DAY FOURTEEN OF CB – What have you been up to?

Hi Dear All.

It is tough trying to work from home for such a long period of time. But we have to do what we have to do to keep safe. From Mondays to Fridays, I have my laptop turned on from 8.30am to 5.30pm. In between checking on my work, I watch the news from around the world and home. Everyday we read and hear about what COVID-19 is doing to the world, it sometimes gets quite scary and worrisome. But getting respite from the situation, you get people doing things that make you laugh – instead of the avalanche of sad news on COVID-19 on every TV and radio channel.

On my part, I only go out, with mask on, for grocery shopping only when its absolutely necessary. If I need items that I do not have, I use something that I already have as a substitute. I write down my shopping list. Go into the market/supermarket and buy what I need and leave the place asap.

I google for recipes that I have never tried before and experiment on them. Mostly turn out good because I choose those with many reviews and with a five star ratings. So far, from Day One to Day Thirteen, I have not repeated any meal for lunch and dinner. I have baked different types of cakes and breads. My youngest daughter and I embarked on a Sourdough Project and we have baked several lovely loaves of sourdough breads which we enjoy for our breakfasts.

I have started to learn how to play the ukelele (my second daughter gave me a beautiful one and I never got around to learn how to play it until now) and I am enjoying it.

I practise dancing on my own and doing dance exercises to keep fit cos there have been loads of input.

Group chatting with family and friends, sharing jokes and latest updates on almost anything under the sun keeps me sane and watching the Youtube channels.

After COVID-19 is defeated, I would love to travel (had to cancel my trip in April and June), catch up with family and friends and go jalan jalan at the malls and browse the supermarket shelves, slowly.

If you like, you can share with us what you have been doing and what you would love to do when the COVID-19 virus is defeated?

In the meantime, follow the rules, take care and keep safe.

Caroline Gee aka Carly

P.S. Terence, will try to get to doing the recipe requested. Hopefully soon.

Happy Go Lucky on Media Corp Channel 8 today, 28 June from 11.30am to 12.30pm

Dear All

I am featured in this programme so if you have time, do tune in to watch the show. My apologies for the last minute notice as I was not too sure if I should share. Then I think, why not? If you missed it, you can catch it on Btw, my segment is after the first skit by celebrities.

I may not look stunning or gorgeous, but I do feel good doing this show and my family and I enjoyed this experience very much.

Happy viewing and have a great weekend!



Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 22 June 2019 from 2pm to 6pm (EC)

Its been some time since we last had our Tea Dance. We have had queries as to when the next one will be.

We are happy to announce that we shall be having one soon. For this time round, we shall cap the maximum number of attendees to 56.

Date:             22 June 2019 (Saturday)

Time:            2pm to 6pm

Price:           S$25 nett

Mini Buffet (free flow):  we shall be discussing this with the person in charge at Club 5 and keep you posted on the menu once its confirmed.

Drinks:          Free flow of hot or cold tea (other drinks at your own expense)

Music:           DJ Armstrong – one of the best DJs in town.  You can make song requests.

Account:        Payable to Caroline Gee – POSB savings account 067-00687-9 (by 30 April 2019)

There will be a game or two and if you know my buddy Dolly, her games are hilarious and will leave in stitches. There will also be a lucky draw.  So if members feel generous and would like to sponsor some prizes, please contact me via and it will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S.  Club 5 at Park Royal on Kitchener Road has informed us that they will be sponsoring several prizes which will include dining vouchers and one or two bottles of wine.

Registration starts now and the closing date is Friday, 30 May 2019 and we shall close registration on closing date or when we reach our target of 56 (paid up), whichever comes first. So save the date and get ready to party through the afternoon.  No gate crashers allowed.

If you don’t know how to dance, you could learn a step or two from other members or just be there to soak in the atmosphere and chill out.

Registration – Closed.

