New SHC Travel presentation and discussion LIVE on Zoom every Thur 8pm

SHC Travel presentation is ON, every Thur 8pm (1 hr). 30 mins per location for general travel chat and 30 mins for presentation. Gardens, markets, sceneries, eateries, shopping, hotels, maps, friends, etc

Plse share your travel holiday pictures and video via screen share. Whatsapp Jessie Ow at 9846 1089. Tell her which city/country you are presenting as she is scheduling the topics. We will then announce to the club. Plse inform your friends.

EO Laura Wee
Password shc

Terence Seah

Are you afraid of listening to ghost stories? Telling ghost stories Sat night, coming soon.

For more than 40 years, I have not watched a ghost movie.  When I pass the television showing a jumping ghost, esp a female one in white, I would quickly close my eyes and walk away.  Unfortunately I can still hear the screams, because I cannot close my eyes. Today, I would still not go see a ghost movie.

Some seniors can sleep well, even if the doors keep opening and closing.   A few members are very good at telling ghost stories.  At the same time, many of us can glue our eyes to the screen, if the ghost story teller wears white or red, and has long straight or fluffy hair, and big black round eyes

We all have our experiences.  The soldiers talking in an empty barrack.  A woman crying besides the road at 12 midnight.  And something moving in the bushes but cannot tell what it is.

If you like to be frightened or to frighten others, come join us Sat night. Date and time to be announced.  Ghost story tellers invited to meet fellow friends

Pyjamas night

What’s it like to wear our pyjamas and zoom in bed? I guess we put on our ear piece, cuddle our bolster and tie a band aroun our head.

Maybe we can recognise one another.  Who?

Think about it and share.  Dreams work well if we think hard.  We need ideas.

Terence Seah

The new SilverHairsClub Facebook group

Dear members,

The previous SHC Facebook page is now discontinued.  As part of getting our platform and objective to enable SilverhairsClub members to meet new and more friends, we are preparing to increase our membership via Facebook.

The new setup is called “SilverhairsClub in Singapore”, and this is our SHC Facebook group.  Facebook members have to be Singaporean/PR, over 45, and have to abide by the same club rules.

All SHC members with a Whatsapp/tel registered mobile number are considered Ordinary members.  You can also join as a SHC Facebook member, to enjoy another communication channel via Facebook.  This is optional.

New members as well as current SHC ordinary members can join “SilverhairsClub in Singapore” Facebook group.  Facebook Group members are called SHC Facebook members.  Facebook members get to enjoy the same SHC activities and use our Club website “”, provided their Tel/Whatsapp are registered with the Club.  This is the key difference between Ordinary member and Facebook members.

We intend to keep our membership registration simple.

Click here to join our Facebook group at

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom monthly gathering wef 31 May 2020 (last Sun of the mth, 1400-1600 hrs)

Wef 31May 2020, SilverHairsClub will introduce an online LIVE monthly via SHC Zoom.  This monthly event aims to provide a platform for members to find new friends, more friends, and catch up with old friends.  Find your interests. Chat on travel, plan your lunch outing. Find close friends for coffee chitchat and mahjong kakis, sudoku and cycling/walking. Or meet your JB group to go shopping and massage.  Find friends to go Europe, China or Canada. Guys and gals, all up to you.

2008 Gosh 2008 picture. Blurred to look good.

If you arrive before 1415 hr, you will be given 1 min to introduce yourself. Eg your name, what you do, what are your interests, where you work or boyfriends, girlfriends.  Haha, I can give you more ideas.


Date: every last Sun of the month

  • Time: 1400 hr to 1600 hr.
  • Venue:
  • A new Password will be sent to participants.
  • For security, only participants, who have downloaded the app, can participate. Full First and last names are required.  Those without camera, without video are required to obtain prior approval.
  • Dress:. Appropriately dressed from waist up.
  • Rules: No singing, karaoke, presentations and sales talk.  Club rules on No politics, race, religion, sex, direct selling a d MLM apply.
  • If you arrive on time, we can break the group into small rooms of 4 – 6 pax each.  More quiet.  You can also stay in the main meeting room.

