Farewell to Daniel Ong

Daniel Ong Teck Hock had passed away at 2.45 pm today.

Daniel Ong was known to us as one of a few SHC members who dedicated his own time and finance in teaching other willing members. He spent every Saturday evening for more than a year in sharing his dancing skills and knowledge with a group of SHC friends at the Braddell Height Club House. We hereby wish to bid him farewell to a journey well travelled.

The wake will be held at Telok Blangah Tower, Street 31 Block 80-D. Funeral on Saturday.

BH Dance Group

Use Tennis balls to relieve stress and tension

Hi All

People who saw tennis balls on my bed are often puzzled and asked why?

I accidently discovered this trick and it had helped me and so would like to share this simple tricks with you folks who might be interested. It cost nothing – only the tennis ball and the weight of your body will do the trick. It is relaxing and it’s easy to do.

Get hold of any tennis ball/s – it doesn’t have to be new. Used and discarded ones will do as long as it is still in one piece and firm. You can start with one or 2. I use two.

For the shoulders :
– Lie on your back on your bed (your mattress should be firm and not too soft). Place tennis ball/s between your shoulder blades and relax your arms to the sides. Relax and you will immediately feel the relieve of tension on your shoulder. You can even fall asleep in that position.

– Wiggle a little and you will feel the massaging effects.
– Raise both arms straight in front of you and draw circles in the air (you will hear crackling sound. Where the sound comes from?…. who care?…. as long as you feel shiok).

You can use the same method for the lower part of your back, or lie on your side and place 1 ball in the hollow of your hip (between the hip bone and the thigh). This will relieve the “sng” feeling.

For the neck :
– In the lie back position, place 1 tennis ball on the spot at the back of your neck where you feel tension….. because the back of your neck is not as broad, you will need to hold it in place with your hand or place the ball in your palm.

For the leg :
– In standing position, place tennis ball under the arch of your right foot. Try rolling the ball in small circles while still standing, weight on the left foot. Not so easy to do but will help with blood circulation of the legs. Repeat with the left foot.

Try it. Hope it help. If you tried – share your feedback so others and I can learn from it.


Kristy & Peggy’s New Year Gourmet Celebration – Sun, 5 Jan (6-10pm)

Kristy & Peggy’s New Year Gourmet Celebration

Fancy a healthy home cooked meal just like mom’s cooking followed by a sinful durian feast after, to begin the New Year ?

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, on Sunday January 5 between 6 pm to 10 pm at 33 Mt Sinai Rise The Marbella Function Room (200 meter away from Dover MRT Station).

You are invited to join in this gathering of SHC friends for a contribution of $25. We will experience the home style cooking of Kristy & Peggy. Subject to availability, we intend to try a variety of durian ‘brands’ and we are allocating an average of one whole durian per person. Because of the limited capacity of their domestic kitchens (good thing comes in small size, he he he), we have to limit participation to the first 30 people who sign up for this event.

The menu will serve the specialties of Kristy & Peggy, eg. Macaroni Fruit Cocktail Salad, Fried Tom Yam Tung Hoon, Nyonya Chap Chye, Mama’s Curry Chicken; be assured it will not disappoint. Be sure not to miss this rare occasion.

On signing up please transfer your payment to POSB Saving Account : 038-02874-0 and Whatsapp or Message Peggy upon your payment or post here.

The joint EOs for this function are Kristy Quek & Peggy Yap

Registration :
1) Frisna – paid
2) Bira – paid
3) Ronald Lam – paid
4) Richard Wong – paid
5) Steven Chan – paid
6) Thomas Goh – paid
7) Pat Oei – paid
8) Linda Chua – paid
9) Ronald Lee – paid
10) Bessie – paid
11) Andrew – paid
12) Irene Poh – paid
13) Thomas Loh – paid
14) Rosalind Lee – paid
15) Lin Chuah – paid
16) Marg Tian – paid
17) Lawrence Khan – paid
18) Alice Seah – paid
19) Susan CH Tan – paid
20) Joy Chuang – paid
21) Christina Chan – paid
22) Gabriella – paid
23) Grace Kok – paid
24) Winnie Tan – paid
25) Peng Peng – paid
26) Charles Wee – paid ($25.04)
27) Maria Tan
27) Shirleen Kao – paid
28) Dorine Tan – paid
29) Irene Chua – paid
30) Maureen – paid
31) Veronique – paid
32) Anne Chee – paid


Forum Moderator Wanted

Forum Moderator Wanted.

Why the need for a Forum Moderator?

We never had one before, why now? The answer is yes, we had but he was called Fairy God Mother. With his magic wand, he can deny access or remove membership quietly.

Now we have Lily Ho, the beach, the lunatic, the f…k… Goddess Almighty who has to be seen to do the job or else the chief will text reminder to do this or act on that. Not only it is a thankless unpaid job but a role people love to hate and call names in the face and behind the back.

Nobody likes to be moderated. Am I stupid to take up the role? Yes, but according to the chief, someone has to do it.!

So, if you are interested in taking over the role from me, please contact Admin immediately. Until then, you have no choice but to put up with me till I am being replaced or the 2 years term is up whichever come first.!

Duties encompasses but not restricted to :

1) Daily checking of the forum to ensure no taboo subjects, tel numbers, offensive or name calling of fellow members.
2) If necessary, post reminder or warning to offending member.
3) Full authority to delete or edit posts or comments of the above.
4) Ensure EO and EC events have date and time indicated on the subject title.
5) Ensure all general post to be in Forum General and/or relevant categories but not on Main Bulletin.
6) Review all posts, comments and links that came under moderation and release them when deemed non offensive and within compliance to club policies.

Requirements :
Must be prepared to spare the time, be thick-skin and dare to challenge.

Sincerely look forward to your application soon.

Lily Ho

Monthly Cycling / Skating cum Pot-Luck @ Changi Beach Park – 7 Dec.(Sat) from 4 pm to ?

party-clip-art-beach-party-palm-sunHi All

Remember we once had a pot-luck cum cycling at the Changi Beach Park 2 years ago?
If you forget, here’s the SHC page link for your revisit :

We had a lot of fun and LOTS of food then. Want to have another round of such fun? This pot-luck will tie in with our last Monthly Cycling for this year 2013. We will resume cycling again after Chinese New Year 2014.

For those who can’t cycle, you can skate. If you can’t do both — then just come and join in the fun in eating, chit-chatting catching up with old and new friends….. or swim.!! :)

The park is serene and much less crowded than ECP.

?Parking is free after 5pm and the nearest parking is : Carpark 1 although Carpark 2 is also very near.
?There is a clean and airy public toilet (with shower cubicles) at the same location.

Buses that stop right outside the park along Nicoll Drive bus stop B10) :
?# 9 – from Bedok Interchange
?#19 – from Tampines Interchange
?#89 – from Hougang Central Interchange

Buses to Changi Village Terminal (a short walk to the park along waterfront) :
?# 2 – from New Bridge Road Terminal
?#29 – from Tampines Interchange
?#59 – from Bishan Interchange
?#109 – from Serangoon Interchange

For information on bike or skate rental, you may enquire at :

Please register here and indicate type of food you are bringing so we have an idea.

Looking forward to meeting you folks soon.

