Actually it’s an excuse to invite you for Tea at my house (near Chinese Garden mrt station) and we’ll be jamming with our ukelele instead of mahjong playing.   Ukelele is also a good brain exercise and not only that, it bonds players together with good teamwork while enjoying the music and singalong.   Practice makes perfect and we’ll be better ukelele players soon and be able to play anywhere at future SHC gatherings.

You will also be guinea pigs for my Tea spread and anything new that I’ll be trying.

This is not a ukelele class  – basically it’s to gather beginners and intermediate players together but we welcome expert players too!

I intend to have it on the first Saturday of the month at 3.00 pm.

If you’re game for this please sign up below and I’ll ask Terence for help to set up a groupchat for us.

Thank you.

Members of Ukelele jamming:

  1. Susan CH Tan
  2. Maria Tan
  3. Yoong Chin
  4. Dorine Tan
  5. Johnny Pow
  6. Susan’s Friend 1 (Jojo)
  7. Susan’s Friend 2 (Sharon)
  8. Joan Ang
  9. Vivian Lai



On behalf of the STAMP team, thank you, Lohei participants for coming to support and joining us at the fun at Aloha Loyang just last Saturday. And it was a good opportunity for SHC members to meet there for a Reunion and to celebrate the festivity of Chinese New Year. Thanks also for your compliments and good feedback which you gave through our watsapp groupchat.

First of all, I must say how proud I am to have a wonderful cohesive STAMP team – Susan, Teresa, Ann, May and Peri. Yes, SHC got Talent and I want to highlight the talent from each of my team members that left everybody with a nice surprise:

Peri – for her special preparation of the Lohei dish and for sponsoring the generous add-ons of abalone and pacific clam. What a surprise she gave everybody with this delicious dish, topped with pomelo and jelly fish, which was happily tucked in after the mega toss that left little room in the stomach for dinner!

Teresa – for her signature muah chee, the highlight of the Tea spread. And if you take a look at the photos of her artistic creation of the dog, this is as good as the dog design done professionally by caterers in the preparation of the yusheng tray crafted from the julienned vegetables.

Ann – for ordering the caishenye outfit – what’s a lohei party without the Caishenye to make it complete? Ann is the one who took care of the “traditions” in line with the CNY theme – angbaos, the gold coins and what great lengths she did with some members in the team to do a lot of legwork to source for all the things.  Let’s hope somebody will win a Toto prize this coming Friday!

May Woo – besides helping with the securing of the Aloha Loyang bungalow she took sole charge of the order for the afternoon tea, coffee, drinks, cakes and all.

Together we have good teamwork and supported each other to complete each individual task. And hiccups will surely happen but it was quickly solved with quick thinking on our feet and that’s how we are always doing things cheerfully and supporting each other when challenges come in the way.

Special mention also to Sam for his great sport to don the caishenye outfit – Sam has always been a good sport to do anything good for everybody.

And now meet the offshoot born from our working group, BELLE – Bessie, Esther, Lillian, Lina and Evon, the support team working quietly behind the scenes. The party would not be able to take off so successfully without your help, thank you, BELLE.

Not to forget also to thank our generous sponsors for the prizes and tableful of door gifts:

Ronald, Thomas, Bessie and May

I hope that it was fun the way the door gifts were handed out.

To the line dance leaders, Yatsing and Lily, thank you for being part of the line dance group as seasoned line dancers. Hope that our line dancers have got their share of the fun in this segment of the programme, though it could not be finished due to lack of time.

And of course, to the photographers who sent the photos and videos, Richard Wong and the many others, thank you for sacrificing your time away from your enjoyment and food to take those nice photos and videos and sharing with us.

Last but not least, kindly excuse me if there is any inadvertent omission of names of people helping out at the event. It was very gratifying to see everyone approaching us to ask what can they do to start up the event as quickly as possible. This is very typical of the wonderful spirit of SHC members at events like this.

Now, let’s enjoy the photos of the whole event.


Date:   24 Feb 2018 (Saturday)

Time:  3.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Venue:  Aloha Loyang Seaview Bungalow No. 12 (please click the link for layout and shuttle bus service):

How to get there:    SBS Bus service No: 354 (loop service) from Pasir Ris interchange

Dear Participants


It’s countdown time to the big party!   First of all, I’d like to thank my wonderful STAMP sisters for working so hard putting the D-I-Y pieces together and seeing to the fruition of our plan for this coming Lohei on 24 Feb.   Having had 2 physical meetings and 2km long of watsapp discussions, we trust that everything will be smoothly executed.  Thanks especially to May Woo for making sure that we secure the spacious venue and therefore making the whole event possible.

We have a lot of interesting activities lined up for everyone to participate and enjoy.

– Be sure to bring along your oranges for the traditional CNY greeting when you meet Mr Caishenye at the door who will be laden with goodies in his basket to welcome you (no prizes for guessing who’s CSY – hohohohohahaaaa).

– A toto hongbao with 2 toto tickets for double-measure good luck and prosperity. Hopefully somebody will become a millionaire after this!

– Door gifts for early birds. Come early to choose your own gift while stocks last.

– Best dressed Lady and Guy Contest

– Guess-the-number-of-Oranges-in-the-basket-Contest and win a Prize

– Exciting games and prizes for winners

……….. and many more.

As our activities are packed back-to-back, do be punctual and be sure to be around for the specially prepared Lohei mega toss and dinner which will start at 5.30 pm SHARP.


3.00 pm: Guests to arrive
Toto hongbao & door gifts
High Tea
Mini Line Dance jam

5.30 pm Lohei mega toss & Dinner

8.00 pm Games & Prizes.
Goodnight, hope you had a
good time!

Come dressed in your Sunday best and bring as many oranges as possible from home to add on to the basket for the Orange contest. Get ready to let our hair down and dance away, or have a delicious Tea spread over a hot drink and join in the CNY merry-making.

Finally, just a gentle advice that in the event that unpaid visitors are thinking of dropping by even for a while, please note that we have reached full capacity in the house and therefore they will not be admitted. Perhaps to avoid disappointment at the next event, kindly register early to secure a place. Hope you understand.


