2or4 buddies keen a one way trip

  1. Good day buddies, any keen takers for a one way trip to  KL or genting highland. Date 10/12/18 Monday. As I am driving  alone up to ipoh, Penang & perils. My journey will be three over weeks. You only pay for d petrol, toll, Makan. My service is free. Please what app me at +60-0107666056 .we will bid good ???? in either KL or genting highland. You may either take ?  or ???? back to  stress country  lah… ???? ???? Hoho haha cheers from bro Sam a India trained & qualified laughter yoga  teacher

A day in 3 Shopping mall , makan & massage in JB

HOHOHOHO hahahahha ,Hi members

i am planning a day outing in JB .Have replace my MPV to 7 passengers seat.

date of EC event is on 12 april 2018 . ( thusrsday )

time 0830hrs . meet at karnjil MRT Station control room .

we will use d public bas either SBS 170 or d yellow bas causeway cw 1 which ever come first ! once we all cross over JB , i will pick my car about 15 minutes walk , while u all hang around city square shopping mall crowded with sporean !! hahahaha

Cost RM 500 for more than 12 hours  driving around in JB . IT FIXED per car regardless of 1  or 7 passengers. we will whack d latest shopping mall in tampoi & if majority love bak kut teh , will eat llor !! much better than in  town & much cheaper too !! best is they sell fresh  steam fish , not many outlet have it !!

BY 1700hrs ,if again majority like 2 experince BBQ coconut we will hit . it will be 40 minutes drive if not then we whack d orang asli seafood center not in kg jawa whch have 3 seasfood resturant swarmed by many sporean & tour bas . worst is not cheap compare to experince  in perling ya !! also to those who love to buy ubat medicine in pharmacy , much cheaper compare to city ya .

we can have massage for those who love it  ! hair , manqiue or whatever during d day time !! watch out for d next trip in Desaru ya ! have fire crackers ,if anyone is game for it FREE YA,,,

cheers & be good ya !!

Bro Sam What APP ME @ +600170666056 OR DROP A LINE in here ya !!

hahahahahaha  a india trained & qualified laughter yoga teacher !

One way trip to KL using trunk road .( 2 days 2 night )

hhoohohohoho hahahahhah ,

it been quite awhile , did not post here ya…Please take note , am looking for 4 travel kakis to KL ,using my malaysia plate MPV . sporean are not allow to drive msia car into SG road .so pick up point will be @JB CIQ .how come  & why only 1 way ya !!!

hahahahahha , will end our trip either in KLIA airport or train station . so that mean these 4 buddies ve to buy your tickets back to SG …i will be heading up to perlis for forest retreat ! for about a month ya…hahahahahahha we will hit Kulai ,ayer hitam yong peng , muar ,malacca & KL

Date of departure is 12 th October Thursday .

TIMING OF PICK UP & Cost , Please pte what App me @ +600107666056  or drop any ??? in d post .cheers Bro Sam.

A india TRAINED & CERTIFIED laughter yoga teacher

hohohohoho hahahahha

World Laughter Day In JB .07 TH May 2017 Sunday

hohohohohooho hhahahahahha , i am attending d world laughter yoga day .First six persons to private  What App me will secure d seat of my humble MPV .

Pick UP @ jb SENTRAL ..0800HR.

WILL HAD OUR MORNING either bak kut teh or beef noodle .

more details will be in our group chat ya …

the laughter excerise will last from 0930 hr to 1200hr @ galleria @ kotaraya JB .

hohohohohoh hahahhahha

Sam Goh

A india trained & qualified laughter yoga teacher .

2 Days & 1 Night homestay in JB ( shopping & massage )

hohohohohoo hahahahhaha  , good morning brothers & sister

i am planning a trip on 11 th february 2017 Saturday ..

am trying to fine tune all details like pick up in spore , $$$  & arrangement !!

so log in your diary ya ..in d 2 storey homestay ,it ve majhong ,kok ,dancing .

i , will oso conduct laughter yoga & being CNY & valentine day on 14 /2  mood .,i will supply fire crackers which in spore long ago banned right !!

this homestay d boss is my long time buddy . he have 5 units all converted to homestay ..many newly wed couple book it  & also sporean for playing firecrackers & discharge from work ,family traffic  stress ..good place for relax & detoxification ya !!