EO – Lily Ho & Douglas Chan

Registration :
1) Lily Ho – fried bee hoon
2) Douglas
3) Silas – card tricks
4) Tian Soo – wine
5) Janie
6) Susan CH Tan – sambal goreng
7) Eileen Thean
8) Peggy Yap – green bean soup, fruits & lemon barley
9) Arthur Yap
10) Margaret Tian
11) Steven Chan
12) Dolly Lim
13) Patrick Cheong – potato salad
14) Caroline – play by ears
15) Lina Ng – curry chicken & baguette
16) Lin Chuah
17) Peri
18) Thomas Loh
19) Sockie
20) Teresa Seow
21) SK Chua
22) Esther Mok
23) Ann Lim – stuffed cherry tomatoes
24) Alice Yap
25) Bira
26) Judy Lim
00) Frisna
27) Hou Chong
28) Kristy Quek – fruits
29) Audrey Wong
30) Paul Kong
31) Peggy Kong
32) Nina Choo
33) Annie Tang
00) Charles Chua – cakes
34) Judy – disposal cultery
35) Johnny Pow – cabbage & pork belly
36) Annie Pow
37) John Howe
38) Helen Yeo – Soya sauce chicken
39) Boon Liang

Monthly Cycling (leisurely) – Sat, 16 March @ 8am

Hi Members

We were thinking of going back to ECP for our leisure cycling where we cycle for 1 hour but makan and chit-chat for 2 hours kind. However, the ECP Marina Cove is still under renovation.

This Saturday, the professional cyclists will be cycling from Queenstown starting at 6.30am ending at the Marina Barrage at 9am and they had invited us to join them. We, the leisure cyclists will start our journey from Kallang Stadium to meet them at the Marina Barrage thereby cutting two-third of the distance. If you are keen to join us for the leisurely cycling, please register here.

* Meeting place : Jalan Benaan Kapal hawker centre (free parking)

* Time : 8.00am

* Cycling route : via Tanjong Rhu Bridge -> Geylang Park Connector (along the Kallang River).

* Guarantee very scenic (bring your camera).

At the end of cycling, we will decide where to have lunch.

Registration :
1) Lily Ho
2) Dolly Lim
3) Lee Ah Nee
4) Lee Hou Chong
5) Lina Ng
6) Johnny Pow
7) Yew Tiong
8) Boon Liang

EO – Lily & Dolly

CLICK here to view PHOTOS

Christmas Jamboree 23 Dec 2012 @ Paya Lebar Kovan CC

Post on behalf of

(Sockie is away and will return on 21 Dec.)

  • Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC, Hougang Street 21,
    Multi-Purpose Air-con Hall
  • Date/Time :  23 Dec 2012 from 2 – 7pm
  • Cost :  $5 (with Refreshment & Lucky Draw)
  • Nearest MRT :  Kovan MRT
  • Bus no. 136, 153, 321, 80, 81, 82, 107, 112, 113, 119

EC – Sockie

Dance List :

  1. Rocking Good
  2. Come dance with me
  3. Guantanamera
  4. Tragedia
  5. Marimba
  6. Mom’s good look
  7. Back again
  8. D.H.S.S.
  9. Vertical Expression
  10. Flying High
  11. Seal Our Fate
  12. Tennessee Waltz / NDA Waltz
  13. Wherever you may wander
  14. Addicted to You
  15. Dancing in Line
  16. La Chico
  17. When I need you
  18. Summer night cha cha
  19. Zumba
  20. I like it, I like it
  21. Black coffee
  22. Magic cha cha
  23. Perhaps
  24. Tango with the sheriff
  25. The way you look tonight
  26. Bee-Bop N Boogie
  27. Bang bang
  28. Just a kiss
  29. Open arms
  30. Still love me tomorrow / Will you still love me
  31. Shalala
  32. Once upon December
  33. All my heart
  34. Electric slide / Tush Push
  35. Body in Motion
  36. Fanilow’s Eyes
  37. Pepito del bo
  38. The same star
  39. D.N.T.O.
  40. On the straight and narrow
  41. Caballero
  42. Romantasy
  43. Who did you call darling
  44. Chill Factor
  45. Don’t cha wish / Freak like me
  46. Enchantment
  47. Na Mara
  48. Live it up
  49. Who else but you
  50. Whole again
  51. Muevelo cha cha
  52. Rock n Roll Bride / Rock around the clock
  53. The Belle of Liverpool
  54. Amame
  55. RIO
  56. Hot Tomales
  57. Quanto Amore
  58. Eagles Rock
  59. Heart of an Angel
  60. Fresh
  61. Not like that
  62. Dancing party
  63. Wherever you come back to me
  64. My father and me
  65. La Luna

Time permitting :

  1. Little runaway
  2. Rainbow’s end
  3. Island in the stream
  4. Shame and scandal in the familly
  5. Holding on to yesterday

Monthly Cycling – Sat, 15 Sep 2012

Hi All

Douglas is busy most weekend this month, hence our scheduled ‘Ubin Cycling’ is tentatively push back to 29 Sep.  Meanwhile, Ivan will be leading an impromptu cycling this Sat.

Please note details of Impromtu Cycling Event as follows:

  • Date: 15 Sep 2012 (Saturday Afternoon)
  • Place to meet: At Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8, KPT 24 hrs Kopitiam (or at the Bicycle Rental Kiosk) at the stated timings below.

Carparks: For those driving, please park your car at the Ponggol Park itself (limited lots) or at Blk 401 / 452 / 458 HDB Carparks (parking charges applies).

Timings as follows:

  • 04:00pm to 04:10pm – Meet at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8 for those who wants a quick snack / bite / drink before cycling.
  • 04:10pm to 04:25pm – Proceed with own bike or walk to the Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk. Select and rental of bicycles for those who need one (Rental charges to apply).
  • 04:30pm – SHARP!!! Start of cycling event; if not we will not make it back in time to return the rental bikes!!! (Bikes Kiosk closes at 08:00pm sharp!!)
  • 07:45pm to 08:00pm – End of cycling event and return of rental bikes.
  • 08:00pm to 10:00pm – Dinner and Catch-up time….at KPT 24 hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8…..or go for teochew porridge along Upper Serangoon Road (a short distance from Ponggol Park).

And the route shall be: 

Starting Point – Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk – – to Sungei Serangoon PC – – to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk – – to Lor Halus Wetland – – to Pasir Ris Farmway – – to Pasir Ris Ind Dr 1 – – to Pasir Ris Dr 12/3 – – to Loyang Ave
– – to Changi Village and return via back tracking to the Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk.

Terrain: Mainly PCN, Pavements and some parts on roads (cross of Traffic Junctions too) are unavoidable.

Total Distance: About 32 KM (Not for Beginners or Newies).

See route map here: http://sg.mapometer.com/cycling/route_2239679.html

NOTE 1: Since it will be night-fall on our return route, please have functioning front and rear lights (plus Bell) mounted on your bikes (including the rental bikes!!).

NOTE 2: Safety and well-being is your own responsibility and nobody’s else. Ride Safely.

NOTE 3: This ride is a prelude to our Pulau Ubin ride on 29 Sep 2012….. (PG to CV to Pulau Ubin for those who wants to join me to start at PG Park!)

Hope to see you there. Non-SHC Members also welcome.  Thank you.