……Yours Truly and the STAMPers



Update No. 2 (6 Jan 2018):

Thank you, Lohei participants, for your wonderful support.  Registration is now closed.

Attention line dancers, to enjoy the dances as much as possible, kindly practise your steps for our mini 1-hr Line Dance Jam slated at 4.00 pm.  Best way to refresh fast is to watch the dances from YouTube but choose one that is demo’d by a teacher which is easier to follow than group dancing.  Have fun!


Electric Slide
Khoo Kaat
One Step Forward
Stroll Along Cha Cha


Waltz Across Texas
Silver Thread
Tango with the Sheriff
Rock around the clock
Chillie cha cha/Magic cha cha


Sweet Joanna

Vertical Expression

Red Hot Salsa


Come Dance with Me

Now, tIme to get those boots dusted and stomping!!


Update No. 1:

We will be closing registration tomorrow (4 Jan 2018) as we have already given extension of timeline from 31 Dec. .  Those who have not paid by tomorrow will be considered withdrawn and we will cancel their names from the list as our next task is to secure our order for the buffet dinner from a caterer asap.


Thank you all 50 participants and your early payment.  This is definitely a great motivation to the STAMPers, thanks once again!

Originally we wanted 50 pax only but after our meeting recently, we are pleased to extend 10 more pax.   If you are interested, please register here and make payment to Christina Chan (POSB Savings 542-10756-1) by 31 Dec. We will close registration once payment is received or by closing date, whichever is the earlier.

We are crystallising the Programme, basically it will look like this:

3.00 pm:    Arrival of Participants  and Welcome  (Door Gift)

Tea, Bingo games, easy-peasy Line Dance (Electric Slide, Come Dance with me, Khoo Kaat…..)

7.00 pm    LOHEI and Dinner (full-fledged caterer)

Card Games and Rummy-O

Registration 10 more pax:

  1. Shirley Wee (pd)
  2. Doreen Chan (pd)
  3. Rina Tan (pd)
  4. Karen Phoo (pd)
  5. Joan Ang (pd)
  6. Janis Han (pd)
  7. Kim Seng (pd)
  8. Margaret Soo (pd)
  9. Jenny Ho (pd)
  10. Jenny Ho’s husband (pd)
  11. Lydia Chin (pd)
  12. Lina Tan (pd)
  13. Barbara Ong (pd)

Registration Closed.   Thanks very much for your great support!


From the STAMP team….


UPDATE NO. 2 (6 JAN 18):

Attention line dancers, kindly practise your steps for our mini 1-hr Line Dance Jam at Tea time at 4.00 pm:


Electric Slide
Khoo Kaat
One Step Forward
Stroll Along Cha Cha


Waltz Across Texas
Silver Thread
Tango with the Sheriff
Rock around the clock
Chillie cha cha/Magic cha cha


Sweet Joanna

Vertical Expression

Red Hot Salsa


Come Dance with Me

Time to get those boots dusted and stomping!!


UPDATE NO. 1 (16 Dec 17):

1.  Can we request for payment to come in by 25 Dec since we have reached the targeted 50 pax.   Once all payment has come in, we can start choosing the best caterer and secure our booking because it’s the CNY season, a very busy time for caterers and we’d like to plan early.  Thank you.

2.   Meanwhile please continue to register under “Waiting List” below, in case we have cancellations by deadline 25 Dec and we will replace them with those in the queue.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to making this a better Lohei than the previous one.


Time:  3.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Venue:  Aloha Loyang Seaview Bungalow (please click the link for layout and shuttle bus service):

 How to get there:    SBS Bus service No: 354 (loop service) from Pasir Ris interchange

Cost: $30.00 per pax

No. of pax: 63

Some friends want to know what’s in store for the CNY Lohei and the STAMP-ers have just brainstormed what to put up.   It is confirmed on 24 Feb as we have booked and paid for a very spacious bungalow at Aloha Loyang.

While we welcome friends of SHC Members to this celebration, they will be placed on the queue until we have confirmed the headcount for all SHC members who have signed up and paid..

You have 5 very serious energetic creative experienced Lohei members in our team – yes, we will not settle for second best.   Each of us has a unique skill and they’re left to create their own ideas eg:

  • The delicious yusheng with extra fresh toppings which even beats the hotel restaurant standard.
  • A fresh idea for the card games which will ensure that you will not get dementia after this…..
  • The best value-for-money banana cake for tea  – yum yum, for someone who’s v fussy with food, this has passed my QC.
  • The home-made “muah ji” which was generously offered at our previous Lohei.
  • Yours truly will hopefully be able to do a couple of slabs of siew yoke since this is CNY and everybody loves a crispy bite of the lean, moist and juicy meat, provided we have enough left in our kitty.

And something NEW for the first time:   Line dancing (simple steps – electric slide, chillie chacha, come dance with me, bossa nova, etc. – requests welcome).

Please make payment by 31 Dec 2017. Those paid will be confirmed in our list and we reserve the right to accept the next person on the waiting list to replace unpaid registrants after 31 Dec.

Kindly make fund transfer to Treasurer Christina Chan’s  account POSB Savings 542-10756-1 and mention here after you have paid, thank you.


