China Tour – 10th March 2018

This tour is for those who are relax and participate in the modification /fine tune the route itineraries .
I can get hold of 2 Executives Buses ( 16 seats) and 2 Mercedes MPV (10 seater) from Chengdu. Total numbers Max 50 people.

Inland Tour expenses Only
Accommodation : Discounted rate of 4-5 stars Hotel @ Y 300-400 ( S$60-80) twin share per day
Meals : S$30 per person per day. All lunches/Dinners guarantee more than 10 course at Restaurants. Breakfasts are provided by the hotels

Transports cost : S$20-30 per day depends on Bus or MPV

Day 1 – Fly to Chengdu – Sichuan Airline/Air china having 4 hours Direct flights
Day 2 – Day 13th – Journey starts after Breakfast around 9 am

Planned ( subjects to modification based on participants’ consensus )
Chengdu – Head south East to Chongqing then enter Guizhou
Guizhou – Guiyang, Qiannan(Minority tribes) ,Anshun,Quijing
Yunnan – Kunming, Yuxi, Pu’er, Linchang, Dali (Minority tribes),Lijiang
Sichuan- Panzhihua, Liangshan,Garze (Minority tribes),Ya’an

From Ya’an will return to Chengdu or…..

Note 1. Those going to Chiang Mai to attend Terrence’s retirement evaluation can board flight from Kunming- China Eastern Airline 1 hour flight cost Y500
Continue from Pu’er by Bus to Xishuangbanna and travel along the boarders of Myanmar and laos to Chiang Rai then head to Chiang Mai

Please response your interest within ONE Week as I have to chop the transport. Will only Add you to my chat line when you are interested. Whatsapp 81578136


Johor Exploration Trips

I will organize a One-day trip to explore Johore- District by District . Those would-be Tour Leaders will benefit from these outings, others may joint for venturing  fun.

We will travel by car, you will be pick up from your place along the way.( or by mutual arrangement).

Cost per person : S$ 18.50 for 4 including Driver ( i.e. me) Or S$ 15.00 for 5 in the car.                                This covers Car rental and Toll charges of crossing the causeway.

Other expenses like Drinks ,breakfast , Lunch and Dinner to be shared equally, of course if my schoolmates/friends buy Lunch or Dinner, you can enjoy FOC. some of you may know you own friends in Johore ,view on to see if any familiar faces you know.

Dates  – 2017 Dec 4th – 17th  ; 2018 Jan 1st to 14th ; 2018 Jan 29th – Feb 4th                              District : Johor Bahru; Batu Pahat; Kluang;Pontian and Kota Tinggi

Register your interest or WhatsApp me 81578136

Tony Ang



Party On Board ss Aegean Paradise On 16th June 2017

I had racqi the Cruise ship last Friday and decided to co-ordinate the Gathering. A programme is drawn for your consideration. You can participate in 2D1N or One full day event.

The Pragramme: ( S$ 25.00 NCD)
1 Day event: Starts at 8.00 am or 10 am Ferry from Taman Merah Ferry Point. Catch the 6.45 pm Or 8.30 pm (latest) Ferry from Aegean Paradise Of course there are earlier Ferry 5.00 pm/2.45 pm.
Breakfast – 5.30 am to 9.30 am ( Want BF catch the 8.00 am Ferry)
Lunch – 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner – 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Supper – 10.00 pm to 1.30 am(Next day)
Day Show – 2.00 pm to 4.00pm

2D1N event : In addition to above mentioned in a 1 D event , the following include
Karaoke : 7.00 pm to 3.00 am at S10 per table with 1 free drinks
Disco ( Fri Night) 11.00 pm to 3.00 am

Passengers also can buy the following services
1. Foot Reflexology & shoulder @ S$20 per One hour
2. Indo Massage at S$ 25 per hour Or
3. Thai Massage at S$ 50 per hour ( Men like this, Why?? Find out yourselves

We arrange our meeting, Coffee Chats , or Excises in between when you are on board. Please Volunteer your valuable service to EO the coffee Chats, Excise, Karaoke sessions. The dancing floor is too small for mass dancing.