EC – Ivan Lim

  1. Ivan Lim – leading
  2. Charles Chua
  3. Allan Ang
  4. Lily Ho – part of the route
  5. Malcolm Chen
  6. Lee Ah Nee – part of the route
  7. Lina Ng – part of the route
  8. Chee Lai Fong – lim-kopi at start only
  9. Bira – part of the route
  10. Eileen Ang
  11. Audrey Wong
  12. John Howe – will try to be at Bike kiosk by 4.30pm
  13. Thomas Goh – will wait at Lor Halus Wetland Shelter at 4.45pm
  14. Non-SHCian A – with Mountain Truck
  15. Non-SHCian B – to reconfirm on Sat am
  16. Non-SHCian C – to reconfirm on Sat am
  17. Any more folks riding with us?

Monthly Cycling Event – 21 Jul (Sat) 4:15pm

Hi All

Please note details of SHC July Mthly Cycling Event as follows:

  • Date: 21July2012 (Saturday Late Afternoon)
  • Meeting Place: Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8, KPT 24hours Kopitiam (or at the Bicycle Rental Kiosk) at the Stated Timings.
  • Carparks: For those driving, please park your car at the Ponggol Park itself (limited lots) or at Blk 401 HDB Carparks (parking charges applies).
  • Timings as follows:
    04:15pm to 04:40pm – Meet at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8 for those who wants a snack/bite/drink before cycling.
    04:40pm – Proceed with own bike or walk to the Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk.

04:45pm – Select and rental of bicycles for those who need one (Rental charges to apply)
05:00pm – Start of cycling event.
07:00pm to 07:15pm – End of cycling event and return of rental bikes.
07:15pm to 08:15pm – Dinner and Catch-up time….at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8…..or go for teochew porridge along Upper Serangoon Road (a short distance from Ponggol Park).

And the route shall be:

  • Starting Point – Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk
  • to Serangoon PC– to Buangkok PC
  • detour into Buangkok Link and Lor Buangkok before re-connecting
  • to Ponggol PC- to Ponggol Point Walk/Park/Jetty
  • to Ponggol Promenade Nature Walk– to Ponggol Promenade Riverside Walk
  • to Sungei Serangoon PC-
  • and then Ending at Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk.

Total Distance: Less Than Or About 15KM ONLY (From our RECCE RIDE of 07July morning with LawrenceL, ChongNK, EileenA and SallyT, it’s actually quite an easy ride/route.) 

See route map here: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/images/park_images/ParkConnectors/NERL_map.pdf    emoticon

NOTE1: Since we are starting at 5:00pm, we will most probably see the night-fall when riding along Ponggol Promenade Nature Walk! Although Track Street Lightning are available, it may be useful that you bring along a Bike-Torch or a Torch-Light plus a Bike Rear Light (if you have one!)

NOTE2: Those who have gone for the RECCE RIDE and if joining this event, please assist to keep the pack in the right direction/route, especially along Serangoon PC to Ponggol PC. THANKS in advance!

NOTE3: Photographer(s) required for this ride. Please bring camera(s) and take as many pictures as you like… emoticon

Hope to see you there.

Thank you & Regards

Ivan Lim

  1. Ivan
  2. Lily
  3. Andrew Y
  4. Yatsing
  5. Irene Poh
  6. Alan Ang
  7. John Howe
  8. Ah Nee
  9. Dan
  10. Malcolm
  11. Ron Teo
  12. Douglas
  13. Eileen Thean
  14. Karen Thio
  15. Johnny Pow
  16. Janie Leong
  17. Kwai Keng
  18. Kok Seng
  19. Steven Chan
  20. Yew Tiong (tentative)
  21. Judy Lim
  22. Susan Tan
  23. Theresa Seow
  24. Elaine
  25. Audrey Wong
  26. Boon Liang
  27. Eileen Ang
  28. Lina Ng
  29. Hou Chong
  30. Irene Poh
  31. Jennie Tan

   CLICK here to view photos

Monthly Cycling – 23 Jun (Sat) 4pm @ Pasir Ris

Hi Cycling kakis

This month’s cycling will start from Pasir Ris.  Our leader, Douglas says we can cycle from Pasir Ris to Punggol.  He and his seasoned cyclists of course can lah!  But dunno the rest of us can tahan or not.  Worst case scenario, we have the flexibility to turn back or cut short the loop lor.

Anyone adventurous enough to join us?  If you are game, come and meet up to discuss.   emoticon

  • Venue to meet :  Bike rental kiosk, 51 Pasir Ris Green (Car Park C, Pasir Ris ParK)
  • Time to meet :  4:00 pm sharp
  • Bike rental :  $6 for 2 hours
  • Car Park C :  is FREE parking

Here’s the link for the bicycle rental kiosk : http://rentabike-kiosk.blogspot.sg/    emoticon

I have no idea where it is or what buses go there but Google map says it is off Pasir Ris Drive 3. Here’s the map from street directory :  http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_31315/travel_site_143130/

Alternatively, goolge seach for : Car Park ‘C’ Pasir Ris Park, 51 Pasir Ris Green 518226.    emoticon

  1. Leader – Douglas Chan 
  2. Follower – Lily Ho
  3. Follower – Dolly Lim
  4. Yew Kwong
  5. Ah Nee
  6. John Howe
  7. Irene Poh
  8. Lydia Soh
  9. Eileen Ang
  10. Ivan Lim
  11. Johnny Pow
  12. Any adventurous members?  Seasoned cyclists?  Novice? – Please register here so we know to wait for you.

 Hope to see more coming.    emoticon 

CLICK here to view Photos

Monthly Cycling @ Ponggol – Saturday, 19 May 2012 (AM)

Dear Cyclists     emoticon

This month’s cycling, Ivan will be leading us again.

The details are :     

  • Date : 19 May2012 (Saturday)
  • Place to meet first : Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8, KPT 24hours Kopitiam
  • Carparks : For those driving, please park your car at the free carpark at Ponggol Park itself (limited lots) or at Blk 401 HDB Carparks (normal charges applies).  This carpark is no longer free but barrier parking system as verified by the recce group on 5 May (Vesak Day).

    Timing as follow :

  • 08:15am to 08:45am – Meet at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8 for those who wants breakfast.
  • 08:45am – Proceed with own bike or walk to the Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk
  • 08:50am – Select rental bicycles for those who need one.
  • 09:00am – Start of cycling event.
  • 11:15am – End of cycling event.
  • 11:15am to 01:00pm – Return rental bike,
  • Lunch and Catch-up time….at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 Hougang Ave 8.     emoticon

    And the route shall be :

  • Starting point – Ponggol Park Bicycle Rental Kiosk
    – to Sungei Serangoon PC
    – to Ponggol Promenade Riverside Walk
    – to Ponggol Waterway – to Ponggol PC
    – to Ponggol Point Walk/Park/Jetty
    – and then back track to starting point.
    Total Distance : about 19km to 20km      emoticon

    See route map here: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/images/park_images/ParkConnectors/NERL_map.pdf

    Those coming, please bring your smiles, hat, sun-glasses, water-bottle, camera (and may be a disposable poncho too) etc. ….. apart from your own bike.   :))

p/s: I have no co-EO yet and also recce ride for route is this Saturday 05 May 2012.