  1. Susan CH Tan (pd)
  2. Theresa Seow (pd)
  3. Ann Lim (pd)
  4. May Woo (pd)
  5. Peri Liew (pd)
  6. Thomas Loh (pd)
  7. Charlee Low (pd)
  8. Bessie Lam (pd)
  9. Judy Lim (pd)
  10. Oi Cheng (pd)
  11. CJ Ang (pd)
  12. Leon Lau (pd)
  13. Steven Yuen (pd)
  14. Lily Lim (pd)
  15. Doreen Ho (pd)
  16. SK Chua (pd)
  17. Joy Chuang (pd)
  18. Ronald Lam (pd)
  19. Lily Ho (pd)
  20. Helen Wong-Pow (pd)  &
  21. TK Pow (pd)
  22. Andrew Koh (pd)
  23. Pauline Khoo & (pd)
  24. Richard Lim (pd)
  25. Irene Poh (pd)
  26. Richard Wong (pd)
  27. Yatsing (pd)
  28. Lillian Teo (pd)
  29. Esther Mok (pd)
  30. Sam Goh (pd)
  31. Christina Pan (pd)
  32. Bernie Chung (pd)
  33. Irene Tan (pd)
  34. Dan Huang (pd)
  35. Charles Wee (pd)
  36. Thomas Goh (pd)
  37. Winnie Tan (pd)
  38. Aaron How (pd)
  39. Veronique (pd)
  40. Lam Hoy Tzee (pd) &
  41. Hwa Bee Gek (pd)
  42. Catherine Yeo (pd)
  43. Susan SW Tan (pd)
  44. Jane Ong (pd)
  45. Peter Goh (pd)
  46. Evon Lim (pd)
  47. KF Lee (pd)
  48. John Howe (pd)
  49. Alex Woo (pd)
  50. Grace Kang (pd)
  51. Shirley Wee (pd)
  52. Doreen Chan (pd)
  53. Rina Tan (pd)
  54. Karen Phoo (pd)
  55. Joan Ang (pd)
  56. Janis Han (pd)
  57. Kim Seng (Terence Seah) (pd)
  58. Margaret Soo (pd)
  59. Jenny Ho (pd)
  60. Jenny Ho’s husband (pd)
  61. Lydia Chin (pd)
  62. Lina Tan (pd)
  63. Barbara Ong (pd)


From the STAMP team….

Local Excursion (an excuse to catch up lah!)

bus cartoon

Outram mrt signboard

Chee_cheong_fun wheatgrass


UPDATE NO: 5 (2/12/14)

Meeting Time:     8.45 am.   PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL.   BUS LEAVES AT 9.00 A.M.                                             SHARP.

Let’s all gather near the control station of Outram mrt station.   When you see the sign (above photo) you know you’ve landed correctly, lol!  Just remember it’s Exit A.

Just a couple of things to bring along to make yourself comfortable:

  • Bottle of water and Umbrella
  • Foldable bag/bag pack (for the shopaholic)
  • One small but useful detail – Hook (I know it’s old fashioned, but it’s practical!) – haha this is a shopping trip, betul?
  • Anything else?  Hat?

Have a good laugh, bear with me, folks – This EO is too detailed!


Dear Friends,

Are you in the mood for this?   Finally the time has come.   Year end season seems to put one in a better mood, so let me try and do something good. Not surprising, I suppose – I’m kinda used to this kind of job for SHC lol!

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, 6 Dec 14
Time: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
Meeting Point: Outram MRT station

  1. Chee Cheong Fun factory
  2. Ointment Factory
  3. Lunch
  4. Wheat Grass & Mushroom Farm
  5. Vegetable Farm

Charge per pax: $6.50 per pax.
Number: 30 pax

Lunch is at our own expense.

I remember I went on this trip a long time ago, and the chee cheong fun was the most fun thing that I picked up which was the best purchase cos it was relished the following morning for breakfast, and this stayed on in my mind until now!

Ok that’s all for the moment, rushing off for my lunch. Thought I’d rush this off first – hope to get the trip confirmed asap.

You can sign up now but I’ll need someone to be Treasurer.

By the way, the coach company says the stops can be subject to change without notice – in case there are unforseen changes to the places of visit which are out of their control.

Thank you.
1st Update 13/11/14

  1. Closing date for registration is 22 Nov.
  2. Need to get 30 paxes @ $6.50 each. If group is smaller than that, regret the company will not be able to proceed.
  3. Places will be reserved to people who have paid, preferably immediately (after I’ve given the bank account number); If no payment made by 19 Nov, places will be given to non-SHC participants.
  4. Please register asap – I will reserve for the first 30 only. Dont wait until the last day so I can conclude everything in good time. Thanks for your understanding!
  5. Original quote is $10.00 per pax but after negotiation, they have lowered it to $6.50. They do not provide tour guide. I will lead the group.
  6. Appreciate if I can have a volunteer for Treasurer.  This is not a profit-making event, so I hope that someone will help to share the load.   Sorry about that, but I’m working full time so I hope everybody understands and cooperate and I’ll be very happy to do more events if I get this kind of “goto royong” spirit.

2nd Update 14/11/14

Hurry hurry, so cheap for a whole day of “jiak hong” – better go before the coach towkay changes his mind about the charge for the next trip.  It’s true, I paid $340 about 10 years ago when I organised this for my friends.

The suppliers (usually wholesale) charge less for organised big groups going so we’ll get double bonus for this – cheap fare, cheap shopping, haha….

Treasurer, treasurer, where are you?

3rd Update

Excellent.  We’ve got 33 registered which include 3 non-SHC members.   Dolly, thank you so much for your great spirit of coming forward to be Treasurer.  Now, we can start the ball rolling with the collection, so we’ll wait to hear from Dolly.   Please try and pool together at least 3 – 5 shares per transfer if possible because it’s such a small sum per pax, and Dolly will just have to track fewer entries in her account instead of 35.

4th Update

Hello, it’s me again.    it’s countdown to this Saturday, time to come out from hibernation and get back to work.

I’ll be going to Outram mrt station this evening after work to recce the bus pick-up site and let you know exactly where it is near Outram mrt station.

Let you know tomorrow,OK?  Cheers!


I can have 2 more SHC members to round off to 35.   Payment made is non-refundable, I hope you understand.

Thank you folks for your speedy registration.   Cheers!