very busy here in JB cos year end many shop ,houses spring cleaning ya !!

cheers brother sam goh

hohohohohoho hahahahha laugh & stay happy ya !

hohhoohoho hahahahha 1st Laughter Yoga Excersie @ chinese garden Wed 7 Dec 2016

wow x 3  , this is going to be crazy ya ! let do d laughter therapy  in chinese garden ya .

date 07 th december wednesday

1030hrs . meet @ chinese garden MRT outside d control station .

it been ages  for me not been there ! used to performed security duties when i was in d force !

please bring your extra tee shirt ,small towel ,best a water bottle of warm lemon water lor !

be prepare to de stress ,thru laughing !good cell in our body to kick up ya !!if possible surf d website youtube or whatever thot in Laughter Yoga !

no religion ,no praying come & expereince  it for free  only to SHC.

as i am oredli a trained & qualified teacher ! for public normally we charge ya !!!

hohhohohoho hahahaha


brother Sam Huat

yo yo hahahahha hohohohoh jurong east jems meet up !eo Wed 7 Dec 2016

hohohohohoho  ,my humble apologies for d last minute event cancelled ,d first gathering @ jurong point last time ya .

my sworn brother from KL since young .. he was warded to hospital ya.okay ,for de retire semi retire or those keen from other boundaries are welcome with my laughter & open arms hugs ! i am giving 15 small present as xmas is around d corner ya !

date 07 december 2016 wednesday

time 1400hrs to 1700hrs

venue  jems jurong east food court near the royal rojak / meng teochew bak chor mee !

those who are worry about finding us ..feel @ ease , i am wearing a yellow cap with silverhairs wording ! & if still cant see properly den look out for siverhairs banner ya /

foods plenty of choices ya .just pay @ d counter lor.

agenda ! will talk about our health ! like laughter yoga ! many still tot must stretch legs to head huh ??? no lah !!! also on foods we consume every day !

2nd on holiday in either vietnam or manila ya .

so please po mia ( register here lah )

EO Sam Huat .

cheers !! hohohhoohoh hahahahha

a indian trained & qualified laughter yoga teacher !


come to JB for dinner & dance @ RM 98.00 .

hohohohoho hahahaha brothers & sisters ,

First time helping a good buddy to this EC event .

date 31 August 2016



VENUE Marina Seafood Restaurant .

1D jln skudai ,80200 JB JOHOR

SAM Goh 0107666056

THERE will also be lucky draw ya….

first five buddies to confirm ,i can give a lift from JB SENTRAL ..2 ways ya…

AND if these five re keen we can hit desaru ..shall discuss this when five interested buddies raise your hands ya….

if any car owners like 2 form your own buddies ,by all means ya …tickets is fast running out ya …i can lead de way to the venue ker !!!

cheers bro sam goh hohohohoho hahahaha

any one keen to join me to bentong pahang

hohhohoohoho hahahahaha ,

i am planning of going up 2 bentong  next middle of d june ,

as durains season will just kick off on it top peak ya..actual date i am a okay for d majority

to choose from any five buddies to respond ,secure it place ya .beside d durains farm ,bentong is oso famous on it ginger ya…hahahahahaha , we may plan as we go along on it stay ya… please take note ,this is a EC event ya…hohohohohoho hahahahaha

cheers brother Sam Huat


A day trip in jb makan, massage & shopping.

Ho ho Hahaha buddies  of SHC, Any four or five buddies like to visit JB, you will all experience the local eateries like bak kut teh, bar ber que hot Coconut,. Many sporean hit near jb check point for the eateries, food there re just average &  much expensive.. You may drop a note here or email me at gohchinhuat @gmail.com please take note, there re few dates I am not available  will see our timing  if match ya… Hoho haha Cheers

bro Sam huat

Do you have any old but working condition house phones??

Ho ho Hahaha buddies of SHC, II like to appeal If you ve extra or no longer use but still in working condition house phones. We need about four to five land lines phone for d underprivileged centre in johor.. Please drop your message here or email me at gohchinhuat @gmail.com.. Life is short so stay happy be happy hoho haha. A India trained LAUGHTER YOGA TEACHER… CHEERS bro Sam Goh

Ho ho Hahaha laughter Christmas in Orchard

                          PLEASE NOTE: EVENT CANCELLED.