EO – Ivan

Registration :

  1. Charles Chua
  2. Douglas Chan – own bike
  3. Eileen Ang
  4. Lily Ho
  5. Charles Wee – own bike
  6. Lawrence Lee
  7. Steven Chan
  8. Alan Ang
  9. Wendy Goh – own bike
  10. Eileen Thean

  11. CLICK here to view photos     emoticon

Braddell CC Social Dance Sat 12 May 2012 (6.30-10.00pm) $5 per person

Dear Friends

There will be a Social cum Line Dancing Nite at the Braddell CC.  Come join in the fun in dancing or fellowshipping with other SHC members.

This is a EC event, non-SHC members are welcome!       emoticon

  • Venue :  Braddell CC (behind Serangoon MRT)
  • Date  :  Saturday, 12 May 2012
  • Time  :  6.30 – 10.00 pm
  • Cost  :  $ 5.00 per person (include entry fee and light refreshment)

Live Band "Evergreen" led by Charles Cher – a fellow SHC member.

You may purchase your ticket at the entrance on that night or register here to reserve tickets.

Registration :

  1. Lily
  2. Dolly
  3. Ah Nee
  4. Thomas
  5. Peri
  6. Mega
  7. Jane Tan
  8. …………. any more?

EC – Lily & Charles Cher      emoticon

SHC Golf Group

Dear Members     emoticon

The golf session EOed by Raymond Tang last night at Seletar Country Club (SCC) was well received.  17 members turned up which include both novice as well as ‘pro’.  From this session, a new SHC Golf Group was "officially" formed and the following subjects were discussed and decided upon :

  1. There will be weekly golf session to be held at SCC – Driving Range.
  2. This weekly session on Wednesday will commence at 7 pm onwards.
  3. Coaching will be provided by Raymond Tang (plus supplementary coaching by SCC in-house coach).
  4. Fees payable @ $10 per session per person will include coaching, free use of available golf clubs and 40 golf balls per person.
  5. Fees to be paid by ATM transfer directly to Raymond Tang’s account.  (DBS autosave account # 0190 1476 81.)
  6. The group extend its invitation to other SHC members to join our weekly session.
  7. Lily Ho (non-player) will help provide admin support for this group.

The SHC regular golfer can support the beginner by paying $5 for 80 balls (outsider price $.06 cts) with no coaching.

Those interested to learn, or simply to enjoy the company of other players, and at the same time have some exercise or practice, are welcome to join.     Please register your interest in the comments here.     emoticon

Please register your interest in the comments here.    

Sat, 15 Oct – Monthly Leisure Cycling @ ECP-Siglap Park Connector


Hi Cycling Friends

Keeping this event alive as ordered.!     emoticon

Although Changi Beach Park had received good reviews during last month’s cycling cum pot-luck gathering, most veterans requested to go back to ECP – Siglap Park Connector. 

First time venture into this connector was led by Douglas in Aug.  So, we are going to re-visit it again this month.  Most likely, the mid-rangers will stop at Kembagan MRT for a cuppa while waiting for the long-rangers to come back from their Bedok circuit.

  • As usual, we meet @ 4pm : ECP Marina Cove MacDonald (inside)
  • Proceed to bike rental kiosk @ 4.30pm

If you are going to join us, kindly register in the comments section here.

Those confirmed going :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lily
  3. Dolly
  4. Janie
  5. Carly
  6. John Howe
  7. Andrew Yeung
  8. Charles Chua
  9. Kum Hong

Cycling Team – Douglas, Ah Nee & Lily

PS :  Douglas will be out of town @ the OCBC KL cycling event. 

        Goodluck to you Douglas.!     emoticon

Monthly Gathering/Cycling cum Pot-Luck @ Changi – Sat, 17 Sep

Hi fellow cyclists – beginners as well as the regulars     emoticon

I went to Changi Beach Park (twice) to recce it’s suitability for a change of cycling venue and found : 

  • The park serene and much less crowded than ECP.
  • There is a bicycle rental kiosk next to the Bistro@Changi — $3/hr (good for those who do not wish to cycle 2 hrs)
  • Parking is free after 5pm and the nearest parking is :  Carpark 1 although Carpark 2 is also very near.
  • There is a clean and airy public toilet (with shower cubicles) at the same location.

Perhaps, you would like to take a look at the following links :     emoticon

Buses that go there (stop right outside the kiosk along Nicoll Drive bus stop B10) :

  • # 9  –  from Bedok Interchange
  • #19 –  from Tampines Interchange
  • #89 –  from Hougang Central Interchange

Buses that go to Changi Village Terminal (a short walk to kiosk along waterfront) :

  • # 2 – from New Bridge Road Terminal
  • #29 – from Tampines Interchange
  • #59 – from Bishan Interchange
  • #109 – from Serangoon Interchange

This place is ideal for our Monthly Cycling cum Pot-luck Picnic.  Clean and scenic, with amenities. 

  • Meet at :  the pavilion next to bicycle kiosk.
  • Time :  4 – 4.30 pm
  • Date :  17 Sept 2011 ( YES, THIS SATURDAY ! )

EOs – Ah Nee, Dolly, Douglas & Lily

Those interested, please sign up here and indicate what you will bring.     emoticon

  1. Douglas
  2. Ah Nee – Koo chye Kueh
  3. Lily – Curry Chicken
  4. Dolly –  whatever she can get hold of
  5. Carly – Dry Mee Siam
  6. Janie – Fish Ball
  7. Andrew Y –  Banana?
  8. John Howe – will get the maid to cook something
  9. Diana Tan
  10. Charles Chua – Cake
  11. Tian Soo – French Bread and a bottle of Wine
  12. Hou Chong – Fruits
  13. Audrey Wong – Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
  14. Joy Chuang – Dessert
  15. Mega – bring himself
  16. Lina Ng – Soon Kueh
  17. Suzhang – Yam Kueh
  18. Eileen Thean – whatever she can get hold of
  19. Gingko – will bring food
  20. Rene Leong – food with no name
  21. Kum Hong – healthy fruits
  22. Yatsing – 6 packs of ice cold Beer
  23. Peggy Tan – Longan Almond Jelly
  24. Andrew Thio – no dinner
  25. Lilian Teo – "kosong" and not so sweet konnyako
  26. Sockie – no need to bring
  27. Richard Wong – 6 packs of beer
  28. Daisy Neo – brings herself
  29. Yew Kwong – will drop in
  30. Ann Lim – cherry stuffed tomatoes
  31. Daisy

Photos by Douglas : http://s377.photobucket.com/albums/oo215/dougchan/shc%20cycling-17Sep2011/

Monthly Leisure Cycling @ ECP – 16 July (Sat)

emoticon   Hi,

I was getting lazy and forgetful until the CM goes : "Aren’t you going to post the Cycling yet?"…… sigh.

So here it is.  Monthly leisure cycling every 3rd Sat of the month.!

  • Meeting place :  McDonald @ East Coast Parkway
  • Time to meet  :  4 pm (at 4.30 pm, we proceed to bicycle rental kiosk)
  • Cost of rental :  $ 5 per person for 2 hours
  • Route  :  To be jointly decided by those present
  • Attire  :  What ever you are comfortable with

Registration now open :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lily
  3. Dolly
  4. Andrew Yeung
  5. John Howe
  6. Mike Tay
  7. Janie Leong
  8. Bira
  9. Veronique
  10. Sam Huat
  11. Steven Ng (may be?)
  12. All the Pengarang troopers ?  I know this is ikan bilis to you lah, but you were also once leisure cyclists no?  You need to come here to grow your list of long-distance cyclists right?  Ai mai ?


