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Canto K on Zoom

Hello……this forum page is quite deserted huh, with many of our events “zooming” in cyberspace. We are still on a national day mood, so Happy National Day to all members. I still believe this is the platform for mass appeal, after which, ZOOM serves to enlighten or entertain the niche we have found. An announcement : The Cantonese Karaoke is now fixed on every Thursday, from 9pm. Duration can be variable – to be decided by the host or co-host. Join us if you like to listen to Canto songs, or better still, sing.

November Gathering

The last Wednesday of this month is also the last day of the month. Nothing special except 25 days to Christmas.

If you are free, drop by Han’s Cafe at Chinatown Point. Get a friend (or friends) so that you can have someone to talk with.


Event Reminder


October Gathering

Hi..folks. It is that time of the month again. 26th October to be exact. I will be in Malaysia so I am sorry if any of you intend to chat with me.

See you another time.

Please get a few friends to go to Han’s Café at Chinatown Point. Give them some business. It is our de facto Club House.


Event Reminder

September Gathering

My proposal is that our monthly gatherings be EOless. No need for one single person to try and make everybody happy. No need for one person to be compulsorily there and be the first to arrive and last to go. No need for a person to take the rap when any individual is unhappy with the proceedings.

Put it another way, every participant is an organiser.

Knowing the place, date and time, just walk in and look around. If you are the first to be there, “chope” a seat and buy a drink. We can arrange among ourselves to go as a group.

“ Lai ah…lim kopi leow ! ”

Treat the place like a clubhouse, except that because of the scheduled date, we expect many friends to be there.

People who enjoy talking with anybody and everybody will look forward to the meeting.

Next gathering is 28 Sept. Call me ER (event reminder).

August Gathering

Mark this on your diary, memo, calendar, scheduler, alarm or whatever.

Otherwise, put a string around your little finger to be reminded:

31st August 2016 Wednesday

1700 hrs or 5 pm

Han’s Café at Basement 2, Chinatown Point.

No registration required. No excuse for saying, “You come I come or you come I no come”. We are all friends, aren’t we? Anyway, I don’t remember having to register in advance when I visit any of my club houses.

Seats are on a first come first served basis. But as with many eating places, you may put a pack of tissue paper to reserve a seat for your friend.

I was only joking about the “eavesdropping” on your conversation. No such thing….it is socially unacceptable. Just talk lah.

I will be there, as early as 4 pm, talking with my Chinatown kakis. If you see a gathering of old men speaking loudly in Cantonese, I am likely to be among them.

Hope to see you there.


TO give or not to give

People who take the train will know there is this little corner called, “RESERVED SEAT”. I have interesting stories about such “conflicting emotions” seats. Call it the age of uncertainty for some of us, as far as such seats are concerned. Sometimes we find ourselves too young to use the seats while at other times we are too old not to accept it.

It was quite crowded. Nobody used the seat as if there was 230 volts on it. A student nudged me. “Uncle!” he said pointing to the seat. I looked around hoping to find someone more deserving of that “prize”. A middle aged woman said, half in jest, in Mandarin, “People give you better sit down lah. If fall down jia luck (serious)”.  I took the seat, mumbling to myself, “You think you so young meh?”

It was very crowded. I was standing near the “Reserved” seat occupied by a young man (well obviously younger than me). He looked at me, then looked down and up again. He then looked left and right. He was debating within himself whether to give up his seat. Then he did the natural thing many people would do. He closed his eyes and “sleep”. To him, it was out of sight out of mind. But should I thank him for that?

Hence, I said “conflicting emotions”. On one hand, it is nice to have that choice seat. On the other, I not so old leh.  Share your amusing and awkward stories. Laugh at ourselves and laugh at others. By the way, there is an impending fare hike. People at the age of uncertainty are most affected.