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Looking for male travel partner/s Celebrity Silhouette Eastern Mediterranean & Greek Isles Cruise starting from Rome June 3 2013

Hi travelling kakis , Would you like to share a cabin with me re the
above " Titanic Tour "  ?

Starting Date: Jun 3rd 2013                     Ending Date: 15th Jun 2013.  ( 12 nights )

Types of cabins :-

Twin ( no view )     US $2060 per person including tax and tippings.

Quad ( with view ) US$2260 per pax ( for 1st. and 2nd pax ), US $ 1220
per person including tax (3rd. and 4th pax)   

Condition:- Male traveling partners only who are easy going, not petty
and considerate.

Budget min S$ 6000 including 2 way air fare to Rome etc…. Pls. email
Steven Chan sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg asap for more details. I will show you the
beautiful booklet showing you the coloured photos of all the facilities if you
are keen to join. FYI. Celebrity cruse is a higher class than the normal Royal
Carribean cruise. Unlike the local cruise which focuses more on the casino, the
celebrity cruise is a giant playground for those who enjoy leisure cruises and
not just gambling alone. 

Dog Boarding for Temporary / Long term

Dog boarding for temporary /long term with peace of mind while
you are abroad for holidays . I , being a pet dog lover for 20 years has reared  more than 10 different kind of breeds
of dogs. As a retiree, I would like to offer my services  to members /others to take good care of
your pet dog while you are away.

The price ( negotiable ) for boarding will be well below the
market price charged by the professional pet dog hotel boarders or pet shops.
The boarding at my home will include daily walks, regular brushing of the teeth
and fur , weekly bathing with shampoo and conditioner  and cleansing of the ears. Premium dry dog
food is optional.

For record, I had taken good care of a Golden Retriever for
2 years and a Silky terrier for 1 month. 
For more details, pls. email me at sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg
with subject Dog Boarding. Thank you.

p/s  Only 1 dog at a time and advance notice to be given.  


I had a major depression. Can any of you pls. help ?

Since the age of 40+, I had been having a few relapses of major depression called bi-polar disorder which is a form of mental illness. I felt very embarassed to reveal myself but since I am now at my wits end, I had decided to share with you hoping that there is still a permanent solution out of this depression before I will NOT be able to see you all again.

Since late Nov 2011 till date, I had another relapse when I had not been taking my medication constantly. I lost my appetite and is now in poor health. I sleep most of the time with nothing to look forward to every morning. Just like a “prisoner” in my own home. I lost interest and motivation to do things . It is like some virus is controlling my moods and emotions instead of me directing my body what to do. I felt like ending my life a few times to find a permanent solution to stop the depression. I had lost my confidence in myself. I am v. happy that in SHC, I still have friends who care to share with me in my moments of total darkness. I also had difficulties adjusting to my retirement life. ( Not financial )

Steven Chan 

Free n Easy Bangkok Tour. ( June 2011 )

Hi all,

Jetstar is having promotional prices to Bangkok(BKK). I have booked to travel to BKK on the following dates below. If anyone happened to book on the same date as mine and you wish to travel together with me, pls. indicate in your comments below. Depart Spore Changi T1 on Tues,7th Jun 2011 by Jetstar, 3K 515 @ 11.10 AM, Arrive BKK at 12.40 pm ( Seat fare 40, taxes n others, $28  Return BKK Suvarnabhumi Intel Airport on 14 Jun 2011 @ 1.20pm by 3K 516, arrive Spore at 4.45pm.( ( Seat fare 40, taxes n others, $30). I had bought my 2 way tickets on line, grand total cost is $138. Price will vary as more seats are being taken. So if you are keen and confirm, book ASAP. Or if you plans to travel to BKK for 3 to 4 days, you can still join me if you like for meals or cycling etc. But if no interest, it’s fine I can travel solo.

My Draft Itineraries ( optional  )

1) long boat ride to the largest Damnoen Floating market and Rose Garden with outdoor performances.

2) Visit to the Grand Temple.

3) Guided cycling tour in BKK.

4) Chinatown visit , bird nest soup.

5) Jim Thompson Museum

6) Patpong night life entertainment

7) Shopping at MBK,Siam Discovery Centre, Erawan Square ( 4 face Buddha )

8) Dining at Sirrico Resturant (63rd.flr State tower )

9) Visit to Chatchuchak weekend market with 8000 stalls.

