness of an Ostrich’s egg? Answer, hear it from Mr. Teh  … intro about Ostriches are provided by Mr. Teh/or staff.

Buy home  — individual choice
Kedai Kek Lim Choo Seng famous for pastries eg., Lao Po Bing aka Old Wife Cake, etc.

Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim and June Koh and I, Christina CL Chan, signing off….

REGISTRATION with deposit*****


Monthly Walks(EC) Update #1

Dear Friends,


Let’s welcome the New Year and 3 new members to our walk team:
Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim & June Koh.

We have been walking since late 2005…,  regularly
Every 2nd Saturday of the month, usually in the afternoons
UNLESS otherwise stated.

Rain or Shine, once walk details are posted, there is no
turning back and walk, we shall!         hehe

Since March 2013, monthly walks is an EC event.
So c’mon bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members &
after the walk, be a SHCian!

2014 –  we would like to relax a while longer,,,,   :D

Jan & Feb — no walk due to the festive seasons.

March Onwards! ,,,,,,,  08Mar  ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,

Our 2014 monthly walks schedule (2nd Saturdays/month):

10May  (TBC, time permitting…a special itinerary for Mothers!)
23Aug  (exception: 3rd Sat, morning)
13Dec  TBC


Till then…. stay Cool!  Be Cool!!

Our Walk Team ECs:  Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim, June Koh and I,                                                                               ChristinA Chan,,,,, signing off!



MONTHLY WALK: A breezy coastal, historical walk – Sat, 9 Nov @ 4.30pm

Date:  09 November 2013, Saturday
Start Time:   4.30pm sharp
Meeting Place:   HarbourFront Centre, Level 1 (vicinity of Pizza Hut #01-69/
BreadTalk #01-67).
Nearest MRT: HarbourFront CC29, Exit B.
ECs for this walk:  Charles Wee and ChristinaCL Chan

Join us in this last walk of 2013…  to a place filled with war history
nuggets and beauty! preserved, retained, yet seamlessly merged
with modern ammenities to provide a haven for all to enjoy.

Let the sounds of music from the sea;
the songs from a variety of feathered species;
the cool of sea breeze; the flutter of wings;
the beauty of a variety of blooms;
bring to you, a sense of calm and rest!

We will transverse along the coastline from man-made boardwalk into the
forest, filled with historical relics – an open-air museum that showcased
underground bunkers and gun batteries from WW II.

The surrounding area projects peace and solitude that brings a sense of
relief and thankfulness that the guns had ceased fire long ago and battles
are no longer fought!        {sigh}

The sight of artists capturing the gorgeous views over the sea;
fishermen preparing their fishing baits or trying their luck,
families and friends enjoying, yet another natural oasis.

With a panoramic view, it is indeed “THE place to watch sunset!”

Let us linger for a moment along the coastal front, be soothed, be lulled by
the wonders of nature and revel in this scenic view of vast sea and greenery…

Dine & Home Sweet Home will be in the Nature Reserve itself – Eco Gourmet Cafe comes highly recommended OR next to Labrador MRT (CC27) Alexandra Retail Centre(ARC) with a selection of Japanese/Chinese restaurants; Komala’s, cafes, etc

1)  For your own safety, come in comfortable footwear, no slippers/sandals.
2)  Protect oneself with sun screen, sunglasses, caps, mosquito repellant
3)  Besides umbrella, bring a disposable raincoat (though we pray for good weather)
4)  Hydrate with a bottle of drinking water.
5)  **In nature reserves — leave nothing behind and take nothing away
except memories through your lenses.

From March 2013, monthly walks will be an EC event till further notice.
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members
(please get them to join SHC club, too).
Please observe SHC Rule  – Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned in

Walk Team ECs: Joyce Tan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Lydia Soh, Serene Low and I, ChristinaCL Chan

To a place of historical significance and tranquility….

1)  Charles Wee
2)  Christina Chan
3)  Alice Seah
4)  Gingko Tay
5)  Johnny Pow
6)  Annie Pow
7)  Judy Lim
8)  Maureen Lee
9)  June Koh
10) Ronald Lam
11) Bernie Chung
12) Eddy Lee
13) Margaret Lee
14) Thomas Lau
15) Lucy Lau
16) Jane Chua
17) Daisy Phua
18) Richard Wong
19) Jimmy Tsin
20) Irene Chua
21) Yew Tiong
22) Lina Tan
23) Dorothy Low
24) Cheryl Ho
25) Janet Ng
26) Azhari C
27) Andrew Koh
28) Veronica W
29) Mary Tan
30) Serene Low
and there is 1, the last pax, who came for the final leg of the walk!

