Talk3 Talk4 on Minimalism (Zoom Chat – August 14 2020)

Hi All members,
I would be glad that you are able to attend this 14 August 2020 Zoom Chat from 1-2pm to touch on this topic.

This is an interesting topic to discuss on

  1. Why someone’s trash can be somebody’s treasures.
  2. Go Green
  3. Excessive buying? – Do you really need them
  4. Other topics which can be discussed.

In conclusion, whether or not, you become any form of minimalist is entirely up to each individual. But I would definitely love to hear from you..

Cheers… See you this Friday… Dolly

What I had learnt from e-Commerce lately

Dear Members,
Due to Covid-19 pandemic and its uncertainty routes of recovery, many are plagued with lots of issues : lesser job opportunities, reduced workday/salaries and/or retrenchment as employers are facing the same fate as we do.

Thus, so much uncertainties and lots of times on hand, I had been scouting around for other sources of incomes and e-Commerce is 1 platform that I had been actively looking into but regret to say that it had not been very fruitful to me. Let’s share my personal insights with regards of the e-Commerce platform.

There are numerous ways to go around e-Commerce which I tried

1) Attending free and/or paid webinar talks by those experienced pioneer players whom had been successful in their days and now just get income thru seminars/courses to earn their dues.

2) Tap on those current well establishment sites (Lazada, Q00, Taobao, and many times) but each individual sites have their own R&R to follow. Except for Taobao that I am more keen to join but to a standstill right now as I was unable to reach some general consensus with the suppliers, eg, prices, deliveries, stock management inventories and last but most important, payment. As travel is currently out of reach, I will need to kiv this project till time permits me to do so again.

3) In my opinion, these days, some e-Commerce sites also practised almost similar business strategies like MLM but those so-called up-lines these days do not enjoyed as much earnings as those MLM in earlier days which make it more challenging for us to partake. I had also in mind 1 or 2 products/ sites which I am still considering. But most important is that, we must learnt not to be so gullible as to believe that this will be a easy route to success – As this platform still need a small capital to start up with. Also, should I decided to join these, must be prepare to work very hard so as to achieve my goal.

After a breakfast meeting with a close girlfriend this morning which she was layoff recently and driving grab right now. She shared her experiences on e-Commerce. All she said is that I must be prepared for time/monies wasted should these e-Commerce turned out to be fruitless. Hence, in conclusion, I had decided to hold on till I am ready to do so.

That’s all l want to share. Kindly note that these are my own personal views only.

Thank you… Dolly

Sharing/Giving @ Zoom

Since there is no taker here, I will be giving them away thru FB now.  I will be deleting this post by April 23 2020 by 5pm.  Thank you

Dear Members,
I have numerous ‘white elephants’ which is my trash now but someone’s treasures to be shared here. But I would like to share these giveaways during the Zoom session. Pictures will be added in later

However, I would prefer these to be given away to those members that I can see them via Zoom even though I might not have meet you in person before. If any members see anything you like here, you may want to consider to meet me in Zoom. I have yet to plan a date for this. But my preferred timing will be after 7pm weekdays. I will definitely choose a day whereby most members can meet me lor.. These giveaways will be mailed out once you are selected, however, you will need to pay for postage and other expenses incurred. Rest assured there will be no overcharged as I gave away very often thru my FB page. But for this time, I decided to give a try at SHC instead

Till then… Cheers… Dolly

A Visit to Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Date : March 5 2020
Time : From 12noon till 4.00pm – You can leave anytime you like..

Planning to go for Sembawang Hot Spring Park since it last re-opened for public but always no time to do so. But for now, it seems to be a fairly good idea to pay a visit to enjoy natural hot spring.

Those members with the same mindset as I, are welcome to join me to have a dip in the hot spring water for 10 – 20mins, boil eggs? and etc…

What to bring?
Towels, swimsuit, extra clothings, footwear and umbrella and not to forget drinking water. You may also need to bring plastic carriers to keep those wet towels, swimsuit and clothings.

Then after soak/dip followed shower, we can proceed to have tea with cakes.

See you when I see you there.. Cheers… Dolly

Login to SHC Website, Password Issues

Dear Members,

We are aware that some new members are facing some related issues of Login to SHC Website, Password Issues as well as Own Profile’s info need to be changed but somehow, cant seem to be able to do so.

I was aware that some members did tried called to me previously but regret to say that I was unable to attend all calls as I was either working or running some errands of which I don’t access to either my mobile or laptop. Also coupled the fact that I am lousy at multi-tasking too. As such, I am going to make myself available on February 21 2020 (which is also the February monthly gathering) from 6pm onwards to walk thru the steps with you should any assistances needed. My senior, YoonChin, also will be present to guide me too.