Meantime, download Zoom.  Join us for breakfast or lunch.  Check out zoom diary in

We are planning to discontinue sending club events via email.  Plse text “WhatsApp” to 9489 4360 to receive activities via updates.

Have fun.

Terence Seah

SHC two new Zoom entertainment – the Xiao Xiao and the gossip channels during Covid-19

For a long time, SHC has been looking out for members who stand out to make other members happy and entertainment. These members usually can talk, non-stop.

Frisna Tan does customer surveys with passengers at the Singapore airports. Some of you may have bumped into her at the airport which waiting to enter the gates. Frisna is also a keen gardener. She is a member of SHC Gardening group. Join her if you have green fingers. Frisna will be hosting our Xiao Xiao channel.

Howard Yong is a Baba. Once he starts on a topic, he can carry on non-stop. His speciality is gossip. Talk about foreign wives, dealing with govt agencies, squeezing his duck rice seller and buying a BTO flat. Any topic to gossip, he is game. But you must be prepared to sit down and listen. Toss him a question, and he will be able to get you engaged for the next one hour. Howard had an unusual sleep pattern. He sleeps at 9pm, so no program latter than 9pm.

We shall be scheduling these two channels. Stay tune.

Terence Seah

LIVE Practice Zoom sessions, every M-Fri 1.00 – 2.00 pm until end of CB

Some members are very conversant with Zoom. Others have completed a 4 day course on using Zoom to tearning online. Most are able to do basic Zoom. SHC Zoom is a LIVE video conferencem.

We can use it for meetings, chat with friends and colleaques, discuss and make travel plans with pictures, form hobby groups eg tropical fishes, dogs, do demos, play chess, shudoku and mahjong, listen to music, and many “How to?”. You can discuss Stock market, show charts and current affairs, and talk at the same time.

Many people have heard of Zoom, and more than 200m people use Zoom every day. But one difficulty is to get started. Where to find friends to practise with? SilverHairsClub will assist to make practice possible.

How to start a free account?
How to set up Zoom?
Finetune audio and video settings.
How to use a white board. We know school days black board.
Breaking up the class to small groups.
How to secure tour class?

Every Mon to Fri, 1.00 pm to 2.00pmm we have our main forum “Lunch time”.
During this period, if you wish, we can form many small groups to practise the above. If there is a demand, we can have Mandarin speaking sessions.

1.00 pm Doors open. 10 mins grace before doors close.
1.15 pm Breakout rooms are open. Main forum will continue to discuss Lunch time news updates.
1.55 pm Everybody returns to main meeting room.
2.00 pm “Lunch time” ends. Back to work.

These sessions are free to join for SilverHairsClub members.

To participate, Whatsapp 9489 4360 and RSVP “Zoom Practice”. Members may contact Howard Yong, Catherine Soon, Dolly Lim, Daniel Chan, Lydia Chin. Or you can register here.

Terence Seah

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to all our Muslim members and friends

During this holy month, I wish all our Muslim members and friends a Holy Ramadan Mubarak. May the essence of this auspicious month remain in your heart and life. And wishing you a successful month of fasting, prayers, forgiveness and charitable deeds while we shoulder on with the Covid-19 global crisis.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.

Terence Seah

Sat 25 Apr 7.30pm, let’s join the nation and sing together to thank our nation’s healthcare and migrant workers on SHC Zoom

An old video clip, sung by Kit Chan and Dick Lee

Wherever you are, let’s join together to thank our nation healthcare and migrant workers. We aim to build a crowd. Please come and show your faces. And look out for your friends.

Event: Sing together Singapore
Song title: Home, a popular NDP favourite.

Date: Sat 25 Apr 2020.
7.00 pm: Zoom doors opens at 7.30pm. Say Hello to one another, check your dress, relax and get ready to sing. You can sway your body, clap your hands and sing along. Check your speakers, mic and camera. Check no background noise and TV.

7.45pm: Doors close. Late comers may not be admitted.