Susan CH Tan


SHC Members (many thanks to the Early Birds!):

  1. Susan CH Tan – pd
  2. Moon Wong – pd
  3. Gabriella Chua – pd
  4. Caroline Sit – pd
  5. Richard Wong – pd
  6. Tony Ang – pd
  7. Clara Chay – pd
  8. Marge Tian – pd
  9. Veronique Lee – pd
  10. Wee Chin – pd
  11. Seok Cheng – pd
  12. Yatsing – pd
  13. Irene Poh – pd
  14. Shirleen Kao – pd
  15. Lina Tan – pd
  16. Lee Ah Nee – pd
  17. Suzhang – pd
  18. Dolly Lim – pd
  19. Renee Leong – pd
  20. Lina Ng – pd
  21. Hou Chong – pd
  22. Myra Chia – pd
  23. OliviaRos Jiang – pd
  24. Simon Wong & – pd
  25. Pearl – pd
  26. Gingko Tay. – pd
  27. Joan Ang – pd
  28. Andrew Yeung – pd
  29. Caroline Gee – pd
  30. Eliza Chua – pd
  31. Bobby Bok – pd
  32. Lily Lim – pd
  33. Clara’s daughter – pd
  34. Victor – pd
  35. Joan’s nephew – pd
  36. Grace Kang – pd
  37. Lai Fong – pd
  38. Susan SW Tan – pd
  39. Caroline Loh – pd
  40. May Ng – pd
  41. Pow TK & – pd
  42. Helen Wong – pd




Malacca Getaway – Saturday, 2 Aug (no overnight stay)

Yawning Owl





So you want to go somewhere to break away from the humdrum of everyday routines but not too far – somewhere short and sweet…….. and cheap. Malacca is a favourite place for short getaways, just 2 hours’ drive from Causeway, I bet some of you must be very familiar with this place like the back of your hand.

Are you missing the strolls along the nostalgic streets of the 60s on home ground? And how about bringing home some authentic cooked food paste which is strongly recommended by a friend who has just visited Malacca – looks like she found her pot of gold.  That’s what she said:  “I bought the prawn noodle paste in Penang and was looking for it in Singapore but cannot find.   So happy found it in Malacca!” Got a list of what else to buy from another veteran visitor to Malacca but I will share the tips when we are there.

A fan of all the A-Z deals in town that flood my mailbox, so I sussed this out as usual, done my homework, and all good things must share, share, so this is dedicated to all my friends in SHC.   And no,no! No restriction on popular blackout dates – cheap deals always give us what’s left of the lull days from Sun to Thurs, when there’s nobody to bring out the carnival mood, when all the stalls go “mc” and the streets are like ghost town, “buay lao jiat leh”.  But this is on a SATURDAY! – it’s the only happening day in Malacca.

Here’s the brief of the itinerary given by the deal company,  For $60.00 you’ll get:

  • Honey Bee Shop Visit
  • 2-way coach transfers
  • Visit to Baba Nyonya Museum
  • Lunch at Baba Nyonya Restaurant
  • Seafood dinner
  • Malacca City Tour to Jonker Street, Christchurch, A’Famosa
  • Free & Easy Shopping

0630hrs: Assemble at Newton Hawker Centre Carpark for departure to Malaysia. Depart via 2nd Link, includes stops for toilet breaks and for breakfast (at own expense), to be made en route.

Leave Malacca at 5.00 pm for JB for the seafood dinner. Reach home by 10.00 pm.   May be back earlier as they prefer to state a later time to play safe.

There’s a quota on the numbers for a busload, therefore need to remind you that seats are confirmed  based on payment and provided we can get 40 seats filled up, but there’s a group already signed up.  Just need 25 more.

Just to address some curious minds, I have no vested interest.  The price of $60 is pre-printed in their mailer.   Best part is that it’s not a working day so we don’t have to worry whether we have to meet work deadlines.

Please register by this Saturday, 19 July  2014.   Payment of $60 to my posb savings account no: 102-15222-0.   Thank you.


  1. Susan
  2. Friend
  3. Friend
  4. Friend
  5. Friend
  6. Friend
  7. Friend
  8. Friend
  9. Friend
  10. Friend
  11. Friend
  12. June Lee *
  13. Lily Ho *
  14. Rosalind Lee *
  15. Richard Wong *
  16. Moon Wong *
  17. Gabriella Chua *
  18. Joyce Kwok *


* paid




Causeway Link bus






Update (21.6.14)





Dear Folks,

As promised, this is the confirmation of our day trip to Sutera Mall (15 km away from the popular JB City Square)

Date:                      Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014

Meeting Time:        8.00 am (headcount & payment)



Free ‘n’ Easy

Brunch, Shopping, Massage, Manipedicure, Karaoke, Dinner, Home.

Mode of Transport:   Chartered Causeway Link bus two-way

Though we have got sufficient numbers, Ann and I will be happy to extend the invitation to more SHC members so that they wont miss the trip.

Sorry if  we are not doing this on a weekend – sometimes it’s better to do on weekdays to avoid Causeway jams and long queues at checkpoints, and crowds everywhere.

Here’s a Singapore visitor’s impression of Sutera Mall:

Finally, take a look at this newspaper article regarding Sutera Mall – lots of things to do and eat there:  Hope we can find this Pekin Restaurant at a convenient place!

Happy reading and Hey, dont forget to sign up!

Ann & Susan


  1. Susan CH Tan
  2. Ann Lim
  3. Evon Lim
  4. Esther Mok
  5. Bobby Bok
  6. James Tan SS
  7. Jane Ong
  8. Lillian Koh
  9. Lydia Chin
  10. Sockie Neo
  11. Myra Chia
  12. Priscilla Wee
  13. Leon Lau
  14. Bessie Lam
  15. Loh Yew Kwong
  16. Robert Ong
  17. Judy Lim
  18. Lum Oi Cheng
  19. Johnny Pow
  20. Annie Pow
  21. Peng Peng Lee
  22. Rosalind Lee
  23. Rosalind Soh
  24. Veronique Lee
  25. Irene Poh
  26. Pauline Chew
  27. Daisy Phua
  28. Lena Ho
  29. Ronald Lam
  30. Barbara Ong
  31. Grace Wong
  32. Foo Jock Khim
  33. Leow Soon Huat &
  34. Dona Ching
  35. Pearl Kwan and
  36. Simon Lee
  37. Lawrence Khan
  38. Lillian Teo
  39. Anna Seet
  40. Terence Seah
  41. Steven Chan
  42. May Woo
  43. Rina Tan
  44. Faith Lim
  45. Dorine Tan


Many thanks for your support.

Paradise on Earth?






UPDATE  5 JUL 2014

This offer by the deal company is still on.  It’s even cheaper at $388 and I can’t believe it and it includes Silkair Return Flights!

Email me and I’ll give you the link to buy the deal.


Spot on, Ah Née!  Looks like you’ve been to this beautiful country haven, a UNESCO Heritage Site, but poor me, it will be my first time there.   I thought the colourful scenes came from the movie “Avatar”!  We can feast our eyes on the rich colours and backdrops of the mountains and lakes of Jiuzhaigou just by googling and I hope this will tempt you all to visit this sanctuary with me and some others in Oct, the most ideal time to visit.

