Potluck Picnic at the Park – Saturday 19th May 2012

(This activity is in conjuction with May’s Monthly

Dear fellow SHCians,

I have not organized any activity for quite some time and hopefully (crossing my fingers), some members will find the time, the day and the date of this Potluck Picnic convenient for them to join. My thanks to Dan Huang and Charles Chua for making the trip with me to recce the park on Monday 30th April’s morning. We have unanimously agreed on an excellent spot that is near the main road, bus stop and toilet facility. There is a sort-of shelter from the heat but not from the rain, lots of benches, grassy ground, trees and a lovely view of the cleaned-up Kallang River.

In my previous thread I received offers of help in provision of food and transportation from some members. I am very grateful for their kindness.

Details of this activity are as follow:-

  • E.O.s– Rosalind Lee, Dan Huang & Charles Chua
  • Day/Date    : Saturday 19th May 2012
  • Time           : 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Venue         : Meeting Point 2, Kallang Riverside Park
  • Map    : http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_19398/travel_site_1/

Meeting Point 2 is at the spot nearest to the pedestrian bridge linking the park to Crawford Street. If you look at the map, it is at the bottom left. There is a toilet facility near the spot we’re to meet.

What to Bring

  1. Yummy food or hot/cold drinks or disposable paper plates/cups/refuse bags. 
  2. A mat or plastic sheet if you prefer to sit on the grassy patches. 
  3. Foldable deck chairs if you have your own mode of transport.
  4. Hats/Caps/Umbrellas in case it rains…..:p

Members who are keen to join this activity will get to enjoy a relaxing afternoon picnicking with other members and taste the various dishes made/cooked/bought amidst serene surroundings.

Please register early stating what type of food you’ll be bringing. Kindly refrain from duplicating the same dish a member has already offered to bring (except for drinks/fruits).


Registration List

  1. Rosalind Lee – assorted sandwiches
  2. Sam Goh – ponchos/fruits/SHC banner
  3. Susan CH Tan – Lor Bak; Khong Bak; Lor Nerng & rice
  4. Dolly Lim – Sam will bring extra share on my behalf lor..
  5. Lily Ho – bringing something
  6. Johnny Pow – sushi
  7. Annie Tan – as above
  8. Janie Leong – disposable paper plates/cups/refuse bag
  9. Gabriella Chua – finger foods, chicken nuggets
  10. Charles Chua – cakes
  11. Tan Li Li – fruits
  12. Winnie Tan – Brown rice vegetarian beehoon & maybe a fruit cak
  13. Pearl Wong – bringing something
  14. Kenneth Tan – fruit punch
  15. Dan Huang – fruits/drinks
  16. Thomas Loh – fruits & drinks 
  17. Judy Lim – egg tarts
  18. Shirleen Kao – titbits
  19. Dennis Tan – chicken wings
  20. Bobby Bok – bringing something
  21. Rose White – bringing something
  22. Christina Chan – bringing something
  23. Sarah Zahriah – mee goreng
  24. Grace Ng – bringing something
  25. Marge Tan – bringing something
  26. Ronald Lam – bringing something
  27. Ann Lim – bringing something
  28. Lilian Teo – onde onde
  29. Karen Ng- putu piring
  30. Barbara Lim – bringing something
  31. Winnie Lim – titbits
  32. Karen Thio – curry puffs
  33. Rosalind Soh – pineapples
  34. H.C. Lee – beer and nuts
  35. Sue Tan – kueh salat
  36. John Howe – chin chow
  37. Susan Tan SW – salad
  38. Oi Cheng – chwee kueh
  39. C.J. – as above
  40. Christina Phau – canned food
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Proposed Picnic Site

Hello fellow SHCians!

I plan to organize with the help of a couple of other members, a picnic in the month of May or July. June is out as it is a school holiday month. I did some research and I am picking the Kallang River Park as the first venue for SHC’s first? Picnic.

The day will most probably be on a Saturday afternoon.

I hope to get some responses and if I can form a group of at least 8 members, I will proceed to set up a post with the day/date
firmed up.