Those with confirm tickets for any no of days you wish to be in BKK , we can discuss the draft itinerary and accommodation together at a later date and slowly fine tune our event. Max: 8 pax  ( Singles / twin sharing )  


1. Steven Chan ( E.O. )



For Love of Travel : BALI Free n Easy Tips

This post is written for silverhairs members who are interested to visit Bali in the near future by Free n Easy ( leisurely ) rather than by Package tours through travel agencies which rushes you here and there. In our tour we get to meet and speak to the Balinese farmers who toil throughout most of the day to attend to their padi fields. No machinery is used in harvesting the padi but traditional method of hitting the padi stalks with padi clusters on a long board is still practiced here. A few days before harvesting, they spray the padi with mild insecticides inside a can attached to their bodies similar to those use for spraying mosquitoes. For health concerns we need to wash our padi at least 3 times with lots of water to get rid of the insecticide residues .

 Accomodation :- 

1. Homestays rooms ranging from 100 000 to 300 000 Rupiahs ( abt. S$15 to S $45 per night  ( Current rate S$1 = 6850 Rupiahs  ) . You can just stay in a 1 night bungalow house with beautiful gardens,patios,ponds and padi fields , no air con with minimal facilities for 200 000 Rupiahd. ie. abt S $30 per night at Ubud.  In order to ensure your accommodation and airport transfers are confirmed , you need to book in advance through email or otherwise and negotiate the price on their website. Some acc.looks rather pleasant from their website but the facilities provided and services may not be as good. 

The other homestays at Denpasar and Padang Bai cost around 150 000 Rupiah or more ie $S21 a night relatively cheaper than those in Ubud with air con but again with minimal facilities. 

2. Transport :- We were indeed v.lucky to hire a van with the driver double as a tourist guide for 400 000 Rupiah ie $S58 for 10 hrs. per day to drive us to different destinations around Bali. 

3. Food  The sea food was good n cheap, However, Indonesian food tastes better than Balinese food ; the former being more spicy and less salty. Their famous babi guling ( roast pork ) is not as nice as those in HK, Msia or Spore. The only regret was due to lack of time . We did not have enough time to hire a bicycle to cycle along the vast clean, green n beautiful padi fields as what you see in the recent movie Eat, Pray ,Love. (WYSIWYG )

4. Tours, Rafting, Cycling, Scuba etc. :-  This can be easily arranged at the Tourist Promotion Board at Jalan Raya Ubud. Just made the payment for whatever activities you may be interested in and you will be issue a receipt.They will arrange for someone to pick you at yr hotel doorstep. Word of caution :- do NOT throw away yr receipt as they will collect back at end of tours or you may have to pay again. Bali Nature Walk abt 2hrs walk through vast fields of padi fields ,waterfall and beaches is very popular among tourists esp. the Caucasians.

5. Massages:- A good 1.5h traditional therapeutic full body oil massage cost around 130 000 to 250 000 Rupiah ( abt S$20 to S$36. Only 1 out of 8 shops along the main Ubud Road I found was reputable and has adequate facilities but no air con.It was so good that I went continuously for 3 days at a stretch.  

6. Safety :-  We were v. surprised to find that during late hours , the almost lonely dimly lit streets in some areas along the villages are safe to walk. Balinese strongly belief in karma and thus v. little robbery cases are reported here.

If you need more details of the accommodation or driver etc., pls email me at sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg     

Visit to Garden Festival at Suntec City on Wed,21st.July 2010

Garden enthusiasts / nature lovers / others  who are interested to join me for this Garden Festival Show :-

  • Date: 21st. July 2010. (Wed )  
  • Meeting Place : SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter   
  • Time: 7.00 – 10.00 PM ( Flexible hrs, if you need to leave earlier ) 
  • Place : Suntec Convention Centre.  
  • Price: $5.00 for Senior Citizens and $8.00 for others. With Passion Cards ,NTUC union cards, Ikea , Safra Cards or Civil Service Club Cards entitled to 10% discount.

For more info , pls . click and view photos at http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/  Please register if you want to take part in this exciting ( 2 years once event . ) 

Participants :

1) Steven Chan ( E.O. )







HELP !!!!!

Puppy mill breeder/owner in Pasir Ris has just about to abandon  his breeding stock and their puppies. 75 dogs are up for FOSTER or ADOPTION. Many breeds of various ages.

Spotted are healthy cavalier king charles, chihuahua, maltese, mini schnauzer, shih tzu, pomeranian, jack russell terrier, whippet, sheltie, golden retriever, labrador, silky, yorkie, poodle, beagle, british bull, cairn terrier. From 1 month old and up.

You can contact Steven at sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg for more details of the contact nos or sms to the person in charge. Hope some of you kind souls can adopt or foster the DOGS or the CATS otherwise some may end up at SPCA and put to sleep due to shortage of space. 

Northern & Western Affairs @ New Chilli Padi Nyonya Buffet Dinner Restaurant

Main organisers: Dan Huang, Joy Chuang , Sue Chan , Charles Wee and
Steven Chan

(This event was mooted by Dan and it is opened  to members from
N,S,E or West Zones. 

Date: 24th April
2010 ( Sat ) 

Time: 7.00 pm.