My buddy, Ann has sussed out a deal from a deal company but I thought I’d better call them to clarify and confirm the financial costs and other essential details, so here they are:

Period of Travel:           19-26 Aug (8D 7N) Jiuzhaigo

26-28 Aug (2N) Hong Kong free ‘n easy

Cost (estimated):         $1,100 estimated (5-star hotel, food, airfare, guide/driver tipping $6.00 per day)

Places of Visit:            Jiuzhaigou, Mt E’Mei, Lesha, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Panda Breeding Research Base

Airline:                         Silkair or Cathay Pacific

EXCLUDES:                Airport/hotel porterage, travel insurance

Compulsory:               All passengers must follow tour throughout; penalty of $100 per day per pax applies should passenger deviate from tour.

Tour conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese.

No amendment or cancellation allowed once booking has been sent to Travel Agency by email.

Above is my summary of what’s given in the deal printout but there are few other details, too much to be spelt out but no less important, and I will email you the link, once you have registered here, so you are advised to double check.

I think that for $1,100 to pay for everything including 5-star hotels and Silkair flights  is a pretty good deal, hence sharing this with you.   What remains to be seen is how is the service from the tour guide as we’re buying at a bargain price, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope not to be disappointed, but the plus point is that we will have strength in numbers and can look out for each other as in all our SHC travels.   So what d’ya say?

As we must redeem our vouchers soon, I need to have your expression of interest by 8 April (1 week’s time).

We’ll start with the following interested parties:

1.    Susan CH Tan

2.   Ann Lim

3.   Evon

4.  Meng Wai

5.  Leon Lau

6.  Jane Chua

7.  Wong Yoke Moon

8.  Bobby Bok

Thanks to the confirmed group above who have all fund transferred $487.00 each to me (excluding airfare) to me.

We can still accept more members as I have secured the tour agent’s agreement for the late-comers at the same price but there is a limited time.   It will be easy for us if members can register as a pair for rooming purposes but not to worry even if you register singly and we’ll wait for the  next one to join in and will automatically be the room partner.







CNY poster






Dear Friends,

On behalf of May, Frisna and the other members in the Lohei Party organising team, thank you very much for your great support in coming and supporting our programmes, and the encouragement and compliments that were posted.   We are humbled by such generous accolades but you also deserve a big thank you for making the party enjoyable and successful from the merry-making and the warm goodwill and friendship among old friends.

As in all SHC activities, it is the kampung spirit that makes us very uniquely SHC – first of all, we want to thank Judy, Lydia and June – you girls deserve an award for being the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC party arrivals who came very early at 2.15 pm and went straight into action to adorn the walls with all the decorations, making sure to whip up the hype and mood for the CNY festivities.   Well done, girls!

To the following, photographers Charles, Sockie, Bobby, Richard and other “unofficial” photographers, thanks also.  Charles and Sockie have sent the photos in lightning speed and were quickly submitted to Admin who just as lightning speed posted the banner photo as you can see.

Not to mention the ladies, Annie Pow and a few others in the kitchen who quickly sprang into action to help May prepare the numerous 58 bowls of individual Lohei ingredients that culminated into 5 beautiful trays of colourful salmon yusheng that everybody was waiting patiently to toss for prosperity and tuck in with relish.

Also our grateful thanks to the following:

To the sponsor of the siew-yoke (roast pork), Lisa Ong for the generous block of meat which she chopped up for us without much ado, to add on to our buffet items and was relished by everybody.

To the following helpers at the food section – Lily, Peri, Lina, Theresa, Bira, Peggy.  Thanks very much for your help and you were the last to help yourself to your share – Xin Ku nimen le (what a sacrifice, indeed).

To Cat Ho for the checking the chalet inventory on our behalf.

And what is a Lohei gathering without our very own Cai Shen Ye donned by Simon, our fledgling SHC member – and such is the tight rein on the secrecy of the man behind the cai shen ye, that Johnny said how come he didnt know as he was with him all the time!

And I think everybody was full of praise for the Yusheng that was prepared at home by none other than the Chef himself by the name of Kong, brother of our very own EO May Woo.   He made sure that he picked only the best vegetable salad and would not go for second best – no wonder that the vegetable was very professionallly julienned, finest of the finest – thank you so much May, for giving such value-for-money super Lohei – the best item of the day!

To  the others who are inadvertently missed, please excuse us  – the list is too long to thank as each and everyone has made an important contribution to make this party a collective success.

Talk about missing, we greatly miss our No. 1 Chief Terence, of course.  We know that he would have been looking forward to joining us if not for an unforeseen situation which we all fully understand.   Take care, Terence, but you are still in action, typical of you for looking out for us as we all can see, your SHC babies, posting the first great photo at the top of the SHC Banner.   Thank you, Sir.

One last note, if you can kindly allow our indulgence, we in the Team are very grateful for this opportunity to work and discuss things together, agreeing to disagree, come up to lend a hand to one another without hesitation and now have become even better friends.   It’s been a pleasure to do this enjoyable work for SHC!

Cheers, oops I mean HUAT AHHHHH! All, Happy Lunar New Year!


Susan and the FB STAMP team



Oudoor Jacuzzi


Bintan Outdoor Jacuzzi






Hello Friends,

Crazy or not- so far away, this date? This may be a bit too far to commit cos it’s in March next year, but that is the earliest I can go.

Anyway, if you are interested, you need to book by 20 Dec deadline. Travel period: By 31 March 2014.

This is a beach resort located at Trikora Beach – takes about 2 hours by ferry and land transfer. We’re going there for a change from the usual shopping trips to enjoy the spa and the tranquility of the sea.

It’s a pretty good deal which I found from a deal coupon. I have done a lot of comparisons. Trip Advisor ranks this resort No. 6 among all the hotels in Bintan – after Club Med (No. 3), Banyan Tree (No. 4) and Angsana Bintan (No. 5).

Cost is S$131.00 (all-in) per person. Just bring some extra $ for dinner and a few drinks, perhaps a little shopping at the City tour.

