Weekly ENTREPRENEUR Zoom Mtg – Sunday @ 10:00am

Thank you to all SHC members for your time joining me in the Entrepreneur last zoom session on 10 Jan 2021.I shared with members how to generate ideas. An idea is to address a pain or gap.

I used Rest.com.sg as an example. Rest.com.sg is an online portal for advertiser to place their ads at an affordable price.

Currently, most online ads are control by big techs. There are also many types of payments. Not many SMEs and startups have the financial resources to place ads on those current online social media.  Thus Rest.com.sg is to address this gap.

During the next session, I will share with members how to validate your idea.
Also next session, will have the honor to let our member, Dennis H, to share more info for a complimentary tour of GUI.

Please do zoom in this Sunday 17 Jan.
Till we meet again, have a great week ahead.

Entrepreneurship on Sunday 1000am

The last zoom session, shared with members different age group has different needs to consider before consider a startup.
Mr. Dennis Har extend his invitation to any SHC members be in his team.
Ms Dolly shared her plan.
We also disused about time bank. Such initiative applicable to European countries and not in Asian culture.
Mr. Dennis suggested I share with members what I learned.
I will share with SHC members what I can share, as all the learning materials have copyright, so unable to share the learning materials.
I will share with members who were the first few entrepreneurs in history.
Looking forward for members query and feedback, so we can discuss during the next session.
Thank you SHC members. Stay Safe.