Place: Chilli Padi Nyonya Restaurant @ Heng Mui Keng Terrace
(Ground level)  # 06-21,
Singapore  S 119620.  

Price:  $16.30 Nett ( including 10% service charge )

Max capacity:  40  pax ( First come first served basis )

DIRECTIoNS :  How to go to
Heng Mui Keng Café:

2) From  AYE exit Clementi
(by Car) or from Clementi Central Bus services 188
 From Jurong

 Bus Service 143 or 183 from Jurong East Bus

 From South
Buona Vista RoadThis way is usually called the 99 turnsTurn in when you see the sign and arrow pointing to
“King Edward 7 Residences and Prince George’s Park Residences”  Go down the slope. There is only one way.Then we will see this carpark in NUS before you see
NUS Business School under construction on the front right corner.Turn left when you reach the junction and drive up the
slope. You will see Kent Ridge Hall, Sheares Hall and Institute of Southeast
Asian Studies on the right. Then you will see this round-about.   We are located at the roundabout

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking. Pls. transfer the correct amount by ATM to   Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645 latest by 18/4/2010 failing which it will be open to those on waiting

For more details of Chilli Padi restaurants, pls. click at  http://www.chillipadi.com.sg/Eateries/HmkCafe.aspx


1) Dan Huang ( Dinner )  Paid 

2) Joy Chuang ( Dinner )  Paid 

3) Sue Chan ( Dinner )  Paid  

4) Charles Wee ( Dinner ) Paid  

5) Steven Chan ( Dinner )  Paid  


7) Juliet Ong ( Dinner )   Paid  

8 ) Aaron How ( Dinner )  Paid   

9) Catherine Yeo ( Dinner )   Paid  

10) Chin Boon ( Dinner ) 

11) Irene Poh ( Dinner )  Paid  

12) Marg Tian Dinner ) 

13)  Lilian Teo ( Dinner )   Paid  

14) Gwyneth Lee ( Dinner ) Paid   

15) Thomas Loh ( Dinner )  Paid   

16) Ronald Lam ( Dinner )  Paid  

17) Kristin Leong ( Dinner ) Paid   

18) Jonson Tan ( Dinner )

19) John Howe   Paid  

20) Maggie ( Dinner )  Paid  

21) Albert  Tan ( Dinner)  Paid    

22) Henry Yip ( Dinner )  Paid  

23) Clarice Yip ( Dinner ) Paid    

24) Richard Wong  ( Dinner )  Paid   

25) Alice Seah ( Dinner )  Paid  

26) Judy Lim ( Dinner )  Paid

27) Cheng Pun ( Dinner )  Paid 

28) Helen T Wong  Paid 

29) Veronique  ( Dinner )  Paid  

30) Helen Kuek ( Dinner )  Paid

31) Boon Liang Paid 

32) Janet Chan Paid    33) Tim Liu      34) Rose White   35 Lawrence Khan  Paid

“Food” for the Brain

This post is created for us to have some FUN as it helps us to think " out of the box" and NOT  to intimidate, criticise or pass sarcastic remarks on members’ answers. It is not meant for you to compete with one another to determine who have the best brains. Pls. adhere to this ruling. 

From now onwards, once a week or fortnight, mathematical
puzzles or word problems will be posted here for members to “crack” their
brains and come out with solutions.The solution will only be posted after a week /fortnight
depending on the response. I will get the ball rolling but I will appreciate very much if members can also contribute
some of their own problems in this post.

Problems must only be in text form; no pictures allowed as
the post cannot accept any pictorial representation. Sorry there is no prize for the correct solution.           However, if you are able to solve the problem correctly, praise your self
and say             “ I have Good Brains.”

The first 3 problems will be placed on the main post here to generate some interest.
Subsequently, other problems will be written in the comment column.

We often hear this.  She sells seashells by the seashore.

A group of boys collected some seashells from
the beach. They tried to divide these seashells equally among them. If each boy
received 8 seashells, they would need 5 more seashells. If each boy received 7
seashells, they would have 3 seashells extra. How many seashells did they
collect from the beach altogether ?

2)   Ahmad and Fatimah had some marbles. In a game , Ahmad lost 1/10 of his marbles to Fatimah . After Ahmad lost his marbles , the ratio of the number of marbles Ahmad had to the number of marbles Fatimah had was 3:1 . The next day, Ahmad lost more marbles to Fatimah and the ratio became 4:7 and Fatimah had 72 more marbles than Ahmad. 

(i) What was the ratio of the number of marbles Ahmad had to the number of marbles Fatimah had at first ? 

(ii) How many marbles did Fatimah win from Ahmad in total ?

