About Frisna Tan (Seow Seow Channel entertainer)

enjoy sports, travel, reading,gardening and mj. currently working at Changi Airport and volunteer as table tennis trainer for BDAP (Beat Dementia n Parkinson)


Hello all
Am back to organise board games! For those who are interested in playing scrabbles, rummikub, backgammon, chinese checkers, reversi etc please put up your name or contact me direct via email (frispjt@gmail.com) and state your prefer day:
1. Weekdays (wed or fri) 2pm
2. Saturday 2pm

It will be held once a month either at my place Tampines or we do it in a central nice location.

Let’s have fun!

Yours “tampo seow” one


Dear all ,


helping first time EO Doreen Cady to post. Hope to see lots of you old timers n new members in this Special Monthly Gathering. Its special because
1. the place is new
2. Doreen Cady is a fantastic event organiser
3. There will be new way of introducing members and…

I will be there to make u laugh!

Yes, we will have fun n games. Register quickly before all 60 seats are snapped up!

DATE:28 Sep 2017 (Thu)
TIME: 1800~2100

VENUE: Big Street restaurant n bar.
Corner of jalan Kelantan/jalan Besar
(Exit B Rochor Mrt DT13. Bus 23 64 65 66 67 130 139 147 857)

FEE: $28, paid by 24 Sep for buffet dinner n entertainment by EOs.
Early bird: $25, payable before 18
22 Sep 2017 12noon.


Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.  Kindly indicate your payment details — date, time and amount.


6-630 registration n introduction

630-730 dinner

730-800 games

800-830 humor n seow2  time

830-900 fun n chatting continues. Maybe sing-a-long

Register here….

  1. Doreen Cady (EO)  — Pd
  2. Robert Cady — Pd
  3. Frisna Tan (co-EO)  — Pd
  4. Winnie Tan (Registration)  —  Pd
  5. Christina Chan (Treasurer)  —  Pd
  6. Charles Wee  — Pd
  7. Maria Tan  —  Pd
  8. Christine Neo  —  Pd
  9. Gabriella Chua — Pd
  10. Amy Yu  —  Pd
  11. Terence Seah  — Pd
  12. Joan Ang  —  Pd
  13. Laura Wee  — Pd
  14. Ng How  —  Pd
  15. David Low  —  Pd
  16. Richard Lean  — Pd
  17. Steven Chan  —  Pd
  18. Helen Cheong  —  Pd
  19. Janie Leong  —  Pd
  20. Robbin Lim  —  Pd
  21. Barbara Ong  —  Pd
  22. Susan CH Tan — Pd
  23. Marge Tian  —  Pd
  24. Krystal Lam  —  Pd
  25. Lydia Poh  —  Pd
  26. Doreen Chan  —  Pd
  27. Nina Choo  —  Pd
  28. Tony Ang  —  Pd
  29. Jimmy Ibrahim  — Pd
  30. Stella Sheng – pd
  31. Ray Quan – pd
  32. Yatsing  — Pd
  33. Ronald Lam  — Pd
  34. Jean Kiang  — Pd
  35. Rosalind Howe  — Pd
  36. Bobby Bok  —  Pd
  37. Pat Oei  — Pd
  38. Linda Chua  — Pd
  39. Marie Chong — Pd




We shouted , we chanted, we clapped ,we jumped and then we jogged out to the field and waved to about 55.000 strong audience watching the 28th Sea Game closing ceremony last night!

It was a bit chaotic with only 10min rehearsal but it was fun and exciting!
I am glad to have volunteered for the Sea Game and have a memorable experience. The Game will come back to Singapore again in 22 years time but where will I be then? Only God knows…

By chance I found out another fellow SHCian Shirleen Kao also volunteered, so last night we sticked together chasing all sort of athletes to take picture with. And in the process hit by the big balloons several times ha ha!

Wonder if any other members have volunteered as well? (Either this or other national scale events). Perhaps you would like to share your experience with us too?

Hooray Team Singapore for achieving 84 record Gold Medals!