Hope, by doing so, every members will be able to login at SHC website from time to time to participate and organise any events which you may interest in.

Cheers.. Dolly/Club Admin

SHC Monthly gathering 21 Feb 2020

For the attention for members attending this gathering : Kindly look into the list of food/fruits that some members already committed to bring as we will prefer not to have too much of the same kind. There is no restriction of how much you wanted to bring but you can based on your own judgement on the list of foods below. Thank you

Date : Friday 21 Feb 2020
Time : 6.00pm to 10.00pm
Venue : Maplewoods Condo, Function Room, 985 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589627
MRT : King Albert Park MRT
Buses : To Be Updated Later
For those driving, you can park at condo’s car park

We will make this gathering to be a pot luck event, thus, each member will need bring 1 dish for 5paxs. However, we do not encourage repetition of same kind. Hence, kind understanding much appreciated.

As Condo’s management has a rule to maintain the maximum pax’s allowable at the function room is 50 only. So, we would appreciate that your keen participation to be registered early so as to secure a seat for this gathering. Coupled the request from Condo Management, we will also need to maintain the cleanliness of the Function Room after use. See you soon..

PS: Those wanted to swim before the gathering, you are welcome to do so too. And for those keen to have a game of squash and/or tennis, please indicate here too so that Stella can help to book these facilities.

And those music lovers, regret to say that there will be no karaoke facilities inside Function Room, however, feel free to bring your mini equipments with either CDs/VCDs or USB so that you still can enjoy music and dancing too.

Keen members, please start your registrations here now…

Cheers… Dolly Lim

Dear Members,
Happy Lunar New Year 2020 and to start with this prosperous Lunar year and with the kind offer/help from Stella, whom will be booking the condo’s function room to make this event possible, we shall have our February monthly gathering. Details stated below:

  1. Dolly Lim – Curry chicken
  2. Stella Sheng
  3. Caroline Gee –  home stewed pork fried bihun
  4. Karen Thio & maid – Mini cupcakes
  5. Nellie Teo
  6. Catherine Chng
  7. Michelle Sim
  8. Graham
  9. Doris Graham – Fried Rice
  10. Richard Wong – Roast Duck
  11. Yoon Chin
  12. Oliver Chiang
  13. Anne Marie Low
  14. Lina Ng – Fried mee siam
  15. Bobby Bok
  16. Gerry Ong – Roasted chicken
  17. Elaine Kong – Some home-cooked food to be advised later
  18. Nelly Soh – Kueh binka 7″
  19. Lim Kim Eng – Fruits
  20. Doris Tan Bee Yen – Pizza
  21. Rosalyn Khoo
  22. Helen Chiew
  23. Juliet Say – Thai Mango Salad
  24. Diana Ng
  25. Christina Pan – Need to change the item for pot luck
  26. Doreen Chan
  27. Harry Lim
  28. Pauline Khoo
  29. More to come?

Happy Lunar New Year…

Lunar New Year have always been celebrated by Chinese community for many centuries and is an important occasion to have close bonding with children, grand-children, parents and grand-parents together for grand reunion.  Not forgetting to visit friends and relatives too for long lasting friendship/fellowships. – I have numerous new friends added on my list this year thru SHC and likewise, I am sure that most of you feel the same.

On behalf of SilverHairsClub, we like to take this opportunity to wish all members and families a healthy and happy Rat Lunar New Year.  It would be nice to see how interesting we can be as we enjoy our SilverHairs years along the way.  Share with us here if you can. We are waiting to hear from each and every one of you too. 

And for those members whom have been inactive for some time due to other commitments previously, do take this occasion to wish fellow members seasons’ greetings.  We want to hear from you.

A Happy prosperous New Year to everybody.  Here we share our thoughts and exchange our greetings too… Starts the ball rolling…

Club Admin – Dolly Lim

Job vacancies for F&B Industry

Vacancies in F&B catering industry. Do you have anyone who is interested to join?

Catering co in Payar Lebar/Aljunied hiring urgently, available to start immediately. 6 days/wk. Meals provided.

1) Driver
2) Sous chef
3) Commis Chef
4) Dishwasher

Those interested members, please contact Liv directly at 81119209 for more details as this lobang was passed to me from another SHC member.