3) This puzzle is more challenging as it illustrates a pattern diagram of white and black interlacing square tiles. Pattern 1, 2 and 3 are given. Find the number of white tiles in pattern 88. If you are keen to solve it, pls.email me at sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg for the attachment file on pattern tiles. ( The write post here does not support pictorial representation in any form.I have tried 3 times but was unsuccessful. ) Solutions will be posted weekly/fortnightly depending on the responses.

4) onwards will be written in the comment column. 

" Happy Thinking "  , emoticon , emoticon , No.I won’t give up! emoticon, Hurray I got it!emoticon 

Graceful Aging Health Seminar 2010

I found this Health seminar by professional doctors informative and beneficial and hope more  SHCians could join me at this seminar. I have registered myself and is a participant of this seminar. If you are interested to join me, please register by phone. Only pre-registered participants will be admitted.  

Hi-lights of the seminar:-    

(i)  What happens to our skin as we age?                                                    

(ii)  Advances in Managing Aging Eye Conditions                                              

(iii) What can you do about a Degenerative Spine? 

 Registration Fee : $10 per person. Pay $10 on the day you are attending and cut out the printed form in the Mind Your Body from New Straits Times , Pg. 9 dated Feb 11 2010. No photocopies are allowed and bring along your IC.  Sorry no website so no choice but to list down the tel.no for members’ convenience.                

Venue : SPH News Centre Auditorium, 1000 Toa Payoh North, nearest station is alight at Bradell MRT.  

Date: 27th Feb. 2010 ( Sat )                                                                        

Time : 2pm – 5pm. ( Participants must sign in between 1 pm and 1.30pm.and also to collect your free goodie bags of health supplements  )                                                       

Attending  :                                                                                           

  1. Steven Chan                    2.                          3.                                                                      .                                                                                                              

Searching for Gym Buddies at Clementi or Redhill Area

Hi all,if you are interested to be my gym buddy, pls.refer below

the days of training , pls. email me at sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg.what days and which gym is more convenient for you. (my contact nos cannot be placed here.)

Days:- Mons, Weds or Fridays

Time: 10.00 –12 noon (Flexible; can be earlier)

Place:(i)Clementi Sports Complex or

        (ii)Delta Sports Complex (near Redhill )

Attire: Proper Gym attire , NO singlets , slippers,etc..    
Max: 8 pax . After the gym exercises, we may proceed to the hawker stalls  or food courts nearby for lunch and chit chat on Health issues.

Benefits of Body  Building:- The sole purpose of body building is to    enhance our Fitness Level ;to improve our poise and confidence.

Remember “ Rome is not built in a day.”


  1. 1)The main principle  in this exercise regime is to BREATH OUT whenever you exert and BREATHE IN when you relax.

  2. It is utmost important to execute the exercise with the correct bodily movements and  NOT to over exert oneself as it can cause internal bodily harm. And never rush to complete the exercise.

  3. A simple understanding of the Human Anatomy will be useful and also pls.note carefully which gym equipment exercise is meant to train up which particular group of muscles in our body. 

  4. For those who are overweight,it is best to do more repetitions of the same exercise with lighter weights in order to “burn” off the extra calories and vice versa for those who are underweight.                    


  1. Steven Chan           2.                 3.  

Indonesian Inspired Lunch Porridge Buffet on 24 Oct ’09 (Sat)

Date : 24th October 2009 ( Sat )

Time : 11.30 –2.30 pm

Place : Rajah Inn

Address: 302 , Tiong Bahru Road # 02- 13 / 14 / 15
Tiong Bahru Plaza Singapore 168732 ( Pls. assemble outside restaurant. )

Cost : $ 6.90 ++ estimated to
be  $8.15 Nett. with                                  
( Complimentary Desserts )

A  wide selection of over 20 Indonesian flavored Chinese dishes. 
Fruits included.

Pls. view at http://www.rajahinn.com.sg/menu/menu_por_buffet.html
for the variety of dishes and http://www.rajahinn.com.sg/menu/menu_main.html

Max : 20 pax on first come first
served basis.

Pls. transfer your payment  through  POSB / DBS  ATM only as
I have not apply for any on-line banking due to security concerns.  My 
POSB  Savings Account is  086-15021-2.

The last date for payment is 18th October 2009 (
Sun ). Only those who had made payment/s by due date will be confirmed.
you and look forward to your participation.  

Optional :  After the porridge
buffet we may proceed to the Coffee Club also located at Tiong Baru Shopping
Centre near the main entrance for further chit chat and to have
coffee/tea/other drinks/desserts.

The drinks will be at your own expense.The
Coffee Club is  cosy, air cond and a much quieter place to chit chat than
Kopitiam. I being there before and I like its ambiance.