(PS. I volunteered for youth Olympic too in 2010.another memorable experience dealing with media.officials.athletes and had a close encounter with prince Albert of Monaco)


Dear friends

We, the same team as last year are going to hold another lohei gathering.
Date: 28 Feb 2015 (Sat)
Time: 14.30-22.00 (tentative, depends on available slots)
Place: Parc Oasis, Condominium. 55 Jurong East Ave 1(tentative, depends on availability)
33 Mount Sinai Rise S(276954) (about 200 meter from Dover MRT
or 7-10 mins walk)

POSB Saving Account : 038-02874-0

Cost:$28/pax (include high tea,dinner, yu sheng, million $$ ang pao, bingo tickets)

Program: bingo, bun luck, lohei +makan2, chat2, lucky draw

As we can only book the venue 1 month in advance please indicate your interest here by 27th January for us to gauge the interest. we will take in 50pax first. Lets repeat the fun!See you! REGISTRATION N PAYMENT BY 5TH 12th FEB OR 48 SEATS ARE FILLED WHICHEVER COME FIRST.

The BFSTAMP (Bira Frisna Susan Theresa Ann May Peggy)

1.Bira (committee member)-paid
2. Frisna (EO) – paid
3.Susan C H (com mbr)-paid
4. Theresa (com mbr)-can’t join party
5. Anne Lim (com mbr)-paid
6.May Woo (com mbr)-can’t join party
7. Peggy Yap (com mbr)-paid

8. Maggie Teo (paid)
9. Albert Tan (paid)
10. Lillian Teo (pd)
11. Lam H T (pd)
12. Bee Gek (pd)
13. Susan SW Tan (paid)
14.Karen Phoo (paid)
15. Irene PohBARBARA ONG (pd)
16. Marge Tian(pd)
17.Gingko (paid)
18.Eyvonne Chew (paid)
19.Bobby (pd)
20.Richard Wong(paid)
21.Alice Seah (pd)
22.Christina Chan (pd)
23.Grace Kang (pd)
24.Shawn Soh (pd)
25.Maureen Lee (pd)
26.Dan Huang (pd)
27.Karen Thio + Wati(pd)
28.Lily Lim (pd)
29.Yatsing SALLY KANG – paid
30.Arthur Yap (paid)
31.Charles Wee (pd)
32.Jennifer Leong(paid)
33. Winnie Tan(paid)
34. Joan Ang(paid)
35. Rosalind Lee SOCKIE (paid)
36. Lydia Chin (pd)
37. Teresa Lee (pd)
38. K F Lee(pd)
39. Christina Yeo (pd)
40. J J Wong (paid)
41. David Leong (paid)
42. ALice Tan (paid)
43. Pauline Khoo (paid)
44. Moon Wong (paid)
45. Freda Lim (paid)
46. Leon
47. Wendy

MONTHLY CUM XMAS GATHERING – 19 DEC 2013 (Thur) 5 – 9.30pm

Hello All
It’s time to jolly again! Lets have fun and lots of laughter during this xmas season!!
when: 19 Dec (thursday)
Time: 5-9.30 PM
Place: Han’s Cafe, Park Mall #B1-03/04, Penang Road no.9
Cost: pay for your own food (e.g. fish & chip set $9.8, fried rice/hor fun $8.30 nett, curry puff $3+)
MRT: Dhoby Ghaut

There will be fun way of knowing each other and Ha Ha Club guru conducting laughing gig. but the gist of the program is GIFT EXCHANGE. So bring a gift of min $5 value and put a “forfeit” in it for the receiver to act, sing, tell joke etc (if you dont know what to write, i will create many for you to choose)

closing date: 12 Dec. For the first 20 persons who register, there will be a surprise gift and for all of those who are coming, there’ll be door gift

(PS: looking for gift sponsors. wonder if any of SHC corporate members want to sponsor. if not i will be the sole sponsor hee hee)