Monthly Walk – ECP / Bedok Park Connector – 14 Sep (Sat) 4.15pm start time

From March 2013, monthly walks will be an EC event till further notice.
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members
(please get them to join SHC club, too).

Please observe SHC Rule  –
Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned


ECs for this walk: Serene Low and Alice Seah
Date:   Saturday,  14 September 2013
Start Time:   4.15pm  SHARP  
Duration of walk:   approx  2-1/2 hrs
Meeting Place:   Bedok MRT, Control Station

We shall head towards Cable Ski Park at East Coast Parkway.  Along the beach… let’s go!

An exciting walk, indeed…… you will see the public on Skis & Skates!
Breeze from the sea, and lovely blooms at Bougainvillea Garden to calm and cool your nerves.

At our end point: Bedok Food Centre at Bedok Road; variety of yummies
for your tummies –  the famous Kim’s Fried Hokkien Noodle (the long
sleeve man with Rolex watch frying away), Bak Kut Teh, etc., and many
other Malay and Indian foodstalls.

Bus #s 10, 14, 45 and 531 (outside foodcentre)

Do dress comfortably with hats, umbrella, drinking water, camera, sun block and comfortable walking shoes.

Walk Team ECs: ChristinaCL Chan, Joyce Tan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Lydia Soh, Serene Low.

1. Serene Low
2. Alice Seah
3. Gabriella Chua
4. Tony Ang
5. Susan Tan
6. Ann Lim
7. Richard Wong
8. Bernie Chung
9. Julian Mok

Monthly walks: Update #4

Dear SHC members,

Due to the current haze situation in SG, we have decided to freeze the scheduled monthly walks (dates as indicated below) so long the PSI is in the unhealthy zone.

fyi, schedule walk dates for the next 3 months are:  13Jul; 24Aug & 14Sep.

Even if the air gets a little better, it will be reviewed.  Should the walk take off, you will hear from us nearer to the scheduled date.

Till then,,,,,,,

Be in good health!

From: The Walk Team

“Life Matters” 27 & 28 July 2013 (Sat & Sun)

An initiative by our founder Terence Seah…
An opportunity to share his vision!

The event is drawing near……

Where and When?
* Venue: Suntec Singapore, Hall 404
* Date: Sat & Sun, 27 & 28 July 2013
* Time: 10am – 8pm
* Cost of standard booth: S$4,500

To increase SHC membership
To add zing
To add more male, to join in club activities

Cash register is now open to receive your contributions:
POSB Savings Account: 542-107-561.  Kindly comment in this thread once transfer is done.


1)  Yew Kwong                $100  (gave)
2)   Gabriella Chua          $100  (gave)
3)   SusanCH Tan            $100  (gave)
4)   Jacqueline Wong      $100  (gave)
5)   Irene Poh                   $100  (gave)
7)   Rosalind Lee             $100  (gave)
8)   Judy Lim                    $100  (gave)
9)   Leon Lau Eng Seng   $50   (gave)
10) Mary Chan                 $100  (gave)
11) Alice Seah                  $25   (gave)
12) Mary Tan                    $50   (gave)
13) Lilian Teo                    $100 (gave)
14) Goh Ah Lam               $100 (gave)
15) Maureen Lee              $50   (gave)
16) Chan Bee Ling           $150 (gave)
17) Charles Chua             $100 (gave)
18) Jenny Lee                   $50   (gave)
19) Jassmine Teo             $50   (gave)
20) Ann Lim                      $50  (gave)
21) Anonymous                $500 (gave)
22) Anonymous                $200 (gave)

23) Anonymous                $200 (gave)

24) Anonymous                $100 (gave)

25) Kenneth Tan               $100 (gave)

26) Dorine Tan                  $20   (gave)

27) Anonymous                $150 (gave)

CLICK here to view photos

chinese version

Monthly Walk – Experience Buangkok2Sengkang! Sat, 8 June 2013

Post on behalf of VeronicaW & MaryT….