Hi ho ho Hahaha to all buddies…

  • My partner & me is planning a EC free event in Orchard Rd. It will be a lots differents from the old Sam.. I will be in Santa Claus costume. And we have a small size Santa Claus costume n two Angel costume to lend any buddy game for de night fun ya!!! We have prepare small gifts & candies for children’s in Orchard Rd. My partner have request that you come in red or green clothing, if you have any Christmas hats or decor, please bring along. No limits to anyone.. Get your ah Kong ah MA, aunt, uncle, niece n nephew to join in de laughter X’mas fun.

    .Date is on 23 /12 WEDNESDAY.. TIME 1900HRS meeting point…in front of takka shopping pedestrian walk path.. Facing lucky Plaza… We will walk slowly  to centre point  or half way you may drop out ya.. Cheers Bro Sam Goh

1,000 + doggy in a remote johore visit.

HI calling for all dog lovers who is keen to brave de stench & dirt muddy if rain….

you have to bring extra baju & waters . it a real awesome pity sight to see so many dogs who ve all been spay. u ve to see to believe it .if u are afraid to get dirty u may stand outside de wooden door to peep it…

for those who is keen to buy dog foods or ve any dog foods must be in a can..i ,can come to u n pick it up.please take note , this  is a EC event…

i ,intend to rope in 4 more  dog lovers in my coming visit.detail as folow ;

date….some where in sunday of  oct.


$$$ RM 200 inclusive of petrol ,toll charge & 1 meal

pick up pt ; lakeside mrt spore

return trip drop off  point  @ jb city square shopping centre in malaysia.

before we hit to de dog farm..we will had  bak kut teh 1st.

& if only time permit , i shall bring u all to de shopping centre or nursery farm

please email me for more detail at gohchinhuat@gmail.com.

any dog lover car owner who is keen to jump into de wagon pls indicate here…

cheers from brother sam goh

Thanksgiving open house cum charity carnival in JB Sat/Sun 31/8 & 01/09

Brothers & sisters ,

I am helping out this disable centre in one of their Branch in johor. This 31/8 ( sat ) & 01/09 ( sun ) is their Thanksgiving open house cum charity carnival day. Time 1000 hr To 1600 hrs both days.There will be clown ,games and zumba dance , Maybe some western dance too…lastly not forgetting plenty of foods On sale too.please take note of the followings :

Tickets at s$100 with transport two way pick up & back only at Jb city square shopping centre.come with s20 coupons for meal or games.  If time permit us , i will also pamper u with shopping & massage.

On saturday ,dat if time permit we hit one of de johor biggest nite market
In skudai… So here right now i am looking for a treasurer to help me.. Any kind soul can help bo ?

Those who re not free to come ,may help me to buy the coupon at s10 each.
Thanking you in advance.
Brother Sam Goh

1st four buddies only hor !!! 20 APRIL 2013 saturday

wah pian….with so tight work load…now i ve to call for 4 keen would be clowns in this charity visit

in johore geylang patah..1 of de kampung….this is EC event organise by NEWSCASTLE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL STUDENTS… i am doing it for FREE….so if any1 is hua yee hua yee to help out….

i , can only pick de 1st 4 buddies @ johore bahru de city square..cos i will be in msia b4 de actual day lor….pls shoot alll ??? to my email lah..gohchinhuat@gmail.com


20 APRIL 2013 saturday hor….
time maybe 0730hr at citysquare johore hor..not spore lah…..

you ve to bring de followings…towel, water, $$$$ cos maybe no makan 1 hor….

clown costumes supply by me…lah….size bo boon tay( no problem )make up will also apply on yr face..
passport…no big gold, rolex ,patek philph watch, diamond…

transport cater 2 way up to johore citysuqare 1 hor….
de medic will check on de kampoung ppls whilst i will conduct de siow siow laughter therapy or some zumba dance which i hantam also lah…..den ..if event END early hor…..we go whack some food & if still ve some time den if de 4 buddy like to ururt…aiyo spelling 4got..massage ..makan n massage we ..play by EARS only hor….cos main obecjtive is charity work hor….

good nite……….brother sam goh..( my clown name is HAPPY SAM )

ai had my 40 winks liao lah…..