1 Steven Chan  Pd

2 Frisna Tan   Pd

3 Paul Kong  Pd

Peggy  Pd

5 John Howe  Pd

6 Primrose Kok  Pd

7 Veronique Pd

8 Catherine Ho Pd

9 Pauline Chew  Pd

10. Sockie  Pd.

11. Lena Ho Pd 

Karen Thio Pd

13. Eileen Thean Pd

14. Danz Pd

15. Joyz  Pd

16. Ong Kim Ying Pd 

17. Sylvia Ang Pd

18. Daisy Yeo  Pd.

19. Steven Ng Pd

20. Anne Chee Pd

For Love of Travel: The Silk Road Experience

 Why Silk Road ?

Dating back thousands of years, the Silk Road refers to a series of routes from China to the Mediterranean along which traders,merchants and pilgrims would travel on camels. Silk was one of its most valuable and important commodities traded along the way besides gunpowder,carpets,spices, etc. 

Along came the Yellow River Civilisation. Ganges River Civilisation, Roman Civilisation and Persian Civilisation.  Lots of inter- marriages between the minority nationalities and many exchanges of cultures that made the present population of different provinces a mixed blend of unique people namely the Uygur, Kazak, Han Chinese, Tartar, Mongol, Ozbek, Manchu , Tajik, Xibe , etc…

This tour is highly educational and as one travels along the vast stretch of the Gobi Desert , history comes back alive.

Just to share, here is my account:-



For Love of Gardening

In this post , we would appreciate if any of you could share with us some of your  gardening tips ? Would you"open house" for SHCians over a cup of coffee or pot luck gathering cum pay a visit to your garden by private invitations thru comments or emails.                                                                                                                        
What is organic farming, vertical gardening soiless gardening , not hydroponics gardening , etc…….Want to know more ????  emoticon                                                                                                                                                                             
You may have heard a lot about bonsais but what about bonsai longans and dragonfruits ( latest craze in Taiwan)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Ever encounter problems growing flowering plants like Petunias and African violets. How to deal with pests ? Organic fertilisers or chemical fertilisers , which one is better?                                                                                                                                    

Pls. ignore the old post and give your comments in this new post. We would appreciate very much your kind feedback. Thank you and have a good day.

Visit to Garden Tech (16/8/09) This Sunday

Date: 16/8/09 ( This Sunday )                                                                                   

 Time: 12 noon sharp                                                                                               

Place : Hort Park                                                                                                                            

Those interested please meet at  the Main Entrance of Hort Park. Below are the Highlights of the Programme :-  

  1. Highrise Gardening Talk at 12.30pm at the Lab.  Free entry
  2. Growing Herbs and Spices at Fruit Room at 2.00pm.  Free entry
  3. Some Plant and Gardening tools and accessoires are being sold with as much as 20% discounts.
  4. Growing Orchids Vertically at 12.30 pm (Multi-Purpose Hall ) Free Entry.      

For more details, pls. click at  www.gardentech.com.sg

Steven Chan (EC)

Camaraderie and Gardening

In this post , we would appreciate if any of you could share with us some of your  gardening tips ? Would you"open house" for SHCians over a cup of coffee or pot luck gathering cum pay a visit to your garden by private invitations thru comments or emails.                                                                                                                        
What is organic farming, vertical gardening soiless gardening , not hydroponics gardening , etc…….Want to know more ????  emoticon                                                                                                                                                                             
You may have heard a lot about bonsais but what about bonsai longans and dragonfruits ( latest craze in Taiwan)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Ever encounter problems growing flowering plants like Petunias and African violets. How to deal with pests ? Organic fertilisers or chemical fertilisers , which one is better?                                                                                                                                    

Pls. ignore the old post and give your comments in this new post. We would appreciate very much your kind feedback. Thank you and have a good day.  emoticonSteven Chan

For the Love of Travel : Penang’s Heritage

Just to share, Georgetown has been declared an UNESCO Heritage town in 2000.

Out of my 4 visits to Penang, this time round I really enjoy my own FREE and EASY tour very much. The Penang Tourism Board headquarter is located at the 56th floor Komtar. Their friendly and helpful staff have given me some maps and also strongly recommended me to explore the 3 Historic George Town Trails for its rich culture and history.Tourists are allowed to take their time to photograph/video the panoramic view of Georgetown from its 56th floor windows.

The 1st.walking trail is from Cornwallis to Cheah Kongsi comprising many places of worship ie temples ,churches ,mosques , museum /mansion / British colonial buildings including Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Penang Headquarter base where he organised the Penang conference and planned the 2nd. Guangzhou Uprising against the Chinese Government. 