Please note:
From March 2013, monthly walks will be an EC event till further notice.
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members (please get them to join SHC club, too)

Please observe SHC Rule –
Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned in!!

ECs for this walk: Veronica Wong and Mary Tan
Date: Saturday, 8 June 2013
Start Time: 4.30pm SHARP
Duration of walk: approx 2hrs
Meeting Place: Buangkok MRT, Exit B nearby Passenger Control Station

This walk route is relatively flat terrains.  Our route will take us past the Kampong Buangkok the last kampong in Singapore.

Mid-way we will come to the Sengkang Riverside Park.  Fruit trees of various types (such as starfruits, bananas, pineapple plants, lychee, mango, pomelo) were planted in the park.  Perhaps, we could catch a glimpse of the Fruit of the Month.

Look out for Singapore’s largest man-made wetland, Sengkang Floating Island.  Our walk ends at the Sengkang Sports Complex.

Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Joyce Tan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Lydia Soh, Serene Low.

Those Coming :

1.  Mary Tan
2.  Veronica Wong
3.  ChristinaCL Chan
4.  Barbara Lim
5.  Judy Lim
6.  Ann Lim
7.  Jassmine Teo
8.  Erik Teo
9. Tan Chui Keng
10. Seok Cheng
11. Ronald Lee
12. Lee Peng Peng
13. Hew Lee
14. Zawiyah Ibrahim
15. David Pittey
16. David Low
17. Julian Mok
18. Danny Lye
19. Winnie Lim
20. Theresa Seow
21. Lee Ah Nee
22. Vincent Lim
23. Shirley Tan
24. Eddy Lee
25. Margaret Chua
26. Irene Poh
27. HelenK
28. AndrewK
29. David Low
30. Richard Lean
31. Kristine Leong
32. Esther Mok
33. LawrenceK

CLICK here to view photos



Monthly Walks (EC) – Updates #3

Walk for the month of MAY is cancelled with much regrets.

MAY you take time to celebrate with your mothers this weekend….
Mother’s Day is on 12th May, 2013.

To ALL the Mothers!

Mothers are always so busy
taking care of the family
that it seems she hardly have time
to do something really nice
for yourself.
So this mother’s day, hope you
take some time to relax,
pamper yourself, and do something
special just for you!

May the best things in life
keep coming your way!Mother&Child

Hit-and-run accident and the cyclist is….

Dear SHC Members,

You might have read in the Straits Times on Thursday 11Apr main section Pg A6 and 12Apr Homne Pg B12 – the cyclist Mdm Rosna Rausee is non other than our member Ms Rose White.  She suffered spinal injuries and a blood clot in her brain and is in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.  It was mentioned that she has two daughters.

I had met Rose White twice some years back.  A lady who is sweet, lively, jovial!

I wish to “pass the hat around” for a token gift contribution in this moment of need for her and family.  Terence has endorsed this love gift.

The funds collected will be given together with a list of the contributors and amount.

Please do a transfer of your monies to my POSB savings account 542-107-561  — as the information is not reflected in the bank statement, kindly indicate your name and amount here.

Closing date: Thursday 25th April, 2013 by 09:00hrs ie., 9am.

Closing date: Monday 22nd April, 2013 by 18:00hrs

I want at least 2 person to go with me to present the above to her/family at the hospital.  I will inform the date later.




Daniel Chan’s father has passed on…

Dear Members,

FYI, Daniel Chan’s father has passed on…..

Wake at Blk 454 Sin Ming Avenue 570454 (off Upper Thomson Road)

Send off on Sunday 31March13 at 10am.

Bus services along Sin Ming Drive: 52, 162, 162M, 410.

Bus services along Upper Thomson Road (Bus stop# B53071; opp Flame Tree Park):     132, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, 980.


Monthly Walks(EC) – Updates #2

THIS  is an only an Update, not for registration. 

Please do not comment (as Comments Off button not found).  Thx!

Dear Friends,

Walking is good for health, all of us know that;  at least, by now    … … hehe
Walking is boring…. Says WHO?
Walking is not static; even YOU can make walking FUN along the way!
One can…. breathe in for 4 steps & breathe out for 4 steps, focus on the breath
OR … …  simply count One Two Three, One Two Three  and, you will be waltz walking!


Rain or Shine our monthly walks will be ON!
Every 2nd Saturday of the month, as scheduled, usually in the afternoons UNLESS otherwise informed.