1. Frisna Tan (EO)
2. Ann Lim (assistant)
3. Theresa Seow (assistant)
4. Daisy Yeo
5. Yatsing
6. Bobby Bok (ha ha gig)
7. Susan CH Tan
8. May Woo
9. Bira L
10. Thomas Loh
11. Lilian Teo
12. Marg Tian
13. Lin Chuah
14. Juliet SP Ong
15. Lily Ho
16  Geraldine Ting
17  Caroline Gee
18. Dolly Lim
19. Judy Lim
20.Ah Nee
21. Ann To
22. Robert Ong
23 Richard Wong
24 Lydia Chin
25. Catherine Yeo
26. Primrose Kok
27. Annie Pow/Tan (tentative) Jane Tan
28. Norlinda “Sweetie Pie”
29. Agnes Seow
30. Kristy Quek
31.Melissa Kheng Mega Abdullah
32. Kent Chan
33.Fida Freddy Liu
34.Dave Chong Yew Kwong
35 Steven Chan
36. Janie Leong
37. Dorine Tan
38. Lina Tan
39.Anne Chee
40. Richard Lean
41. Peggy Yap (tentative)
42. Arthur Yap (tentative)





who am I ??

Dear Members

By now most of you might have received and read email from Terence ref "February News Update".
I just want to make a quick clarification here i.e. the original article was without name hence I asked you to guess ‘who am I’ but then the "Admin" added my name in it, hence there’s no need to guess anymore isn’t it?

But since I mentioned about BIGGER prize and several members have responded with my photo, I therefore would like to say "ok, the prize will still be given to those who have my photo" (but no prize for guessing who am I hee hee).

you may  download the pic here or send it to frispjt@yahoo.com.
Closing date: 8 Feb 2013 midnight
Prize will be given on 17 Feb at the Lohei gathering (so make sure you are there!)

For those who wrote to me via "admin", I will respond to you before CNY ok? (frankly I’m quite glad  many ‘non active’ members responding to the email. it’s worth the effort and time I put in)


Today is 12.12.12 – the last of such series of day.month.year in this
century. Knowing none of us will live till 3001 hence i’d like to make a
history in SHC by writing my first post for comments!

But what to talk about? hmmm lets do with:

It’s a simple subject to discuss about isn’t it? So if you have never written any comment in SHC post, this is your chance!!
think i’ve made at least 12x12x12 friends in SHC over the past 3 years
therefore I hope to see your comments coming too! hence I expect this
thread to be 12m long!!!

PS: 1. you may write in any style you desire -seriously, jokingly, poetically or even in abstract that no one will understand
2. as predicted by Mayan, 21.12.12 will be the end of the world, in case it comes true, i wish/hope/pray all the comments will come before the ‘doom’ day. THANK YOU!!

BOARD GAME, 4 August (Saturday)


Dear Members

Next "Board Game Day" will be held at:

MEDZS: Orchard Central #B2-01 (across Centre Point)
MRT: Sommerset
Date: 4 August (Saturday)
Time: 3-6PM
Cost: a) may order any drink
          b) $8.50 High Tea (3-6PM) or
          c) have dinner there after the game (mediterranean style)

For those not on my mailing list but would like to play, please register here (please don’t just show up in case there’s last minute changes…)

GAME DAY 2nd June 2012 (Sat)

Dear All

Our first board games day is confirmed to be held this Saturday (3-6PM) at:
Eastern Lagoon II (function Hall)
Upper East Coast Road

Buses to/from Upper East coast are 10, 12, 13, 14 & 16
Buses to/from Bedok South Ave 1 – 31, 196, 197, 43, 48

(Or google direction for better map)

For those who didn’t register on my thread published on 6th April 2012 but would like to join this one, you are welcome to just put your name here and show up!


Dear All

For the purpose of:
1. Enhancing Mental Flexibility
2. Socialising in a fun and meaningful way

I would like to organise games day on a regular basis. They are boardgames including SCRABBLE, BACKGAMON, REVERSI, RUMMIKUB, SNAKE & LADDER, CARD GAME etc ( fun and short games)

For those interested please sign up here.

Venue: will change from time to time (confirm later once the group is formed)
Day & Time: choose either one (both also can)
a. Thursday 4pm or 4.30PM (starting time)
b. Saturday 3pm or 4PM (starting time)

you may also suggest best time/day that suit you.