  1. Caroline Gee – paid
  2. Dolly Lim – paid
  3. David Ong – paid
  4. Lilian Chua – paid
  5. Ah Nee – paid
  6. Lydia Poh – paid
  7. Frank Poh – paid
  8. Michelle Sim – paid
  9. Andrew Tan – paid
  10. Catherine Tan – paid
  11. Catherine Tan’s friend (A) – paid
  12. Mega – paid
  13. Caroline (RH) – paid
  14. Holly Lim – paid
  15. Judy Chia – paid
  16. Gabriella Chua – paid
  17. Tony Ang – paid
  18. Gingko – paid
  19. Pat Oei – paid
  20. Linda Oei – paid
  21. Thomas Loh – paid
  22. Shirleen Kao – paid
  23. Shirleen Kao’s friend (I) – paid
  24. Malyne Suen – paid
  25. Dolly’s friend (RW) – paid
  26. Dolly’s friend (JT) – paid
  27. Doreen Chan – paid
  28. John Howe – paid
  29. Dolly’s friend (L) – paid
  30. Dolly’s friend (A) – paid
  31. Dolly’s friend (AH) – paid
  32. Dolly’s Friend (E) – paid
  33. Caroline’s friend (D) – paid
  34. Caroline’s friend (C) – paid
  35. Clara Chay – paid
  36. Sarah Zahriah – paid
  37. Susan Tan – paid
  38. Edwin – paid
  39. Philip – paid
  40. Susan Tan’s friend (R) – paid
  41. Susan Tan’s friend (A) – paid
  42. Rosalind Lee – paid
  43. Janie Leong – paid
  44. Janie Leong’s friend – paid
  45. Charles Wee – paid
  46. CM Teo – paid
  47. Sue Chan – paid
  48. Judy Lim – paid
  49. Cat Yeo – paid
  50. Wong Hong Jeng – paid
  51. Mary Quek – paid
  52. Stella Sheng – paid
  53. Bobby Bok – paid
  54. Lydia Chin – paid
  55. Karen Thio – paid
  56. Karen Thio’s helper – paid
  57. Joan Ang – paid
  58. Susan C H Tan – paid

Dear All, please note that registration is now closed. No more wait list. Many thanks for your support. Looking forward to a fun-filled afternoon with everyone.

Temporary Job Post – Office Admin Clerk asap

Any one interested in this 3 month temp job? Salary $1,800 to $2,000 (5 day week, 9.30am to 5.30pm, OT occasionally),depending on skills and experience.
Have to be able to move table (roll) and chairs (carry). Please see job specs below

Job Specifications

1. General maintenance and handling of all office equipment, such as photocopier, printers, binding machine, shredder and fax machine

2. Ensuring that papers are properly and sufficiently stacked on all printers and photocopiers

3. Assisting in all deliveries both by hand and by local/airmails

4. Handling of all incoming mails and faxes and ensuring they are distributed to all relevant parties without delay

5. Assisting in the co-ordination of all logistic needs for meetings, video and telephone conferencing such as removing the partition, chairs and tables of the two big conference rooms and combine the rooms into one and rearranging of chairs and/or tables according to requirement , setting up laptops for live meetings and liaising with IT personnel in other offices when the need arises

6. Maintenance and requisition of all office stationery, kitchen/pantry supplies working closely with the receptionist

7. Running errands to the bank, working with the receptionist in ordering and collecting lunches for client meetings

8. Assisting fee earners and secretaries in printing and photocopying of documents

9. Assisting secretaries in updating their respective bosses’ outlook contacts and Meridio

10. Any other duties as assigned by the business manager.

Looks like a lot to do but not so cos moving of tables and chairs only when there is a seminar, which is not often.

If keen, please write to my email



So last year, August, I had surgery done to remove a huge soft tissue tumour from my right thigh. My Dr said it must have been growing for years. I only realize there was a lump when i went for an MRI as it was hurting so bad. Thank goodness it was benign.

I was diagnosed with ostheoarthritis 15 years ago but it was under control but the pain eventually came back. I went for chiropractic treatment but it didnt help. Then a good friend introduced me to dancing then the pain was gone. No kidding. The pain came back only after the soft tissue tumour op. One muscle was removed and then there was only one left. My poor right hip had to work extra hard.
So last week, I had total hip replacement (THR) on my right. Down time 6 to 8 weeks and full recovery time prob 6 months to 12 months, depending on individuals age n strength. So no dancing for time being. Wondering why i MIA? now you know.

I was feeling depressed during those months of pains. Just wanted to have dinner, shower and sleep after work.
I will let you know after 6 months if it was worth going under the knife.

I am not seeking sympathy. Just wanted to share my experience. And feel free to ask me if anyone has similar problem and would like to know more about the procedure.
Lastly, i have not forgotten the baking classes i wanted to conduct. Will set up the dates once i am fully recovered.

In the meantime, take care and enjoy life to the fullest.
Best regards
Caroline aka Carly

Countdown to our CNY Tea Dance on 24 February, 2.00pm to 6.00pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road

Dear All

Just a gentle reminder to
bring two oranges to “Bai Nian”;
come dressed in your Chinese New Year best (and your dancing shoes);
come and register by 2.15pm for the very important “Lou Hei” which starts at 2.30pm sharp ; and
most importantly, come with a healthy and happy spirit and mind and be ready to have loads of fun!

Club doors open at 1.45pm.

No fixed programme timing except for the “Lou Hei”. Its a free and easy afternoon!
Just eat any time you like, dance any time you like, have tea any time you like and play game when we like.
So looking forward to see you all soon!!!
Hugs to All!