World laughter day in Johore !! 05 may 2013

Hi good a morning to all SHCians,

Please lock out your calendar for 05 may 2013
First Sunday of may…this event is held
In Johore ..this is a EC event..you may get yr
Ah kong ah am,ah ee , ah Kim ah whee ah lian to chan kar join
But cannot mention any name in de SHC lah..
Like frisna say, get them to join SHC as members lor…
I ,will announce more infor at later stage lor..
Now ,ai ve my 40 winks liao….


HARLOW , bros & sisters !

I AM  appealing to all to have a early clear out of your storeroom,garage & office for the charity homes..

we accept old newpapers ,magazines ,clothings of all ages ( kindly no undergarment pls hor )

toys ..computers /laptops new or usedworking electrical applicances ,h.p etc….

kindly email me gohchinhuat@gmail.com or post your queries or contribution here lah…

10q 10q 10q kam sia kam sia lor…..cheers

sam huat huat huat

LET WHACK de famous geylang horfun … 9 July 2012

calling hiah ti ji mui ( bros & sisters ) ,

come come let re visit de famous geylang for a nite siow siow outing…

now 1st we whack de durains stall , after de makan we stroll into de RED LIGHT ared

see for yrourself de ayam ,pimp xxx shop selling all kinds of stuffs on so called  tian soo lua tai IT product..

after about 2hrs of look see look see ..den pak toh ( stomach ) yeow yeow ( hungry ) liao..we whack de food nearby kopi shop…sell many makans ..only worry no seat ….for those hiah ti ( brothers ) ,

DATE ; 09th july 2012

TIME ; 2000hr

MEETING POINT after lavnder mrt ..dun know de name of de stn cos me no take mrt..will check & revert back lor…maybe KALLANG mrt stn , if cfrm den we meet @ de information counter ( upstair or down stair har )

need not ve to pay 1st..what ever makan ,drinks u whack u PAY lor…

so ai mai cheong lah !!!

cheers from sam huat huat huat

how did you spend your 21st birthday !!

halo hiah ti jie mui ( brother & sisiter )

as for myself ,it was a damn awesome day to remember it lor…

my so called sworn brother flat in toa payoh was being use  for de 21st party celebration.

i ,ve two group of kakis or hiah ti jie mui..one is de hippie &  de other the ah beng , ah seng ah hui ah lian group.. as it too big group ..i only call de hippie brothers..wat a balddy fool of me..de ah beng ah seng group got wind about it..& came gate crashed…

there after u can imagine de havoc created..whole house kena whack flying cakes cup drinks ,urine &

even de flower pots will not spared lor…wow wow  time flies real super fast liao..cos yesterday i had my b/day good makan with my dolly & de tok kong ah jie lilly ho…thks for de fellowship hor….

now , buddies can share bo how u had yr 21st birthday ..mai pai sei hor….( dun be shy )

sam huat huat

spring time cleaning in office & your home sweet home

Halo SHCians, Buddies, hiah ti ji mui ( bro & sisters )

With this weekend xmas coming & 1mth 2days to go for lunar chinese new year..

1st & foremost allow me sam huat huat huat 2 wish each & everyone merry xmas & happy new year.

I, also like to thks Richard Wong, Janet Chan, Frisna, Pauline Kong, Daniel Ong, Richard & Jane Kee, Hou Chong, Bira,  Susan Chang, Lily Ho, Boon Liang, Jway & many others dat ve respond to my pte email

As, I am helping out for a long time charity project for de orphanages home, hence,  I would like to request, if you have de followings items dat it been a white elephant & a chore to you,  pls do let me know by dropping a line here or send to my email  gohchinhuat@gmail.com.

these are the barangs dat we are looking at;;

1) old or new clothings from 2yrs old to 30yrs old

2)soft toys,books of any ages

3)old or used electrical appliances

4)aluminum, iron, copper dat which my car can slot in only.

5)bottles, plastic …same also ..only small size that which my car can slot hor.

6)paper of any type…

PLS take note …. no furniture , no expired food stuffs

There is no cut off date as i fill up my house and once full ..will send to them lor.

Lastly , I also want to thks  the other group of SHCians who wrote to my email with regards to me asking for 2012 calendra…many thks & they dun nid anymore liao…

It was a great tremendous respond from de pte email…with some dat we ve not meet b4..