National Day Line/Social Dance Jam – 6 Aug 2011 (Sat)

Dear Dancing Frenz     emoticon

In celebration of the forthcoming 46 National Day, there will be a Mixed Dance Jam (Line & Social) organised by the Yio Chu Kang CC.  

For those taking public transport, use the following guide (just key in the address you will be travelling from) :

  • Date  :  6 Aug 2011 (Saturday)
  • Time  :  4.00 – 10.00 pm
  • Venue :  Yio Chu Kang CC, 50 Ang Mo Kio St.61 (Nearest MRT, Yio Chu Kang). Lots of carpark in the vicinity
  • Cost  :  $ 6 /- per person

Program :     emoticon

  • 4 – 6.30  :  Line Dancing (Music by DJ)
  • 6.30 – 7 :  Dinner  (Light refreshment with Chicken Rice)
  • 7 – 10   :  Social Dancing (Live band by Charles Cher & Co)

Limited number of tickets available, so please hurry your registration here.  Currently, manage to secure only 20 tickets.  Will request for more pending demand.  Registration without payment will not confirm your reservation. 

Kindly take note :

  • Payment by ATM transfer to Dolly’s POSB Savings Account No. 146005136. 
  • Tickets will be reserved on a first pay first served basis
  • This is an EC event and non SHC members are welcome (non-members’ name not required).

So, come join in the fun.

EC – Dolly & Lily   emoticon

Tickets issued / reserved :

  1. Dolly – paid
  2. Lily  –  paid
  3. Yatsing – paid
  4. Yatsing’s friend – paid 
  5. Caroline G – paid
  6. Thomas Loh – paid
  7. Dolly’s friend – paid
  8. Eileen Thean – paid
  9. Janie Leong – paid
  10. Bessie – paid
  11. Andrew – paid
  12. Ah Nee  –  paid
  13. Rose Chuang – paid
  14. Francis M – paid
  15. Cath Koh – paid
  16. Lina Ng  –  paid
  17. Chew Peng – paid
  18. Judy Tay  –  paid
  19. Eunice Tay  –  paid
  20. Andrew Yeung – paid
  21. Robert Tan – paid
  22. Serene Leow – paid
  23. Daniel Ong – paid
  24. Bobby Bok –  paid
  25. Peng Peng – paid
  26. Lina’s friend – paid
  27. Terence Tan – paid

See u all at the dance.  Let’s have fun.       emoticon

Monthly Cycling – 18 June


Meant to cancel this month’s cycling but due to some members’ request (albeit a small number), we shall carry on.

  • Meeting place :  ECP MacDonald (inside)
  • Meeting time  :  4 pm (we take off to rental kiosk at 4.30pm)
  • Cycling route  :  ECP (either towards NSRCC or Fort Road depending on circumstances)
  • Return / End time :  around 6.30 return to rental kiosk (followed by dinner – *optional)

Those coming for this leisurely cycling activity :

  1. Lee Ah Nee
  2. Lily Ho
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Caroline Gee
  5. Janie Leong
  6. Janet Chan  –  thanks for coming to keep ‘the-slow-coach’ me company
  7. Boon Liang
  8. John Howe
  9. Yew Kwong – joining dinner if back in time from M’sia
  10. Andrew Yeung
  11. Charles Chua
  12. Henry Yip
  13. Any more supporter/s??

Ah Nee & Lily

Monthly Cycling – 21 May (Sat)

Dear Friends

At your request, we will try our best to keep this event ongoing.  As usual, the time, meeting & cycling venues remain unchanged until we are able to find new location.  (We welcome any new ideas and/or suggestions.)

  • Venue    :  East Coast Parkway
  • Meet-up :  4.00 pm inside ECP McDonald
  • Start-up :  4.30 pm proceed to bicycle rental kiosk ($5 for 2 hours)

If you are interested in joining us for some fresh air and exercise, please sign up here.

Cycling Team – Yew Kwong, Douglas, Lily & Ah Nee

Participants :

  1. Lily
  2. Andrew Yeung
  3. Ah Nee
  4. Janie Leong
  5. John Howe
  6. Dolly

Monthly Leisure Cycling – 16 April 2011 (Sat)

Venue :  East Coast Parkway

Meeting place : ECP McDonald (inside)

Programme :  

  • Meet @ 4.00 pm
  • Move to Bicycle Rental Kiosk @ 4.30 pm
  • 1st stop – Bedok Jetty
  • 2nd stop – NSRCC
  • Cycle back to Rental Kiosk hopefully via a different route – waterfront scenic route

Those who do not wish to cycle further to NSRCC, feel free to stop at Bedok Jetty and/or venture around but try to meet us back at the Rental Kiosk.  We should return the bike by 6.30 pm.

Cycling Team – Yew Kwong, Douglas, Ah Nee & Lily  emoticon

Those going this Sat :

  1. Lily
  2. Ah Nee
  3. Dolly
  4. John Howe
  5. Douglas
  6. Eileen Thean
  7. Veronique

Monthly Cycling to go on?

Hi Cycling Buddies

Our cycling leader, Yew Kwong is very preoccupied these days and Jade had MIA due to family obligations.  Our 2nd in command, Douglas cannot commit to a monthly schedule but he does not wish to see the monthly cycling die a natural death due to poor response. 

Hence, Ah Nee and I have been tasked with the duty to carry on.  However, sometime, some things might better off be done away with, rather than to continue.  We would like to seek your opinion or vote as to whether we should continue with this monthly cycling activity.  But first, here are some info / history for your consideration.  Cycling activity was first started in March 2006 led by Charles Wee.  There were only 4 of us : Charles, Yew Kwong, Jade & me.

No idea whether you can see the pictures or not.  Uhmmm……. Try clicking on the photo itself.?!

2nd cycling in April 2006 : There were still only 4 of us – Charles, Yew Kwong, Andrew Yeung and me.

3rd cycling in May 2006 : Yew Kwong took over the leading role from Charles.  There were 7 of us – Yew Kwong, Andrew, Jade, Pauline and me + 2 of my friends who were non SHCian.  Pauline was the one who shared with us her account no. with the rental bicycle kiosk which allow us to pay $4 for 1 hour and get 1 hour free and later, plus a bottle of mineral water.  (Today, the standard rate is $5 for 2 hrs – no water and no special privileges.)

4th cycling in June 2006 : There were – Yew Kwong, Andrew, Jade, Pauline and me + 2 of my friends (1 of whom became SHC member much later, guess who?)  Subsequent monthly cycling see changes in people combinations but the number grew.

The number of participants peak in Feb 2009 with 41 (all) SHC members and then the number starts to dwindle.  Reasons I can think of, for the decline :

1.       Non homogenous group – there are advance riders who branched off into “passion riders” doing long distance and in “rough / difficult” terrains including off-shore cycling.  They are into “challenging rides” as oppose to our leisure kind of cycling.

2.       Recent cycling events evolved from leisure cycling as a group, into 2 factions.  The long-distance cyclists and the mid-range cyclists.  This split encourages non-cohesion as a group as the 2 groups did not start nor end within the same time frame.  We didn’t even meet for a meal together at the end of the ride which used to be the norm.