The 2nd. walking trail is from Penang State museum to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion/ Hainanese Mariner’s Lodge & PHT office etc…

The 3rd. walking trail is the Traditional Trades trail designed as a 2h walk that comprise of Coffee maker,Ottu kedai,"Nyonya" "beaded" shoes, etc…

The 3 most interesting places to visit are

(i) The Pinang Peranakan  Mansion,for more details click here http://www.asiaexplorers.com/malaysia/haikeechan.htm

(ii) Khoo Kongs, pls. click at http://www.khookongsi.com.my/

(iii) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion,  pls. click at http://www.cheongfatttzemansion.com/

place mouse at each segmented photo to enlarge its view. 

Singapore DOG Show 2009

  • Special Event:  Singapore Championship DOG show  2009. emoticon
  • Date: 15 Feb 2009 ( Sunday)
  • Time: 8AM – 6PM 
  • Place: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Calling Dog Lovers/others,  

If any one of you are keen to watch this show, pls. meet Steven Chan at 10 AM on 15/2/09  inside the Expo Hall 6B. Perhaps by 1 PM, we could have lunch together at the Expo. 

If you are a NEW member  , pls. look out for the "giraffe" among the crowd.

If possible, pls. bring along your pet dog/s.

See you there.  emoticon

New Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet shifted to 4th Oct ’08 (Adhoc)

Date : 4th October ‘ 08. ( Sat )  ( CLOSED )

Time : 7. 00 pm

Place : Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant , 470 , North Bridge Road (Directly facing opposite Bugis Junction)

Price: $15.80 Nett  ( Newly revised )   

Max: 12 pax ( CLOSED ) 

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking.
To ease payment by electronic transfer :-
Pls. transfer the correct amount into Steven Chan’s POSB Savings Account No: 086 – 15021 – 2. by ATM.

After transferring pls. quote your ref.no and date of transaction in the comment.

Registered to attend:-

1. Steven Chan ( Paid )

2. Lee King  Seng ( Paid ) 

3. Malyne Suen (Paid)

4. Catherine Ho (Paid)

5. Catherine Yeo (Paid)

6. Tan Chin Boon ( Paid )

7. Lina Ng ( Paid )

8.  Ah Nee ( Paid )

9.  Susan ( Paid )

10. John Howe (Paid)

11  Aaron How(Paid )

12. Juliet Ong (Paid )

Click here to view photos

Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet (Postpone )

Date : Postpone Until Further Notice

Time : 7. 00 pm

Place : Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant , 470 , North Bridge Road (Directly facing opposite Bugis Junction)

Price: $15.80 NETT  ( Newly revised )   

Max: 20 pax

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking.
To ease payment by electronic transfer :-
Pls. transfer the correct amount into Steven Chan’s
POSB Savings Account No: 086 – 15021 – 2. by ATM.

After transferring
pls. quote your ref.no and date of transaction in the comment.

Registered to attend:

1. Steven Chan ( Paid )

2. Lee King  Seng ( Paid ) 




Its Raining Free Durians at R.R.R.

Ever wonder where to pick up ripen FREE  DURIANS  in Singapore.  

Date: Any day from today.

Time: 24/7 ( Best at night )

Place:R.R.R.(Solve the Abbrevn and you will pick the durians for free. ) There are more than 100 durian trees within the R.R.R. vicinity.

Items to bring : Torch light , gunny sacks and safety helmet.


Have FUN nd ENJOY picking the ripen durians. emoticon

Click here to view photos



Singapore Garden Festival on Mon, 28 July 2008

Garden enthusiasts / nature lovers / others  who are interested to join me for this Garden Festival Show :-

  • Date: 28 July 08. ( Mon )  Why Mon ?  The plants are STILL very FRESH  as the 1st day of the display is on the  25th July 08.
  • Meet at SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter, Lobby
  • Time: 7.00 – 10.00 PM ( Flexible hrs , if you want to leave earlier ) 
  • Place : Suntec Convention Centre.  

for more info , pls .click and view photos at 

Pls. click and view http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn202/sfc0007/Garden%20Festival%202008/?albumview=slideshow
the Garden Festival Show 2008 at Suntec City. Enjoy.

and http://sfc0007.multiply.com/photos/album/2/SINGAPORE_GARDEN_FESTIVAL_2006


Ron Lai would like to add here a few of the photographs taken at the Garden Festival, please click here: 



Garden Festival Show 2008 , pls. click and view  http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/


  • Weekday price $6.00 ( with *** entitled to 20% discount )
  • Week end price is $12.00 ( with *** entitled to 20% discount )
  •  *** If you have NTUC Union Card/ Passion Card / IKEA Friends / VISA Card, you may book on site at SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter, Lobby during the Festival period. You will enjoy the 20% discount. On line booking are normal rates.
  • Registered

    1. Steven Chan
    2. Lydia Chin
    3. Mega Abdullah
    4. Alfred Ang
    5. Alice Seah
    6. Catherine Yeo


13 has signed up at this moment , the Ecofarm visit will be CANCELLED indefinitely due to poor response.  There is less than 30 participants, ( Minimun  requirement is 30 )

Thank you to those who had shown great interest in this visit. 