7.45 pm: We will play one or two songs and Zoom will mute everyone, to make best use of internet bandwith. Lets nake sure we see our faces and see everybody on video screen. Look your best. Those without video can stay, sing and enjoy the songs together. But will not be displayed.

7.55pm: Video “Home” will be played. Please sing along with friends, colleaques and families.
(Note: The video and audio may be unstable, depending on internet bandwidth), but continue on to sing along.

8.05 pm: Zoom will unmute everyone. Continue to chat.

8.30pm: Event close. You may stay on until 9pm.

Terence Seah

Learn how to use Zoom for teaching online. Experience online teaching among friends

Using Zoom to teach online
Covid-19 has created new and huge opportunities for seniors to teach online. From home to learners, all over the world. Not just getting friends, and colleagues together online.

If you wish to learn how Zoom works, and how you can teach online, lets gather together to experience Zoom. Especially when you have the skills and knowledge. To share this learning tool, rsvp by WhatsApp “Zoom class”. We will set the class dates this week. Closing date 22 Apr 2020.

As of today 43 members have refistered to attend this learning session.

This 4 day program is ideal for members who have used Zoom before.  If not, try to come and join Morning Breakfast or  “It’s Lunchtime”.  at the start of each session, we will have a video program, followed by practice and sharing by experience members.  Be comfortable, you are among friends.

Registration closing date 22 Apr 2020.   Members only.

After you RSVP “Zoom class” by whatsapp to 9489 4360, we will send you the password to participate.  You can register here too.

Terence Seah

Let’s have “Morning Breakfast” together. Every Mon – Fri 7.30am – 8.30am

Hi everybody,

Every Mon to Fri, we have Virtual “Morning Breakfast”.  Just pop in anytime, from your mobile, between 7.30am and 8.30am. Let’s have Kopi and nasi lemak together.

Dont be shy.  Quickly introduce yourself as not everybody knows you, Share the latest news you heard the night before or any global news early in the morning. If the US market has collapsed, this is important news.  Any important govt announcements, this is the best time to update everyone. Update yourself, and ourselves at the same time, finish your kopi quickly and off you go with your day’s work and errands.

If you are at a noisy food court or a dim sum family restaurant, or in a bus,  just join in.  Say “Good morning”  to new and old frieds, and show your face.  We want to know you are around.

If you are going out shopping, marketing, or out for lunch or dinner later in the day,  and you are looking for company, this is the best time. “Morning Breakfast” is on for 1 hour only. That’s all the time we have to catch up.

Easy, just drop in at

Terence Seah

Let’s bring our grand children together. Let’s have a Talentime for them

Many of us have young grandchildren, and it is indeed tiring keeping them busy all day and night. We had a Zoom gathering this week, and often, we could hear children busy in the background. At one recent event, a young sweet girl popped up besides Charles Wee, curiously looking at cute seniors having a chat online.

It strikes me that it would nice if we organise a Talentime for our grand children. They can be singing, dancing, showing a magic trick or hobby.

I was thinking we keep the age to 10 years and below. Grand parents get to dress the kids up.  and maybe prepare some music in the background. We can work out the prizes.

The audience can do a vote at the end of the Talentime to determine the most entertaining show.

Likely date/time: Sat 11 April  1 pm to 3.30pm. LIVE on SHC Zoom.

A practice session will be organised this Sat 4 Apr from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm. Simply join in at  Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp +65 94894360.

How about this idea? Like to help me? Contact me at 9489-4360.

Plse standby to register your name and grandchildren to participate. Recording is not allowd and recording is disabled in all SHC Zoom events.

Terence Seah

Calling all Cantonese songs lovers. On SHC Zoom, LIVE at 3pm – 5pm. 30 Mar, 31 Mar 2020 EO Daniel Chan

Today and tomorrow 3 pm, Daniel Chan will lead in a singing session on Zoom. Prepare your music in the background, and let’s hear from you LIVE.

Click here to enter the singing room. We wait for u.

Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom – Current affairs, Sun night 1930-2030 hrs

Every Sunday night, we run a 1 hour Zoom event on current affairs in Singapore and around the world. You are invited to contribute and share your observations and comments with fellow participants. Members only.

See u Sunday night.

Time: 1930 – 2030 hrs.


Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

An insight into How Ng’s garden, Sat 4 Apr 2020, 3-4pm

The Gardening group has been very active, focusing on fruits trees, in door gardens and the occasional trips to nurseries.

Look into How's garden

How Ng is one of the group’s members with keen interest on gardening. On one of SHC Zoom’s groups, I had the privilege to see his garden live streamed from his mobile. Truly beautiful, well organised and ideally suited to the home gardener. I encourage you to join the SHC garden group.

On Sat 4 Apr 2020, starting at 3pm, ending 4pm, How will offer an insight into his home garden via SHC zoom.

If you like to know How better, and get an insight into home gardens, join us just before 3pm. Just click on

Approx 20 mins presentation and 40 mins Q&A.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom ‘It’s lunch time” Mon-Fri 1300 – 1400 hrs

Every day Monday to Friday 1.00pm to 2.00pm while Singapore is still not free from COVID-19 and we are required to social distance, we will organise a lunch time event, titled “Yeah! it’s lunch time”. Members from year 2005 and 2006 are invited.

Let’s meet face to face on SHC Zoom at 1pm today. From your mobile or desktop, come learn how we can say hello to one another and share our day.

Today’s topics: How is Covid-19 affecting your life and work? What are your stock picks in today’s market.

I am stucked in Bangkok, with 2 cancelled flights and now undecided if I should come here or extend my stay for another month. I will enjoy meeting you. See you later today.

Click below to start.  Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom practice, by Howard Yong this week lunch time

Howard Yong, easily recognised at Club Events, by his silver hairs, has volunteered to host Zoom practice sessions for members daily from today to Fri 20 Mar 2020. Time: 12nn to 1pm.

Simply click below before the session from your mobile. Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Thank you Howard.

Terence Seah

“How to buy & Sell online via e-commerce websites”, a discussion led by Dolly Lim, Tue 31 Apr 2020 7pm

Zoom Video discussion on 31 March 2020 @ 7pm...

Buying goods online has become very popular, from local or overseas stores. Selling online has also been equally easy, especially with easy payment systems. Of course there are pitfalls, but selling online enables us to reach the outside world, reach directly the buyer and benefit from the e-commerce website marketing.

Dolly Lim has offered to moderate this topic LIVE on SHC Zoom. We get to share our selling and buying experience. Learn about potential risks but also how to go about using sites like Taobao, Wish and other sites to sell.

If you have a selling website, come discuss with the group.

The session will be one hour, and we will determine if we will do this activity on a regular basis, after the first one. Session will be conducted over SHC Zoom. Simply click here 5 mins before the date and time. No password.

Interested? Plse register here or contact Dolly Lim.

Terence Seah

GE 2020/21 discussion – members only

In the last general election, we had a WhatsApp discussion group. More than 100 members participated. I remembered the discussion was hot, furious, and personal. As a rule, SHC discussions do not allow politics but I had allowed it at the last GE as it was considered an issue of major impact to all of us.

This time, COVID-19 has become a new barrier to gatherings. To enable us to discuss the issues and keep ourselves updated, I shall open a SHC Zoom discussion on our coming GE2020 or 2021 very soon.

This will be a video conference, LIVE. You can participate from your mobile, IPAD, tablet or desktop. Simply click on the link at the scheduled times.

Join Zoom Meeting

There will be no recording. Do not bring in fake news or make personal attacks on any participant or parties. I shall try not to, but will exercise discretion to hold or remove participants if personal attacks persist. Plse dress properly. And ensure your video and microphone are working.

More updates here soon.

Suggestions on how to organise this activity appreciated.

To participate, WhatsApp ‘Yes GE” to 9489-4360. You will be advised of this SHC Zoom event.

Terence Seah

Talk by Sam Goh on “Living in JB during retirement” via SHC Zoom, Sat 14 Mar 2020 1900 – 2100hrs.