Includes the following:

• 1 night’s accommodation at Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort (Seaview Deluxe Room)
• Breakfast
• Return ferry ticket (Sin – Bin – Sin)
• 2 way land transfers in Bintan (Pier – Resort – Pier)
• 60-MIN Body Massage (Adult ONLY)
• Usage of Outdoor Jacuzzi Spa Pool
• City Tour with Lunch

Seaport tax & return surcharge : S$25 per pax via TPI (collected by agent)
• Tipping : S$2 per pax (collected by agent)
• PDF : S$5 per pax (collected by agent)

Sorry I don’t have the time and resources to book for everyone. What I can do is to inform the girl in charge to make special arrangements for all of us to book the same date. You need to find your own partner for rooming purposes – at least 2 to a room, if not 3.

I have already got 4 to go. There are 25 rooms only. If you are interested, please register here as a double/triple and I will contact you to liaise with the person in charge.

However, I do know that sometimes it’s not convenient to find a room-mate – in that case, just file in your names and then let me know when you come across a familiar face to room with, then I’ll contact you.

Why not try a totally new experience – come la. Bigger group is more fun!


1 Susan CH Tan
2 Theresa Seow
3 Bira
4 Lin Chuah
5 Dan Huang (any one rooming with him?)
6 Audrey Wong

Karaoke in JB – 13 Sep (Fri) 8.30am – 3.00pm

Dear Friends (and new members of SHC),

Karaoke is one of our popular pastimes, if you notice the postings on activities being organized.

This Friday, 13 Sep, we have a small group going in. Payment not needed at this point – just pay during registration at the Karaoke club. And wait, we welcome new members to join us too – please don’t be shy. Even one or two is most welcome.

Karaoke venue: Neway Karaoke Box @ City Square, JB (within walking distance from JB Customs)
Fri 13 Sep: 8.30 am – 3.00 pm
Happy Hour Rates: S$10.00± per person (includes 1 good meal + 1 drink)
Meeting Point: Kranji Mrt. Take bus to JB.
Meeting Time: 8.30 am
Karaoke booking time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Number: Any size from 2 – 20 persons
If 20 persons, can book 2 VIP rooms (10 to a room)
If 2 only – one tiny room lor.
Whether it’s 2 or 20, VIP room or pigeon-hole cubicle, it’s still S$10± per person.

Simple Breakfast at own expense at JB City Square.

Hope that you are interested to join us.
Please register by this Thursday, 2.00 pm. Thanks.

Susan CH + Ann Lim

ps Oh, am I supposed to put in our names first? Here goes.

1. Susan CH
2. Ann Lim
3. Richard Lean
4. Bobby Bok
5. Daisy Yeo
6. Myra Chia
7. May Woo
8. Theresa Seow
9. Bessie Lam
10. Judy Lim
11. Cat Ho
12. Cross fingers hope for more – the more the merrier!

And Why Not?

A taboo subject which nobody likes to tread but should we avoid it? One’s own funeral – stone cold frightening – some of us said they’d avoid seeing.

Am I the only brave one? Don’t think so. Are you also like me?

Many years ago a head of department whom I knew who passed away due to cancer, planned her own funeral – I remember singing the hymn, one of things that she selected herself when she was still with us.

So when there’s a service for one’s customized pre-planned funeral, I was curious and took a look, asked questions, mulled over it, and went for a second appointment in the office of the company in Sin Ming Road. Young boss in her late 20’s following her father’s established business. Smack all round me along the four walls were respectable looking “boxes” – white, mahogany in gloss/matt finishing, slim looking – slim is the “in” thing nowadays, why, even coffin designers are joining the fray.

So we went through the checklist – flowers that I like or dislike? Some ideas how to start building up your photos for a montage if you like, how you’d like to be clothed, the venue for your resting place and the place of the wake, even the catering, even a collection box that’s secured – and how many would you expect to be visited, LOL, and what is your budget. Nothing new to know about, but I see – this is a personalized service and my body will be handled with utmost respect by the same gender, and I will not shock my loved ones and friends when my hair is skillfully coiffeured. And it’ll not be so mournful – it’ll be a time to reflect and celebrate my life.

My friends are quite puzzled, amused – why need to do this? Never heard of this kind of service and anyway, this will be taken care of by our loved ones – let them handle, they say. But how about opening your mind to it and maybe it’s the beginning of one’s acceptance of one’s mortality and overcoming the fear of death. My time will come so I’d rather plan it and spare my family of all the preparations and work – but knowing my wishes, family and friends (and I too) will have peace of mind knowing that funeral arrangements are done according to my wishes.

Sounds too morbid to talk about it? Someone told me this morning that I’m too perfect. True,true, got my will done, all my insurance mapped out. Do you ever think about it? My friends had a good laugh. Will you too?


Dear SHC Friends,

I am attending this Jam and wonder if anyone is interested too. You need to put your names down below and I will register for you.

This is organised by “ULive”, a club for seniors under the NTUC Club umbrella but is open to the public.

Hope to see you there!

SusanCH Tan


In conjunction with Singapore’s 48th birthday, we would like to invite you to join us in our National Day Dance & Fitness Jamboree to enjoy an evening of exciting dance moves and fitness workouts of Zumba, Bhangra and KPop Aerobics, and Line Dancing!

Please find details of the event as follows:

Date : 3 Aug 2013 (Sat)
Venue : Level 4 Open Plaza
Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529510
Time : 6pm – 10pm
5.45pm – 6pm : Registration
6pm – 7pm : Zumba Fitness
7pm – 8pm : Bhangra & KPop Aerobics
8pm – 10pm : Line Dancing

Come in your best red or white outfit and walk away with Best Dressed Prizes!

Pre-registration is required for this event, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“Life Matters” Singing Competition

Hi Guys,

Big Chief alerted me to a quarter-page advert in today’s Sunday Times Home Page 16 “Life Matters” Singing Competition – Golden Voices Wanted.

They have probably thought of this after we submitted our request for SHC singers to sing on stage. Good news is we still have a chance to sing on stage but need to pass the audition.

Age criteria is 50 years or older. Songs to be in English or Mandarin. Closing date is 30 June. Top 3 prizes: $2000, $1000, $800. Submit the form in the advert or visit SPH will contact applicants for audition.