Cheers… Dolly

Certificate in Tours & Travel Services For Tour Leader

Terence, this is not advertisement but a SkillsFuture Credits for those retired or semi-retired or like me, thinking of retiring and don’t want to be idling around and hope to try our hands on new venture.  After all, most members are into travelling so this could be an interesting subject to learn too…

Dear Members,
Rosalind Lee had actually shared this in SHC FB Page and felt that it would be also good to share this info here.

The above is 2 days and best still, Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits.  From the poster given, this seems to be an interesting course for some of us to attend.  Understood that there will be session on 27-28 Sept and subsequently 7-8 Oct and 14-15 Oct respectively.

I wish to attend this too but not on weekends as I have other family commitments to attend.  Any others to join too?  All current dates given above, I am unable to attend.

All details are listed in the posted attached.

Thank you and cheers… Dolly

AIC (Agency For Integrated Care)

Hi everyone, it had been very long time since I last written post here.  So now, I am writing and hope this article will be of some help to others too as these had helped me.

When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer during Oct ‘2013 and we were totally clueless as to what were the grants that we can apply to ease our burden.  Eventhough during that period of time, many emphasizes were on Pioneer generation but unfortunately, was time was not on my dad’s favor.  Well, that was history now.. so we will  skip this part.

My dad passed on Oct 2014 and shortly after that my mum’s health deteriorated and from then till now, she had been through 1 stroke and 3 seizures attacks which lead to totally bedridden now.  But this time, we were much well informed thru news, community centres and hospital on the AIC grants.

Through all these info given, we are told that we can apply for the following grants

  1. PioneerDAS : For Pioneer born before Year 1950 -$100/mth till as long as alive
  2. Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) grant – Cash assistance of $120/mth for family who hires a FDW to care for patient
  3. FDW levy concessions for persons with disabilities (PWD) – Lower monthly concessionary FDW levy of $60 instead of $250
  4. Interim disability assistance programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) – Cash assistance of $250 or $150/mth for up to 72mths for disabled elderly

More information can be found at, and  related to all these grants.  FYI, we applied and we got approved for these grants.

AIG also provide

  1. Care at home : Eldersitter Service, Home care and Senior home car – As we did not used these services, I am not sure and cant provide much info too.
  2. Centre-based care : Day rehabilitation, day care and dementia day care : We tried a few times but my mum was not so cooperative with the social worker and she prefered to stay at home hence, we also dropped out 2mths later.
  3. Caregiver Training Grant allows we to tap on an annual $200 subsidy to attend approved training course for better : This was very good as we send our domestic help to attend on managing an elderly’s day-to-day and preventing falls and home safety.  Both my sister and our helper had benefited from this training to be able to attend to my mum’s daily needs.
  4. There are some basic necessities, such as wheelchairs, air mattress, commode, walking sticks – All can be purchased at 10-50% discounts depending on feedback from the medical social worker assigned to access the patient’s condition – For my mum’s condition, we only paid 10% of the total cost.  Diapers also can be purchased at their designated stores.
  5. Even patient with permanent catheter, they even assigned qualified nurse from SNF to attend at patient’s home every 2 to 3mth interval at subsidised rate.  Cant remembered how much we paid but I am sure it was less than $30.
  6. Given my mum’s condition, we also applied for home medical care which mean that we can request the Doctor to attend my mum at our home once her medication is below 2 weeks’ usage at $25/trip except for CT and MRI  as these need to be performed at site.

I am sure that there are other services that AIC provided – but just that, we only took these options so I can only share these info.  Our encounters (my family members and me) with AIC had been a very fruitful as we had some financial help and other services/training given to 3 of us, i.e. my sister, me and our helper.

Hope some will find this useful when needed.

Regards… Dolly


A Christmas Hope…… For someone….

Dear Members,

Both Karen and me had shared this in our Facebook but I think that we still wanted to share her request here in Silverhairs website to garner more hope for this little girl during this Christmas session.  I believed many might already had seen this request if you are a facebook user but is still worth a try here, right… Thank you.

Not sure if this request is even permitted to post here but will give a try – Admin, if you think that this is not appropriate, feel free to delete..

Cheers… Karen & Dolly

Raymond Final Farewell

Raymond Tang Chew Weng passed away peacefully on Friday October 24th, 2014 at home. He was born February 4th, 1948.