Sam Goh, also know as Ah Huat or the laughter yoga teacher, joined SHC in Jan 2006. Well known as our contact guy in JB, Sam just crossed 60, and has always been involved in recycling and charity activities in JB. In the club, Sam had participated in different roles, one as a bouncer in SHC Dinner & Dance “One night in Taipei” and as a young school boy in SHC Prom night.

Sam is street smart. He speaks Bahasa Malay and Mandarin fluently. Having lived in JB for more than 20 years, he knows many nooks and corners, including good food, karaoke and special buys. He also knows many naughty places.

We have invited Sam Goh to give a talk on “Living in JB during retirement”. He is ideally suited to offer his views and recommendations on JB.

The talk will be presented over SHC Zoom. Date and time not fixed yet. This will last about 30 mins, followed by Q&A and discussion. You are welcome to participate.

We will have more SHC Zoom talks and discussions. To prepare your self, please click to join in at the designated time. No password required.

Terence Seah

Ageing stages 3 and 4 in Singapore or elsewhere – Whatsapp discussion and sharing

Earlier groups on “Ageing together in JB” discussed the topic last 3 mths. Most of the discussions centered around where to stay, costs, knowing more about JB, convenience, interesting areas, moving around, transportion and risks staying in JB. Most participants are healthy, vibrant, hot, shoppers, looking fot best buys, eager to enjoy life, and always looking for company to go JB. I see many are in stages 1 and 2 of the ageing process, meaning got money, still working, healthy, can walk, very busy, full of vibrance and essentially mobile and not bed ridden. This brings us to the next discussion. Stage 3 and 4.

What do we do when we reach Stages 3 and 4? We cannot walk and maybe bedridden. And we cannot bathe ourselves, cannot eat our meals and medicine.

At stages 3 and 4, we may have to decide having a maid or move to a nursing home. Maybe someone will decide for us, where we stay. Which nursing home to go to?

Worse still, when there is insufficient medisave and savings run low. If we have filial children or family, they may only see us once a week.

How to afford the next medical appointment and medicine? Where to get a wheelchair? Where to get assistance?

When we decide to stay at home, and no one around, what to do? Youtube movies, maybe. And wait until the daughter-in-law or son comes home with some food.

Getting a maid is an idea, but what does it cost to have a maid at home? Or should we be moved to a nursing home? How affordable is this? In Singapore, JB or Batam?

Many of us dont think of stages 3 and 4. Wait until then, the situation will take care of itself. Maybe, we just gong suddenly and go to heaven.

We shall dedicate the next 3 mths on this topic. For those who are in Stages 3 or 4, not mobile and bedridden, come share with us your experience. It will be truly valuable.

Nothing shy and nothing to show off. Our time will come.

Registration to participate close 15 March 2020.

Terence Seah

Discussion on how to learn and share the use of smartphones for seniors

Many Singaporeans know how to use WhatsApp. We use it to send messages and pictures to friends and family.

But, not all of us know how to use it to chat with a group of 5-8 friends. Few know we can comfortably see one another on the phone screen.

Singaporeans can easily make and change polyclinic appointments from the mobile phone. Travellers use Google maps to get from one place to another anywhere in the world. We can also check when the next bus arrives at our bus stop. it is also easy to book and pay for a Scoot flight from Singapore to Beijing. We can order our favourite pizza online.

We fumble and cannot find where to press. So, we rather go to the postoffice and queue. The phone can help us. Phone is not cheap.

As we age, the time will come when we are quarantined or we cannot move. Have to lie on the bed the whole day. The phone will be our friend.

Many members are equally familiar with these phone uses. We can share and learn. Lets learn from the guys and gals. Lets discuss how to go about “how to learn and share the use of smartphones for seniors”.

Terence Seah

Global consumption has dropped. Demand is not there yet. Is this the right time to buy the dip? And when is the right time?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the current world situation? Govts, WHO and businesses are taking precautions to prevent a pandemic. Others are preparing for a rebound with a vengeance.

Many markets have dropped since end of 2019. Is this the right time to buy the dip?