3.       Since Jade no longer involved, beginners have no one to teach them.

4.       Constraint – we are restricted to limited localities due to rental bike facilities available.

5.       Location – as it is always the same locality, the novelty wears off and participants lose interest after a few tries.

6.       Venue – not easily accessible for non drivers.

Do you want us to continue with this Monthly Cycling Activity?  If yes, why?  And would you be willing to be one of our team mates?  Hope to hear from you.

1st SHC Christmas Party – 18 Dec (Sat)


Very jialat n paiseh hor but we need 2 make some adjustment to our earlier proposed agenda for this party due to some unforeseen circumstances.  We will sure go ahead n hope all those dat have registered earlier will continue to support this event hor… :)

Dear Friends

Christmas is here.  If you haven’t any plan yet, come join us for our 1st SHC Christmas Party.

  • Venue :  Laager @ Temasek Club (Portsdown Road)
  • Date  :   18 Dec (Saturday)
  • Time  :   7 8.30 pm – 1.45 am
  • Cost  :   $20 10 per person (strictly SHC members only)

Cost include :  Soft drinks and beer (free flow).  Other than this will have to pay extra hor…

Programme  :

  • Live band (Filippino show band)
  • Gift exchange.  Everyone MUST bring a gift (value not less than $10)
  • Santa Claus & a few Santarinas?  (wu volunteers bo har?)
  • Beer drinking competition for guys (guys can start training now)
  • Surprise competition for ladies (curious? come see for yourself & have fun) Not possible
  • Non-stop dancing (free form as well as social)

Dress Code (a MUST) :

  • LadiesRED & OR GREEN with lots of Bling-bling
  • Guys  –  BLACK & OR WHITE with GOLD and/or SILVER bowtie or cravat
  • ALL – MUST wear name tag.

Please make your reservation here.  We close at 100 40 pax max.  No minimum required. 

Closing date :  10 Dec 2010 @ 6pm. No more registration….

  1. Lily – Paid $10
  2. Dolly – Paid $10
  3. Karen – Paid $10
  4. Sam Goh – Paid$10
  5. Gabriella – Paid $20 – to refund $10
  6. Thomas Loh – Paid $20 – to refund $10
  7. Irene Poh – Paid $10
  8. Richard Wong $10
  9. ANee – Paid $10
  10. Catherine Ho – Paid $20 – to refund $10
  11. James Tan – Paid $10
  12. Susan Tan – Paid $10
  13. Dan – Paid $10
  14. Joy – Paid $10
  15. Judy Lim Paid $20 – to refund $10
  16. Michael Tan – Paid $10
  17. Eileen Thean – Paid $10
  18. Philip Yeo – Paid $10
  19. Edwin Tan – Paid $10
  20. Mega – Paid $10
  21. Jane Tan – Paid $10
  22. Ivan Lim – Paid $10
  23. Lawrence Khan – Paid $10
  24. Hou Chong – Paid $10
  25. Lina Ng – Paid $10
  26. Bobby Bok – Paid $10
  27. Bira – Paid $10
  28. Shirleen Kao – Paid $10
  29. Lina Tan – Paid $10
  30. Debbie Oh – Paid #10
  31. Sue Chan – Paid $10
  32. Bernard Chan – Paid $10
  33. Richard Kee – Paid $10
  34. Jane Kee – Paid $10
  35. John Howe – Paid $10
  36. Jeff Gan – Paid $15 ($5 for late registration)
  37. Irene – Paid $15 ($5 for late registration)

Pls remit payment to Dolly POSB Saving Acct XXXXXXXXXXX soonest possible.

EO – Dolly & Lily

Photos by Richard Wong, Karen Thio & Judy Lim

8D Taiwan – 25 May

8 Days Amazing Taiwan (25 May – 1 Jun)   emoticon

Departure date was decided to capitalize on the long weekend (Vesak Day) and to avoid school holiday crowd & surcharge.

Having scouted around and making comparisons, this package is by far, the most comprehensive and good value for money.

Besides the basic, this package include :  most meals, train ride & lake cruise, quaint old towns & villages – natural hot spring spa – eco farm & orchard – cultural & educational tour – nature & scenic resorts – spa resort & farm stay – lots of night markets for delicious tasting of traditional local snacks & bargain shopping of clothing & accessories.  Even the flight schedule is very comfortable.

  • Twin sharing room : $828 + $200 (tax) – $1028 per person
  • Single room : $1118 + $200 (tax) = $1318 per person
  • Tips to driver & guide : $52 per person for the whole trip
  • Land tour : must be Singaporea $498 (Tips to driver & guide applies)

Taiwan tourist visa is not required for Singapore citizen staying up to 30 days.

Extension surcharge is $50.   To All Confirmed going, please :

  • Submit your passport particulars to me via email to : willocq@singnet.com.sg, your PP No, Full Name as in PP, Expiry Date & DOB.
  • Please pay $500 deposit either via ATM transfer to my : DBS (Current/Autosave) Account No. 006-015401-8, OR
  • Pay by cheque in favour of : Lily Ho Willocq with my DBS account no. 006-015401-8 written on the back and deposit the cheque into the DBS Quick Cheque Deposit Box.

Flight Schedules :    emoticon

  • CI752     SIN / TPE     1025 / 1510
  • CI751     TPE / SIN     1605 / 2045

Itinerary (in brief) :       emoticon

Detailed info will be given to confirmed participants only.

Day 1 :  Flight to Taipei (meal on board) – Taoyuan Night Market : 4*Taoyuan Hotel.

Day 2 :  High Speed Train – Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall – Yehliu – Chiufen – Suhua – Coastal Highway to Hualien Amei Cultural Village :  4*Hualien Hotel (BF & Dinner included).

Day 3 :  Chihsing Tan – Local Product Centre – Taroko National Park – Tunnel of Nine Turns – Eternal Spring Shrine – Marble Factory – Chihpen Hot Spring : 4*Chihpen HotSpring Hotel (BF, Lunch & Dinner included).

Day 4 :  Heng Chun Town – Cape 7-Aga’s Home – Mao Pi Tou – Fo Guang Shan – Mei Non Hakka Village – Leo He Night Market :  4*Kaoshiung Hotel (BF & Lunch included).

Day 5 :  Alishan National Scenic Area – Forest Park – Sisters Pond – Shouzhen Temple – Sacred Tree – Fenqihu – Railway Station Museum – Tea Centre – Senwho Resort Farm (Eco-activity, DIY coffee & ‘Ang-Gu kueh’ making, BBQ sweet potatoes & FREE Karaoke) :  *Senwho Resort Farm Stay (BF, Lunch & Dinner included).

Day 6 :  Sun Moon Lake (cruise around the lake) – Syuanguang Temple – Lalu Island – Mao Village – Wenwu Temple – Kuang Hsing Paper Museum (DIY paper making) – Taichung – Feng Jia Night Market :  3*Wen Won Hotel (BF & Lunch included).

Day 7 :  Miaoli Fruits Orchard – Window of China – Martyr’s Shrine – Pi Siou Arts Centre – Taipei 101 – Tamshui Old Street – Fisherman Wharf – Lovers’ Bridge – Weige – Shihlin Night Market :  3*Vienna Hotel (BF & Lunch included).