1. Pearl Wong (sat 3pm)
2. Inez Lim (weekday)
3 .Angie Ng (sat – scrabble)
4. Gingko Tay (sat)
5. Tan Seok Wah (sat)
6. Gabriella Chua (sat 3pm)
7. Constance Wong (sat)
8. Alice Seah (late morning, anyday except wed)
9. Tan Chor Suan (sat)
10. Mary Chan (thursday – scrabble etc)
11. Lydia Soh (sat – scrabble)
12. Lydia Chin (anyday?)
13. Annie Tan (sat)
14. Maureen Lee (sat)
15. SK Chua (sat)
16. Joy Chuang (sat 4PM – scrabble, rummikub etc)
17. Peng Peng ( sat afternoon -rummikub)
18. Terry Tang (sat)
19. Dan Huang (any time?)
20. Johnny Pow (sat)
21. Wee Chin (sat – scrabble)
22. Barbara Lim (any day?)
23. Seok Cheng (sat – scrabble)
24. Doreen Ho
25. Christina Pan (scrabble)
26. Daisy Yeo (sat – rummikub)
27. Dorine Tan (weekday evenings)
28.Josie YOW (sat – rummikub)
29. Nina Choo
30. Doreen Cady

MARCH MONTHLY GATHERING – 29/3/12 (Thursday)

Dear Members

This will be my 2nd time leading a monthly meeting.
First one was held in August 2009 3 months after I joined the first gathering (when I was still innocent and naive and took up the call of then CM Dolly Lim). This time it’s due to an enthusiastic voice calling "Frisna, I can’t be the EO for March, can you please help me?" I said "why don’t you try another person or inform the CM, maybe she can find the replacement" but she said "no  lah, i prefer to find the replacement myself" Voila, dear Audrey (a very friendly, helpful and responsible lady) here I am!

Date: 29 March 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Place: Hans Cafe, PARK MALL #B1-03 (separate section just for SHC)
MRT: Dhoby Ghaut
Buses:  7,14,16,36,65,77,106,111,124,128,162,167,171,174,175,190,700,971E
+ others that stop along Clemenceau ave

Fee : Order whatever you want from a la carte menu or from the set meal list (thread # 9)

Agenda:1. Introduction of new members (fun way) and old (esp non active) members
2. Quiz/Games (yes, with prizes for winners)
3. Debate/Impromptu speech corner (yes, you may shout and yell but punch only the table not the opponents)
4. Any other matters (future activities announcement, interest groups program etc)

So, after more than 2 years, hope to see all of those who previously supported me plus the new comers who joined SHC after august 2009 (of course those joined before that but was not at my 1st gathering also welcome lah)

PS: When you register please inform the year you joined SHC as I plan to give you a permanent name tag for keep sake.

Registration :

1. Frisna Tan (2008) – EO
2. Terence Seah
3. Winnie K-Tan (Oct 2010) – Games assistant
4. Lynn Tai
5. Molly Quek
6. Kenneth Tan
7. Jimmy Tsin
8. Lim Yoke Lai (Feb 2012) – 7PM
9. Thomas Loh
10. Jonathan Ong – after work
11. Sylvia Ang -after work, leave 8.30PM
12. Anne Chee (2007)
13. Freddy Heng (2007)
14. Andrew Yeung – 7 to 9PM
15.Janie Leong (leave early)
16.Yew Kwong
17. Hwa Bee Gek (2007)
18. Lam Hoy Tzee (2011)
19. Lilian Teo
20. Rosalind Lee
21.Dora Lim
22. Bira L (2007)
23. Ann Lim – Registration Assistant
24. Cheng Pun
25.Richard Kee (2007)
26.Terry Tang (Aug 2011)
27. Johnny Pow (Feb 2012)
28. Annie Tan (Feb 2012)
29. May Woo
30. Lydia Soh (Sep 2010)- Registration Assistant
31. Gingko Tay (2007)
32. Yap Sew King (2010)
33. Lydia Chin
34. Inez Lim Soen Kiat
35. James Koh
36. Angie Ng
37. Juliet SP Ong
38.Wendy Koh (July 2011)
39. Vincent Lim
40. Diana Tan
41. Rosalind Soh
42. Douglas Chan
Jacqueline Han
44. Catherine Yeo
Debbie Oh
46. Mega Abdullah
47. Vincent Khoo

CLICK here to view photos


Dear SHC Members & Friends,

In keeping up with the tradition, me and my co-EOs are going to organise a ‘GAME DAY" during Chinese New Year:

DATE: 3 Feb 2012 (Friday)

TIME: 2PM onward (till the next morning for those who want to stay)

PLACE  Home Team chalet, Pasir Ris Park, unit A1

Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris (you may take bus 403 from Pasir Ris bus interchange and alight at the stop after the round about. walk a bit to chalet)

Although the main thing is playing ‘banlak’ (card game) but this gathering is meant for everybody (including our Malay/Indian friends) to have fun and enjoy the spirit/atmosphere of CNY. 