Please register your interest to attend. No collection . Pay before you board the ferry on the day of event.


O-Bike Meet May 13th 2017 Time 6.00 pm at Meeting Point

The past Cycling Events were organized to get participants to meet at East Coast Park, rent a bicycle at $10 for 2 hours. After cycling, rush to return the bike to the kiosk.

Now we can rent a bike at our doorstep and cycle to the meeting point. What you need to do is to download and installed the O-Bike from your “Playstore” . Suggest you pay through your telecom bill.

The app will show you where to find the bicycle near where you are. Unlock the Bike and start cycling towards the Meeting Point.

Please register your interest with  the location you are coming from. The Meeting Point will be Map out based on the average distance each cyclist will have cycle .

Registration starts now and will be close on 11th May 2017. Meeting point will be announce the next day.


Tony Ang

Another idea to hold Gathering/Events

2 days event for  S$ 80 per couple with 4 meals-lunch, dinner, supper and breakfast and twin-share cabin and two Shows
Day 1 = pick up at JB ( after check point) at 8.45 am or 12.00 noon. to board the Crusie
Proposed proramme – Any topic discussion over lunch/Dinner; coffee chats
over tea time.
Show Time after dinner
Karoake / Dance until 2.00 am the next day.
Day 2 = Say Bye Bye until the next gathering . This will be done after breakfast ,lunch Bus will transport you back to JB City Square

Please indicate your interest here so I shall co-ordinate the arrangement for our next gathering.

Tony Ang

Drive Along The Old Memory Roads To Relax in The Cool Mountain Breeze atGenting Highlands On 20th/21st To 24th/25th Nov 2016

We shall drive through old towns/villages. Stop whenever we please. Kulai, Simpang Renggam , Ayer Hitam ( must eat the original “Amy Yip” Big Bao). Left turn to Batu Pahat, Lunch at Muar/Malacca, Seremban to Genting ( Note : If we start on 20th Nov, will stop at Malacca for a night )
At Genting Highland ( Rooms book from 21st to 24th Nov)
Day 1-Gather for Restaurant Dinner + discussion on following days activities
(a) Tour Goh Tong Township/Temple,Mushroom/cherries farms
(b) Kuala Lumpur city tour
Day 2- Select eiher (a) or (b) above
Day 3- Select remaining (a) or (b)
Day 4- Check out. Drive to Bentong ( must buy Bentong Ginger). Driving along Karak, Mentakab,Triang, Meng Kuang,Bahau, Rompin,Segamat(durian) Labis,Kluang( Beef kueh Tiew), Kota Tinggi ( dinner-Char Coal roast Pigeon, Curry Wild Boar meat)

Estimate Cost – Hotel resort Genting – S$27 pxn per night twin Share.4 Ladies can share one room as they do not have the tiny extra leg. First world much cheaper.Meal voucher MR 10-good for lunch, dinner.
Must eat Dinner RM75-90 at arrange restaurant ( 8-10 course)
Must try Lunch – RM 42 Buffet at Coffee Terrace
Other Traveling -Petrol ,meals pro rated as we spend.

Confirm participants :
Tony Ang + 1
Alan Ang
Nina Choo
Susan Lee

WhatsApp : 81578136

“Pay-hikes by Bus on 25th – 30th June 2016” Vs Hitch Hiking 48 Years Ago

I was then 15 years old. After my L.C.E. ( Lower Certificate of Education) Exam, while hanging around my school tuck-shop, talking to some trainee teachers, an idea of Hitch Hiking was introduced. A group of us were caught interested and we seek helps to organize . The teachers Training Centre was 150 meters from our school. It took us 1 solid week to gather contacts with Trainee Teachers ( from different parts of Malaya).
My dad/uncles were supportive and provided crucial meeting points whereby we can get free transportation back home. My dad operated a factory in Johor Bahru and distributed goods along the west coast up to North Malaya. Any one of us felt tired and like to return home can approach distribution warehouse in Muar, Malacca, Seremban, K.L, Ipoh, Butterworth/Penang for free transportation by Goods Lorries. These centers also provided temp Jobs for 1.80/2.00 ringgits with free meals/accommodation- sleeping on foldable canvas beds or empty goods racks.
I am now itch to organize “ A Pay-hike by bus on 25th – 30th June 2016. Please read the following brief and decide whether you are game to participate.