Raymond Tang

The wake will be held at Blk 729 Woodlands Circle until Tuesday October 28th, 2014 at 10.45am. He will then be cremated at Mandai Crematorium

Raymong Tang was known to us as one of a few SHC members who dedicated his own time and finance in teaching other willing members on golf. He used to spent many weekday evenings at Marine, Sebawaing and Mandai in sharing his golfs’ skills and knowledge with a group of SHC members. We hereby wish him farewell to a journey well travelled

Best regards,

Used Authentic Coach Handbag TBB

Hi All,
Please refer attached and kindly note that this handbag is still in useable condition except that the inner lining is abit dirty due to long use… just need a good wash/dry clean and it will be as good as new…. I choose who to bless for this item…Pick up at Bukit Panjang and dont propose any other options for me please…   Comment here if keen… Cheers.. Dolly

Used coach hbag

TV wiring TBB

Dear Members,
I am going to post for the last time before I give up as I felt that there is no much takers for those items being blessed so far.  My parents had been complaining that I had stocked too many karang guni at home since most members are not posting on their own.  So unless I am able to clear these asap to stop nagging from them… If I am unable to do so… I reckon that posting these items at facebook yield a better responses for those needed.

TV connection wire

So, please comment here if you need these…   Cheers… Dolly


2 VCR tapes TBB

Hi All,
Another member, AnnGiri have 2 VCR tapes to be blessed for members who want to have them…
Title : Learn Tai Chi (Chinee self healing) and the other one
Title : Video School of Music – Guitar….

Member requested these tapes must have the VCR player which I am not sure whether these days, is the player still available as mine kaput long ago liao….

Please do not ask me for more details as I am posting on her half.

Interested to have them, collection is at Hougang…

Cheers… Dolly

vcr disks

Foldable Trolley Bag TBB

Hi All,
Another white elephant from me but might be of good use to some….

Foldable trolley bag (hardly used) to be blessed to 1 member here  – So hurry to indicate your interest here if any before I re-bless to other category.

Kindly note that this item had to be pick up at Bukit Panjang and please refrain from giving me option.  Kind understanding much appreciated.

Best regards…. Dolly

trolley bag2 trolley bag1

2 Items TBB

Dear Members,
It is me again.. This time, I m going to give away 2 items:

Item 1 : A pair of colorful hair clips – Never used before and cant used anymore cos now hair too short liao.. so need to bless to those who need…

Item 2: Rechargeable shaver – Given by the previous China company and never used b4.. Everything is intact inside the box as shown.  Interested, please comment here.

Preferably collection at Bukit Panjang but sending via post (charges incurred) and will not be responsible for lost mail if any.  But so far, so good… delay in post but never mia lor

hairclips & rechargeable shaver

As usual, if there is no takers for these items, will be transferred to other sites for free cycles…

Best regards,


Travel Bag to be blessed

Travel bag

This travelling bag (inclusive of long strip) was given by a friend but I have no use for this and would like to be give out to any members here. Please let me know if there is any keen takers for me.

Priority will be given to those that those put their comments here.

Hope to hear from you soon… Cheers.. Dolly

PS: Collection at Bukit Panjang or I will be at the cycling event this Sat..

2D1N Batam Extravanga – 3 & 4 May 2014

Hi Members,
We are thinking of organising a 2D1N Batam trip leaving Singapore on 3 May and return back from Batam on 4 May 2014 – This is a very exclusive tour package that we managed to secure and hope that some of you are keen to join us for this holi.  FYI – we just back from 1 Day Batam tour with the same tour agent and their service was really fanatastic.  Not only the tour guide is experienced, attentive and caring, tour itinerary was even more interesting….

Our tentative schedule for these 2 days program is as below subjected to change if any.

Day One
Take the 8.45am ferry to Batam from Singapore Harbour Centre to Batam Sekupang Terminal.
Upon arrival Batam Terminal, our dedicated Batam Tour Guide will collect passport and guide us thru Express Check In without any hassle or waiting time at custom.

City tour which inclusive of kueh lapis home maker and birds nest shop, dry goods market, shopping mall at Batam City Square and not forgetting to try their roadside rojak stalls (an eye opener).  They might even extend further should time permits to Polo Ralph Lauren shop, Batik shop and others.

Lunch at Sari Bumbu buffet Indonesia Food or Sundanese Food

Check in hotel near city

Followed by Dinner at Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant

Breakfast at Hotel and Check out followed by last minute shopping at wet market

Lunch at Kingsway Chinese Seafood Restaurant and if time permits, will stop at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall before our return to catch the 4.00pm ferry to Singapore.  Here again, the tour guide will help to do express check out with us without any hassle or rush with others.

Tour fare is $160/pax not including tips for both guide and driver. This itnerary is only for 12paxs and it will be based on first paid members only…

Kindly make payment to our POSB Saving A/C# xxxxxxxxxxx soonest possible.

