Learning In Your Silver Years – 1 Oct at 2 pm.

Vintage Radio SG has collaborated with the Council for Third Age – C3A to run a Facebook Live series titled “Learning in your Silver Years”. Vintage Radio.sg is going live at 2pm on today with DJs Brian Richmond and Rahimah Rahim, Aloysius as the facilitator and Arumugam, an active senior who has participated in many courses. Join us to celebrate International Day of Older Persons, hear their stories on the importance of lifelong learning to age well and how you can get started!

What’s more, you can win for yourself an exclusive C3A umbrella-cum-walking stick! Tune in to the Facebook Live session 2pm today to find out how to get hold of one of these. I won one from the last session, Yahoo! hopefully I do not need it, but the thrill of winning something is so exciting.

I have since signed up for 2 courses which I can use Skills future to cover the fees.

Cheers Agnes


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Vintage Radio Weekend Warrior 18/19 September – Caroline Gee

Another of our lovely SHC lady will be featured as this week’s VintageRadio.SG Weekend Warrior, she is none other than our Ms Caroline Gee. Caroline is one of our pioneer member, an excellent cook whose yummy dishes are often posted on SHC Facebook.Not only that, you may have caught Caroline’s singing on SHC Facebook as well.

Do tune in this coming Sat 18 Sept at 10 am or repeat on Sunday 19 Sept at 4pm. What other talent you may reveal, Caroline?

Do download the VintageRadio.SG app on your handphone or laptop to enjoy our Weekend Warrior. Just chillax and listen to Caroline as she shares her stories.


Vintage Radio Weekend Warrior 21/22 Aug – Patrick Oei

Another of our friend will be coming on as a VintageRadio.SG weekend warrior. He is long time member of Silverhairsclub.com,  Patrick Oei.
Do catch Patrick as he shares his selection of songs from the 50s to the 70s and his life stories.
The date is 21 Aug at 10am and repeat on 22 Aug at 4pm.
Download the VintageRadio.SG app on yr device and show our support by tuning in.
If you would like to experience the thrill and fun just like our members. drop me a line here and I’ll get in touch with you.

SHC team of Weekend Warriors Zoom Meeting with Vintage Radio – 30 July


On the morning of 30 July, SHC team of past and future weekend warriors had a zoom session with Aloysius and Kevin of Vintage RadioSG. Many of our members were also with us to enjoy the morning chit chat with our guests.  Hopefully, they will be inspired to be the future weekend warriors.

It was a reunion for past warriors who had the great experience to deejay a recording session with Aloysius and his team. All we needed to do is to showcase our 10 favorite songs and what the songs meant to us. Under Aloysius’ guidance, we sounded calmed and collected, making the whole session fun and we looked cool.

It was indeed a privileged for me to be their pioneer WW in Nov 2020. I shared the thrilling experience with our members in our zoom sessions, many have participated and have received great compliments. Two members will be called shortly for their recordings.

Aloysius updated us on what’s happening on the Vintage Radio and its various platform whereby seniors can take a peek at his/her own leisure.  E.g National Silver Academy , C3A and the videos covering NSA e-Nuggets series.

Do check in the zoom recording to hear what we discuss and gain more exposure from Vintage Radio.

Take this opportunity to say “Yah! I wanna to be a deejay, and be heard over the soundwave, have the opportunity of play my favourite songs.”

Make this your next challenge in your bucket list. Life is more interesting as we explore new boundaries.

Do let me know and we get in touch.


Agnes Seow

Vintage Radio Weekend Warrior – Ms Sally Foo

Wonderful news.

VintageRadio.SG is featuring another of our Silverhairsclub.com member.

It’s none other than our Ms Sally Foo,  Sally is a member that are often heard and seen as she actively contributes on several zoom programs.  One of her biggest contribution is the running and upkeeping of our Forum page. To run and maintain this page,
certainly requires IT knowledge,  lots and lots of hours and effort to follow up on members contributions. These contributions are greatly appreciated as they are helpful and bring awareness of what’s happening and the lives of other members.

Let’s show our love and support for Sally by tuning in this coming Sat 10 July at 10 am and repeat on Sunday 11 July at 4pm.

Sipping coffee and listening to her as she shares with you the songs that she likes.

Do download the VintageRadio.SG app on your hp or laptop to enjoy our Weekend Warrior.

Weekend Warrior – Aleena Tan

Another of our fabulous member, Ms Aleena Tan will be our next weekend warrior on VintageRadio.SG this coming Sat (29 May) at 10am.  If you missed it, you can catch it on Sunday (30 May) at 4pm.

Aleena shares about her love for dancing, how it started and how she met the love of her life through dancing.

Let’s show Aleena our love and support.  Download the VintageRadio.SG apps on your device now.