Caroline & Dolly

24 February 2018, Saturday (9th day) – Chinese New Year Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road, 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Dear All

The information about the Tea Dance is as follows:

Date: 24th February 2018, Saturday (9th day of the Chinese New Year)
Time: 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road
Price: $33 per pax (the extra $ is because of special dish of Yu Sheng “Lou Hei”)
Food: Yu Sheng Lou Hei, Ngo Hiang, Stir fried “Mi Tai Bak” special, mini Quiche, Assorted Nonya Kuihs, Bubor Cha Cha and Assorted Cut Fruits.
Drinks: Free flow of hot and cold tea
Music: Dance music by DJ Armstrong – you can request for songs too. There will be some Line Dance music too.
Attire: Anything “Cheena” – anything festive – Cheong sam(qipao), Samfoo, etc for the ladies and the guys can come as Shanghai Tang mafia or in Changshan etc.
Highlights: Door Gift, Lucky Draw, Game(s) and a Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman contest.
Account: Please make payment to POSB Savings Account 067-00687-9 – Caroline Gee

We shall close registration when we reach 56 pax or 31 January (whichever comes first) with 50 pax as minimum for a closed door event.
Your seats will be confirmed once payment is received. We would appreciate it if you could make payment soon so as not to be disappointed.
If anyone feel generous, we appreciate sponsors or donors for the event. Many thanks in advance.
Also, we would like to thank all members and friends who have supported us for the events we have organised and we look forward to having a great time together again.
Everybody “HUAT AH”
P.s. its free seating except for the two long seats which are reserved for the two big groups. Many thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Registration List
1. SS James – paid
2. Eve Choy (SS) – paid
3. Edwin (SS) – paid
4. Loh (SS) – paid
5. Loh’s Partner(SS) – paid
6. Mei Mei(SS) – paid
7. Helen (SS) – paid
8. Fang (SS) – paid
9. Rosa (SS) – paid
10. Liz(SS) – paid
11. Peggy (SS) – paid
12. Boon(SS) – paid
13. GB Leong (SS) group – paid
14. J Howe (SS) – paid
15. Bobby Bok(SS) – paid
16. Caroline Gee – paid
17. Dolly Lim – paid
18. Stella Sheng – paid
19. Gingko – paid
20. Gabriella Chua – paid
21. Veron Chee – paid
22. Holly Lim – paid
23. Michelle Sim – paid
24. Michelle (friend) – paid
25. Lydia Poh – paid
26. Judy Lim – paid
27. Steven Chan – paid
28. Alice Liang – paid
29. Angeline (Alice) – paid
30. Ivy (Alice) – paid
31. Ann (Alice) – paid
32. Sato (Alice) – paid
33. Louis (Alice) – paid
34. Karen Thio – paid
35. Karen Thio helper – paid
36. Peter Loo – paid
37. Jennifer Lim – paid
38. Jennifer Lim Partner – paid
39. Jeffrey Gan – paid
40. Irene Gan – paid
41. Andrew Tan – paid
42. Catherine Tan – paid
43. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
44. Catherine Group (D) – paid
45. Catherine Group (C) – paid
46. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
47. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
48. Catherine Group (Diana) – paid
49. Catherine Group (Betty) – paid
50. Catherine Group (Feng Ling – paid
51. Mega – paid
52. Shirley Lai – paid
53. Joan Ang – paid
54. Doreen Chan – paid
55. Yoon Yoke Lin – paid
56. Peggy Seet – paid
57. Beatrice – paid
58. May Lee – paid

Waiting List
59. Doris Tan
60. Sally Ang
61. Sally Ang (hubby)

p.s. Closing date for payment is 29 January 2018.

Caroline aka Carly

Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 21 October 2017- EC Event

Dear All,

We have received many positive feedback from members and friends who attended our last tea dance and also many asking when we will be organizing another one.

To all the happy people and those who missed the last one, we are pleased to announce that we shall be organizing another tea dance soon.

For this time round, the management of the club has informed us that we could have the place exclusively for our party if we hit 40 pax.

Date:             21 October 2017 (Saturday)
Time:            2pm to 6pm
Price:           S$25 net

Mini Buffet:  Comprising one fried item (prawns or samosa or onion rings or spring rolls)
assorted mini cakes and pastries, one fried noodles or fried rice, one dessert (green bean soup or bubur chacha or cheng tng or bubur hitam) and fruit platter.

Drinks:          Free flow of hot or cold tea (other drinks at your own expense)
Music:           DJ Armstrong – one of the best DJ in town.  You can make song requests.
Account:        Payable to Caroline Gee – POSB savings account 067-00687-9

There will be a game or two and a lucky draw.  So if members feel generous and would like to sponsor some prizes, please contact me via and it will be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

P.S.  Club 5 at Park Royal on Kitchener Road has informed me that they will be sponsoring several prizes which will include dining vouchers and one or two bottles of wine.

Registration starts now and the closing date is 2 October 2017 so please save the date and get ready to party through the afternoon. We shall close registration at 45 pax (paid up). However, if the response is good, we may close at 50+ – (for paid) up by the closing date or if we reach our targetted number, whichever comes first. For the comfort of our guests, it should not be more than 53 pax.