1. Group in 8 or 12 ( Ideal for Round-table Meals and Taxis )
2. You travel very light – Bring only 1 or 2 underwear/Inner wears with a foldable shopping bag, rain-cloth in haversack.
3. We shall meet at Kranji MRT between 8.00-8.30 am on 25th June, where we shall board 170 bus to Larkin Bus Terminal in JB. Familiar yourselves around this terminal and have breakfast here. We shall take a Direct Bus to Malacca Bus Terminal.
4. Stay in Malacca for 1 or 2 nights to replenish your clothing needs. Explore Malacca as much as we can .Will provide tourist must visit sites.
5. 28th June we take a direct coach to K.L/Genting.
We park ourselves here for 2 nights. We can shuttle ourselves to KL for shopping/makans.
6. We will take a direct Coach to Singapore on 30th. Coach normally leave at 12.00 noon or 2.00 pm. You can also fly back at 20.00 hr from KLIA 2 .
Estimate budgetary Coast:
1. Transportation S$ 100-120
2. Hotel Malacca S$ 30-45 per night/pax Hotel Genting – Maxium S$ 100 per night/pax; Resort Hotel S$ 50-60 per night/pax; First World Std Room S$ 25 per night/pax
3. Meals will be at cost
You can What’s App me on 90891348 OR email: If you need further information

Cruise N Fly Holidays 22nd March to 29th ( or shorter) March 2015

The Iternery is as follow :

A. Take a cruise from Singapore on 22nd March 2015 at ard 5.00 pm

B. The cruise will land at Langkawi 23rd 8.00 am / Penang 24th 4.00pm

C. If depart at Langkawi ( One cabin night charge ) – we shall arrange a coach to tour  langkawi , take a ferry across to tour Perlis and Kedah , and stay in Kedah for 1 night.

D. Following the morning breakfast, we head for Penang by the New Bridge. Stay in Penang for 2 to 3 nights. While in Peang , we shall coach south by OLD bridge to Ipoh morning and back to Penang to sleep.

E. We shall fly back to Singapore from Penang


B1. Depart at Penang ( 2 carbin night charges ) . Stay 2 nights in Penang. Coach North to Perlis/Kedah in the morning and returning to Penang to sleep.

c1 : Coach south to Ipoh and Genting and fly back from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore ( Note : Fare from Penang/KL cost the same )

Estimate Cost Per person $ 450 to $ 500 +/- inclusive Cruise/Air ticket/Coaches , accommodation and all meals. Accounts of expenses will be transparent.

Details iterneries will be provide at a later date after viewing the response. Max 40 persons

Assure you will not be dull during this trip. Please express your interest ASAP.

Tony Ang

Spend the last 4 days of 2014 @High seas ?

Any interested member for a Penang + Port Klang  OR Penang + Langkawi  on 28th Dec to 31st Dec 2014 ( docking Singapore 31st Dec around noon ). We have amper time on board to hold discussion,chats, parties besides touring Penang for shoping/sightseeing. May be we shall also taste the soft shell crabs in Port Klang if available.

The advertised price for this cruise is S$ 507 excluding seaport tax S$98 pax on triple/twim cabin. I don’t like to pay this price and I believe you may want a bargain . Those interested can email : offering your ideal  nett price.  This service is valid until 19th Oct 2014 ( Will only extend if there are available cabins ) The capacity is 1400 persons