As singing is one of the keen activities in SHC, Big Chief dreams of a big participation from the crooners of SHC. He sees our strong turnout there waving the SHC banner to create publicity to draw more membership. Shanghai Night 2010 saw a lot of singers on stage – coming Taipei Night also has overwhelming support from singers coming to give guests a good time. These are not the only singers in the talent pool in SHC – how about the good ones who have been seen singing in SHC’s karaokes.

I can work with you and send the forms from the SHC pool to the organiser, SPH, if you like.

Not much time left – can I have a show of hands by 20 June pl? Kindly contact me via

Thank you.

“Life Matters Expo” 27-28 July: Update

Terence has asked me to help him enquire with the organiser SPH whether they can give us a time slot for a song segment by our very own SHC crooners to sing on stage live at the Expo. SPH is considering but they want to take a look at a video of our past SHC stage singing events.

I dont remember ever having seen a video clip before but I may be wrong. Or is there any one of you who happen to have the video taken at, say Shanghai Night, Chinatown Night, in your personal files and can loan us? I think there were several “official” SHC singing events and I hope someone has captured them on video. Anyone pl?

Will appreciate if you can give your response by 29 May as there is a deadline to reply to them.

Thank you.

50Plus Expo (this weekend) – Active Ageing

In case you are not aware, this expo will be held from Friday to Sunday (22 – 24 March) at Singapore Expo. I have attended twice so far – like especially the short talks here and there which are quite popular and the croonings from participants on stage.

I remember particularly the demo on Botox – very curious to see how the Botox needle poked into the model’s face in a few places – iyoh they were so cool but it was the audience who cringed though they didnt get the needles.

Also kaypoh-ing to find out what this Laughter Therapy session was all about but sorry, in the wrong group – no, no I love good jokes but just can’t laugh it off in the midst of strangers, but hey no problem if we have funny SHC friends around!

Now that my hair is turning silver, it’s time to move to more relaxed and topics closer to our hearts – such as Ageing Gracefully with TCM and Community in Bloom, both held on Sunday at 3 pm and 5 pm. At 4.30 pm there’s Disco Rock and Square Rhumba dance by a couple, probably from our age group, my guess. Hey, dance is a strong part of our SHC culture, right? Oooooo so happening, just in the middle of our SHC dance group lessons, learning these 2 dances.

Goodie, goodie, this time-table from 3 to 6 pm couldn’t have been more perfect. Got 2-3 members joining already. Anymore game to join us?

Better to sign in online, get your confirmation slip and get faster check-in. Website url:

Don’t forget to sign in for the talks too!



SUNDAY, 17 FEB 2013

Attire:  Smart Casual
Colour Theme:  Glowing Red


12.30 pm – 1.00 pm               Guests to arrive
Registration and Toto Ang Pow

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm                 Lo Hei & Lunch

2.00 pm – 4.30 pm                 Games, Songs and Dance

4.30 pm                                  Prosperity Lucky Draw
Please come on time.  Thank you.


Guest List

  1. Seok Cheng (paid)
  2. Christina WH Chan (paid)
  3. Rosalind Lee (paid)
  4. Ivan Lim (paid)
  5. Andrew Yeung (paid)
  6. Charles Wee (paid)
  7. Janie Leong (paid)
  8. Wong Yoke Moon (paid)
  9. Christina CL Chan (paid)
  10. Daniel Chan (paid)               – Sound System, Games, Lucky Draw I/C
  11. Thomas Loh (paid)
  12. Jenny Lee (paid)
  13. Alice Kwok (paid)
  14. Malcolm Chen (paid)
  15. Jacqueline Wong (paid)        – Registration I/C
  16. Sin Yuit Leng (paid)
  17. Richard Wong (paid)
  18. Terence Seah (paid)
  19. Susan Tan (paid)                  – Food & Beverage I/C
  20. Eyvonne Chew (paid)
  21. Peng Peng Lee (paid)
  22. Clancy Chia (paid)
  23. Susan SW Tan (paid)
  24. Jane Ong (paid)
  25. Leon Lau (paid)
  26. Alice Seah (paid)
  27. Karen Thio (paid)
  28. Sally Kang (paid)
  29. Catherine Ho (paid)
  30. Shirley Tan (paid)
  31. Tan Boon Liang (paid)
  32. Janet Chan (paid)
  33. Gabriella Chua (paid)
  34. Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  35. Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  36. Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  37. Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  38. Primrose Kok (paid)
  39. Inez Lim (paid)
  40. Myra Chia (paid)
  41. Mega Abdullah (paid)
  42. Judy Lim (paid)
  43. Anne Chee (paid)
  44. Daisy Phua (paid)
  45. Peri Liew (paid)
  46. Ann Lim (paid)
  47. June Chin (paid)
  48. Esther Mok (paid)
  49. Juliana Kok (paid)
  50. Barbara Lim (paid)
  51. Jennifer Wu (paid)
  52. Vincent Lim (paid)
  53. Robert Ong (paid)
  54. Tan Sim Seng (paid)
  55. Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  56. Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  57. Bobby Bok (paid)
  58. Lee Ah Nee (paid)
  59. Teresa SK Tan (paid)
  60. Andrew Yap (paid)
  61. Pauline Khoo (paid)
  62. Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)
  63. Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)



CLICK here to view PHOTOS




Venue:        Parc Oasis Clubhouse Lounge, Jurong East Ave 1

  • MRT:           Chinese Garden MRT (opposite)
  • Date:           Sunday 17 Feb 2013
  • Time:          1.00 pm – 5.00 pm
  • Lunch:         Catered lunch (9 items) – Halal
  • Cost:           $20.00 per head (includes lounge booking fee and purchase of yee sang for lo-hei)

As suggested at earlier thread this is confirmed.  There will be mahjong, card games and if time permits some small group line dance or social dance.  

Those interested in mahjong or card games just form your own group.  Plenty of tables and chairs.  Somebody put up your hand to lend a mahjong set or cards please.

Need to have volunteer for treasurer quickly.  Members just do fund transfer to treasurer (volunteer please) as in other events done here. 