You may just come in for a chat,  take a leisure stroll at the beach or sip tea, drink beer at the balcony…

So for those who are interested to come, please register here as soon as possiblel

When you sign up, please indicate:

a. whether you prefer potluck or BBQ (If potluck, what’ll you bring)

b. about what time you will be there

c. whether you  are going to stay overnight (there are 4 bedrooms, twin beds. visit www.hometeamns.sg)

Don’t worry about the cost, if anything else, the EO will pay for the chalet. As long as everybody happy, I’m happy!!



1. Frisna Tan (EC) – spaghetti bolognaise + soup prepared by Master Chef Peter Tan

2. Thomas Loh (co-EC, in charge of new comers or whoever needs help) – ice cubes + drinks + boxer prawns

3. Dan Huang (co-EC in charge of Mahjong booking/tables, photographer)- share BBQ + lots of fruits

4. Sam Goh Ah Huat (tong cheng and $$$ yeh) – bring 2 cans of fruits+ mandarin + paper utensils

5. Charles Wee (short while only)

6. Bira L (early?)- fried rice

7. Dolly Lim (come with chai shen yeh) – can’t bring $$$ or herself anymore

8. Rosalind Lee (early) – Kong bak bee hoon

9. Andrew Yeung (after 7PM) – now can’t bring himself anymore

10. Catherine Yeo (about 5PM) – share BBQ + tidbits

11. Norlinda (evening) – bring halal mee goreng

12. Lee Ah Nee (evening) – bring "food"

13. Peri Liew (early evening) – home made muffins

14. Bobby Bok (5 PM) – share BBQ/bbq helper

15. Hua Bee Gek (about 7pm) – tetrapak drinks+ share BBQ

16. Lam Hoy Tzee (bout 7PM) -share BBQ

17. Eunice Tay (abt 7pm) – share BBQ

18. Catherine Ho (after 7PM) – share BBQ 

19. Ann Lim (3PM,mj) – share BBQ

20. Lilian Teo (abt 7PM?) -share BBQ

21. Sarah Zahriah (7PM) – food?

22. Ithminah Zainal (7PM) – food?

23. Audrey Wong (mj) – share BBQ + cheese prawn

24. Susan Tan (about 4pm) + Ian – yew png & fried bee hoon

25. Marilyn Tay (coming with Nor)

26. Helen Wong (7.30?) – share BBQ

27. Ann Chee – hae bee hiam + a loaf of bread & french baguette 

28. Molly (Nor’s friend) – tidbits/snacks+ share BBQ

29. Ivan Lim (whenever available) – breads+ paper utensils 

30. Peggy Tan (for a while)

31. Christina Pan – CNY snack/orange

32. Kheng Lim (afternoon) – curry puff + share BBQ

33. Maggie Teo  (after work) – share BBQ

34. Albert (come with Maggie) – share BBQ

35. Pat Oei (2pm-4pm+)- share BBQ

36. Freddy Liu (just come to chit chat for a while)

37. S.K. Chua (mj) – share BBQ

38. Peter Goh (mj) -tau sar piah fr famous Balestier shop

39. Francis M (pop by only)

40. Juliana – share BBQ

41. Esther Mok – share BBQ

42. Tan Seok Wah (Susan) – japanese jelly

43. Dorine Tan + husband – share BBQ

44. Lydia Soh (about an hour) – share BBQ

45. Doughlas the cyclist (cameo appearance)


Dear Members

It’s the time of the year again to celebrate X’mas. The main program is gift exchange in a fun way.