We cannot meet face to face. But let’s share your thoughts and hear from other members.

Suggestions appreciated.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom – “Late Birds”. When you cannot sleep early. 9.30 pm – 1.00 pm

A song before you sleep.

Many members are feeling all couped up in their homes. Concerned about going out to meet friends, don’t have mask and feeling lethargic. No dancing and no karaoke. Bored with watching movies and TV.

A few members are excited about using Zoom to meet friends. A suggestion for ‘Late Birds”.

Use your mobile. Zoom is a connecting app with video and screen sharing. We can meet face-to-face.

To participate, go to Playstore and install “Zoom Cloud meetings” app.

1. Topic: For late birds. Self introduction. When u cannot sleep early?

2. Venue: Anywhere from your home, WIFI.

3. Date/Time: Fri 28 Feb, 21.30 – 2300 hrs

4. Strictly for SHC members only.

5. Video and audio recording of SHC Zoom sessions strictly not allowed.

6. Dress appropriately at the top, as you are on video.

** Meeting ID: 417-852-5736.

No password for late birds.

Terence Seah

“Zoom” Cloud meetings – a new concept in SHC monthly gathering


COVID-19 has forced us to find new ways to gather together.

From your mobile phone, Zoom is a high definition meeting app with video and screen sharing. Zoom enables us to connect together with crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging.

I have been recommended to use “Zoom” for some monthly gatherings. I tested it recently and it worked well for up to 100 attendees. There is a cost to rent this app from the US software provider. We would also require support personnel to handle registration, and manage and cordinate the meeting.

For a start, we will take a free trial. I dont have a name for this event yet. Likely we will call this “SHC Zoom”. To participate, go to Playstore and install “Zoom Cloud meetings” app.

The first SHC Zoom meeting.

1. Topic: free and easy, self introduction.

2. Venue: Anywhere in the world, as long as u have WIFI.

3. Date/Time: Mon 24 Feb 1830 hrs, ends 2000hr.

4. Strictly for SHC members only.

5. Dress: Appropriately as you are on video.

** Meeting ID: 417-852-5736.

Terence Seah

How are you managing with the COVID-19 situation? And what are you thinking of doing for the rest of 2020?

To participate, plse note strictly no URL, copy & paste, videos, audio, and any unverified news. 1 topic-related picture a day allowed.

All of us are very conscious of COVID-19. We have taken steps to avoid being infected with the virus, not only for ourselves but also our families. As seniors, we are prone to virus.

We are a living community, and we need to interact with other human beings. We need to go to the supermarkets, see our polyclinic doctors, bring our grandchildren to schools, take buses/mrt to work and eat at the nearby foodcourt. We need to continue going with our daily exercises, our weekly dancing classes and our regular karaoke.

We can delay our holiday travels, cancel our cruise trip and our weekly trip to JB.

But, we cannot don’t do anything. Can we close our main door, stay at home to watch Korean dramas? Or just chat the whole day on whatsapp?

Have you taken up a new hobby? Gardening, cooking, baking, Origami, Chinese chess, English chess or aquarium fish. How about more sleeping time in bed and watching more Youtube videos?

Get ideas from other SHC members. Start some farm work in Batam. Explore where you will spend some of your retirement days, in Batam, in JB, in Chiangmai or in Perth.

Plan with friends and look out for cheap airfare options when COVID-19 is over. Airlines and hotels are promoting their offers now. This may be a bad year for tourism, but a good time if you are yearning to travel kater part of this year.

The SHC CPF whatapp chat has been very successful. Time to find out what is your payout at 65. It is running well, join them to hear what other members are talkkng about before they go to the CPF offices.

How are you managing the current situation? And what do you plan to do from now to the rest of the year. Share your thoughts with the rest of us. What you are doing and thinking may be out of the box.

And if you still dont have a password to participate in our forum, talk with Dolly Lim or Yoon Chin.

Terence Seah

SHC West gathering Thur 5 Mar 2020

For members staying in Jurong/West Singapore, we shall have a get together in March.