Meantime we need to order food but must know the numbers by 5 Feb.
Please start to register here.


  1.   Seok Cheng (paid)
  2.   Christina WH Chan (paid)
  3.   Rosalind Lee (paid)
  4.   Ivan Lim (paid)
  5.   Andrew Yeung (paid)
  6.   Charles Wee (paid)
  7.   Janie Leong (paid)
  8.   Wong Yoke Moon (paid)
  9.   Christina CL Chan –  (paid) Treasurer (Autosave/current Acc No. DBS 020-002-886-6)                        –  Registration
  10.   Daniel Chan (paid)
  11.   Thomas Loh (paid)
  12.   Jenny Lee (paid)
  13.   Alice Kwok (paid)
  14.   Malcolm Chen   (paid) 
  15.   Jacqueline Wong (paid)    –  Registration 
  16.   Sin Yuit Leng (paid)         –  Registration 
  17.   Richard Wong (paid)
  18.   Terence Seah (understood LOL!) (paid)
  19.   Susan Tan (no brainer la, this one) (paid)
  20.   Eyvonne Chew (paid)
  21.   Peng Peng Lee (paid)
  22.   Clancy Chia (paid)
  23.   Susan SW Tan (paid)
  24.   Jane Ong (paid)
  25.   Leon Lau (paid)
  26.   Alice Seah (paid)
  27.   Karen Thio (paid)
  28.   Sally Kang (paid)
  29.   Catherine Ho (paid)
  30.   Shirley Tan (paid)
  31.   Tan Boon Liang (paid)
  32.   Janet Chan (paid)
  33.   Gabriella Chua (paid)
  34.   Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  35.   Aaron & Anne Lee (paid)
  36.   Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  37.   Graham Smith & Doris (paid)
  38.   Primrose Kok (paid)
  39.   Inez Lim (paid)                     –  Registration
  40.   Myra Chia (paid)
  41.   Mega Abdullah (paid)
  42.   Judy Lim (paid)
  43.   Anne Chee (paid)
  44.   Daisy Phua (paid)
  45.   Peri Liew (paid)
  46.   Ann Lim (paid)
  47.   June Chin (paid)
  48.   Esther Mok (paid)
  49.   Juliana Kok (paid)
  50.   Barbara Lim (paid)
  51.   Jennifer Wu (paid)
  52.   Vincent Lim (paid)
  53.   Robert Ong (paid)
  54.   Tan Sim Seng (paid)
  55.   Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  56.   Johnny & Annie Pow (paid)
  57.   Bobby Bok (paid)
  58.   Lee Ah Nee (paid)
  59.   Teresa SK Tan (paid)
  60.   Andrew Yap (paid)
  61.   Pauline Khoo (paid)
  62.   Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)
  63.   Pearl & Simon Lee (paid)


 Terence Seah/Susan Tan

Social Dance course (15 Feb – 19 Apr) Disco Rock & Square Rhumba

"My friends ask me why I go all the way to Kg Ubi
when there’s a CC nearby, but all my SHC friends are here"

"Eh, when are you going to plan for the next
class.  This one is coming to a close."

 "Teacher does not rush us through the
dance, so I can catch up…….."


Glad to get the 1st course off its feet.  It is ending soon
and we’re going into Course No. 2 – Disco Rock & Square Rhumba.

15 of SHC members converged for the current
course – this is group effort, thanks v much to Ann who linked
me to the teacher and to those of you who brought your own SHC friends to join
us.  With a few outsiders, the class was more boisterous and atmosphere
was relaxed since we’re all from SHC.

Course No. 2 will start on 15 Feb.

Venue:  Kg Ubi CC (Eunos MRT)

Fee:      $65 (10 lessons)

Time:    8.00 – 9.00 pm 

Anyone into Quilting?

This may sound crazy – I was wondering if any of the ladies happen to be
interested in quilting (sorry if this is too inclusive, but I dont suppose
guys have the patience to do this kind of fine needle work).  Just a wild
idea but who knows "nothing ventured nothing gained" – we will create a
beautiful blanket and auction it and sales proceeds can go to
SHC.  Teamwork, you know, but I need someone who can sew – I have the
sewing machine, few lovely quilting books – hope can discover someone who’s an
expert in quilting in SHC.  I learned this very long ago but it seems easy
to do the patching.   But someone has to be able to join the sides
with nice borders – I’m not good in this.

This project needs to be done in a small group gathered over tea – isnt it
nice to have it this way?

By the way, who has been footing the bill for SHC, I wonder?  
You think this is crazy?

Sasan Tan

Anyone keen on Social Dance course?

Just returned from a short trip trip in Penang with SHC members – celebrated our great fellowship on the last night at a lounge.  Great time there, even the live band singers couldn’t resist going down to the floor with us. Had a good time refreshing the steps of the electric slide, slow rock, even the salsa.  My my, how how game our senior members were at the slow rock and even the salsa – we even had free tutorials from them!.

But it would have been more fun if we know our steps well – so why not I relearn my steps and will have more fun with the company of friends among us.   So why not form a group among us to form a class at the CC.  To learn together with familiar faces is much better and more spontaneous as we can let down our hair since we are friends.

I will be happy to do all the legwork and coordinate with the CC to start the class but need a minimum number. Anyone game on this?  Maybe we just focus on slow rock and another dance step?  All suggestions are welcome, even if you are not joining the course.


There will be a lunchtime talk on "Customised Cataract Surgery" at NUH.

Date:        Friday, 6 July

Time:        1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Speaker:   Dept of Ophthalmology, NUH

Venue:     NUH Main Building 1, Level 1, Lobby B (Health Education Hub)

                (Near MRT entrance/exit – same level)

MRT:         Kent Ridge MRT (Circle Line)


Seats are REALLY limited.  Registration is strictly required.

If interested, please let me know asap so I can register for you first-come-first-served basis.  There are 10-15 seats left as many have pre-registered and three-quarters have been booked.    There will be a public announcement this Thursday so it’s better to register now, so your chances are better.

Please also email me at as NUH needs your mobile number for registration.

There is another talk next Friday on Glaucoma (weekly series – this month’s topic is on Eye Health) but I will post it separately.


See you, eh…errr… got response or not?  Pray, pray….