From March 2013, monthly walks are EC events till further notice.
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members (please get them to join SHC club, too)

Do observe SHC Rule  –
Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned in!!

Upcoming walks for Q2:
April 13th   PasirRis 2 Tampines
May  11th   MacRitchie 2 BukitTimah (morning walk, exception)
June 08th   Buangkok 2 Punggol

Other Scheduled dates, info only:
July 13th
August 24th  (4th Sat/mth)
September 14th
October 12th
November 09th
December 14th  (TBC)

Thank you for noting!


Till then…. stay Cool!  Be Cool!

Our Walk Team ECs:  Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Conrad Tang,  Lydia Soh, Alice Seah  and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,, signing off!


Monthly Walk: Pipe Line Ramble “PLR 2”


Please note:
From March 2013, monthly walks will be an EC event till further notice.   emoticon
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members (please get them to join SHC club, too)

Please observe SHC Rule  –
Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned in!!

Date:   Saturday,  09th March  2013

Start Time:   4.20pm  SHARP  

Duration of walk:   approx 3hrs

Meeting Place:   Blk 7 Empress Road Market/Hawker Centre, off Farrer Road (not Farrer Park!).

Getting to Meeting Place:
1)  Nearest MRT-CircleLine CC20 Farrer Road MRT, Exit B,
walk “against traffic flow”, backwards along Farrer Rd to Blk 7.
2)  by Bus – available along both sides of Farrer Road: 48, 93, 153, 165, 174, 186, 855 and 961.

End of walk:   The Grandstand (former Turf Club/City).  There is a FREE Shuttle service to three MRT Stations – Newton, Toa Payoh & Botanic Gardens.

Event Co-Ordinators:   Jeffrey Lim & ChristinaCL Chan.

Brief Description:


The PipeLine Rambles are a series of 4 treks introduced in 2008.   PLR 2 and PLR 3 are my favorite treks.
We did PLR 2 on 2nd August 2008, time to revisit this trek again!       emoticon

This interesting mini trek with lush greenery all the way is not “our norm walk in the park”.
The terrain is undulating, as we trek up  & down slopes, the route is mostly off the beaten track.
The trail is exploratory and you can add some excitement if you so wish,
**  get onto & walk on a large pipe OR
**  slide down another  OR
**  test of strength…. challenge your HAND POWER,  heave oneself up a 4-feet wall (if it is still there).

Let me assure you that the challenges are not as daunting as it seems; there are OPTIONS ….  hehe

The walk shall end at the newly transformed lifestyle hub: The Grandstand where a variety of cuisine awaits!

IF you do not wish your legs to itch, come in long pants, longer socks & proper walking shoes!
Stay cool Be cool!             emoticon

Our Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low,
Conrad Tang,  Lydia Soh, Alice Seah  and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,, signing off!




1. Jeffrey Lim
2. ChristinaCL Chan
3. Andrew Yeung
4. Shirley TanSM
5. June Koh
6. Margaret Wee (no show)
7. Alice Seah
8. Janie Leong
9. Judy Lim
10. Thomas Lau &
11. Lucy Tan
12. Daniel Chan (withdraw, family matter)
13. Lawrence Khan
14. Azhari Cuttilan
15. Veronique Lee
16. Richard Wong
17. Karen Thio
18. Sally Tan
19. Andrew Koh
20. Lydia Soh
21. Dorine Tan (withdraw, unwell)
22. Susan Tan
23. JamesTan CL
24. Eddie Lee &
25. Margaret Chua
26. Yew Tiong
27. Rosalind Soh
28. K.C. Lau
29. Helen Wong
30. Helen Quek
31. Serene Low

CLICK here to view PHOTOS

Masrch walk 2013


Monthly WALK Schedule for 2013

Dear Friends,

GREETINGS!   …… from the Walk Team……   emoticon

2013 Is Coming!
Before 2012 ends,
Thank you!  to All The Good People Like U,
Who Made 2012 Beautiful For Us.

May you be in good health
So you may enjoy our WALKS!
Wish you Love of friends and family
And PEACE within your heart.
Wish you Wisdom to choose
For things that really matter!