Picnics are relaxing activities where we can chit-chat, play some board games and enjoy kueh kueh, sandwiches, cakes, etc
(light snacks). The purpose of holding a picnic is basically to build and foster stronger relationships amongst members of SHC.

This is the site I picked. I will recce the place as soon as I get the ‘thumbs up’ from you guys to go ahead.




For those who love cooking or want to learn how to cook

There are many, many websites in the Internet whereby we can get detailed recipes for dishes we want to experiment with or cook for our family members/friends. Google ‘ recipes for chilli crab’ and you’ll get thousands of links that you can select from. If you do know of a website whereby the recipes offered are tested and given the thumbs up by you please share the link with us. I have one > http://www.mediterrasian.com/index.htm The pictures are really useful and the variety of dishes offered is international. The best part? It’s FREE! Yeahhhh!!!

Hands up for Dolly to be recalled as SHC’s Club Manager!

For as long as I have been a SHC member, Dolly Lim has struck me as a super duper capable lady. She quitted her post of Club Manager when she had to work in China. Since then, the post has been left vacant and Dolly is back for good in Singapore so I hope all members will join me in lobbying for Dolly to be reinstated as Club Manager.

Hands up!!!


2nd East Zoners’ Get-together

Hi one and all! It’s time again for East Zoners (SHC members staying in the East) to get together for food and friendship bonding.

Day/Date    :  Saturday 4th September 2010

Time            :  2 pm – 6 pm

Venue         :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road


We’ll most probably be having afternoon tea/coffee and like the first time, members pay for their own meals and drinks. :)

This venue has been selected because the owners of this cafe doesn’t mind us making lots of noise and also because there’s no obligation for all of us to order food. Of course, ordering a drink is the least we can do. :)

Deadline for registration : 30th August 2010 (no gatecrashers please)

EO          Rosalind Lee

Co-EO    Andrew Koh


Registration List

01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Andrew Koh

03.  Lydia Chin

04.  Sam Soo

05.  Oi Cheng

06.  Alice Seah

07.  Bernie Chung

08.  Rosalind Soh

09.  Pauline Ho

10.  Judy Lim

11.  Clara Chay

12.  Ronald Koh

13.  Irene Poh

14.  Nora Chia

15.  Shirleen Kao

16.  Francis R. Mangalam

17.  Helen T. Wong

18.  Thomas Lau

19.  Frisna Tan

20.  Alan Bok

21.  Ann Bok

22.  Terence Seah

23.  John Howe

24.  Ronald Lam

25.  Rina Tan

26. Michael Tay  (tentative)

27.  Ten Meng

28.  Dolly Lim


Photos by Andrew Koh

Karaoke Session anyone?

I haven’t sung for a long, long time but I do recall the fun and hilarity when I had a great time with friends karaoke-ing. To make it an evening of non-stop laughter, what my friends and me did was to do a ‘live’ translation of dialect lyrics to English songs. Likewise for a Mandarin song, anyone who is bilingual can do the translation to English or vice versa.

Before I create a proper thread, I just want to find out WHO and HOW MANY is interested. I believe that is a max pax per room for places like Party World or K Box.

If I get a good response then I’ll organize this event.

*Fingers crossed*


Public Health Seminars

There are health seminars organized by hospitals, TV networks and pharmaceutical companies every now and then for the public at a nominal fee (inclusive of refreshments). Unless we happen to come across them or receive news from friends, we might miss what could be very useful information for us. Most of the health seminars have top specialist professionals speaking.

I came across this one and if you’re interested please register directly to the organizer.


I hope this will encourage SHC members not only to attend such seminars but also to share with others should they have info on forthcoming HEALTH-RELATED public seminars.



Reminiscences of the good old days

This thread is not a duplicate of Caroline Gee’s ‘Chinese New Year – When I was a young girl’. There the topic focuses on how we spent our CNY when we were very young.

Here we’ll share our memories (as much as we can recollect) of the lifestyle we had from childhood to young adults. I reckon most of us will remember the Racial Riots, the Robinson fire and the itinerant hawkers.