If you don’t know how to dance, you could learn a step or two from other members or just be there to soak in the atmosphere and chill out.

1.     Caroline Gee (Paid)
2.     Stella Sheng (Paid)
3.     Maria (Paid)
4.     Maria’s friend (Paid)
5.     Michelle Sim (Paid)
6.     Dolly Lim (Paid)
7.     Jennifer Lim (Paid)
8.     Jennifer’s partner A (Paid)
9.     Joan Ang (Paid)
10. James (Paid)
11.    Reserved (Paid)
12.   Reserved (Paid)
13.   Reserved (Paid)
14.   Reserved (Paid)
15.   Reserved (Paid)
16.   Reserved (Paid)
17.   Reserved (Paid)
18.   Reserved (Paid)
19.   Reserved (Paid)
20.   Reserved (Paid)
21.   Reserved (Paid)
22.   Reserved (Paid)
23.   Reserved (Paid)
24.   Reserved (Paid)
25. Rosalind Lee (RL) (Paid)
26. Rosalind Low (RL) (Paid)
27. Geraldine Ting (Paid)
28. Gingko Tay (Paid)
29. Steven Chan (Paid)
30. Li Hong (CG)(Paid)
31. Friend (CG) (Paid)
32. Friend (CG) (Paid)
33. Friend (CG) (Paid)
34. Friend (Anne) (CG) (Paid)
35. Friend (Diana) (CG) (Paid)
36. Friend (CG)(Paid)
37. Friend (CG) (Paid)
38. Friend (CG) (Paid)
39. Catherine Tan (CT) (Paid)
40. Andrew Tan (Paid)
41. Friend (Annie)(CT) (Paid)
42. Friend (CT) (Paid)
43. Friend (Anna)(CT) (Paid)
44. Friend (CT) (Paid)
45. Friend (CT) (Paid)
46. Doreen Chan (Paid)
47. Friend (Doris)(CG)(Paid)
48. Friend (Janet)(CG)(Paid)
49. James SS (Paid)
50. James SS (Paid)
51. Richard Wong (Paid)
52. Friend (Dolly) (Paid)
53. Susan Tan (Paid)
54. Philip (Susan Tan)(Paid)
55. Molly (Susan Tan) (Paid)
56. Roger (Susan Tan) (Paid)
57 Alice (Susan Tan) (Paid)
58. Cath CT (Friend)
59. Friend (CT)
60. Friend (CT)
61. Friend (CT)
62. Friend (CT)
Full amount paid by James and his reserves. Waiting for name list from him to update.

Hands-on Basic Cookie Lessons/Tea Session/Chit Chat/(Karaoke-optional) – 3-in-1



               Photos of some of my bakes.

Dear All,

In the past, Terence did bring up this activity to me about conducting lessons on cooking and baking for members.
I have been busy with work, family and social life. Well, I guess its now or never so I am putting up this post to gauge the response.
I am no expert but I have attended several baking lessons and have many many… years of cooking and baking experience.
I started cooking for my family when I was 9+ years old when my mother was taken ill. All my older sisters were in the morning session in school and I was in the afternoon session. Those days, there was hardly any supermarkets so marketing had to be done in the morning.
From then on, I started to develop a love for baking too. My first pineapple tarts were rock hard. That time, I didn’t understand about gluten development so I pulled and stretched my dough too much. My mum said I could crack the wall if I threw my pineapple tarts at it. And when she asked me for some of my tarts to take with her to visit my aunt in the kampong, I was so happy that she wants to let my aunt try it. But she burst my happy bubble when she said its to throw at the dogs in the kampong if they tried to attack her. But I was not one to be easily discouraged. Now my pineapple tarts and cookies are yummy (if I may say so) LOL!

I hope to be able to do a 3-in-1.
That is to have the cookie baking session followed by tea to enjoy the fruits of our labour and talk about anything (and karaoke optional). I shall also make something sweet or savoury (with compliments) to complement the cookies and coffee/tea for the “tea time”. You pay only for the ingredients and miscellaneous items at cost for example, baking paper, paper cups etc. Basically to share what I know and in the process to have fun together. I am not making any profit from this activity.

Date & Time: TBC (probably early afternoon on Saturdays in the third quarter of the     year, when I am in the festive mood)
Venue: In my humble chicken coop in Bedok
No of Pax: 6 pax per session and strictly for members only.

Name List
1.   Stella Sheng
2.   Jassmine Teo
3.   Dolly Lim
4.   Maria Tan
5.   Yat Sing
6.   Joan Ang
7.   Susan CH Tan
8.   Christine Teo
9.   Doreen Chan
10.  Sally Tan
11.  Winnie Tan
12.  Grace Kang

Reserve List
1.   Gingko Tay
2.   Roland Leow and
3.   Dona Ching
4.   Karen Thio
5.   Serena Tay


From here, if there is enough interest and support, we could move on to more “difficult” cookie recipes and maybe include some simple cake and bread making too. However, I can’t teach cake deco except piping of cream rosettes.