On Board SuperStar Gemini depart Singapore on 28th Dec 2014 afternoon

Tony Ang

Travelling Tales II

An acquaintance Nickname = BM Tak Mo Yu, many of us were tricked into parting $ 50 to $ 100 for petrol pumped into his BMW. He is How Liang, miser to man but generous towards attractive women; flirtatious; Tua Pian, (many silly women fall for his scheme) Ex golfer – no longer play but pretend to have golf appointment here and there especially where there are women around. A knows all with corrupted mind and uncultured lingo, busy body who rumors. Scolding female as F*cking bitch. He had his day in 2006 July. He paid a heavy price referring Fatkor as pig. This incident happened as detail follow:

 2006 July 21 morning around 11.00 am, a phone call from a Singapore buddy

 Hello Tony, this is Francis, I am in Macau with 2 friends you know, BMW asked me to call to lodge with you for few days in Zuhai. We are at immigration crossing, how do we get to your place?

 What Francis? BMW always give problems. I am leaving for Guangzhou after lunch, you can lunch with me? Want to have fun in Dongguan over the weekend?

 OK,OK. BMW said your office is on the 20th floor Holiday Inn. We wait at the coffee house  OK?

 During lunch, my Shanghai colleague telephone- ‘Bro Ang, My boss and your boss last minute decide to fly in to Guangzhou ahead of Mondays conference, arriving 8.00 pm today. He asked me to get you to go Guangzhou today, Can I check you in the same hotel? He asked me too, but I am going with 4 friends and will stay at Landmark, don’t let them know I am in Guangzhou prior Monday’s Meeting. Can you pick us up at the airport at 3.00 pm?

 ‘Hi 38, I cover you but need a favor from you. Tell boss you cannot get me as I am on half day leave. I have my 3 Singapore Friends with me. I will get Fatkor to fetch your people. I cannot get to airport at 3.00 pm. Reserve rooms for me at landmark.

 After 2 hours drive, we arrived at landmark Hotel at 5.00pm. 38 had collected our room keys and waited at the coffee house. BMW stared at 38 like the “chu Pak Jie”.

She left in a hurry after handling 5 rooms’ key, telling us to signify personal particulars at the reception and informed us to 7.30pm dinner at the hotel’s restaurant where reservation was also arranged.  We thought the girls would be late and arrived at the dinner 10 minutes later to find the ladies were seated leaving a seat in between each. This is the Chinese style unlike in Singapore where all girls will sit close to each other. Four of them appeared to be in uniform dresses – bare back with a heart shaped opening front. One with Landmark hotel’s Jacket exposing nothing. When introduced, the ladies stood up to shake hands and we were shocked to eye the 36-24-36 postures. BMW quickly chop himself in between the two most sexy ladies. I was asked by 38 to sit in between the lady in Jacket and herself. BMW went to deposit payment for the dinner in order to “how lien” before dinner end. The two ladies were impressed and toasted with him. He pretended to be drunk ,took advantage by moving his flirtatious hands ,one right and the other left until the ladies took excuse to leave. 38 told me the lady in Jacket had arranged complimentary stay for me only. I later found out the lady in Jacket’s father is the major shareholder of Landmark Hotel. The dinner was a welcome dinner for her friends but our BMW …….

Fatkor was my company’s stockist and offer entertainment at KTV, I requested Fatkor not to bring any hostess back as we have to breakfast with the ladies. BMW was furious and curious that the hostesses were told not to accept his booking outside the KTV. That night BMW came knocking at my room with his pillow and blanket saying something wrong with his room and wanted to park with me but next moment he left.

BMW was late at breakfast. On seeing Francis and his friend were joking and laughing with the two ladies he offended at last dinner, he gave the “Tak boleh tahanlook.”

Fatkor asked BMW why he left his room without informing him. BMW replied that Fatkor slept worse than a Pig that draw laughter. He then questioned his 2 friends why they did not answer his door knocking and commented they must be having good time with the two ladies. His friends glared. He went on to ask the ladies how well his friends performed and received two slaps, one each from the ladies. He fell with his buck on the chair. The angry women left for an arranged outing without us. We were very annoyed and decided to teach BWM a lesson by leaving him in a woods nearby.