Date: 22nd Dec 2011 (thursday)

Time: 18.00-21.00

Venue: Han’s Cafe Park Mall #B1-03 (Dhoby Ghaut MRT)

Fee: pay as you order (visit www.Hans.com.sg to see menu available)

Gift Exchange: min. $8 (thank you if it worths more)

So, come and make merriment with us!! (write whatever ‘forfeit’ in your gift for the recepient to act/do)

EO: Frisna Tan

Assistant: who’d like to help me?

Registration starts here:

  1. Frisna Tan – EO
  2. Lydia Soh – Helper
  3. Audrey Wong – Helper
  4. Anna Seet – Helper
  5. Henry Yip
  6. Linda Chan
  7. Judy Lim
  8. Irene Poh
  9. June Koh
  10. Andrew Chee (+ wife ?)
  11. Andrew Yeung
  12. Catherine Yeo
  13. Dan Huang
  14. Joy Chuang
  15. Thomas Yeo
  16. Thomas’s wife?
  17. Pearl Wong
  18. Shirleen
  19. Vincent
  20. Ronnie
  21. Rose White
  22. K.L.Lee


DEAR SHC MEMBERS,  I’m going to participate in a charity event in Batam on 21st May 2011 (sat). If you are free and would like to join me, please leave me a note here. We will depart from Harbor Front Ferry Terminal at 10.40AM.  The event is in aid of:
1. Aini Orphan Home,
2. Lions’ Center for Learning.

Both are located in Kampung Nelayan, Sekupang, Batam.

Fund raising will be held on 21st May at the KTM Resort, Sekupang. 

Highlight of the day:

-Visit to the Learning Center to meet with the orphans (There will be a short Chinese Orchestra performance from Singapore, games and gifts for the children), to be followed by a visit to the orphanages.
– Tree planting at 4PM- Charity Dinner (Chinese Orchestra & Singers from Singapore, Indonesia) -Sing for Charity Karaoke Session.

Sunday: free & easy.
  Total cost S$90 (include
Hotel stay 1 nite @ KTM Resort, breakfast, dinner and ferry return tickets).  I hope you can join me.  For more details and information please contact me here or email: frispjt@yahoo.com       REGISTRATION LIST: 1. Frisna (EO)  2.Tim Liu 3. Lilian Teo 4. Grace Kang


Dear SHC Members,

We’ll not end the last meeting of 2010 with a bang, a booom or a pop but rather with loooohts of luuuve,  passions, cares and fun…

for those who’ve never attended any monthly meeting, this is a good start to see members face to face. for those who’ve just joined SHC, this is the venue to meet new friends. for those who’re regular, this is the place for you to make everybody feel at ease! so, i hope to see ALL of you at the following meeting:

Date: 21 Dec 2010 (Tues)
Time: 6-9 PM
Place: Akashabu Japanese Restaurant #01-12 Funan DigitaLife Mall
          109 North Bridge Rd (nearest MRT – City Hall)

Price: pay as you order (e.g: sushi $1/pc, fried rice $6-$12/small portion,
Soba/Udon $12-$18, shabu2 a la carte dishes fr $6-$12/plate for meat/seafood,
$44 package can be shared by 3-4 persons etc. can order drinks only too at $3-$4/glass)

As there’ll be gift exchange, I hope everyone will participate. gift value : $5 (if your gift costs more than $5, we thank you for your generosity)

X’mas is a time of giving. so, if you’ve anything valuable that you’d like to donate, please indicate here. I’ll "auction off" the items and the proceed will go to charity of our choice (will decide later based on the amount
of $$ received)  

I’ll post more details nearing the date on how to do the gift exchange in a fun way, the "auction" system etc. meanwhile, do indicate your participation as soon as possible. Thank you, arigato gozaimasu!