For those who had paid me thru IBG or cash , your money will be  RETURNED to you during the next SHC Gathering on 16/8 at Burger King or at this coming Sat Cycling Event at  ECPMac Donald  on 19/7/08  at 4 – 4.30pm.




 Date: 26th July ‘ 08  ( Saturday ) 

Time: 2.00 PM sharp at Choa Chu Kang MRT Stn. Control gate.

Transport:(Pls. meet just outside Choa Chu Kang MRT stn 
control gate).I will lead SHC grp to the farm by taking bus 975 which
will save us a lot of $ than by chartering a bus to and fro from the farm or by
car pooling.( Max:5 cars, limited space for parking at the farm.)

Assemble at 3 PM sharp at Eco Green Circle FarmFor details on location and more information about the farm
pls. go  to www.greencircle.com.sg   and


Minimun: 30 members ,  Maximun: 80 members and   ( Exclusive to registered SHC members only. )

Cost: $10 per pax include  guided tour, sauces , utensils and organic and mixed veggies will
be provided.

3.00 – 4.00 pm  Brief talk
by Tian Soo (SHC member) and his wife Evelyn ( Spore’s Nature Society volunteer ) and an interesting guided
of the farm by both of them.

4.00 – 5.00 pm  Innovative Salad Making competion by eg. 6
different  teams.

team will have 5 members and an appointed leader.The judges
are Tian Soo and wife, Evelyn. To “spice” up your presentation,you may bring along edible
and clean non-edible items. Prize presentation
to the 3 winning teams.   

5. 00- 6.00
  Eating the prepared salad by own team members and chit chat.

6.00 pm  Dismissal.

Payment mode: Pls. transfer by POSB/DBS ATMs only $10 per pax into  POSB Savings Account No: 086-15021-2.  After transferring pls.quote your ref.no and date of transaction in the comment.

FINAL dateline for payment: 20th July ’08.

Registered members:-

1.  Steven Chan ( Paid )

2.  Jie

3. Charles Wee

4. King Seng Lee ( Paid )

5. Alice Seah

6. Grace Wong ( Paid )

7. Ronald Koh

8. Ros Chan 

9. Veronique Lee

10. Lina Ng 

11. Susan Chang

12. Ah Nee

13. Mei Foo ( Paid )


Relaxation Techniques and Exercises

I wrote this post in respond to Daniel Chan’s Gout Attack. As SHCians, we are SUSCEPTIBLE to all kinds of diseases and it is a matter of time that we too will feel its effects. Slowly but Surely! emoticon

Pls. share with us any  techniques or any kinds of exercises that you have done which proves  BENEFICIAL to your well being.



VOLUNTEER Tuition for the Underprivileged

URGENT! emoticon

Hi all retirees /unemployed  housewifes and husbands /others ,

i)  An APPEAL to volunteer to give TUITION  to a Muslim boy, Qadir anyday but make prior arrangement 1st.

 He is smart, hardworking, well disciplined and listens attentively.

For more details, pls refer to Ronald Wie/ Joyce Tan. Thanks. 

ii) If you have any OLD still usable items like TV,vacuum cleaner,fan, auto kettle, electric cooker ,kitchen utensils,clothings, non-expiry food etc… that you want to dispose, pls kindly donate to this needy family.

They are more than grateful  for your recycled items.


Cycling cum ( Ad Hoc ) Free Hydro Sapiens Spectacular Water Performance

Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone Activities (Ad Hoc)

Date: 21 June 08 ( Sat )

Time : 4 – 6 pm ( Cycling )

Venue: ECP , meet at Mc. Donalds.

Time: 7.30 PM to meet at Bedok Reservoir ( 8 PM show starts)

Duration of show : 8.00 -8.45 PM ( 45 mins )  

Venue: Bedok Reservoir( Fronting Blk 743,Bedok Reservoir Road ) 

For a short slide show preview of the Water  Fools, click at this hyperlink http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn202/sfc0007/WAter%20Fools%20Water%20Performance/?albumview=slideshow

or http://www.singaporeartsfest.com/fest_spec.asp 

All the people, cradle , motorcars, giant bed, bicyclists, gigantic water wheel and boats are MOVING on the water surface.

For those who had MISSED it, there is another NEW one called HYDRO SAPIENS ,The Lunatics from (The Netherlands) for the ARTS CLOSING Festival . FYI, pls refer to top for details. 

No of pax: UNLIMITED. Pls. bring along your family  for this  unusual wonderful evening outing , NOT cycling still exclusive to SHC members. It would be WONDERFUL if 100 SHCians can turn up at Bedok Reservoir.


5D EZ GRP Tour HCMC, Chu Chi, Vung Tau and My Tho.