As Fatkor was driving, he received a call from his cousin to visit his Pig farms to see the weeks old piglets. At the Pig farm, BMW pointed to a Mother Pig milking the piglets and told Fatkor is better to sleep with the piglets as the mother pig was silent. This remarks made Fatkor boiled but control. He later asked me any objection if he is to fix BMW and I did not object. Farmhands have early dinner at 5.00 pm. During the meal, Fatkor toasted to MBW wishing him best luck to sleep with piglets. BMW knocked off after only one drink. The farmhands were asked not to spoil BMW’s suit, so they striped him. A used blanket cover BMW and left him to sleep with 3 black and 7 white piglets. We left for the farm’s nearest township Shijie for activities. While we were enjoying ourselves, a call required us to see BMW in hospital. A staff there jokingly told us the piglets mistook BMW’s discharge as milk and suck on it.

Travelling Tales

Event Organisers always have hard time dealing with unwanted charecters. After reading my tales you should feel better and be encouraged. The bad and Ugly usually purnish ownself

Tales 1- Anyway this was a real happening 9 years ago.

Company A sponsored 50% her Staff recreation club a tour to Xiamen. 30 participants , 29 were easy going except 1 female X( always right charector ). There were 13 pairing; 1 husband/wife team; 1 single man and this female X- she cannot accept rooming as a problems to tour leader until the tour leader compromised to let her have room by herself on condition that if tour leader cannot find her a rooming mate. There no subsequent participant. The leader knowing her headach and went ahead with travelling plan. On arrival the hotel, there were NO extra room available for booking. The Tour leader approach the husband/wife and agreement were reached. Tour leader happily distribute room keys.The husband were rooming with the single man, Female X were to room with the wife. Female X was not happy and frailed up, throwing tantrum, shouting and creating a scene until the Boss of the hotel ( Happens to be CompanyA boss’s brother) appeared. After chating with the tour leader and calling his brother in Singapore. A few minutes later , 2 hotel security guards appeared, the hotel boss gave the female X some money ( were supposed to be the portion she paid for the tour ) told the guards to make sure she board the next flight home. It was horror to female X had to pay the full price of a ticket  ( 4 x she paid for her tour), Worse ,she was terminated the day she reported for work.

Want to hear more story, come to coffee talk .

Tony Ang

At S$215 pxn ,Don’t Miss this 40% sponsored Tour Package ( 5 Days + 3 Nites )with Hotel Accomdations, All meals , ChartedCoach with Tour Guide

travel3ON 18TH JUNE 2014

Have you been to the 370 meter granite cave with a hidden garden? Keen to know how our suger is being produce – from cane plantation-suger?  We shall visit the largest Cultivation and Processing factory once owned by The suger King-Mr. Robert Kouk.

know how and history of rice are cultivated ?

Visit the Only Snake Garden in Malaysia featuring difference spices and other crawling creature

An Exhibite centre of Gifts presented to Malaysia’s Ex-Minister from different countries

Join me for the 5 days 3 nites Tour the Northern Malaya Triangle of Perlis, Kedah and Penang in a Chartered Coach – The meaning of chartered coach means we stop at any intervals, go shoping without the hassle of leg work and heavy things to carry around like “Siao”

To the first 8 SHairians , Pay only $215.00 . Register here and I will contact you for your passport details for adminstrative necessaries.


Tour Itinerary:

2014 June 18th   @ 8.00 pm     

Assemble at Chinese Garden MRT, heading for Immigration clearance. Travel leisurely towards Perlis ( Malaysia’s smallest state ) , Will  stop at various interval for snacks and clearing one’s system. This SVIP Coach provide reasonably condition for you to doze off.

2014 June 19th

Arrive in Perlis in the morning; after breakfast proceed to Hidden Cave- walk through the 370 meters pathway to discover the secret GARDEN . Visit the Robert Kouk’s cane plantation and Refinery to learn the process of sugar. Next will bring you to Natural Garden and Snake Garden. Will stay for a Night at Hotel in Perlis.