Day 8 :  After breakfast in hotel – Free & Easy – Taipei Airport for flight home (meal on board).

If you are interested, please sign up ASAP.  I hope to go in a group of 10 (myself included).  Therefore, only 9 vacancies – 8 if my daughter comes along, or less if the travel agency receives other booking for the same package.

Please note :     emoticon

  • Minimum 10 pax to depart.
  • 11th pax pay $100 more.
  • Tour commentary will be conducted in Mandarin.

Lily   emoticon


  1. Lily Ho ( Paid – sharing with Oi Cheng)
  2. Tian Soo ( Paid – single room )
  3. Irene Poh ( Paid – sharing with Gabriella )
  4. Susan Chang ( Paid – sharing with Ah Nee )
  5. Ah Nee ( Paid  –  sharing with Suzhang )
  6. Sam Huat ( Paid – sharing with Richard )
  7. Richard Wong ( Paid – sharing with Sam )
  8. Maureen Lee ( Paid – sharing with Daisy Yeo )
  9. Daisy Yeo ( Paid – sharing with Maureen )
  10. Margaret Tian ( Paid – sharing with Molly )
  11. Gabriella Chua ( Paid– sharing with Irene )
  12. Eleanor’s Son ( TBC – sharing with mom Eleanor ) Not Paid
  13. Eleanor ( Land package only – sharing with son ) Not Paid
  14. Molly Chua (Paid in full incl.$100 more – sharing with Margaret)
  15. Oi Cheng ( Paid – sharing with Lily )


Photos : Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Japan Onsen anyone?

Hi There    emoticon

I am planning a trip to Japan, in particular, visiting traditional onsen (hot spring) and staying in traditional guest house or inn.  Anyone interested in joining me?

This is not going to be the run-of-the-mill kind of package.  It will be rustic and relaxing, visiting quaint little town and villages.  But don’t worry ladies, it does have shopping stops including the famous Ginza & Shinjuku districts in Tokyo.

Tentatively, it is going to be a 6-day trip from 31 March (overnight flight) till 6 April to capitalise on the long weekend.  Cost is about S$2,500 per person twin or triple sharing, and S$3,000 for single.  Expensive huh!  But what the heck – we work so hard for what?  Why shouldn’t we give ourselve a treat once in awhile right?

     emoticon  Lily

Monthly Cycling on Sat, 21 Nov 09 @ ECP

Sat, 21 Nov from 4 p.m. at East Coast Park

Meet at rear of McDonald Restaurant Marina Cove (former East Coast Recreation Park).  Rented bicycles are abundantly available at reasonable rates.

Activity will not be cancelled even if it rains but will be brought indoor to turn into chitchat session.

We will go for dinner together after the session at the nearby Tung Lok Restaurant. Pls come n join us.

Rain or shine, we will definitely be there for U.  Look forward to seeing u guys.

Our Usual Program –

  • 4.00 – 4.30 p.m. : Gather for chitchating, if possible inside aircon McDonald Rest.
  • 4.30 p.m.            : Proceed to bike rental kiosk, Coastal Recreation, to rent bikes. Rental Cost is between $5-$6 unless fuel surcharge is imposed, the cost may be bit higher.
  • 4.30 – 6.30 p.m. : Cycling around East Coat Park.
  • There will not be ride to Changi Village this round. 
  • Lily leads standard distance cyclists around ECP (distance abt 6 to 8km).
  • There will not be learning sesssion.  
  • 6.30 – 7.00 p.m. : All cyclists ride back to start point to return bikes n go for dinner.

Tung Lok Menu as arranged by Ah Nee :

  1. Barbecued Combination Platter
  2. Fish Maw Bisque Ala Tung Lok
  3. Deep Fried Live Prawns with Crispy Oats
  4. Steamed Red Tilipia with Crisp Soy Bean Crumb
  5. Braised House Special Bean Curd with Nameko Mushroom
  6. Vegetable
  7. Braised E-Fu Noodle
  8. Red Bean Pan Cake.

Wow! for the price of $25 Nett per person, (included Chinese Tea, Pickle, 10% Service Charge and GST)

TQ, Cycling Group (Ah Nee, Douglas, Jade, Lily n Yew Kwong)

Members Who Are Coming for Cycling Only – No Dinner

  1. Patrick Lee SJ
  2. Norlinda
  3. Steven Chan
  4. Caroline Tan 
  5. Agnes Yong 

Members Who Are Coming for Cycling & Dinner

  1. Lily Ho
  2. Ah Nee
  3. Jade
  4. Hou Chong
  5. Susan Chang
  6. Lina Ng
  7. Veronique
  8. Steven Ng
  9. Maggie Teo
  10. Albert
  11. Gingko
  12. Rene
  13. Ricky Wong
  14. Patricia Wong
  15. Charles Chua




Click here for photos

Batam Itinerary – 14/15 Nov.09

DAY 1  –  14.11.09 ( Saturday )

( in Singapore Time )

0800 hrs :  Assemble at Harbour Front Centre at IndoFalcon counter #03-42 ( Level 3 ) for collection of boarding pass.

0900 hrs :  Embark on high-speed air-conditioned Ferry to Batam.

1000 hrs –  Upon arrival, proceed for Immigration & custom clearance.  Thereafter, local guide will meet us for the boarding of air-conditioned coach to begin our day-tour of Batam.

1st stop at the Polo brand & dried food market, followed by the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple for those who wish to pray for good luck, and then to the Miniature Park.

Lunch :  Seafood lunch @ the Golden Prawn 933 Restaurant.

Shopping time :  @ Nagoya Hill, BCS Mall & Mega Mall, followed by a 90 mins. full body massage.

Dinner :  Seafood dinner @ the Golden Prawn 555 Restaurant.

1945 hrs :  Check-in @ Hotel Golden View. 

Free & Easy. 

DAY 2 –  15.11.09 ( Sunday )

Buffet Breakfast @ Hotel. 

Free & Easy.

1200 hrs –  Check-out.  Board air-conditioned coach and go for lunch.  After lunch, proceed to Ferry Terminal for departure.  Arriving Singapore approximately 4pm.

*The Price that you paid, include :  both way ferry tickets, taxes, PDF, land-transfers, local guide, tipping for guide & driver, hotel accommodation with breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 90 min. full body massge and travel insurance.

Every room has kettle, teabags, coffee, creme & sugar sachets.  You may bring other kind beverages if you do not like tea or coffee.

For Free & Easy period :   –  You may try go-karting ( S$15 per 15 mins ) or paintball shooting, swimming, the gym, play pool or billiard, karaoke, spa, or whatever takes your fancy….   click on link below :


Looking forward to having fun with all of you soon…..

Cheers  emoticon  Lily, Yew Kwong, Dolly & Sam.


Click here for photos

Batam Trip (14/15 Nov.09) – 3rd Update

Dear Friends           

– – –  We are going for Option  A – Golden View Hotel Package. 

I went to Batam during the weekend to recce the hotel, tried out the massage and seafood restaurant. 

Batam had developed much during the last 2 years.  The plot of land near where our last trip had seafood lunch and cultural show is now developed into Golden View Hotel with amusement park.  Big superior room and swimming pool, gym, K-o-k lounge, beer garden terrace and lobby bar with life singing.  The park consist of miniature Indonesia landscaped with the various ethnic architect, ferris wheel, 2 open air dance halls with live band, paint ball park, team building obstacle park and go-kart tracks. There will be enuf things for the group to do but too little time to do them all as our full-day tour on day 1 is already fully packed.