Yay!!! Weekend is round the corner.  Have a good one!
Stay Healthy & Happy!  Its a bonus if you are lucky too!

Caroline aka Carly

Free concert at Tanglin Halt this evening. Featuring songs of the yesteryears of Ge Lan, Zhou Xuan etc.


Dear All,

Free concert at Tanglin Halt this evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm featuring songs of the yesteryears. If you are fans of Ge Lan, Zhou Xuan etc and love their songs, then do come down to the concert. Details are in the poster.

Yay! Its Saturday and its chill out time.  See you there if you are there!

Cheers, Caroline

Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April 2017, 2pm to 6pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – Update

Dear All.

Thank you to all who are coming to the event for your kind support.
My Committee members have got the lucky draw prizes, game and prizes all ready.

For those who are driving, I have attached the location map and car park facilities within walking distance to the club.

Map of Parkroyal on Kitchener Road – car parks
So if you get to the carpark at 1.30pm, the rates will be as follows:

Park Royal Hotel
1.30pm to 3.30pm (2 hours)- free with complimentary coupon
3.31pm to 5pm (one and a half hours) – $4.50
After 5.01pm – 6.59am (per entry) – $4.90
Total payable = $9.40

City Mall Square
1.30pm to 6pm (4 and a half hours) – $7.20
6.01 to 3.59am (per entry) – $3.50
Total payable = $10.70

However, there is one open space car park just on the left of the hotel (direction if you are facing hotel from the road) and there are many roadside parking lots on Sam Leong Road and several other roads near the hotel which is outside CBD so its $1.20 per hour.

If you go by MRT, its the purple line and alight at Farrer Park Station.

Doors to the Club open at 2pm sharp. Its free seating. However, there are two big groups who registered together so I hope you don’t mind, I have asked the club to reserve the two long sofas for the two groups of 10 pax each.
Don’t fret! All the seats are very comfortable and usually the tables are set for 2, 4, 6 and 8 pax so take your pick.

Lucky draw coupons will be given upon registration so remember to go and chope your place after registration then fill up your card and drop it into the lucky draw bowl.

So see you all soon! Yay!
Caroline aka Carly

Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – EC Event (means you can bring your friends who are non-members)

Dear All,

I am organizing a Tea Dance.
If we can get at least 50 pax, we can have a closed door event where the venue will be exclusive to us.

The regular time for the Tea Dance at the club is from 2 to 5pm. However, I have spoken to the person in charge of the Club that if I can get the minimum number of 50 pax, we can have the event from 2 to 6pm.

Tea Dance

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017
Time: 2 to 6pm (or 2 to 5pm)
Price: S$25 nett
Mini Buffet comprising: One Fried item (shrimp, onion rings, chicken nuggets, spring rolls or samosa)
Assorted mini cakes and pastries
Fried Noodles or Fried Rice
One Dessert item (bubur hitam, bubur chacha, cheng tng, banana in coconut milk or green bean soup)
Fruit platter
Drinks: Free flow of hot or cold tea. The cold tea is fruit infused and very refreshing. Other types of drinks – pay your own.
Music: DJ Armstrong – who plays awesome dance music and you can request for the songs or music you want to dance to.
Payable to Account: 067-00687-9 POSB Savings Account – Caroline Gee (due to time constraint, we have not identified the treasurer yet so I am “one leg kick” at the moment.)

So save the date!

Registrations start immediately as we have to give ample notice to the club for them to make the necessary arrangements.

New registrations closing date is on 20 March 2017 and payment has to be made by the closing date too. P.S.The club has given me extra time to get back to them on the numbers.
Registration List
1. Caroline Gee + 10 – Paid
12. Dolly Lim – Paid
13. Geraldine Ting – Paid
14. Rosalind Lee – Paid
15. Gingko Tay – Paid
16. Michelle Sim – Paid
17. Charles Wee – Paid
18 Joan Ang – Paid +
19. Thomas Loh – Paid
20. Doreen Chan – Paid
21. Judy Lim – Paid
22. Anna Choi – Paid
23. June Lim – Paid
24. Rina Tan – Paid
25. Sockie Neo – Paid
26. Lee Ah Nee – Paid
27. Steven Chan – Paid
28. Dan Huang – Paid
29. Catherine & Andrew Tan + 5 – Paid
36. Dolly’s friends 6 pax – paid
42. Peter Loo – Paid
43. Joo Tian + two friends – Paid
46. Martin Han – Paid
47. Jennifer Lim & Partner – Paid
49. Joan Ang’s friend – Paid
50. Ashley – Paid
51. Jeffrey Gan – Paid
52. Bobby Bok – Paid
53. Maria Tan – Paid
54. Mega – Paid

In the event that we do not make the minimum number of pax required for the closed door event, we will still go ahead and have fun at the Tea Dance.
So lets make it happen!