2014 June 20th

After breakfast, travel to Alor star ( Kedah State ) to visit the Padi Museum to learn the History of Rice cultivation. Next will bring you to The Mahathir’s Exhibition centre to appreciate collections, gifts presented to the EX-Primier by different countries. Next to the Famous Alor Star Viewing Tower. Stay at Alor Star Hotel

2014 June 21st

Travel to Penang in the morning . Visit the Asia’s biggest Buddish Pagoda. Next we learn from the famous Penang Wall Paintings to discover the Local culture and early living enviroments. Historic preservation of the Local Chinese Buildings. Stay ONE night in Penang.

2014 June 22nd

Proceed to Ipoh after breakfast. Will shop for Local produce. End the Tour and head for home.

List of interested member

1. Lilian N partner- With  drawn and replaced by  Lilian Tan ( Paid 2 shares to hv room to herself )and  Connie Tan

2. Inez (Paid)

3. Ginko ( Withdrawn due to problem with room arrangement )

4. Dorine Tan

5. Tony Ang



Virtual SHC Co-operative ( Part II )

After my posting on above, discussion review the necessity to disclose how share allocation on the Incorporated SHC Co-operative. The basic and formulae are as follow :

Using the illustration of Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour package. Assuming we manage to generate a sales of 10,000 units over the period. This will generate a value of 10,000 x 88= 88,000. Out of this 88,000 , 7,000 will be awarded to participated member drivers; 4400 (5% sales commission to members generating the revenue) 2640 (3% to SHC enterprise) We will take 88000 ( value varies depending on performance) as a basis point for share units. The share value will be determind on various factors- e.g magnitude of growth, market capitalisation,etc ) Lets assume a figure of $20.00 per share. Thus the registered issue capital for will be 88,000 units x $20 =  $ 1,760.000 .

The piioneer share holders registered capital will be

SHC enterprise                                   $   52,800  but only pay S 2,640 to acquire                the Participated member drivers        $ 140,000 but pay only S$ 7,000 to acquire            the  Sales Members                           $   88,000 but  pay only S$ 4,400 to acquire         the  Balance 73,960 belongs to the management team and the existing  members who constribute to the purchases. A convincing reports base on actual allocation will be discuss. All unalocated share will be open to new members/inactive member ( non-constributors) to subscribe at $ 20 a unit.

I look forward to the day to pay passive income through yearly declared dividend to member shareholders, generate silver hair employblities and other benefits.

I cannot be a oneman show to term a management team. Invitation is open to members to volunteer as Accountant, Auditors And records Adminstrator and trustee for Fund collection. I am looking into other programme that are beneficiary to SHC and at same time can constribute revenue to our venture.

I wish the car owners will volunteer to constribute to the success of my first Travel Package . Other forms of human resources ( e.g out of box ideas, contacts ) are highly appreciated if you suggest. You can email me at if you like to clearify before posting on blogg.

Tony Ang


Virtual SilverHair Co-operative

When I first retired from my full time job age 50 with NTUC, I wanted to set up a co-operative for Seniors but was put off as I had an attractive offer to work in China. Now that I am jobless and believe time in on my side .

I believe in pooling  members ‘ existing resources  to work for the success of this co-operative. I do not believe in asking members to contribute money towards this set-up. No body is to bleed for the failure of this misadventure.

Many retirees spend on all forms of necessities- which forms the revenue of  this co-operative. As this co-operative taps on the facilities provided by SHC enterprise- a 3% on revenue sales is provided as a constribution. All resources provided by members will be awarded in monetary gains. Details of rewards will be outlined as we roll out programme.

I have plans for  Tour programme -(A) Spore-Pengerang-Spore (B) Spore-kukup-Spore. we will develop other packages as times go by. The details of (A) as follows :

Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 1                          Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 2     

8.30 am – Assemble at pick-up point                   8.30 am – Assemble at Changi Ferry T 8.45 am – Cars leave via causeway                    8.45 am – By Boat to Tg Pengelin Ter 10.00am- Arrived lago land/shoppingComp       10.00am – At Pengerang walk  around 12.30am -Lunch at Farm house/others              12.30pm – Lunch at Kg Sungai Rengit 2.30pm  – Tour around Sungai Rengit                                  and tour around                  3.oopm  – drop passengers at Jetty to                3.15 pm – Pick up Tour 2 passengers                       ferry home                                                           heading for  JB shopping         By 5.00pm –  Those intend to stay a night           6.00 pm –  Dinner is optional at own

The resources require to make this tour successfully depends on members car pooling, as well as salesmanship. Sales commission 5%. Car driver get  $ 140 ( travel by Taxi to kampong Sungai Rengit from JB is S$ 70).

