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a retired human resource professional, 60 years of age, single, living on my own; presently active in cycling, walking and tennis; do enjoy social dancing and karoake but have not been active in these two areas now; learning to play poker and mahjong from books - yet to find any kaki to help me get started in practice; used to be quite interested in IT and had learned to programme in coldfusion language as well as web page design in html and css but alas, has since forgotten and lost these interests about 3 years back; had actually even design a recruitment program on-line and created a website for e-resumes; currently lack intellectual stimulations and hence am trying to socialize and grow a network of new friends;

the social & ballroom dancing group is born…

hi all
a big welcome to all of you who have shown an interest in dancing; as at today we have 62 names listed; those who have not responded to my request for dancing information and background have been delisted; we will not be accepting anymore names for the time being; as usual the ladies outnumber the guys; we have 46 females and 16 males; so i will still be glad to accept males who are keen!
the following have been planned for 2012:

1)     newbies/novices sub-category:  we will help you to get started in dancing by introducing you to 5 social dances; these are the social cha cha, disco rock, square rumba, slow rhythm and social waltz; we will conduct lessons for you; we will provide you with notes on the various steps so you are less likely to forget the steps and if necessary we will revise them frequently; you should be able to dance comfortably in any social dancing events once you have completed these lessons; lessons will tentatively be on sunday afternoons between 3pm to 5pm; we will confirm the venue in due course;

2)     basic/elementary sub-category: this is by far the largest group; most of you can already dance the social dances; so we will introduce the elementary steps of the ballroom waltz; the elementary and intermediate latin rumba; the elementary jive; perhaps the elementary latin cha cha as well, depending on progress and time constraints; lessons will be on either sundays between 6pm to 8pm or tuesdays between 8pm to 10pm; we will confirm the venue in due course; notes will also be provided;

3)     elementary/intermediate/advance sub-category:  we will be focusing on the modern ballroom here; so we will revise and practise the waltz; the viennese waltz, the quickstep, the latin rumba, the latin cha cha and maybe some elementary jive; our practise session will be on friday nights between 7pm to 9pm; we will confirm the venue in due course;
we will invite you to sign up for lessons nearer the time; there will be a small contribution to cover rental costs and incidentals but there will not be any profit making; no money will go into my pocket! any excess monies we have, will go towards organizing events and functions for the group;
we look forward to your participation and support so we can all have a fun and enjoyable 2012…we look forward to building a cohesive dancing group within shc with everyone’s help;

Calling all social & ballroom dancing enthusiasts…

as some of you may know, presently there is a small group of amateur dancing enthusiasts who come to together and share the love for dancing with one another; we hope to conduct more dancing sessions to reach out to those of you who are keen to take up dancing or who wish to continue to learn new variations; we will probably be sharing the cha cha, disco rock, waltz, square rumba, latin rumba, viennesse waltz, jive rhythm and others in the near future;

if you are keen or have an interest in social and ballroom dancing please indicate your interest here so we can keep you in the loop as and when we are able to provide lessons or have a social dance function for members;

eo: daniel ong

Free Dancing Lessons & Practice Sessions…

we are a group of fun loving oldies, gainfully unemployed, inexperience, amateur dancing enthusiasts who wish to share our limited dancing knowledge with others interested to pick up dancing or practice their dancing skills further;

if you are not working, we welcome you to come along and join us; we are starting a new cha cha class on 1st march 2011:

venue:  pandan valley condo
day:      every tuesday
dancing lessons:  2pm to 4pm (5 sessions)
dancing practice:  4pm to 6pm (on going)
contribution to rental costs:  $1 to $2 per session depending on number of participants

pandan valley condo is off ulu pandan road (after holland road); bus nos: 7, 61, 75, 92, 156, 165, 560 & 625 ply there; the buses stop right in front of the condo; if you are driving visitors’ lots are available for free;

please register here if you are keen to learn how to dance or want a place to practise your dancing skills; alternatively you may email me at d4thong@yahoo.com.sg if you have any personal queries:

  1. jeremy
  2. peggy
  3. meifoo
  4. tricia
  5. richard wong
  6. dolly
  7. peter goh
  8. peng peng
  9. freda lim
  10. thomas lau
  11. ann lim
  12. robert ong
  13. catherine yeo
  14. priscilla wee
  15. judy tay
  16. bobby bok
  17. dave tan
  18. richard lee
  19. bessie lam
  20. lilian teo
  21. henry yip
  22. primrose kok

registration is now closed;

"what good is sulking alone in your room, come hear the music play; life is a cabaret my friend, so come to the cabaret…"


eos: meifoo and daniel;

Free Dancing Lessons and Practice Sessions…

if you are keen to learn dancing or if you are already a dancer and wants to practice your variations we welcome you to join us every saturday night at braddell heights condo; braddell heights condo is situated at braddell hill, off braddell road; it is an old ex-hudc estate; accessible by public transport from braddell mrt station (10 mins walk) or if you are driving, there is free parking next to the clubhouse;

we are a newly formed group of inexperienced dancing enthusiasts from within shc who are sharing our limited knowledge of dancing variations with each other;

the first hour of our dancing session is devoted to would-be beginners who wants to learn the basic steps; we are currently half way through our cha cha variations for beginners; the second hour is for experience dancers to practise their own variations; music will be provided;

we hope that we will be able to provide a platform for anyone who is interested to pick up dancing at a leisurely pace and for those who are already familiar with dancing, a place to practise and hone their skills further; also it is hope that the more experience dancers will eventually be able to share their knowledge of various variations or routines with other participants within the group;

there are no dancing fees, but all participants share the costs of rental of the dancing room; depending on the number of participants the cost per person may vary from as low as $3 per month to $6 per month;

kindly indicate your interest below if you wish to join us… thank you; 


daniel ong (eo)

Daniel Ong – Profile

hi everybody

wow what a bunch of fun loving, cheerful, mavericks… wish i had known about shc much earlier…

just a little about myself; am 60 years young, single, an ex-human resource professional; contentedly retired and enjoying my gainful unemployment for the last several years;

presently i cycle 2 to 3 times a week from the marine parade underpass at east coast park to changi beach – albeit slowly; walk as often as the weather permits; and play tennis every wednesday at 7.00am at bedok sports complex; did some roller blading for a couple of months but gave it up as i wasn’t getting better at it…

used to enjoy social dancing and karoake before i retire but has not croak nor move my 2 left feet to music for quite some time since; after reading about all the dancing and singing thats going on in shc, i feel i need to catch up on lost time here…

i picked up some programming and web design skills on retirement but has since return same to the good lord above as i was not making much head way on using these skills to start some hr type business that i had in mind…is there an entrepreneurial group within shc?

currently am learning how to play poker and mahjong from books and would like to join any one who may be keen to fleece a new rookie… hasn’t had any practice so far…

on the personal front i consider myself a little on the shy side and is usually quiet and unassuming in a crowd; however given the opportunity will become more approachable and playful amongst friends…

i look forward to meeting all of you and experience some of the joys and laughter that seems to be so abundant and available here in shc…


simply happy…