Calling all the dance enthusiasts, do try to support the event if you are available on that day. Doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or learning to dance or a dance expert, come and join in the fun. We hope to have the dance floor all to ourselves. Even if you do not dance, you can come and eat and chat and chill out!

We are looking at the possibility of a lucky draw and one or two games to have some fun and to laugh our heads off! I can assure you the games will be loads of fun and we can do this only if we have the club to ourselves. So try to make it happen. Looking forward to more people signing up for the event!
Many thanks!

Caroline Gee

One Year On……

I decided to take a look at the posts I have put up not too long ago. I did this because of Moon’s comments about new clothes for Chinese New Year. I cant believe a year has already gone by so quickly since I posted about my childhood CNY.

I had an enjoyable two-week celebration with my family and friends. More so because my two-year plus grandson can now hold a conversation with grandma. We went to Universal Studio on Sentosa and the Science Centre and the time spent hanging out with him and my family – priceless! I hope everyone had a good one too! I miss my mum’s Ho Gong and Hee How!

I recently got a watsapp message, actually a group chat initiated by one of my secondary school classmates. We are going to have a meet up session this sunday and I am so excited because some of them, I have not seen after finishing my ‘O’ levels exams with them. More than 40 years ago. A photo of me and my 6 classmates was posted and I was told three of them had passed on. Sad to know but this is life. You come and you go anytime. There is no warning. So just live and enjoy in whatever way makes you happy.

I have friends telling me that there are people who said that I am fierce without even having spoken with me before or getting to know me better. Its not fair but who cares? I cant help it if I look fierce. But I am glad that those who know me think I am the “live” wire of parties or the “clown” who enjoys making people laugh. I am actually very approachable. No matter what, I try to be happy and share that with others.

I have not given up on my thoughts about the 60s Talentime, the party by the beach where we each bring a crab to cook in a pot of boiling water……. cos for the first half of the year, I will be busy planning and organising my big bash of the year…!

Almost 60 years old! Not much time left so just be merry. I have had a fulfilling life and met many good people so if tomorrow never comes, I have no regrets and my eyelids will shut tight.

I know my post a bit “luan ji ba zhao” – messy – but I always remember Terence’s words “a bit of chaos makes life more exciting” ….looking forward to having the double “tee” sound when I tap my EZ Link card when I take the bus or train.



The Big 6 ‘O’

Dear Friends,
another year has passed by so quickly. I hope 2014 so far, has been kind to you.

Next year I turn 60. Its great to be able take what life has dished out for me. I am thankful for what I have, the experiences I have gone through, the trials & tribulations, the hard knocks and the willing shoulders, and of course the good family I have and the fabulous friends I have made at SHC. Some have decided that I am a bit.h and left but there are many who stood by me through the jolly good times and the not so good times.

It would be nice to to able to celebrate it in a big way. Like having a party with a “live” band with family and loads of good friends to share the special occasion. A mountain of longevity buns and a huge birthday cake! Yes, I am still a little girl at heart. Love my cakes and birthday parties!

Or simply sail into the sunset on a cruise and wake up early to watch the sun rise again on my birthday!

I have managed to strike some items off from my bucket list. Like going on a hot air balloon ride – awesome!!!, went on a holiday and sleeping in a hotel room on my own – for the very first time in my life. Of course I freaked out at the thought of “someone” sharing my bed or worse still “someone” sharing my mirror at night! My hair is standing on ends right now! And yes, every lamp in the room was turned on. Would love to go on a cruise – Mediterranean or Carribbean! Anyone who has been on these cruises, if willing, please do share some tips with me. Thank you in advance.

I have been thinking for some time now. Maybe its time to organise a talentime or a T-dance with our own members belting out songs of the 60s. With a “live” band like the RTS time. And we all go retro! No fancy food but just the good old fashioned sandwiches with ham or cheese and cucumber, fruit punch with slices of orange in the punch bowl, cocktail sausages with a cube of pineapple and cucumber skewered together on a toothpick, fried fish balls, chicken wings etc! Many members I know will turn 60 too next year. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Just a thought! Because its raining heavily and I love watching the rain falling down – therapeutic. Makes me feel nostalgic too…..

Listen to the rythm of the falling rain…..
Pitter patter pitter patter….

I wish for everyone, that you enjoy good health, good luck and happiness for the new year and the many more years to come!

Free Music at the Esplanade Concourse on Friday, 11 July 2014

Hi Everyone

If you enjoy songs from the 50s like those sung by Ge Lan etc, do join me at the Esplanade Concourse for an evening of free Concert of Chinese music done in jazz style.
First set is 7.15pm to 7.45pm and the second set is from 8.15pm to 8.45pm. It will feature a 5-piece band.