I used to live in Tiong Bahru and it’s very close to Redhill. It was there when I came face-to-face with parang-wielding people of a particular race chasing after groups of people of another race. I was in the car of my eldest step-sister and we were en route to somewhere when we saw this incident. Needless to say, we were petrified at the sight of people being attacked! People were running everywhere, heedless of traffic on the main road. All the vehicles were cutting lanes and speeding just to get out of the melee. I was in my early teens and that is one frightening episode of a vicious fight between races I will never forget. *shivers*

Coming to food, we had this itinerant hawkers who carried their food on bamboo baskets on both ends of a hardy bamboo pole they heaved on their shoulder. As they pass the footpaths behind the flats they will holler the name of the food they sell. ‘Yong Tau Fooooooo’…..or ‘Lo Kai Yek’ often dragging the last word for impact. As children, my siblings and me will rush to the window whenever we hear the call of the hawkers. Sometimes my mother will buy but as children we got a thrill watching our neighbours ordering their food. For those living on the 3rd and 4th floor of the flats, they have to raise their voice to place their orders. Dialects were commonly used then so we got to know who speaks Cantonese and who speaks Teochew in our neighbourhood. The most interesting memory I have is the method of business transaction used.

All households in my neighbourhood will have a rattan basket with a long rope – one end is tied to the handle of the basket. The basket with money placed in it was then lowered to the ground floor. After the hawker has collected the money and placed the food into the basket, it was then hoisted up manually by pulling the rope. It had to be done slowly or else the basket might tip over and the food will be spilt.

Another fond memory I have is of the round ice balls. You know, the one where the Ah Poo Neh Neh (no offence to Indians) grabs a chunck of shaved ice, used his fingers to make a depression and filled it with boiled red beans and then add more shave ice and finally using both his palms to press the shave ice into a ball? He would then pour flavoured colourings round the ice ball and add condensed milk too, if requested.

The joy was in slurping all the sweetness of the flavourings in the ice ball and asking the APNN for more. Sometimes when he was in a good mood he would oblige but if not, he’ll cuss us in his language waving his hands to shoo us away. He could cut the ice ball in half so it can be shared.

There are so many wonderful memories all of us will have and it’s good to share before we forget them all. What we went through our children will never experienced even if they want to.

Oh! I forgot the water bombs! Hahahaha…Fill those plastic bags with water, tie up the end with rubber band, wait for courting couples walking on the street below and aim the water bomb at them after they’ve passed by. The intention was to shock not to drench them. Hehehehe

What can you remember? Perhaps we have similar experiences that are funny, naughty or plain nostalgic?






Going to the movies

Hello SHCians! I do believe most of us do not mind catching a good movie at the cinemas and/or live plays at the theatres occasionally. There are TWO genres of movies that are even more enjoyable in the company of friends.

1)  Horror movies – where we can scream aloud and frighten other cinema goers;

2)  Comedy movies – where it’s okay to laugh and laugh without being hauled off to IMH

For live plays, there are interesting foreign and local productions worth watching.

If you happen to like movies or live plays please indicate your interest in catching such shows with fellow SHCians.  I will be on the lookout for both categories and help arrange for day/day/time of viewing.

For your information, Senior Citizens above the age of 55 are entitled to watch movies at most cinemas IN THE AFTERNOON & ON WEEKDAYS ONLY for S$4.00.

I hope to generate some response for this thread….:p


THANK YOU to all at East Zoners’ 1st get-together

Out of the 33 members who indicated their interest AND presence at the get-together today, 16th January, one sent her apologies for not being able to turn up and two just simply did not turn up. :(

My heartfelt appreciation to the rest who made the effort to turn up and socialize with other members including the new members. I also want to thank the Welcome Committee for helping to keep the conversations flowing throughout the 2 + hours’.

I hope someone else will take the initiative to organize another East Zoners’ get-together soon.

Thank you


East Zoners’ Get-together – Latest Update

A heartfelt thank you to all who have indicated their interest in attending this first East Zoners’ Get-together.

Kindly note that additional information will be sent via email to the members in the list below this weekend.


