Thailand Mountains & Hills Experience

Planning next mountain trip preferably in Thailand. We were amazed by what we saw at the social media (see attached pictures).

I am looking for members who will share their experiences and places of interest during their visit at the mountain and of coz yummy food recommendations.

Let’s chat if you explored before and share your experience with me. Thank you.


Hearing Aids

Dear all

Anyone here have experience purchasing a pair of hearing aids?

Yes I am looking for one for myself as I beginning to have hearing difficulties with High pitch frequencies.  I was told its better to start using it now as it will be harder to get use to it as years goes by.

I have tried the middle range by Simens and Banform both The Receiver in Cannal and Behind The Ear type.  I m looking for a pair which give less static and not too expensive to discard in case its like the pair of bifocal glasses which I have made but did not like using it.

Appreciate your comments or share with me via my email

Thank you

Medications/supplements for bone health and stomach…..

Greetings to all……… 

Have any of you taken any medications / supplements for pain in the stomach or for bone health? 

If you are one who has doubt and never gotton a satisfactory answer from a pharmacist on issues regarding your guts or bones ache related medications that affect your stomach, you can now pose a question to the Guardian Pharmacist thru IBS Support Group.  The group is planning talks cum Q&A session for members with a pharmacist, and would welcome any comments/queries you have regarding guts or bone-aches related medications that affect your stomach. 

I am volunteering with the IBS to connect with members who suffer from Fatty Liver and Polyps in the gall bladder or other chronic stomach discomfort e.g. bloatedness or indigestion. Personally, I have a weak stomach so I am very selective when come to medication/supplements especially for my aging bones. I have not taken any nor have found the best calcium supplement that works for me yet.  

Have you?


Travel in Autumn

Dear all at SilverHairsClub,

Anyone care to share their 2 cents worth on driving from New York to Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Niagara in the parks, returning from Toronto, Coastal drive to Ottawa and straight back to NYC.   Would appreciate some advice as to which one or two of the regions to skip so that we can drive more leisurely.   Our main objective is to go the Niagara Falls, and would love to catch to autumn leaves along the scenic drive and if our planned route is ideal for a 11 days trip.