So buddies, pls check if yr storeroom have any things to give away bo ?

sam huat huat huat

any kind soul have extra 2012 calendra to give away ?

halo bro & sister ( hiah ti ji mui ) ..i am collecting 2012 calendra for charity homes both in spore & msia.

any buddies have extra to give away. i will come to you for collection @ nite. any size ,colour , nice or not  no problem lah. pls send me  a email @ gohchinhuat@gmail.com

but must not dat playboy type 1 hor… kam siah jway jway ..xie xie termaih kasieh 10q 10q 10q


sam huat huat huat

any one have lobong on aircon serviceman ?

halo hiah ti jie mui ( bro & sister )


wah pian ..my room air con ki siow liao ( went kapo ) not blow any cold air out…

i ,took out de filter & last wash it abtfew years backs lah…still not okay…maybe no gas hor…

heng , my standing fan now doing de BLOW JOB for me ya…oops..haih ti jie mui dun thinks dat 1 hor xx%$%^&&%XXX@@##.. anyone ve good kantao or lobong can let me know bo…

pls let me sam huat huat huat know can? den after dat , i buy u a cup of sppore water & half piece of roti parta lah..hahahaha pls help hor….

sam huat huat huat huat

3rd charity visit cum shopping, massage & makan at JB, 26 Oct 2011 Wed

halo bro & sister ,

dolly & me we are EO for this 3rd msia charity cum makan ,shopping & massage.

dated 26 oct 2011 wednesday.

it maybe a day or 2days 1 nite trip…i am still sorting out.

we shall hit there with our own hong chia ( personnal car )

gather your own kakai & driver..but ve to register here hor….

just let me see your show of finger (no middle finger  1 hor )

who n who in each car..as for the cost..it very simple 1 lah…

toll charges, petrol watever $$$$ each car owner handles yr own $$$$$ lah…

i will only collect RM$100 for de 3 makan…any balance of it either with split or buy 4d lor….

okay ..now a serious note …i ve just get to know a new & pitiful orphange home in johore..

the other 2 orphanges home i am still helping out..we will only visit de new 1 which i ve encounter lor.

which ve about 50 over kids…it run & de founder it a husband & wife team.. over de 8 yrs of his homes ..he ve shifted 4 times… still pending ..kiv 1st lah……

October Monthly Gathering – 21 Oct 2011 Friday

Calling Hiah Ti Jie Mei,
Sam Huat is organizing this mthly gathering which I 1 2 called as "Ah Beng Ah Seng Ah Lian Ah Huay, Lai Lai Kong Yi Kong"
Calling calling all xin n pioneer members 2 attend this mthly gathering at 

Venue : Bra Cafe (inside MPH at Robinson Road) – Nearest MRT is either Tanjong Pagar or Raffles City
Date : 21 Oct 2011 Friday
Time : 3.30pm to 7.30pm – Cant stayed behind this timing cos no aircon liao 

Hopefully this time, more xin members will attend this meeting lor… so that we can hear from them on suggestions and any other related issues.

As there is space constraint at the Cafe, bo bian, we need to set a target headcount of 40paxs can attend this meeting… so lai lai ka gin po mia..

BTW, attendees will need to pay $5 which they will entitled to 1 standard drink (coffee or tea) and 1 pastry. However, u can top up the difference should you want to change other menu.  NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE CAFE PREMISE.  SO PLEASE FOLLOW HOR
So registration starts here:

  1. Sam Huat – EO
  2. Dolly Lim – Assistant
  3. Lily Ho
  4. Janie Leong
  5. Richard Wong
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Tim Liu
  8. Peter Sng
  9. Terry Tang
  10. June Chin
  11. James Chan
  12. Lam HT
  13. Bee Gek
  14. Lawrence Goh
  15. Yoon Chin
  16. Norlinda
  17. Charles Chua
  18. Jessica See
  19. Vicky Koh
  20. Raymond Tang
  21. any more to come?

BEWARE of this nos…………….

hiah ti jie mui ( bro & sister ) , my celluar phone recd this Sms …yr mobile number has won 6,800,000 dollars in the atm-card awards. to claim yr atm card send emailto ffcservice83@hotmail.com….

hahahahha , think i ,ve nothing betta 2 do har ? DING DONG BELL …just a soft reminder to our hiah ti jie mui ah ..wif CNY just less den a week ..pls be extreme careful hor ..wen u  did yr marketings in s/mkt ,mkt , chinatown or any crowded plc be careful of yr handbag…we ve HUNGRY pick pocket lurking ard de corner…

so , hor i 12 kong …kong hee huat tua chai to every hiah ti jie mui in SHC la…..huat ah huat ah huat ah….