Rain or Shine our monthly walks will be ON!  Every 2nd Saturday of the month, as scheduled UNLESS
otherwise informed:

January 12th
February  (shopping & visiting frenz, please …on your own, hehe)
March 09th
April 13th
May  11th
June 08th
July 13th
August 24th  (4th Sat/mth)
September 14th
October 12th
November 09th
December 14th  (TBC)


                                           WISH ONE & ALL A FANTASTICsMASHING 2013!  
                                          See you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in the coming year!

Our Walk Team members:
Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Conrad Tang, KC LAU, Lydia Soh
&  ChristinaCL Chan

….. signing off……

Monthly Walk – Kent Ridge Park & Hortpark

Posted on behalf of Ms Lydia Soh

Date                               :      Saturday, 8 December 2012

Time / Duration              :       4.30pm sharp / 2 hours   

Meeting Point                :    Pasir Panjang MRT Station (by circleline) – CC26 exit A – top of escalator

End Point                      :     Hortpark

Meal Place                     :    Pasir Panjang Food Centre (beside CC26)   

Items To Wear/Bring     :     Walking shoes, umbrella/raincoat and drinking water   

EOs                               :    Lydia Soh & Charles Wee

Let us bring you on the coolest Walk of 2012 where you can experience :

–    Forested natural vegetation with sounds of birds and insects
–    Scenic coastal lines
–    Garden of herbs, plants and flowers

*** do note walk paths include some gradual slopes and steps

Our Walk Team EOs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, ChristinaCL Chan, Mary Tan, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan,

Conrad Tang, KC LAU and Lydia Soh,,,,, signing off

Be one of the coolest Walkers by signing up early.         emoticon


1.   Karen Thio
2.    Sally Kang
3.   Andrew Yeung
4.   Maureen Lee
5.   Tan Seok Wah
6.   Susan CH Tan
7.   Shirley Tan SM
8.   Gingko Tay
9.   Vincent Lim
10. Judy Lim
11. KC Lau
12. Malcolm Chen
13. Gabriella Chua
14. June Koh
15. Thomas Goh
16. Alice Seah
17. Bira      (tentative)
18. Helen T. Wong
19. Lydia Soh
20. Charles Wee
21. ChristinaCL Chan
22. Azhari Cuttilan
23. Rosalind Soh
24. Evelyn Ong
25. Catherine Chong
26. Daisy Yeo
26. Andrew Koh
27. Richard Wong
28. Thomas Lau
29. Lucy Tan
30. Pauline Chew

CLICK here to view Photos

Monthly walk: Coastal Changi, our very own!

Due to unforseen circumstances, we are not going to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, the walk route has been


***** The route is not Changi Village or Changi Point!   We go the opposite direction *****

Flat Roads, Shady Trees and Planes……… we shall tread and view!      

Date                          :      Saturday,  10th November, 2012

Time                          :       4.15pm  "sharp"    (2.5 to 3hours)

Meet/Start Place       :    Tampines Bus Interchange, BERTH 9, we shall board Bus Service# 19, together.
Getting There            :    Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT (EW2)

Makan place              :           
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal "TMFT"- has a small cafe which serves simple fare**  which  are quite good.
Cafe must be informed earlier as they might not have enough food to feed us after 6pm.

End of walk                :    Tanah Merah MRT, EW 4.  (vicinity no makan place)

EOs         :    Christina CL Chan & KC Lau.

Pause, pause……a moment, please…..  Let’s enjoy some sea breeze and excellent views out to the sea!  emoticon

We will walk along the coast / beach / shoreline  where it is nice and breezy.  The terrain is consistently

with paved pathways most of the way.  Trees provides some shade from the sun, thus, cooling in certain


We might have quite a view of aeroplanes that are taking off or landing at the nearby runway which is
almost parallel to our route.

If Weather, Tide & Time permits, we might bring you closer to the shoreline, where you can walk on a
secluded part of a white, sandy beach and perhaps walk on water to have fun with incoming waves, too. 

So bring a towel.        

We shall have a cool, refreshing drink as well as dinner at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal’s cafe.
It serves simple hot meals — fried noodles/hokkein mee/rice, zi char style.  Their chicken rice is relatively
good but might be cold then at that late hour.

Walk Team EOs, namely: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Conrad Tang,  Lydia
Soh,  Alice Seah, KC Lau and me, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,, signing off              emoticon

(Please indicate "Yes" if you wish to eat at the TMFT’s cafe, need to alert them to prep more food!)