If you have nothing on that night, do come and join me. See ya soon.


Chinese New Year – My Childhood Days

Reminiscing my childhood days, especially Chinese New Year, always put a smile on my face. Whether it was good times or not so good times.

I remembered my family was very poor. My father was a baker and had to feed a family nine which comprised my parents and my six siblings. On normal days, we would have sweet potato porridge. And sometimes its rice with dark soy sauce stirred into it. On better days, we had some plain egg omelette cos two eggs can make one big flat omelette and we lick our platter clean.

For Chinese New Year, mum would buy a bale of cloth and my eldest sister, with her trial and error skill, would sew the dress for us. We could only choose bows or pockets or some ruffles. I love pockets :) And for haircuts, we would line up for our turn and the same sister who cuts the cloth also cuts our hair. At the end of it, we all had almost similar hairstyles – looked like she placed a Chinese rice bowl over our head and cut along the rim of the bowl. But we were happy!
Mum would order a crate of Green Spot orange juice but we were not allowed to have it cos it was for guests only. It would be poured into little glasses for the guests and we would tip the bottle over to try and get the few drops that may be left in the bottle.

Mum would make traditional Hainanese sweets like the rice puff squares with peanuts (Ho Gong) and some sugared crullers (Hee How) – Hainanese pronunciation of the items.

On Chinese New Year’s eve, Mum would cook boiled chicken and pork, fried fish and rice for prayers for our ancestors. She also bought some fruits and a steam cake. We look forward to this special once a year treat. After prayers, mum would make rice balls and chop up the chicken for us to enjoy with the rest of the food.

On Chinese New Year’s Day, when we woke up first thing in the morning, mum would pop a candy into our mouths before we could utter a word cos she knew that the first words that would come out after that would be “So Sweet” which would bring a good start to the New Year. We never got to keep the hong baos given by our guests. Mum told us in advance that the hong baos had to be given to her as soon as we recieved them so that she could “recycle” it. The only hong bao we had was from mum and it had two ten cents coins.

Our neighbours would hang long strings of fire crackers with bamboo poles and tried to outdo each other as to the length of their fire crackers. Of course they are the ones who are better off to afford this luxury. We enjoyed the merriment free of charge.

When my older siblings started work, we had more in terms of food and drinks. But the fun and enjoyment of kampong style Chinese New Year celebrations would never change.

I would trade my boutique bought dresses and tasty pineapple tarts for the dress with pockets and mum’s Ho Gong and Hee How for that yesterday once more!

I am sure many of you had your fair share of fun so do share them with us.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Shen Ti Jian Kang and Wan Shi Ru Yi to everyone!


New Year Resolutions

Recently I received an sms fr someone I hardly knew. She said “you have such a big mouth and ate up your husband thats why he died early”. And she has been telling nasty stories about me to people I know. But she is but a prop on my stage. Chinese call these type “xiao ren”. And this came to my mind “To Forgive Is Divine” but Karma has its way. Someday she will get her just desserts.
I have lost some friends due to my impatience (dont know if it is related to my thyroidism) or its just me. I jumped to conclusions which were grave mistakes. How many more years do we have left on earth? I dun want to count but live every day like its the last.
So even drowsy from medication, I am clear about my New Year Resolution as follows:

1. Treasure my loved ones and the people who care about me (which I will continue to do),
2. To live life to the fullest at no one’s expense (something I neglected due to my laid back attitude),
3. To get the answers from the horses mouth and not jump to conclusions,
4. Be mindful of people’s feelings (which I will continue to do),
5. Find time to do more baking and cooking,
6. Love myself more (something which I have neglected),
7. Do more charity work,
8. Ignore hurting remarks and to live and let live,
9. Pay more attention to my health (which I will continue to do), and
10. Be happy always.
You may wish to share your New Year Resolutions so that we can pick up some tips.

I wish everyone a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year. Everybody stay Healthy and HUAT!!!!
Best Regards

Organising Events/Activities for Members

It would be so nice to have long time members organise events and activities for new and fellow longtime members. Hopefully, this will spur new members to do their part.

Some suggestions here

How about some baking or cooking lessons.
Or maybe a weekend trip to some seaside resorts for some spa and “laypak” (nuah/”rot”) time. Heard that there are some good accommodation/spa treatments at some resorts in Batam at quite reasonable prices – anyone wants to initiate?
Would someone like to ki chiew to organise a mini sports day? I miss those school days throwing quoits, sack race, three legged race, etc.
Or a funfair?

Throw in your suggestions and hopefully someone will pick out something from the list to organise.


Reflections of My Life

This morning I woke up feeling very contented.  Glad that we need not bring out our guns and parangs.  United we stand.

I was doing my household chores and I suddenly felt melancholic but I overcame it and was inspired to write something. I have logged off from my broom and dustpan.