Henry Foo, our Weekend Warrior

Another of our Silverhairsclub.com member will be coming on as a VintageRadio.SG weekend warrior. Let’s show our love yeah yeah yeah and support to Mr Henry Foo, Henry plays the guitar and loves the Beatles.  Let’s get to know more of Henry as he shares his story.  I am sure, his segment will transport us back to our youth and tapping our feet as we enjoy the Beatles.  Henry will be featured on VintageRadio.SG this coming 24 April (Sat) at 10am.  If you miss him on Sat, do catch up on 25 April, Sunday at 4pm.  Download the VintageRadio.SG app on yr device.


If you would like to experience the thrill and fun just like our past members, drop me a line here and I’ll get in touch with  you.





SHC has several activities catered to the various interest of its members. During this pandemic Covid-19 period, walking was one of physical activities that is on-going. However, walkers were only allowed in groups of not more than 8 pax.

The Laughter Yoga+walks is one such group that conducts several scenic walks taking the lushes landscapes and waterways routes. Leisure walks, taking in the sights, discovering nature and KODAK moments are some of the highlights.  I believe, there are other walking/hiking groups, but the level of intensity is beyond me. The route is much longer and the concentration of the terrain maybe tough for me too. More importantly, I enjoy the camaraderie of the Laughter Yoga+walks members. No hard pressure to keep up, but the discipline of each and every member is very important to adhere the safety and pleasure of other members.

On 27 Feb, our walk was unique as it was a ‘city walk’. EOs Irene, Lydia and Iris did a fantastic job planning and organising this walk. To organise these weekly walks, the EOs needs to gather the parks information such as the route, its intensity, toilet facilities. Not to mention meeting points,  MRT/bus route, dinner place to chill out and the all important back up route, if it rains.

We began punctually at 4.30pm from Bugis MRT. Our 1st photo shoot, all aboard on the bullock cart pulled by Ox-y, since this is his year.

Our 1st destination was Blanco Fish Soup at Beach Road. The rich broth was flavorful and the chunks of meat from the fried fish head was fresh. Besides fish soup dishes, other yummy dishes such as ngoh hiang, omelette and fried vegetables were served too.

At Kampong Glam, Irene gave us a brief history of the place,  and we spent some time to take in the area’s atmosphere.  At the Sultan Gate, we admired the grandeur of the Sultan Mosque, followed by photo taking session. We came across a giant platform swing and the child within us had to have a go at it.

We walked our way towards Arab Street. The beautiful colourful Mediterranean wares added vibrancy to the street. The evening scene of Kampong Glam was so alive, touristy and full of night life.  Muscat Street was laced with interesting eateries with locals and tourist having their meals al fresco style.

At Haji Lane, we could not resist dropping in the shops for its modern quirky items. This lane is known for catering to the youngsters as a hangout. On the walls, are several paintings and photo worthy graphics. At the end of Haji Lane towards Beach Road, tourists and locals were enjoying their drinks seated on bar stools, their tables filled with munchies, liquor and beer. They seemed to be having a good time, chatting and chilling out.

As we left Haji Lane, a more subdued road greeted us. We continued our walk towards Raffles City for McDonalds to cool down before heading home.  It was so lovely to sit, chat and enjoy each’s company over soft ice cream, drink and food to round off the walk.

Though the walk was in the city, the walking along these routes,  time mingling and looking out of each other in the crowd was equivalent to the time taken in the parks. Exhausted, I may be at the end of it, I totally enjoy it and look forward for my next walk with this group.

A big shout out to Irene, Lydia and Iris for efforts in organising our weekly walks.

Bedok Mall Zonal Lunch – 18 December 2020

This is SHC 3rd Zonal Meeting – though a little late in posting in the Silverhairsclub.com website, I must say being the EO for the Bedok Mall Zonal lunch at Buddy Hoagies on 18 Dec was heartwarming and rewarding.

The cosy ambiance at Buddy Hoagies adds to the beauty of the members relaxing and enjoying their chit chats, Some of us met for a first time, but talk like old friends.  During chats, some members found out that they have similar interest and kakis were discovered.  As for me, in addition to meeting zoom friends personally, a reunion with old buddies Dolly n Catherine Ho from 15 years ago.

Food was delicious and value for its price, especially when comes with complimentary garlic bread, soup & a drink.  Thanks so much, Chan Keng Ngee and Dolly Lim for organising the several zonal groups island wide.  Both supported  each zone’s ‘start up’ gathering by physically being there with each zone’s EO and its members.  It was great that a few members from the other zones joined us at the Bedok Mall Zonal lunch too.  Members from other zones are encouraged to join, have fun, and to widen our circle of friends which is a vision of Silverhairsclub.com.

Now that a group of 8 pax are allowed, I look forward to have makan and minum kopi with more members.

Agnes Seow


VintageRadio.SG is digital radio station whose mission is to bring back the good old days from the 50s to 70s through a curated programme of content and music.

Recently, Lydia and I were at their office to record the 2021 countdown. We were so delighted and thankful for the opportunity to co-host with the iconic radio and TV personality Mr Brian Richmond.

It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed every minute working with the professionals. We had a shout out of Silverhairsclub.com.

Come! tune in to Vintage radio.sg on 31st December at 4pm to catch our show as we shared more of our favourite singers during our younger days and ring in the New Year.

Agnes Seow