Interested members, please indicate here
1) Dolly Lim – EO (Paid)
2) Rosalind Lee – EO (Paid)
3) Caroline Gee (Paid)
4) Sockie (Paid)
5) Kristy (Paid)
6) Lily Lim (Paid)
7) Alice Yap (Paid)
8) Jeffrey Gan (Paid)
9) Edwin Tan (Paid)
10) Eyvonne Chew (Paid)

SHC Free-Cycle 1

Reading Glasses

Hi Members,
As promised, this is first blessed items for SHC Free-Cycle.

These are all reading glasses blessed by another members whom she no longer needed them.  I dont know what is the reading power but if you are interested, please indicate there or drop me an email

Depend on the requests that I recd, these glasses will be given out fairly.  However, if only 1 request is recd, then, 1 take all.

This blessing will be for 1week after that, we will advise members accordingly.

Hope to receive responses from you soon…

Cheers.. Dolly

Venue venue and still venue – Where to conduct classes

Hi All,
While we are aware that there are lots of talented members willing to come forward to conduct classes charging a minimal cost for materials and some extra.  It is always a great challenge as to where they can find a venue to host these classes.

This morning, while having breakfast with Karen – she was showing me those nail arts that she had done on her nails.  Wow, is really beautiful and she is willing to teach but again venue is another setback.

I always wanted to try putting a false eyelashes but yet to master this skill and always hope that someone will be able to guide me along.. todate, had been unsuccessfully discard at least 10 pairs of falsies due to no proper guidance given.

Of cos, some of you will definitely tell me, aiyah, go to youtube and watch video, sure ai sai 1.. well at least, I know that this does not worked out for me…

Having said all these, are any members out there able help to provide any info for venue (FOC) or cost at minimal charge – we want to hear from all of you….

Cheers… Dolly

SHC Freetorecycle

Hi All Members,
Some of the members here had joined the group called SG FreeCycle in Facebook including me.  I had been blessed by others for some items that I need for free and vice versa also.  I hope that this idea can worked out for SHC here also.

I hope that SHC can achieve a same goal to reduce waste by connecting SHC members who are giving goods to others who are seeking the same goods.  This should be entirely a non-profit movement of people who are giving and/or getting stuff for free.  We are looking for goods, eg. computers, furniture, clothing, magazines  – all these said items must be in working and/or useable condition.  These items must be 100% free and not subjected to exchange or sale.

All members are welcomed.  But any forms of advertisements, or posts that are deemed unrelated to this group by moderator, will be removed.

This is how we can make it worked:

  1. Member to post what they want to give away free.  Items that can be included are clothings (must be at least  6/10 condition), working used electrical applicances, costume jewelleries, shoes and many others – either new or hardly used
  2. It can be self collection at the convenient of the givers, paid postage and SAE (self addressed envelope) for those small items – All arrangements made must be agreed by both parties.
  3. Once item is being posted online, there is no such things as FCFS (First come First Served) basis and the giver had the final say as to how the item will be given
  4. However, the receipent, upon receipt of the item, concluded that item received is not required anymore, can re-blessed again within this group to re-cycle this item to bless to other members whom might have the use of this item.

Would appreciate your comments for this….



Dear Members,
Another couple of days to go, we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year for Y2014… May we take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you…..
Happy New Year, we wish you good health and lasting prosperity.

Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

May the season’s joy fill you all the year round.

Treasures fill the home

Business flourishes

Peace all year round

Harmony brings wealth

May all your wishes come true

Everything goes well


Cookie Exchange Day – 18 Jan (Sat) 2 – 5 pm

Start a New Year with sharing among members…..

We will meet to share homemade cookies.  Each of you will have to bring some to eat and also a bottle of homemake cookes to exchang with one another.  At the same time, we can share baking tips (which I am sure that we can benefit from each other thru this).  Catching up with one another and get to know all better.

Coffee/Tea will be provided and this occasion is only to the first 20 members who sign-up.  Looking foward to seeing you…

Event: Cookie Exchange Day
Date: 18th Jan, Sat
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Blk 103 Bishan St 12 S’pore 570103

EO : Kristy Quek….

Interested members as follows:
1) Kristy Quek
2) Richard Lean
3) Karen Thio (baking demonstration)
4) Lily Ho
5) Dolly
6) Amy Ko
7) Fred Heng
8) Lillian Teo
9) Anne Chee
10) Sally Kang
11) Yew Kwong
12) Susan CH Tan
13) Caroline Gee
14) Yatsin
15) Eileen Thean
16) Ann Lim
17) Gingko
18) Paul Kong
19) Peggy Kong
20) Nina Choo