When I first joined SHC, I was full of anticipation, sceptic, eager, doubtful – a mixed kind of feelings.

When I shared what I went through in life in the general forum, people said I was seeking sympathy when all I wanted was for people who had gone through the same knocks as me could come and share and talk about it so they know they are not alone.

When I stood up for my friends, I am called kaypoh and when I became a committee member, I was called a bitch.  But its alright.

I have gone through worst.  I can take all these name callings.  Thats why in the latest episode, I told myself what can be worst? Thats why I was not upset and try to do my best to cross the obstacles.

Three weeks time will be the 10th death anniversary of my hubby. He was everything a woman would ask for in a man.  But alas! he was taken away from me too soon.  But life goes on when you have your family and friends. I have heard of women who just waste away after they were widowed.  But I chose to live for the people around me, although I was suicidal at one point immediately after his death.

What made me strong?  My family and my friends.  My family comprising my three lovely daughters, (now including my grandson and son-in-law) my sisters and their families. They took care of me when I needed them.  And my good friends who were there for me too.

Why I kee chiu to be an SHC Committee member?  Not because I want to be a bitch or a kaypoh. Its because I always remembered how the club has helped me in the 7 years I am here. After my mum passed on, three years after my hubby, I was so lost until I chanced upon the SHC website and registered to be a member. I made many friends, now some of whom are my buddies. They gave me the shoulder to cry on and the hugs I needed.  These were just a phone call away.  The opportunity to meet new people, to participate in varied actitivities.  The exercise I get with the Walk and Cycling groups, the camaradarie at picnics, makan sessions, dancing, singing, chit chats, training etc.  The opportunity to show off my baking and cooking skills to my buddies and friends.  The chance to do charity work at these events.  It made my going easier and happier.

So when Terence called out for volunteers, I jumped at it.  I am glad he did not reject my application.  He told me that the going will be time consuming,  tedious and tough for the next two years.  Yes, I know and I am prepared.

Have to go and log on to my broom  and dustpan before they go sleep and I will need to restart.  heeee!

p.s.  I clean my own home to get some exercise and what do I do with the $50 saved? I go for a foot relfexology. Talking about killing two birds with one stone……the good things in life!  A beautiful and lovely saturday everyone!


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre – Free Concert, 25 Dec 2012

Dear Members 

The Summertime Big Band will be performing at the Esplanade on 25 December 2012.  The three sets are from 7.30pm to 8.15pm, 8.45pm to 9.30pm and 10pm to 10.45pm. 

They play mostly jazz and some pop.  They usually charge more than S$10k per gig.  Since this is free, we should take advantage of it.

So for those of you who have the time and enjoy "live" band performances, do go down to listen the music.

Btw, my daughter will also be performing so I will there.  Hope to see you there. 




Why do some people write with so much anger, so full of hatred, so hurtful, so much vengeance, so spiteful, so ready to bite, so ready to whack, so ready to belittle others, so ready to…… like they are the smartest person on earth or everyone owes them an answer.  Or the world owes them something.

Some things are said tongue-in-cheek, to be taken with a pinch of salt.  Live and let live. We are here to share and care.  Some people have to learn to be less hostile, life is short so make it sweet.

If these people persist in writing negative remarks, I will dig out my old pineapple tarts recipe and bake them, ready to hurl at these people.  Let me warn you they can crack concrete walls!!!

Life is beautiful :)



Life Is Beautiful!

I have begun to fully enjoy life all over again.

I have met some "old" friends and made many new ones.  Nice people.

Yes, Tian Soo, happiness is there for us to have, if we want it.

I have taken up dancing and I hear music all the time, literally.  It gives me so much pleasure and of course my other interests in cooking, baking and singing give me as much enjoyment.

Of course, its a long way more before I can be good enough to dance well.  But at least I have taken the first step (no pun intended).

If you are feeling low, blast the music and dance.  It will lift your spirits.  Go on…..try it…..



JAM FOR JAPAN – Charity Event

Hi Everyone,

I am the event coordinator for this and will be there.  If anyone interested to join me, pls send me a private email and we can make arrangements to meet there.  Hope you will come to support.  Btw, my daughter and her friends from Project Superstar 2 will be performing from 7pm to 7.30pm. They are performing for free so do join me to give a helping hand to the tsunami and earthquake victims.





More Info

Thursday, March 31 · 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Dragonfly @ St James Power Station

3 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore, Singapore

Jam for Japan is a fundraiser for the victims of the recent devastating earthquake. All door proceeds + 10% of bar sales go to the Red Cross Society so please come and donate generously!

Catch performances by Campus Superstar finalists, Yours Truly Live Music, Singapore Street Festival talent, St James artists, Universal Studios Singapore artists, a fashion show featuring the latest collection from PUMA and more!

Door charge is $15 including one drink.