Date: Thur 5 Mar 2020

Time: 1600 – 1900 hrs.

Venue: Food Republic, Westgate Shopping mall, Basement 1. (3 Gateway Drive S608532).

Transport: MRT Jurong East.

We hope this location will be easier for members to meet up and get to know one another better. More activities can be organised in this part of Singapore, as we move along.

Plse register your coming here.

Terence Seah

SHC Jan 2020 monthly gathering Thur 9 Jan 2020

Hi everybody

To start our new year 2020, we shall have our Jan monthly gathering, details as follows:

Date: Thur 9 Jan 2020

Place: City Square Mall, Food Republic, #04-31, 180 Kitchener Road, Spore 208539

Time: 5pm to 8pm

MRT: Farrer Park, Exit I to city square mall

Come join us if u have some time to kick start the new year.

Plse register here.

Terence Seah

1. Terence Seah ( EO )

2. Dolly Lim

3. Caroline Gee

4. Stella Sheng

5. Lilian

6. David ONG

7. Gingko Tay

8. Lee Ah Nee

9. Pauline Khoo

10. Pony Teng

11. Sally Ang

12. Howard Yong

13. Ann Giri

14. Winnie Tan

15 Malyne Suen

16. Kamala Roberts

17. Richard Wong

18. Julie

19. Bob Mong

20. Michelle SIM

21. Judy Chia

22. Karen THIO

23. Alan Ang

24. Doreen Ong

25. Patricia SIN

26. Kim Eng

27. Ong Chew Teck

28.  Yap Sew King

29. Jimmy Tsin

30. Daisy Phua

31. Peter Goh

32 Irene Yap

33. Bobby Bok

34. Susan Chang

35. Kwai Keng

36. Henry See

37. Yoon Chin

38. Daisy Wee

39. John Lim

40. Steven Chan

41. Andrew Koh

42. Catherine Yeo

43. Cat Yeo

44. ChristinA

F&E trip to Europe on the Eurail network 15 Sep – 15 Oct 2020

This year 2020, I am going to Europe for 2 weeks on the Eurail pass during 15 Sep to 15 Oct 2020. This is end of peak season and beginning of Oct Fest.


1. East and west Europe via rail and ferry. Start city: can be any European city, except London. Those thinking of London, can do so prior the trip or after the end of trip.

2. No fixed program, no fixed hotels and places of interests. Very F&E trip. Plenty of sightseeing.

3. Exact start date decided once group is formed.

4. Most nights are spent sleeping on the train from about 10pm to 7am. Luggages are always kept at train stations.

5. Participants should be fit to walk, able to live on a western diet, sociable, love to talk to strangers, bathe at train stations and tolerant to rain, cold and snow and very independent.

6. Ideally, participants should have internet access, able to use google map. Have a euro acct or youtrip card.

7. We will buy airtickets and Eurail tickets around 15 Jul 2020.

Rail details:

8. Participants can join or break off at any point, as long as you are aware of the locations of other participants at any time.

9. To register your interests, please indicate here, or whatsapp me. We will also discuss during SHC monthly gatherings.

Members who have been on the Eurail pass can also join the chatgroup to share their experience.

Time to start planning now.

Terence Seah

4 Short F&E trip to Thailand 2020

In 2020, I plan to do 4 F&E trips to Thailand to explore the country.. The broad details are:

1. Each trip will last at least 7D 6N. Start and end dates will be announced at least one 1 month ahead. Every body buys own airtickets.

2. Starting city: A major city eg Phuket, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Udonthani or Hatyai.

3. Ending trip: Another major city or same originating city.

4. Format: Drivers only. We drive where the heart takes us.

5. Accommodation: budget 500 baht a room night (tenting included). Usually no warm water, no breakfast, no room accessories. No prebooking, as we check in when like the place.

6. Itinery: no program, plan on a next day by day basis. No shopping in plan.

7. F&B: very Thai and local. Only strong stomachs can participate. High veg diet. Local markets.

8. Suitable for retirees or would be retirees

Interested, plse register here. We will get in touch with you.

Terence Seah