1.  Andrew Yeung  (yes)
2.  Sue Tan          (yes)
3.  Charles Wee    (yes)
4.  Daniel Chan     (yes)
5.  Jennie Tan
6.  June Koh         (yes)
7.  Bernie Chung  (yes)
8.  Johnny Pow     (yes)
9.  Annie Tan       (yes)
10.  Shirley Tan SM
11.  YatSing         (yes)
12.  Angie Ng
13.  Eddy Lee
14.  Margaret Chua
15.  Susan Tan SW
16.  Jane Ong
17.  KC Lau         (yes)
18.  ChristinaCL   (yes)
19.  John Howe    (yes)
20.  Ronald Lam   (yes)
21.  Lina Tan        (yes)
22.  Jeremy Lee
23.  Peggy Ong
24.  Serene Low   (yes)        CLICK here to view photos

Q4 Update, Monthly Walks

You can talk while you walk, giving your butt a break and swinging your arms for release of shoulder tension….. get that butt off that seat!         emoticon    emoticon 

“Breathing in” the greenery and watery reflections soothes your soul and reduce the effects of stress!

Our walk schedule for Q4:

13Oct   Siglap Canal/ECP Lagoon
10Nov  Bukit Batok Reserve
08Dec  Kent Ridge

Monthly walks:
1)  EVERY 2nd Saturday of each month, unless otherwise advised.
2)  Post will appear approx 2 weeks prior to scheduled date for registration.
3)  Rain or shine, CONFIRMED walks will not be cancelled; unless inclement weather that poses danger!


Till then…. stay Cool!  Be Cool!      emoticon

The Walk Team EOs:  
Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Conrad&Sally Tang,
Lydia Soh, Alice Seah and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,,,,signing off.

Monthly walk: 3in1 Downtown Icons

Date : 08 Sep 2012 (Saturday)

Start TIME:  4.20pm

Meet Place : Stadium MRT(CC5),Exit A (@Sports Hub, under construction).

Leaders:  ChristinaCL Chan and Alice Seah.

End of Walk
: SG Flyer.
Nearest MRT: Esplanade (CC3).
Bus services: 56, 75, 77, 97, 171, 195. 960 & 961.

Let the stress fade away as we transverse the Gardens by the Bay,
Marina Barrage & SG Flyer.

This is PART 2, a continuation of the walk on 10Dec2011 ….   emoticon

In this walk you will experience –         emoticon
1)  a serene place unlike any other..
2)  a vision some 20 years ago, an edutainment centre
3)  a mammoth green space that takes 5 years…..
4)  get upclose to the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel
5)  let your eyes consume the awesome views of our Singapore skyline;
    beautiful, inwards & outwards          

Let’s continue to watch the glittering night lights at the fringe of
the Singapore Flyer.  There are several dining places here to quench
our thirst and satiate our hunger.

Stay COOL, BE COOL!       emoticon

Our Walk Team EOs:
Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Conrad
Tang, Lydia Soh, Alice Seah and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,,signing off


1.   ChristinaCL Chan
2.   Alice Seah
3.   Gabriella Chua
4.   Terry Tang    (see your rain or shine)
5.   Steven Chan   (use Duracell though I opt for Energizer,,, hehe)
6.   Jennie Tan
7.   June Koh
8.   Ivan Lim  (await you 2 appear anytm, okie)
9.   Judy Lim
10. Helen Kuek
11. Bernice Chung
12. Janet Ng
13. Cheryl Ho
14. Shirley Tan SM
15. KC Lau
16. Vincent Lim
17. Helen T Wong
18. Pow TK
20. Grace Wong
21. Lilian Teo
22. Thomas Goh
23. Joy Chuang
24. Karen Thio
25. Evelyn Ong
26. Margaret Soh
27. Mary Tan
28. Janice
29. Daisy Yeo
30. Gerry Ong
31. Bobby
32. Daniel Chan
33. Winston Yeo

  • CLICK here to view photos

Monthly Walk schedule – Q3 Update

Step, step, step Towards Better Health!          emoticon

Need to sort out some things in your head?
Go for a brisk walk, it will boost circulation in all parts of the body, including your brain.

Studies shown that walking regularly has the ability to lower your stress levels and that walking may
bring long-term benefits to your mental disposition by warding off both depression and anxiety.
Protecting and nurturing your mental health is an important part of overall wellness.