I intend to price this tour package at S$88 (all inclusive except Lago Land entry fee) per pax..Any suggestion to charge higher are welcome. Under this win-win arrangement. As participant- you have the comfort of travelling in private car. As a participated Driver-you have ( S$140-88 ) S$ 55.00 appreciation fees.

Opinion poll : How about each passenger pay S$ 75 transport to Participate Driver for Genting / Malacca Trip ?

Tony Ang

Self-Identification on ” WhatsApp “

If you want to be identified ( by Names ) , you need to configure accordingly when you first downloaded ( or subsequently alter ) “WhatsApp” into you Handphone or computer. This is the same as when you set up your desk top/laptop- you are asked to name your device. When you named your computer and connected to Networks ( WiFi,etc ) your computer name will appear in the Networks Gateway.

If no name is given ….the Networks Gateway will display a series of MCA/ISA or Pos number XXXXXXXXXXXXX ( could be as long as 32 number and alphabets. This is the same as WhatsApp – a named device when joins a Chat will automatically  let the Chat Room/Group know who and who are on line.

I will quote some examples of members who I never ask for their phone numbers but I can identify by their names even though I had never meet them- Daisy Yeo;Richard Wong, Sharon,Anne Chee, aaronLow,Chiang ChengpunI, Freeda, Josephine, Richard Le Chang. All mentioned names are not registered in my devices contact list. Any one can inspect my device to verify.

So, if you join a Network( Chats,Skype,etc,) a named device will facilitate you identity, otherwise be courteous to provide when ask politely.

Tony Ang

Note: MCA = Micro Channel architecture;POS=Programmable Option Select


Genting Highland- A Cooler Place to Fun and Relax, 14th to 17th April 2014

During the last Monthly Walk, some suggested to go relaxing at a cooler place . Singapore is a liittle hot. Daniel Chan and I will EO this Event. Kindly advise your interest by 25th March 2014.

Date : 14th to 17th April 2014 ( Monday to Thursday )

Interested participants kindly indicate the type of accomodation required.- Resort World Hotel ( Delux ) OR First World Hotel.- Standard, Delux OR Super Delux.

Programme : Mountain Trecking ( Dry season good to treck ); Explore Kuala Lumpur ; Durian Hunting; Kara-ok and Good Makans


Tony and Daniel

Diabetes mellitus MB2 – Is it curable ? OR is only Controllable ?

Is very happy to learn Terence is recovering well from recent incident. At same time from post, some of our silverian are experiencing DM.

I was diagnosed with DM2 in Jan 2011 during a routine blood test ( The 1st time ) check at polyclinic. A first dose of Metformin made me felt very lousy. 2nd dose left a funny taste in my  tongue. Tried unsuccessfully for 2 days to get the doctor to change medication. Left Singapore for job project without taking medicine along.. Stayed in the Kalimantan for 10 weeks clearing vegetation. During the 2nd week onwards, I added a fruit ( the local call Cainito ) to dialy diet. because I like it after seeing native mothers feeding their babies as milk.