  1. Frisna Tan (EO)
  2. SK Chua (registration)
  3. Yatsing
  4. Thomas Loh
  5. Clara Ho
  6. Doreen
  7. Judy Tay
  8. Seok Cheng
  9. Christina WH Chan
  10. Serene Wong
  11. Lydia Soh
  12. Tim Liu
  13. Dan Huang
  14. Francis M. 
  15. Tan Kim Hong
  16. Andrew Yeung
  17. Debbie Oh
  18. Sharon Tan
  19. Linda Leong
  20. Ivan Lim
  21. Steven Ho
  22. Sophia Lim
  23. Eileen Tan
  24. Lydia Chin
  25. Hamidah Ishak
  26. Angela Straaten
  27. Lai Fong
  28. King Seng Lee
  29. Grace Kang
  30. Cat Yeo
  31. Chris Ng
  32. Bobby Bok
  33. Henry Yip
  34. Caroline Gee
  35. Rose White
  36. Anna Seet
  37. Ann Lim
  38. Sam Goh


Photos by Lee King Seng

July 30 & 31, One Day/One Nite Free & Easy tour to Senggarang/Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island

Senggarang, a coastal fishing village has in recent years developed into a mini-resort, situated twenty minutes away by motor-boat across the bay, opposite of Tanjung Pinang town.

 July 30, Friday

  • Departure: 8.50am by Indo Falcon ferry from Tanah Merah Terminal which is reached by SBS bus No.35 via Bedok Interchange
  • Arrival:   11.00am  check-in 6th-storeyed Melia Hotel(some rooms sea-facing) which is less than 15mins walk away from Tg Pinang ferry-jetty
  • 12noon-1.00pm ………….nasi padang lunch
  • 1.20-5.30pm…………..Senggarang excursion/walk-about (If Senggarang is less interesting, travellers then adjourned to roaming Tanjung Pinang town)
  • 5.30-6.30pm……….Rest period in Melia hotel
  • 7.00-9.00pm……….seafood dinner at Laut Jaya hotel’s promenade which is ten mins. away by transport from Melia and diagonally opposite Senggarang
  • OPTIONAL – after dinner, can stay behind to watch impromptu karaoke sing-a-long by locals/foreigners on make-shift stage adjacent to Tua-peh-kong temple O R listen to live music by local band in Melia’s partially roof-covered sea-fronted lounge

July 31, Saturday

  • 8-9am  breakfast in Melia hotel
  • 9.30am-12noon…… OPTIONAL – visit tombs of Riau-Johor sultanate and centuries-old kampung at Penyengat Is 15mins by boat across Tg Pinang OR shopping at Ramayana Shopping Mall which is less than 20mins by transport away from Melia
  • Departure with a choice EITHER at 2.30pm by Penguin ferry or 3.00pm(1/2 hour later) by I Falcon.
  • Times indicated are Singapore readings (Indonesian time is One hour earlier).  Maximum pax to travel is SIXTEEN persons including two EO’s
  • Expenses – two-way ferry tiket $50  (Tg Pinang port departure tax is 35,000 rupiahs)
  • Melia hotel room rates are between 220-450 thousand rupiahs
  • two-way boat trip from Tg Pinang to Senggarang WAS 40,000rupiah 

Abel Tan


1. Abel Tan (EO)

2. Frisna Tan (Asst.EO)

3. SK Chua

4. Daisy Yeo

5. Angela Straaten

6. Angela’s sister

7. Doreen Cady

One Day/One Nite F & E Tour to Tg Batu, Kundur Is., May 21,22

Tanjung Batu, Kundur Island is two hours due south-westof Singapore.  The island is bigger than Karimun but is a more laid-back place than Tg Balai. 

  • Departure Date:  21st May, Friday     
  • Time:  8.20am from Habourfront to Sekupang, Batam
  • 10.50am(Spore time) depart Sekupang to Tanjung Batu

Accomodation:  Gembira Hotel (horse-shoe shaped), 30 metre away from developed seafront(no swimming)sea-wing guest room not more than 200,000rupiah

  • Returned Date:  22nd May, Saturday   
  • Time:  Depart 12.15pm (Spore time) for Harbourfront

Maximum Pax: SIXTEEN persons, inclusive of EOs, Abel Tan & Frisna

Payment: Pay on demand when travelling.  Sekupang to Tg Batu, 300,000rp (Two-way tkt)
Notification:     If Maximum pax is travelling, there must be a MINIMUM of Five Males. MINIMUM to travel EIGHT with a MINIMUM of Three Males.

Closing Date:    18th May, Tuesday.