1st SHC monthly gathering – Fri 14 Jan 2011 @ 1730 hrs

wah wah wah , new year 2011 oredli lai liao hor….

so i am calling the shot lah to held the shc 1st january monthly gathering @

Venue : haup Man food & wine
Address : Blk 301 Serangoon Ave 2, #01-344 (walking distance from n/east circle line @ serangoon mrt stn…
Bus# to get here: 45, 105, 133, 135 (Stops at either Blk 319 and Blk 238 respectively

Preference of dinner will be charged at $7.90/set for the following choices, pls indicate your choice upon registration:

  • Set A : Fish & Chips (inclusive of soup of the day and coffee or tea or fizzy drink /refreshing juice
  • Set B : Half Roast Chicken (    "  "  )
  • Set C : Spaghetti Bolognese ( "  " )
  • Set D : Salmon Teriyaki Bento Set (inclusive of steam rice, pickes, miso soup, fruits, drink)

    You are allowed to bring in your own wine/liquor but corkage charge of $5/btl will be imposed.

Due to space space constrain hor ..can only accept 40 paid members based on first register first pay.  As the restuarant need to pre-order the goods, hence, we would appreciate that all registration and food choice be completed by Tues 11Jan 2011.  Registration will closed upon reaching 40paxs or by Tues 11Jan 2011, whichever come 1st.

Pls hor , no gate crasher wan hor… so buddies pls BLOCK yr diary, calender, pow bei (horse type calender) date lah…. is on  14 jan 2011 friday 1730hrs to 2100hrs

Payment to be paid to Dolly Lim POSB Saving Acct# 146-00513-6

This event is solely for registered SHC members only and would appreciate that there will be no gate-crashers or outsiders.

Newbie introduction
Games by Lydia Chin (simi games, hmm zai hor)
Tikam2 n others

Those have that have the name tags with you, pls bring along.  Those without, sticky label will be used

EO : Sam Huat

Registration starts from:

  1. Sam Huat – Paid (Set D)
  2. Dolly Lim – Paid (Set B)
  3. Jeff Gan – Paid (Set A)
  4. Irene Lee – Paid (Set A)
  5. Richard Wong Paid (Set B)….I a pro camera man lei… ]
  6. Debbie Oh – Paid (Set D)
  7. Irene Poh – Paid (Set D
  8. Thomas Loh – Paid (Set D)
  9. Charles Chua – Paid (Set A) 
  10. Andrew Yeung -Paid (Set A)
  11. Clara Chay – Paid (Set D)
  12. Rena Wong – Paid (Set D)
  13. Fong Ten Meng – Paid (Set C)
  14. Lydia Chin Janet Chan – Paid (Set A)
  15. Molly Chua – Paid (Set B)
  16. Tian Soo – Paid (Set B)
  17. Caroline Gee – Paid (Set D)…. pomp pomp nite EO hor..
  18. Jane Wong – Paid (Set A)
  19. Hou Chong – Paid – (Set D)…
  20. Lina Ng – Paid (Set D)
  21. Yat Sing – Paid (Set D)
  22. Lai Fong –  Paid (Set D)
  23. Judy Tay – Paid Set D
  24. Clara Ho – Paid (Set D)
  25. Anne Lim – Paid (Set D)
  26. Janie Leong – Paid (Set C)
  27. Judy Lim – Paid (Set D)
  28. Josie Yow – Paid (Set B) …. must be more active lei….huat huat huat.
  29. May Yoon – Paid (Set A)
  30. Amy Soon – Paid (Set A)
  31. Rosalind Soh – Paid (Set D)
  32. Steven Chan – Set A…… our kl makan king…
  33. Grace Kang – Paid (Set A)
  34. Paul Phua – Paid (Set A)
  35. Richard kee – Set A …paid liao har ??
  36. Jane kee – Set C ……paid  liao har ??
  37. Boon Liang – Paid (Set D)
  38. Jeremy Lee – Paid (Set A)
  39. Peggy Ong – Paid (Set B)
  40. Yew Kwong – Paid (Set C)….mua chor liao lor….( full house liao )
  41. Margaret Soo – (Set D) 



Photos by Richard Wong