Day/Date      :  Saturday 16th January 2010

Time              :  3 pm ~ 5 pm

Venue            :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road 

Reserved Seats  :  26 



01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Lee Ah Nee

03.  Rene Leong

04.  Andrew Koh

05.  Sam Soo

06.  Maggie Teo

07.  Alice Seah

08.  Frank Kaw

09.  Eileen Thean

10.  Pauline Ho

11.  Daisy Yeo

12.  GingKo

13.  Marilyn Tang

14.  Ronald Lam

15.  Angie Ng

16.  Belian

17.  Susan Zhang

18.  Bernie Chung

19.  Pauline Tan

20.  Norlinda

21.  Caroline Gee

22.  Terence Seah (THE Towkay :p)

23.  Steven Ng

24.  Tang Yat Sing

25.  Boon Liang

26.  Judy Lim

Add-ons (those okay with seating on laps :p)

01.  Alice Ou

02.  Phillip Ou

03.  Ping Hock

04.  Steven Chan

05.  David Anthony Samuel

06.  Caroline Loh

07.  Gabriella Chua


Click here for photos

Profound quotes or phrases

I thought I’d start a thread whereby all of us can share quotes or phrases that is meaningful and worth pondering over.

Here’s mine that I received via email from a good friend.

"Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is
right…It simply means that you value the relationship much more than
your ego  …"

Year 2010 – Monthly Lunch/Dinner outings

Hello fellow SHCians! Would any of you be keen to go for a food hunt once a month, commencing January 2010?

There are many yummy eateries – restaurants/zhe zhars at coffee shops/hawker stalls spread all over Singapore that serve delicious dishes at very reasonable price. My idea is to have any SHC member recommend a good place to eat, either for lunch or dinner during a chosen day of the month.

Of course, the credo ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ will prove challenging but it’ll be interesting to be adventurous once a month.

I suggest Dolly Lim be the EO of this……..:p



Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day:
Ah Pek and Ah Ma were lying in bed one night.
The husband was falling asleep but the wife felt romantic and wanted to talk. She said, "You used to hold my hand when we were courting."
Wearily, he reached across, held her hand for a second
and tried to get back to sleep.
A few moments later she said, "Then, you used to kiss me."
Mildly irritated, he reached across,
gave her a peck on the cheek and settled down to sleep.
Thirty seconds later she said, "Then, you used to bite my neck."
Angrily, he threw back the bed covers, got out of bed and walk away.
"Where are you going?" she asked.
"To get my teeth lah!"

Calling all ladies who are good cooks!

My apologies to the guys for stipulating ‘ladies only’ in this thread. Perhaps, later on, the guys can be included.

In the meantime, what I would like to learn are more home-cooked dishes. I have some not-too-bad dishes that I won’t mind teaching.

Are there any ladies who are willing to share their yummy recipes or even hold a demonstration at her home or some other venue?

Are there SHC ladies who are keen on cooking?

Thank you


Questions from a newbie a.k.a. kaypoh

As I am new I hope I’m forgiven for posing these questions.

  1. As of now, how many members are there in SHC?
  2. Are there any married members (excluding me)?
  3. Is there any member here in Facebook?
  4. Does SHC plan to expand its membership base and make it THE Numero Uno club for 45s’ and above?

That’s all for now. My apologies for coming across like CID interrogator. :p

Ros or Rosalind or Lo Si Leng

Rosalind Lee – Profile

emoticon  Hello, I am new to SHC and my name’s Rosalind Lee. I was referred to this club by
        a friend and I’m glad there’s an informal club for Baby Boomers aside from the
        Residents Zone/Community Clubs’ Senior Citizen Clubs.

        I am 58 years old and a mother with two daughters and a son. I’m also have two
        grandchildren so like it or not, I am a grandmother.
        My former jobs were related to training with topics ranging from Personal Grooming to
        Product Knowledge. I should say I am in my elements when addressing a large crowd
        but I’m lousy in communications with small crowds or a handful of people. I am an
        Introvert and I have often been labelled a ‘snob’. *Sniff sniff*
        I quit working since Year 2003 and I travel a lot with my husband when he goes on
        leisure or business trips.

        Most of my friends are younger than me and they keep me ‘young’ in my outlook on
        life. Well, by joining this club I hope to have more friends belonging to my same
        generation and hopefully find compatriots to reminisce about the good old days.
        By the way, I am not as staid as I sound here. :p