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semi-retired, interest in forex, stock market, cycling , swimming. age-mid fifties

May Monthly Meeting for smartphone users, travelling, food, coins, dancing & singing enthusiasts on Thur 21 May 2015

May Monthly meeting of smartphones user,travelling,food,coins,dancing & singing enthusiasts

Almost everyone of us do have a smartphone nowadays. There are so many features in these phones. For this meeting we can discuss and exchange ideas on the features and on how we can make the most out of the features. We can also share on the various apps available for us to use. Many of these smartphones have so many features, that we rarely use all of them. We can share and indicate what phone we are using and then gather in groups according to the type or brand of phone. Each group sits around a table, and try to show one another what we have, what we know and what applications we have.
Although for this meeting we focus on smartphones but we also welcome everyone to come and meet up with one another and discuss topics of your interest. Lately we have quite a number of members who are keen to talk about coins and currencies collecting and their values. All others who may want to talk about travelling, eating or even dancing and singing are also welcome. Just register your interest and on that day those who like to talk on your subject will know how to look out for each other. I am also looking for 2 volunteers to help in the registration and facilitating of the meeting. Thank you.

Details of the meeting are as follows:

Date: Thusday, 21 May 2015
Time: 5 – 8.30 pm
Venue: The Gallarie Foodcourt 04-101/102 at Marina Square
EO: Bobby Bok

So, if you are interested in maximising your snartphone please let us know your smartphone brand, model, and we will try to arrange you by groups. Each group can have a leader; you can raise your hand later.

A great way to know one another better, and learn something which we may not know.

Registration list
1. Daniel Chan
2. Charlie Wee
3. Frisna Tan
4. Hew Lee
5. Roland Tong
6. Malcolm Chen
7. Susan Tan
8. Susan SW Tan
9. Winnie Tan