List of Participants :

1. Abel (EO – MALE)
2. Frisna (Asst.EO)
3. Francis M (MALE)
4. Steven Chan (MALE)
5. SK Chua
6. Steven Ng (Male) ?
7. Grace Kang
8. Jassmine Neo + friend
9. Norlinda
10. Dan Huang (MALE)
11. Joy
12.Tim Liu confirm – MALE)

Please click here to view photos

SHC monthly gathering – 20 August 2009

Hello SHCians,

The August monthly gathering is confirmed to be scheduled as follow:

  • Date : 20 August 2009 (Thursday)
  • Time : 5.00pm to 9.00pm

    Venue : Hans Cafe at Upper Pickering Street, Great Eastern Building

  • Entrance: Free. F&B available at the counter.

  • Agenda: 1) Getting to know new and old members    2) Board Games 3) Trivia Pursuit/Quiz Game

    The Game consists of 10 pictures for participants to solve/answer. Each Team consists of 2 players. Maximum 8 teams to play at 1 go. Best 2 teams will win prizes! 

  • Event Organiser: Ms. Frisna Tan (so come to support hor, 1st time leh)
  • Assistants: Ms. Mary Chan, Ms.Peggy Kong, Ms.Lilian Teo

Who are coming –

  1. Frisna
  2. Mary Chan
  3. Peggy Kong
  4. Lilian Teo
  5. Terence Seah
  6. Lawrence &
  7. Jessie Lee
  8. Conrad
  9. Nina Choo
  10. Lisa Ong
  11. Norlinda
  12. Sylvia Ang
  13. Charles Chua
  14. Jane Ong
  15. Tan Seok Wah
  16. Kenneth Tan
  17. Anna Seet
  18. Susan Chan
  19. Agnes Seow
  20. Boon Liang
  21. Shirleen Kao
  22. Alfred Ang
  23. Patrick S J Lee
  24. Catherine Yeo
  25. Ben Foo
  26. Eliza Chua
  27. Lin Tan
  28. Margaret Tian
  29. June Chin
  30. Richard
  31. Jane Kee
  32. Lena Ho
  33. Cheng Pun
  34. Pauline Chew
  35. Daisy Yeo
  36. Thomas Loh
  37. Sam Goh
  38. Rose White
  39. Janet Chan
  40. Karen Thio
  41. Frank Kaw
  42. Richard Baey
  43. Jonathan Ong
  44. Dan Huang
  45. Y-Gin
  46. Lydia Chin
  47. Lum Fook
  48. Ronald Wie
  49. James Tan
  50. Paul and
  51. Peggy Kong
  52. Pearl Goh
  53. Caroline Gee
  54. Roland Tong
  55. Tim Liu
  56. Marilyn
  57. Bira

Frisna Tan – Profile

When I turned 18 in yester years, i looked at the mirror telling myself "you are now a blooming flower – gu niang  shi ba yi duo hua!". 2 days ago, when i was on the way to first time SHC meeting, i looked into the mirror again and telling myself "oh no, i’m now a silver hair!! how time flies….."

Frankly speaking, i was rather nervous going to Han’s on 12/5/09 not knowing what type of people I’m going to meet and whether i’d be awkwardly sitting alone in a corner….but luckily, the reality is not so. People are very friendly and warm. I enjoyed the gathering and made many new friends. It’s a great honor to meet the founder Mr. Terence Seah, Manager Dolly Lim. I’d like to thank Lilian Teo, Lena Ho, Jane Tan, Laura Wee, Richard Yee, Shirley Wee, Thomas Loh, Jane Loh for making me feel welcome as well as Paul & Peggy Kong for giving Pearl Goh – another 1st timer and myself a lift home. 

I like travelling (been backpacking on my own to many countries in my late 20’s), sports (all sort of ball games), reading and mind boggling games (e.g mahjongemoticon).

I’m married with 1 lovely daughter (sec 3), not so handsome husband and living in the east with a poodle named Julia. Still need to work to bring roti onto the table but during my spare time (which is a lot – thanks to my well paid, flexible hour jobs) i do volunteer work at schools/RC etc (count on me if you need someone to help).

Besides English & Mandarin, I speak fluent Malay/Indonesian, intermediate French and elementary Korean…

Frisna Tan