March 2011 I return to my job in China . I went to my regular  Chinese sinsen for consultation on DM . He prescribed whole Chicken Breast ( absulute without  fats and skin ) cook with 20 lime ( cut into half ) – 2 and a half-bowl water cook till 1 bowl soup, drink 3 times a week . My blood HBAlc was 6.00 by Chinese hospital

December 2011, I went back to the same singapore Polyclinic for blood test ( test supposed to be June 2011) . My HBAlc was 6.10. The Doctor was excited that his medication was working.This time he precribed 2 x 500 mg Metformin saying is necessary to keep HBAlc around 3.6  I think this doctor is mad and of course I refuse to take the medicine

June 2012 as scheduled, My HBAlc report was 6.00. This time I told the doctor I had not been taking medicine by showing him the intack medicine precribed to me.. My subsequent blood HBAlc in Sept 2012, Jan 2013 and Aug 2013  was 6.00 N 6.10.  For the whole  2013   I didnot eat  the fruit cainito. I have stop drinking breast chicken soup since Aug 2013 to prepare for the next blood test in March 2014.

For those with DM condition and wish to try eating Cainito, Joint our walk and I will show you the Cainito Tree beside finding them in Our Singapore Botanical Garden. Or jiont Coffee chats and I will show you the write up on the Medicinal Uses of Cainito.

Tony Ang

China Tour in April N May 2014

Dear Fellow SHC,

Before the 2014 Summer Heat, A travelling Plan integrating Trade Exhibitions, Business Round Table, KTV, Night Clubing Visiting Beaches, Harbour fronts, Breathing Mountain Breeze, Scenic Mountain streams, Historic Monuments ,etc

Best of all, those interested can join the travelling schedule at any Entry/Exit city according to his/hers available time and budget. These Entry N Exit are: HANNAN- Haikou;GUANGXI-Nanning;YUNNAN=Kunming;SICHUAN-Chengdu;The trip will begin in April and return to Singapore by May where the Airfare are most economical. Enquiries-email :

We will start landing at Macau and the Journey begins from Zuhai covering seven provinces and 50 cities/township. Cost per day CNY 200-300-with accommodation at lowest 3-1/2 Stars Clean and comfortable Hotel with buffet breakfast. Meals at Restaurants

  No.Days   Transport Remarks
Guangdong-Zuhai,- Yongjiang- Zhanjiang  5-8 days   Land transport byBus/Coach Stay  3-4 days in Zuhai allow visit to/fro  Macau. Yongjiang and Zhannjiang are coastal city to Hainan
Hainan -Haikou-Sanya  6 days   Exploring the Island This is a Entry/Exit City. It cost Approx. CNY400 (S$ 80 ) to fly home. You may join us from Haikou, Budget air from Spore daily
GuangXiBaihai orFangchengangNanningChongzuo


 7-11 days    Bus/CoachTrain. We may visit Nanning last so as to fly to Kunming We will stay in one of this cities Depending on traffic from Haikou Nanning is the Province CapitalIt cost CN 600 flying to K.LChongzuo is the boarder town to Vietnam. Public Bus to Hanoi and  fly home/K.L at US$90 Staying at Baise to visit the minority tribes self govern town
Yunnan-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang  8-9 days   Travel by coach from Dali until we reach Chengdu Kunming is the capital and you can fly Spore/KL at CN 600 Scenic and relax at Dali,Lijiang with surprises at western bars

-Ya’an Chengdu

Ziyang Neijiang

8 days 1    By  Coach/Bus/train You may join or exit from Chengdu .Flying home cost you CNY 600
ChongqingChongqing  3 days 250-400 By bus 11, or single trip coach It is not advisable to fly home/KL from Chongqing in May as single trip may cost CNY 1700


 6-9 days    By bus, coach This is a province folks about this land translate as“ No 3 days clear sky, No flat land every 3 mile, No continue poor for 3 days- people are innovative to feed themselves.

-Lipu-Hezhou or


 7 days  150-200


 By coach We re-enter GuangXi visiting difference cities. These are inner hilly towns unlike the coastal/border cities we travelled earlier




 6 days1



  By coach, will omit Shaoguan if we stayed at Hezhou Will not go to Shaoguan if heavy rainfall. The whole town may immersed in flood. Qingyuan – a training college for footballer is found here.I will stay back in Dongguan after sending you folks to Baiyu Airport. Those like to Night-living , Dongguan has a lot to offer. It cost you Y 18 to Baiyu airport by coach leaving every 30 minutes from Dongguan check in terminal.