Payment of S$140.00 to Yew Kwong through POSB CURRENT A/C No. 796-03473-4  either by ATM transfer or IBanking – please mention ref. no. (not transaction number) & your name.  If u are paying for more than 1 person, pls mention the other names as well.  Single is S$168.  Triple sharing same as twin.

By closing date 15 Oct, those who have not paid, their place will be given to those on the Wait-List.  Those "2-to-go" will have to wait for 2 vacancies.    If you are willing to split up, please let me know. After payment, please email your particulars to: willocq@singnet.com.sg 

  • Name (as in passport ), Passport No., Date of Birth, Expiry Date, Nationality & Mobile No.

Thereafter, we will do the room allocation.  You can let me know who you want to room with.  Please make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from date of departure.  Once payment and particulars are submitted to the Travel Agent, the EO Team will not be responsible for any refund or changes to pax particulars should you decide to back out. 

EOs : Lily (Admin), YK (Treasurer), Dolly & Sam (Overseers), Sockie (Photographer)

PS : It is very kind of Sockie in agreeing to be our photographer.  Other photographers or videographers are welcome too.

Registered Going : (Room-Mates)

  1. Dolly Lim (paid) / Lily Ho (paid)
  2. Ah Nee (paid) / Oi Cheng (paid)
  3. Bira (paid) / Norlinda (paid)
  4. Lina Ng (paid) / Susan Chang (paid)
  5. Molly Chua (paid) / Sockie (paid)
  6. Caroline Gee (paid) /Catherine Ho (paid)
  7. Jane Tan (paid) / Rene Leong (paid)
  8. Janet Chan (paid) / Karen Thio (paid)
  9. Pauline Khoo (paid) / Sally Kang (paid)
  10. Nina Choo (paid) / Veronique (paid)
  11. Susan Tan (paid) / James Tan (paid)
  12. Alice Teo (paid) / Lorraine Chia (paid)
  13. Clara Chay (paid) / Gingko (paid)
  14. Jane Wong (paid) / Melissa Khng (paid)
  15. Lillian Teo (paid) / June Lim (paid)
  16. Geraldine Ting ( HK ) – single room (paid)
  17. Ivy Low ( HK ) – single room (paid)
  18. Lydia Chin (paid) / Pearl Goh

    Guys :

  1. Charles Chua – single room (paid)
  2. Mega Abdullah – single room (paid)
  3. Jonson Tan – single room (paid)
  4. Boon Liang (paid) / Sam Goh (paid)

  5. Terence (paid) / Yew Kwong (paid)
  6. Wait-List :

    1. Bessie Lam
    2. Andrew SP
    3. Andrew Yeung
    4. Ann Lim
    5. SK Chua

2D/1N – Weekend Batam Trip : 14-15 Nov.2009

Dear Friends

Here are 3 Options short-listed from a total of 7 quotations received todate.  Take a look then cast your vote.  The EO Team reserves the right to final decision.

Once the package is chosen, the Treasurer’s Account No. and closing date for payment will be announced.  By closing date, those who have not paid, their place will be given to those on the Wait-List.  So, please stay tuned.  If you do not want to miss the boat, please make sure you have someone to assist you in this regard.  I will also be collecting passport particulars simultaneously with payment.    Thereafter, we will do the room allocation.  You can then let me know who you want to room with.  Please make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from date of departure.  Once payment and particulars are submitted to the Travel Agent, the EO Team will not be responsible for any refund or changes to pax particulars should you decide to back out.  Thank you for your patience and let’s look forward to a fun-filled weekend! EO Team : Lily (Admin), YK (Treasurer), Dolly & Sam (Overseers) emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon

Registered Going :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Alice Teo
  3. Bira
  4. Boon Liang
  5. Caroline Gee
  6. Catherine Ho 
  7. Charles Chua 
  8. Clara Chay
  9. Dan Huang 
  10. Dennis Wee
  11. Dolly Lim
  12. Eileen Thean
  13. Geraldine Ting (HK)
  14. Gingko
  15. Ivy Low (HK)
  16. Jane Tan
  17. Jane Wong
  18. Janet Chan 
  19. Joy Chuang 
  20. Karen Thio
  21. Lily Ho
  22. Lina Ng
  23. Lorraine Chia
  24. Mega Abdullah
  25. Molly Chua
  26. Nina Choo
  27. Norlinda
  28. Oi Cheng
  29. Patrick Lee
  30. Pauline Khoo
  31. Rene Leong
  32. Sally Kang
  33. Sam Goh
  34. Sockie
  35. Susan Chang
  36. Terence – A
  37. Veronique
  38. Yew Kwong
  39. Lilian Teo
  40. Lydia Chin

Wait-List :

  1. Susan Tan
  2. James Tan 
  3. Lydia Chin
  4. Kristin Leong
  5. Venika Leong
  6. Melissa Khng
  7. Jonson Tan
  8. June Lim
  9. Pearlynn Tan
  10. Pearl Goh
  11. Bessie Lam – A
  12. Andrew SP – A
  13. Andrew Yeung
  14. Ann Lim
  15. SK Chua

Monthly Cycling, Sat 19 Sep 09

Meet at rear of McDonald Restaurant Marina Cove (former East Coast Recreation Park). Rented bicycles are abundantly available at reasonable rates.

Activity will not be cancelled even if it rains but will be brought indoor to turn into chitchat session.
We will go for dinner 2gether after the session. Pls come n join us.

Rain or shine, we will definitely be there for U. Look forward to seeing u guys.

Our Program –
• 4.00 – 4.30 p.m. : Gather for chitchating, if possible inside aircon McDonald Rest.
• 4.30 p.m. : Proceed to bike rental kiosk, Coastal Recreation, to rent bikes.
Rental Cost is between $5-$6 unless fuel surcharge is imposed, the cost may be bit higher.
• 4.30 – 6.30 p.m. : Cycling around East Coat Park.
• There will not be any learning sesssion.
• 6.30 – 7.00 p.m. : All cyclists ride back to start point 2 return bikes n go for dinner 2gether.
• There will be a long 40km+ plus rolling off at 2.15 pm sharp from ECP to Loyang n back. Stopover at CV for light refreshment on return. Helmet is compulsory as we will be riding on the road throughout. This is good training for those going to Pengarang in the coming week.

TQ, Cycling Group (Ah Nee, Douglas, Jade, Lily n Yew Kwong)

Members Who Are Coming –

  1. YK ( lead long ride)
  2. Lily
  3. Ah Nee
  4. Lina Ng
  5. Susan Chang
  6. Boon Liang
  7. Jade
  8. Dolly
  9. Patrick Lee
  10. Caroline Gee
  11. Steven Ng
  12. Charles Chua
  13. Lim Beng Teik
  14. Daisy Yeo ( may be )
  15. Rene ( long ride )
  16. Eileen Thean
  17. Steven Chan ( long ride )
  18. Thomas Goh ( long ride )
  19. Janet Chan ( long ride )
  20. John Howe
  21. Lawrence Lee ( long ride )
  22. Patsy ( long ride )
  23. Joyce Tan ( long ride )
  24. Terence