Q3 scheduled dates:  
(walk is on every 2nd Saturdays/month)

14 Jul    Waterfront/Admiralty (Post will be up on either 1st /2nd July.  We apologize for delay).

11 Aug  long weekend, no walk.  We had planned a special on 25Aug.

25Aug   Railway Xtreme, 26km (this might prove easier than our previous PipeLine Xtreme!)

08 Sep  Gardens by the Bay, Part 2

Details of each walk:
Post will appear approx 2 weeks or 10days prior to scheduled date for registration.
Rain or shine, CONFIRMED walks will not be cancelled; unless inclement weather that poses danger!

Let the joy of doing a pleasant activity be there always!          emoticon

Till then…. stay Cool!  Be Cool!        emoticon

The Walk Team EOs: 
Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Conrad&Sally Tang,
Lydia Soh and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,,,,signing off.

Monthly walk: Upper Seletar Reservoir / Mandai, Sat, 9 June 2012

Date:          Saturday,  9th June 2012

Time:          4.00pm SHARP ( 2.5 to 3hrs)  Do be on time as we shall commute by bus in a group.    

Meeting Point :    
Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange between Berths 4 & 5.

(S9 Woodlands MRT – exit the station, turn Right; look for escalator on your right to Basement, turn right and behold Berth 5!)

End of walk :    MRT Station: NS16 Ang Mo Kio  (Foodcourt @ L3, many other restaurants & food stalls)  

EOs :                ChristinaCL Chan & Charles Wee

NOTE:   Due to the unique location of destination, part of the journey, we need to commute by bus.  
             There is no significant landmark to enable us to guide you to meet up with us should you be late!

Brief Description:    

Terrain is EASY.      
Bring your cameras – very scenic!
Toilet facilities — Only at MRT stations.
Rain or shine, we will be there!

Let’s explore yet another natural forest reserve.  A LUSH forest of tropical trees and shrubs, Enjoy its peace
and quietness…… GOOD for mental health, mood and some eye-cercise!     emoticon

I was there when I was  probably around 0.9m. I recalled to get to the reservoir one has to walk on a long
paved road, from a distance a rocket-shaped tower looms into view.  As I stand nearer to it, it seems to
tower over my small frame.  

This iconic observation tower still stands tall and straight but, gone is the feeling of its towering presence;
though from its top it still provides a panoramic view of the waters and surrounding greenery.

Seletar Reservoir was damaged during the Japanese war in 1941.  It was renamed Upper Seletar Reservoir
after the construction of  Lower Seletar Reservoir.  It is one of the 4 main reservoirs and its nature reserve
acts as a water catchment area, its waters is used for drinking and daily usage after treatment for the
people in Singapore.
Upper Seletar Reservoir has been expanded twice in capacity and in 1999 it became a marked conservation site!

When did you last visit Seletar Reservoir?   
Since you were a child like me or……   Never ever?      Come, join us!          emoticon

Stay cool Be cool!          emoticon 

Our Walk Team EOs: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low,
Conrad Tang,  Lydia Soh  and I, ChristinaCL Chan,,,,, signing off


1.  Charles Wee
2.  ChristinaCL Chan
3.  Danny Lye      (unwell, R&R)
4.  June Tan         (need to R&R) hehe
5.  Andrew Yeung
6.  Pauline Chew
7.  Jane Chua
8.  Judy Lim        (unwell, R&R)
9.  June Koh
10. Lena Ho
11. Steven Ng
12. Lydia Soh
13. Maureen Lee
14. Fong Poh Chee
15. Bernie Chung
16. Alice Seah
17. Janet Ng
18. Cheryl Ho
19. Tan Li Li
20. Wendy Goh
21. Daisy Yeo
22. Erik Teo
23. Chui Keng
24. Sockie
25. Hew Lee
26. Rosalind Soh
27. Evelyn Ong
28. Catherine Chong
29. Pauline Khoo
30. Christina Pan
31. Janis Han
32. Johnny Pow
33. Annie Tan
34. Thomas Lau
35. Lucy Tan
36. Irene Poh
37. Aaron How
38. Juliet Ong
39. Lilian Teo
40. Veronica Wong
41. Pat Oei
42. Lynda
CLICK HERE to view photos