EC event – Play about Love (Sat, 19 Oct 2013, 3pm to 4.30pm)

Dear all

The Ageless Theatre presents Faces (Phases) of Love, a play about the power of love and the search for that special someone. It comprises four short skits, including one about a lonely widow’s love for her deceased husband, and another about four mahjong buddies reminiscing about love and loss.

The venue is the Marine Parade Community Club Theatrette. Each ticket costs $15. As contact numbers of the organisers cannot be displayed here, if you wish to join a couple of us for this performance, you may transfer funds to my POSB Savings Account 159-13164-5 and I can purchase the tickets on your behalf.

What is interesting is that the Ageless Theatre comprises people aged 43 and above.

Any play enthusiasts?

Joy :)

EC Event – Line Dance Class – Starting 15 Sep (Sun) 4 – 5.30 pm

Dear all

Hope to have some of you join me in the line dance class starting this Sunday :)))

Course : Line Dance (Upper elementary/12 lessons)
Period/Day/Time : 15 Sep 2013 to 8 Dec 2013/Sun/4pm to 5.30pm
Venue : Bukit  Batok CC (near West Mall/Bukit Batok MRT station)
Fees : $53.90 for Passion Card holder paying with Passion Card
$55.00 for Passion Card holder paying with cash or ATM card
$60.00 for non Passion Card holder

See you this Sunday!


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Happiness is…emoticon

Researchers have found some underlying factors for happiness :-

>Married people are more content than singles, but having children does not raise happiness level.

>Education and IQ seem to have little impact on happiness.

>Attractive people are only slightly happier than the unattractive.

>The elderly (over 65) are more satisfied with their lives than the young.

>Friendships are crucial if you want to be happy.

>As much as 50% of the happiness factor is genetic.

From The Straits Times, 25 Aug 07.

Concert at Zouk on 28 Jul 07

Hi Party Animals Lily & Susan

As part of the Singapore Heritage Festival 2007, there is a Concert at Zouk on 28 Jul 07, Sat, 8pm to 11pm. It is $12 a person, inclusive of GST and comes with one free drink. Tickets are available at various places. Check website for details.

Music industry veterans like Jive Talkin’, Max Surin, Vernon Cornelius and Matthew & The Mandarins will perform yesteryear’s music. It is hosted by Brian Richmond.

If you are organising or going, I would like to come along as I have not been to Zouk and the performers sound interesting.

Sorry if I sound imposing, but I think you are more familiar with this scene.  Thanks much!

Coming :-

1) Joy 2) Clara 3) Robert Quek 4) Kristy Quek 5) Ron Lai 6) Alice Lai 7) Jeffrey Fong 8] Maureen Tay 9) LH Jie 10) Tim Liu 11) Julie Guan 12) Nora Chia 13) Vincent 14) Steven Chan 15) Lin Tan 16) Eyvonne Chew 17) Josephine 18) Maria 19) Janet 20) Sam 21) Alice 22) Grace Kok 23) John Seah 24) Philip Ong 25) Anne Ng 26) Ann Lim 27) Kalah 28) Agnes Tan 29) Eleanor Chan and friends

Renovation contractor

Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a renovation contractor.  I need some small jobs done to the kitchen and toilets and am thinking maybe it’s time to look into them.  No fancy nest.  Just an HDB flat.

Playing the keyboard/Singing karaoke songs

I know how to play a handful of simple tunes on the Yamaha keyboard and I am interested to take up lessons to increase my repertoire of songs.

I am also wanting to master a handful of English karaoke songs so that when I go for karaoke sessions, I don’t have to just listen while others sing.

Does anyone know of willing and able teachers?

Thanks for reading my post.

Protect Your Senses Day

Saw this in the papers :-

Protect Your Senses Day – Eye, Ear, Nose

18 Nov 06, Sat, 9am to 4pm

NUH, Kent Ridge Wing Auditorium & Lobby

There will be free screenings for common eye, hearing and allergy problems.

There are talks on :-

  • The New Face of Eye Plastic Surgery
  • How Do I Know If I Have Glaucoma
  • Advanced Cataract and Presbyopia Treatment
  • LASIK – Am I Suitable
  • Do I Have Allergic Rhinitis
  • Hear Well, Hear Now
  • Snoring – What Can Be Done

Registration for talks and screenings is required. Call 6-772 5390.



Just to share with all of us something I came across in the papers. There is a public auction of valuable stamps, banknotes (including golden number banknotes on behalf of the Monetary Authority of Singapore), coins and antique (hmmm…wonder if I could display myself as an antique…for auction? hmmm…) postcards on 3 and 4 Nov 06 at Hotel Le Meridien Singapore.

What is interesting is the public preview on 2 Nov 06.


Joy C – Profile

I got to know of this club through a friend and after looking at the posts, I look forward to meeting the members and especially Terence and his team who thought of this idea and put it all together.

I am 36 years away from retirement…you may be wondering why I am in SilverHairs…well, I ain’t planning on retiring at 55 or even 62…ha ha…got you!

I enjoy nature, the sea, the beach, the parks…the rolling in of waves, the rustling of leaves, the smell of morning dew, the wind in my face, the hope of a new beginning with the rising sun, the warmth and comfort of the setting sun, the starry nights, the moonlight, great company, and all things fun…

I see myself taking part in the cycling activities, the talks, the chit chat sessions, the makan sessions (hmmm…I enjoy eating, but I take care to eat in moderation), movie nights, concerts in the park, the travels around the region…

Shall be meeting you somewhere, some day…take care…