Tentative Date : 13th June (Fri ) to 17th/19th June.

Vietnam Airlines Confirmed Flight Info:

SIN – SGN  14.30 – 15.30

SGN – SIN  10.35 – 13.25

After spending 2 days meeting personally with travel agents from 5 reputable travel agencies  for the best bargain and itinerary, I had finally settled for one. 4D not worth it at based on twin sharing abt $708**with 2 Free days so actual visiting time is 2 days and too rush, while the 5D has 3.5 actual days visiting time. 

Although EZ tour , but still comes COMPLETE with a Vietnamese Tourist ENGLISH SPEAKING Guide for 5D with meals as per itinerary ,accomodation and hotel transfers. we will have a private van all to ourselves. 

For those who looking  for Adventurous , F n E or Budget Travel, this post is NOT meant for you. 

For those who are interested,pls. write to me ASAP,my email add is sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg so that I can sent an attachment of the itinerary with colour photos of the intended places of visit together with FULL details of the tour to you and pls. REGISTER at the comment and NOT thru my email address.

Minimun 2 to Go. (Airport tax: $139 )

1 pax –> $948 +$139 = $1 087 per pax 

2 pax–> $828 + $139 = $967 per pax

3 – 4 pax –> $758 + 139 = $897 per pax

5 or more –> $658 + 139 = $797per pax

Hotel :Saigon(HCMC)-Sol Chancery (Std.room) 3*,

          Vung Tau – Sammy / Cap Saint Jacques.

OPTIONAL EXTENDED STAY at HCMC :- For those who wish to explore more of HCMC.

Extension per night:-

Sol Chancery  (3*)———> Single Rm @ $134 per pax (3*)

                                          Twin Rm    @ $90 per pax (3*)

AMARA Hotel  (4*)———>Twin Rm    @ $198 per pax (4*)                                              

Please ensure your leave is approved first before joining this tour. No Visa is required for Sporean/Msian.

(i) Pls. reply by ASAP or by this Sunday 1st.June 08. i need time to process ie book air ticket and collecting payment. If too close to actual flight date, there may be NO more tickets left. 

(ii) Pls.note that your name may be registered in this post does NOT mean you are confirmed going until interested member has paid up the booking fee of $500 to $600 per pax . I am still working out the details on how payment should be made by tomorrow Tuesday,27/05/08. 

Pls. be informed that once deposit for booking air tours has been paid up , there will be NO* refund if member happens to back out specified under the air travel agency rules and regulations.   

Max: 6 pax  ( Singles / twin sharing / triplet sharing )

Registered  and CONFIRMED :-

1. Steven Chan       ( M )      ( Twin Sharing  )     (5D ,  2 Nights Extn )

2. Pun Chiang         ( M )      ( Twin Sharing )      ( 5D,  2 Nights Extn )

3. Tian Soo             ( M )       ( Single )                 (5D,   1 Night Extn )

Jassmine Teo     ( F )        ( Twin Sharing )      (5D,   0   Night Extn )

5. Kristin Leong      ( F)         ( Twin Sharing )      (5D ,  0 Night Extn )

E.O. Steven Chan












Date: 24th May 08. ( This coming Sat )

Time: 1 pm Sharp

Place:Annalakshmi at Chinatown Point Shp Ctr ( Basement )

Meet : Inside the Restaurant at 1 pm sharp.
PriceMin $15 or you may DONATE GENEROUSLY.  emoticon

Price per pax:–  Thanks
for the feedback from members. Both Tim Liu and Wong KT have their
points too because they may be some who abuse the system. 

To have a glimpse of their beautiful  "artistic" restaurant  pls. click at  Pls click here to see the hidden “BEAUTY” inside the Annalakshmi Restaurant at http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn202/sfc0007/Annalakshmi%20Restaurant/?albumview=slideshow
to view  or
click at http://www.annalakshmi.com.sg/index.htm

picture shown in the web page is from another outlet while the one you
will be attending is shown on the above photobucket link. The text of
Anna’s Home still applies here.

Maximun (20 pax )

Reconfirmed Attendance Guest List :-

1.   Steven Chan

2.   Terence Seah

3.   Caroline Gee

4.   Karen Thio

5.   Oi Cheng

6.   Alice Seah

7.   Catherine Ho

8.   Lee King Seng

9.   Sally  

10. Grace Wong

11. Catherine Chong  

12. Esther

13. Robert 

14. Kristy

15. Joan ( Perth )

16. Dan Huang

17. Susan Chan

18. Janet Heng

19. Liu

20. Tian Soo

 Pls. check to ensure your name has been listed . If you can’ t  attend pls. inform me through  the comment so as not to deprive others of a chance to join us but NOT at the last minute. Thanks for your kind understanding. 

Event Organiser : Steven Chan



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